LeBron James Chokes&Patty Mills Game Winner!Lakers VS Spurs UNBELIEVABLE Final Minutes



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    1. Ponciana Alonzo

      Go spurs go

    2. Ivd

      So what ur telling is he can make threes but not free throws

    3. Fitzgerald Parkman

      Another STUPID video made by a dumbass OH YEAH FUCK SKIP


      Welcome to the west nigga

    5. John Lord De Mesa

      ilove lebron

    6. John Lord De Mesa

      fucking kobe

    7. TheDarthEmperor

      Yo who dat bum ass Laker player jackin shots? Oh dats LeBum ass Jane!! 😮🤔

    8. Touré maman Cisse

      salam cheick cisse Touré merci cisse mandé mory sokoro Paris

    9. good bless

      They need KD on them Tree throws

    10. avin nazaire

      If kobe still playing, he'll go attack the rim and make sure he will get fouled. Unlike this last shot its very sloppy...

    11. TheManChise

      Kobe made free throws while making dinner reservations..

    12. budlat rosales

      lebron noob

    13. James Larosa

      LeUnggoy shooting in the air then choke, LeDribble, LePass LeBlame

    14. Jazz Man

      How many people in that Arena were thinking he might miss these

    15. reynaldo arnaiz

      what a game!!!

    16. Adrian Alvarado

      es mucho el 23 para leborn james

    17. The See family

      Where's lebrons defense at

    18. Ezaarkash

      What kind of fkg shot is that.. two THREE POINTERS in a row while trying to protect the 7 point lead? NOT posting up? Luke should have guided him and asked him to execute an inside post play... then missing free throws? DUDE AS KOBE SAID, FIGURE IT OUT.. meaning be smart, understand what to do and do the right thing when the game is on the line - this is not only for LB, but for the rest of the team too - Free throws are like SPARE shots in Bowling..if you don't pick them up with the second bowl, you will not even get 100 points - I still don't understand how "professional basketball players" miss sooo many free throws - meaning they are simply LAZY to put in the work - I am sure when LB was growing up, he was like, nigga! just let me DUNK !

    19. Benny Mhay

      hahaha my idol us lebron but I don't I'm laughing how I imagine lebron shame him self and to all Lakers fan hihiji

    20. real zaydon


    21. Don Erick Angeles

      That's the reason why, James will never ever be a clutch player. He can't be even a star to lift a team to win. Remove your uniform already for, you disgrace the LAKERS legacy. You don't belong!!!

    22. crAzY Gaming

      HINDI MARUNONG SI JAMES, ILIKE SA BABA KUNG SINO MAY IDOL KAY LEBRON jamesss$#$$×##$###!!!!!!??!!!!!!😊😊☺😊😀

    23. leeyongjie 1123

      too bad for lakers....

    24. Ahmad Murray

      This is not Derrik Fisher at the buzzer!!!!

    25. nbayoungboy tony

      aww poor baby was crying 😂😂😍

    26. Dupak Libosana

      Lebron ikaw lang ang nag papatalo sa lakers

    27. Cordel Scott

      How you the goat missing free throws

    28. Juan Martin

      Laker fans get used to being the Spurs Bitch. The Spurs r LBJ Kryptonite

    29. carbuncle1977

      Lebron choked

    30. Oof oof

      bron dickrider (cavs fans) is lakers fan right now rip staples center

    31. Family Love

      he sorry and been sorry... lebrenda james is no mj

    32. Natore Sellav

      how bad the king he is.. disgusting... hahaha..

    33. Natore Sellav

      most memorable shot of james,," the historic two missed free throws.." hahahahaha..

    34. Mags Alonso

      LeBorn,or LeBord he sucks boo!!!

    35. Tom Lindsey

      LaChoker strikes again

    36. Noah Dagalangit

      HAHAHAHA kakahiyaaa

    37. Felix Gabriel

      lakers managements better trade ingram, rondo or ball to Giannis Antetokounmpo of bucks

    38. Fuk Youuu

      Patty mills is LeBron kryptonite

    39. Macmac Trigosa

      Bobo naman

    40. JESY DOPE13


    41. JESY DOPE13

      stupid lebron

    42. Cole Brown


    43. Yvan Pingul

      Lebron nakakahiya ka bobo

    44. josef rootgum

      weak heart


      Overrated! The greats don't choke and if they do, it's extremely rare!! Maybe the chump should only worry about what's happening on the hardwood instead of trying to act like he knows politics and what's best for everyone else in this country.

    46. David Beltran

      I just notice.......Lebron starts with a L

    47. Derwin Barton

      LeBron James hahaha you suck you will never be MJ

    48. Justin GetAllgirls

      : ) lebron is fat

    49. Jason Reese

      LEBRON, COBY are great players but Kobe had champioships with the guy whom alone got a championship at Miami Shaquil o Neal so don't count those for Kobe! Micheal Jordan was the best player ever no comparison hands down !

    50. Cee Tee

      Good job patty showing signs