1. Onestop Funstop

    Then Rondo threw the game because Lebron ran over to Hug Chris Paul instead of sticking up for his teammates. Wrong game, but still happened.

  2. QGTheBlazingGawd

    Niggas act like MJ and Kobe never missed FTs

  3. Adi 24

    This was spectacular... but you gotta get the job done

  4. Pker Pker

    That was GAY

  5. PayPaul 718

    And still Lost the game Foh .

  6. Joe Hiltz

    And yet can't make two free throws and still hasn't won a game this season boy you guys are really laying it on thick with LeBron in that Lakers uniform aren't you

  7. GenProblem

    The self-claimed "King, GOAT" king of chocked

    1. Roseler Amburan

      NBA and NBA fans named him the King of NBA you dumbass hater

  8. Cesar Martinez

    Then leChokes right after

  9. TripledoublemachneL23 L23

    no rondo no ingram but LeBron hits 3 tying the game.

  10. peter reucaza

    whats unreal is...he missed 2 free trows. no def, low ft%, low iq in game winning basket, no clutch = king lebron hahaha

  11. rondo spit

    Lol this video just shows the good shit

  12. beruckoo

    Neither Kobe or Jordan can't do shit now shut fuck up....

  13. Benjamin Sarmiento

    But they lost wtf

  14. Dan Balares

    .. and later SHOCKED the Staples by missing two game-winning free throws

  15. Armando De Los Santos

    Get off LeBron's dick y'all! He lost the game for his team when it counted! This will be the year he's exposed for the overrated player that he is

  16. cheesesteakphilly

    Maybe he lost because he hurt his wrist. He’s gonna have a cast tomorrow.

  17. Chris A

    lakers having bad luck right now things will change. games been close they will get better

  18. Present Truth7

    Put this up there along with Derek Fisher's 0.06 winning shot and many other wonderful memorable moments

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      Go fuck yourself

  19. Rob Sanders

    Regardless of the missed free throws he pulled up for the three with no hesitation to tie the game!!! That alone says a lot, y’all treat Lebron James like he’s suppose to be perfect, I’m pretty sure there were a lot of other shots that should’ve been made, but weren’t prior to that from the whole Lakers squad. Give credit were credits due they lost by 1 point........It’s was a good game, and learning experience for the new Lakers.....Just wait till they all come together to form the (AVENGERS) + adding another 🌟

  20. Mark Kaminsky

    Ice Man

  21. June Mark Cangmaong

    and he choked at the overtime ! 😞😒

  22. chuckj 310

    Bron knew he fouled Forbes on that 3 you can see his reaction.. Let him get away with it

  23. DeAndre Page

    Can do this off Pick & Roll also. 😀😀😀 LeBron James must shoot off-the-dribble, not a CATCH & SHOOT GUY !!! Kuzma is the best corner shooter for the Lakers, definitley not Brandon Ingram: Game 1= 0 for 4 at 3-pointers Game 2 = Scared straight 0 for 1 attempt

  24. DeAndre Page

    LeBron WILL NOT STOP SHOOTING 3-POINTERS. 😀😀😀 This Laker team needs him to fill that void. They can only do long-range 2-pointers or layups.

  25. Kabit Kabit

    HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF... lebron & george hill made both free throws could be a game-over..

  26. Hustle Dez

    Deep range deadeye

  27. Joaquin Mendoza

    And then he fail 2 free throws

  28. Mathieu Davoli

    Lebron James shock entire staple by missing two clutch free throws

  29. Ricky Cheng

    How u gonna be clutch and then choke in one game 😩😭

  30. Anthony Gaidrich

    its funny all you talkinh shit bout lebron he gonna take them deep to playoffs then youll all love em again fake ass fans


    I dont care what people say it was a hell of a game.

  32. Harley Mathieu

    King 👑 f LA

  33. Carmelo_Dc5

    He shocked me with them back to back free throw misses too

  34. Kim Jose

    He wants to be Kobe until it's time to be Kobe. Sad.

  35. Uncle Ade

    Poor mans Kobe

  36. Uncle Ade

    Poor mans Kobe

  37. Samuel Dabney

    That game was set up yall check out my first official video catch me up in that piney it's on JP-news I go buy sd this is my first video let me know what yall think im a upcoming rapper from houston

  38. AbsolutelyAndre

    He tried to call a timeout when they didn’t have any. The game should have never gone to overtime.

  39. kevin e-anaba

    but did y'all win tho???

  40. rohan sabharwal

    No matter what we know the lakers fans are all crazy. Just stfu and be happy this guy is on your team because I know half yall are taking shit about him. These lakers fans are crazy because they side with kobe and beleive lebron will never pass kobe. Open your eyes and look at everything number of finals appearance. Look at all of kobes teammates he got carried by shaq yall think kobe would have have 5 rings. He would only have two. That's why he fought with shaq cuz shaq was better. He averaged the same points with almost the same assists as kobe but had double the blocks and double the rebounds. Why did shaq get finals mvp all most everytime they won. If Lebron isn't good then even though he lost so much in the finals why did they still give finals mvp anytime he won. Btw kobe averaged 24 points in the 2001 nba finals while shaq had 33. Same thing in 2002 kobe 26 points shaq 36.

  41. rohan sabharwal

    All yall would be crying if he missed the three. He took them into overtime. SMH with left one statements and look at his entire season last year he had the most clutch shots.

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      Get off his dick! He won't even make the finals this year in a real conference

  42. Daniel

    When lebron goes to the lakers,, they say its the end of warriors dynasty.. 0-3 standïng? I hope so... Stil, for me, best player is KD!!

  43. G-swerve Irv

    The person under me suck huge donkey dicks !!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  44. LeThanos The Last Titan

    Cooooold blooded BANG BANG

  45. Jesse Teneyuque

    0:47 lonzo ball can't see the play so he tells the white guy watch out!

  46. peace forachange

    I can get used to seeing that!

  47. luda650

    Talk about highs and lows... Gotta make yer throws kids!

  48. LV Juice

    JR smith would of hit those free throws

  49. Dallas Lakers

    if yall really watching these games, we good! bron doesn't even try until about midway thru 2nd quarter, only because we were down. I'm confident they'll find their way but for right now we just learning to play together fam

    1. Dallas Lakers

      bruv that wasn't excuse. I'm not even a bron fan so I never really watched him play, unless its game fucking 7 and you know this nigga wanna score every time lol but shessssssh... its exciting to watch !!!

    2. Armando De Los Santos

      Lol typical cowgirls/Lakers fan base comment! Worst defenses in the world with a million excuses

  50. MKD58 Media

    Gotta make your free throws, but frfr it's good to see a superstar with the Lakers again, it just makes sense.

  51. Snicky G

    I am sure the fans at the staples center were more shocked when ego maniac James missed two free throws and also the winning shot! CHOKER!

  52. Wu Prince

    Bron ain't believe he hit that shot

  53. Anthony Gaidrich

    thats the only thing king James sucks at is free throws😂

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      And finals appearances!

  54. Player hater4 life

    King james!!!!!!!! Fuck the haters

  55. mogtrader8


  56. Paul Ngugi

    Lebron is the real steph curry

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      Kill yourself

  57. 972SIRE469

    I can only imagine the slander he would’ve gotten had he missed that 3 at the end of regulation. Can’t wait for Bron to retire it took me so long to respect this dudes game like I hated Bron in his Miami days always thought Kobe was better etc but hell nah Bron waaayyyy better than Kobe and he will be extremely missed when he’s done. Watch.

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      You're full of shit dude

  58. Grip Johnson

    You don't know if you want dick ride or hate

  59. johnathan sanford

    This ain’t nothing new just a different day

  60. benten tambling

    let see who's gonna be in finals 2019 haha too many stars west conference

  61. King Kong Mabaho

    But missed 2 free-throws

  62. Rahul Garg

    Wtf people u r...... James save the game and you say he miss the free throws......No man is perfect..... Fuck off lebron james haters...... U will never understand basketball

  63. Grand Slam

    Suckers will always a sucker. Dont forget he miss free throw.

    1. Grand Slam

      Just sucker it lebron u aint close to him.

  64. Dreb Deocariza

    90% of the comments:LeChoke LeBrick miss two ft 9.9% of the comments: what an amazing highlight 0.1% comment like this

  65. Jim Bob

    I prefer a game winning 3 pointer but oh well. 0-3 ain't bad...

  66. EDDYBOY Jr

    beasley ? zubac ? kcp ? smdh

  67. Baby G

    This man had the greatest in worst fame in the same night

    1. Baby G


  68. Love In The House

    He also shocked the laker fans with them brick free throws that cost them the game too.

  69. Florida Vs. TheWorld #StayWoke

    LBJ my man 50 grand and all but NBA paying him max dollars not to be hittin his free throws. Missing free throws is unneceptable.

  70. nmb Memphis beast24

    And hes still been to finals more than all of you all teams bandwagon ass mfs

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      He's lost more times than most people has been to the finals! So they're in the same boat at the end of the season dumbass punk

  71. John doue Quebec

    Lebron shocks staples center for missing 2 free throws in the clutch #Notgoat

  72. Tyrone Williams

    What’s unbelievable about it

  73. FreeScoopTV

    The master choker strikes again

  74. JL

    This channel is trolldiculous

  75. Aaron LopeZ

    That was just a lucky shoot. He missed the most important FT... no depender..... The King.... of Chokes..

  76. John Bautista

    Also shocked them when he missed 2 FT 😂

  77. Mike Racks

    0:48 lanzo Ball is like let me get involved lol. He's Fina get traded lol.😂

  78. Hinice2meetyou

    Great game..terrible way to lose

  79. G A

    Please!! No Jordan comparison. SMH...

  80. Dionis

    They be hyping this bum odee man wtf.

  81. Johny B

    Lebrun bricked several shots in the end of both regular and OT game, he forced a buzzer brick from Ball with a failed, almost turnover, lob to Hart and he acted like a statue when Gay drilled that three in his face, added to that Ball just slept on Mills in the final shot. Spurs were bricking open threes all over the last two minutes of regular and Derozan was playing heroball, failing again and again, for no apparent reason. And just check this clip with Aldrige having Lebrun in the best possible position to defend the only shot that could tie the game, he only had to move into him and either force a offbalance from the right wing or have him drive for an insufficient two. Instead he just walks backwards like an idiot. This was a supreme contest of inability between the two teams.

  82. Patrick Thomas

    Relax it happens! Damn it's the beginning of the season!!! The Lakers will end up shocking you haters!!!!

    1. Armando De Los Santos

      Fuck the Lakers and fuck Lebron! You douches deserve each other

  83. Ping Guerrero

    lebron shocks the entire lakers and miss the winning freethrow WTF

  84. J Walker

    How tf is Luke the coach he wasn't even good and off about his IQ at least Ty Lue started had a little shine he was trash smh this why they lost. And LeBron missing smh embarrassing fr

    1. J Walker

      Armando De Los Santos but he started luke is nobody too the nba

    2. Armando De Los Santos

      Tyron Lue was trash too WTF you talking about? Nothing but excuses follow Lebron everywhere he goes

  85. Candosq Dawn


  86. DoctorJones42

    Yeah...shocked that he made it. But the overtime was far more in line with history.

  87. Abi Susilo

    It's not free throws that cost em the game, if they could actually play decent defense this won't even go to ot

  88. Joe Hernandez

    Lebron tied the game for over time but yall laker lonzo bitches wanna cry cause he missed the game winner.... wheres the rest of the lakers at.. lonzo bust ball almost got splashed at the end of this video😂🤣😂😂...


    a field for skip bayless.. FTs haha

  90. Lebrons Hairline

    What about the game losing free throws?

  91. Castro Vision

    NBA needs a 4 point line

  92. Koot GAMING

    Should have did a video with him missing the freethrows saying he shocked staple center by missing

  93. Ennyday Oshiya


  94. Koot GAMING

    How was this the most unreal 3 stop dickriding lebron nothing unreal or spectacular about that shot stop gasin this nigga

  95. Seth Stiers

    He is the best player in the world no doubt but he can’t make free throws

    1. Armando De Los Santos


  96. Julberry Juan

    Italy was not bad.. The communist jews were writing the stories during that time.. "Ostria, Germany, Bavaria, Prussia, Poland, Finland, italy were not bad.. The bolsheviks were bad and they write the stories and many were deceived by the stories of the jews. Many christian Kingdoms and cities were destroyed by jews. Today, the jews continue to lie inside America. Those communist jews and their stories of lies in the lands that should have not granted them safe passage in the first place. Many people were deceived by communist jews..

  97. Julian Stevens

    Would've been nice to know who actually won the game!

    1. Christopher Dones

      Julian Stevens Not the Lakers 😅

  98. APEXx

    G.O.A.T STATUS 🔥💯

  99. d J

    Lebrons face when he says Fuck I made that I was supposed to throw the game

  100. Jonathan S.

    He ain’t no Kobe lol