Let's GO Pikachu! Gameplay Part 1 - Nintendo Switch Pokemon!



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    Let's playthrough the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game! Let's GO Pikachu & Pokeball plus gameplay!
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    Take your Pokémon journey to the Kanto region with your partner Pikachu or Eevee to become a top Pokémon Trainer as you battle other trainers. Use a throwing motion to catch Pokémon in the wild with either one Joy-Con controller or Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. Share your adventure with family or friends in 2-player action on one system using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus (sold separately). You can even connect to the Pokémon Go app* using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region!
    Explore the diverse and vibrant region of Kanto! True-to-size wild Pokémon roam around in the game, so catch them like a real Pokémon Trainer by using motion, timing, and a well-placed Poké Ball. Go on a stroll with your favorite Pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus! Connect your game directly to Pokémon Go to receive Kanto region Pokémon.

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    1. Bay Area

      There is a video on your ads

    2. VIPKiller Techs

      I am fane of this game I have played full Pokemon blue on gba emulater I am totally fan of this game and I most love is the entry tone of mr. Oak

    3. Filip kuč

      for a pokeball i think it will be a dollar

    4. Markus Mattila

      You sound a bit like Will Arnett!

    5. Adam Sharpe


    6. Mzlady

      But red is the pokemon master

    7. Robert Costello

      I got zapdos

    8. Lightning Power

      red is better

    9. Gabriel Montofré

      Eri entero lento gil ql

    10. Mishkawolf forever

      love pokemon ^^ great way for childhood memories and interacting with younger family members

      1. Mishkawolf forever

        ill get both virsion problem solved with my mascot lol i love eevee tho first pokemon game i played was on my gamecube jail of darkness or gale cant remember but still have it starter on it was eevee

    11. Mishkawolf forever

      gary gets ab umbreon later in the movies etc.

    12. Dark Cry

      Tehehe. Most of us would expect to see temporal diamond and celestial pearl on release for the switch but instead of that it Came the remake of the oldest versions of pokemon. Blue, Red or yellow. Lol. >_^. And to think i was really Looking forward for sinnoh most of it instead of this one. Oh well... if you can travel also in kanto region after the defeat of champion that would be awesome, kinda like yea sinnoh region, it does kinda give double the pleasure to adventure to another island.

    13. Rick Yerena

      Are you seth rogen??

    14. Jacob Clark

      Love the voices you do. I thought they were actually saying it in game.

    15. Kevin Bell

      Oh and my favorite is RED >:)

    16. Kevin Bell

      Your red

    17. EnderCraftKid

      This game look so dumb. Its literally the mobile version just more polished/fleshed out and you just dont do any real walking or anything. So they chargeing you hella for a game they already made fat money off of. This is a waste. They should be shameful.

    18. Matt Ingildsen

      I Sound like Dutch from rdr2

    19. Karlo507 De Leon

      In the part where you went to Gary’s house and saw a picture of him holding a Rattata (or whoever was in the picture related to Gary) may have something to do with the original pokemon game when Gary visited the Lavender Town tower, which was because of his Raticate that passed away. Maybe the raticate was their family’s pokemon that was old and was given to Gary, but due to natural problems, it died.

    20. Noor Mohammad

      I have a Pikachu plush

    21. Tetra Ezio

      Great gameplay I am also playing it on my channel brilliant game.

    22. MattThaGhost Live Actions

      Hey bro u could of gotten that Bulbasaur in the forest I've seen 1

    23. mythicalmaster

      And let's go Pikachu and evee

    24. mythicalmaster

      I like Pokemon leaf green

    25. Xiaojun Li

      Feels like Arthur Morgan is playing Pokémon......

    26. RUBENHEM

      Jeez your voice. Go do voice over work. You can earn a lot of money from voice overing stuff

    27. ACT1O1

      So we don’t battle it to weaken it like the old Pokémon ?? That sucks

    28. Sagar Kharatmal

      can I play on android

    29. Bina Shankar

      tero k ho yo

    30. Luna Grey

      54:34 I was totally let down when it didn't say poof

    31. LeaguePeys

      Arent you the former wwe champion?

    32. KyraandMe

      Your voice is brilliant.

    33. Kenneth Yang

      Well, didn't expect that voice from the narrator.

    34. luis rios

      I can picture him doing some voices for anime

    35. Matthew Borell

      You have a great voice

    36. panedeu21

      Man you should really invest time to learn the weaknesses and the strengths of pokemon types! You tackled Bulbasaur with Pigey. You could use gust which is super effective against grass pokemon.

    37. Joshua Richardson

      Seth Rogan is that you? Haha


      What do you mean by spin off

    39. Harry Hon

      Let's go Pikachu is the Switch version of Pokemon Yellow in Gameboy history

    40. Kenzo Cyril

      Nice voice😉

    41. Sir I.K Elzyy

      I just feel like the Pokemon are being sexually harassed whilst being the Pokeballs

    42. damian pieniądz

      Ro TOM BY U VITO

    43. damian pieniądz

      Rozwój historii Yamaha neoss fitness S tak

    44. ItzSebiYT

      Pokemon Gun xddd

    45. sean watts

      I was born in 93 and grew up on pokemon and used to play pokemon silver and gold version on my gameboy color! Man I have to get this. I been playing pokemon silver on my phone with a emulator! I think ima buy the switch! Great video! This really blew my mind away on how things advanced! Thanks!

      1. sean watts

        +Rob Belv yes. I bought 2 switches. I love them!

      2. Rob Belv

        sean watts so did you buy it?

    46. Nathan Lee

      This was very entertaining. I"m a little bummed that you defeated Brock in like one attack....wow. Not sure if I want to buy this now. I mean... Brock was hard in the originals. That's what made it fun.

    47. Manuel Gomez

      Why do you sound like Jason Mamoa?

    48. companymen42

      *Nintendo has claimed this video”

    49. Trajic Montalvo

      Any fans of rap or hiphop watching right now ?

      1. Aye Kee

        Lol yea

      2. sean watts

        Trajic Montalvo me. I wanted to buy this switch. I youtubed it to see what the Pikachu version was about. Was born in 93 and pokemon was a big part of my childhood. I'm really thinking about getting this lol.

    50. HYPER TM

      Fighting style sucks!!!! Pokemon tekken has better fighting style!!!

    51. bcherbs

      Your voice is choice !

    52. Lmao wot

      It's actually the second Pokemon game on the switch, Pokken Tournament is the first.

    53. Jerry Gonzales

      It's called pokemon let's go it's connected to pokemon go that's why you can't battle wild pokemons

    54. Bang Roll Cabang Youtube

      Come to my channel, i am pokemon lover too


      You sound old enough to be my father and im 24 lmao nah but you sound like krunk from emperors new groove

    56. skitzons

      Ice Poseidons 12 year old brother

    57. thomas billote

      Its pokemon red Haahha

    58. 김수전

      so fun

    59. The Legend

      Just wanna say fuck you for all them ads. Gonna watch on pc so adblocker skips them

    60. muzzy101

      the voice over just made this game even more exciting! hahahhaha

    61. Cody S.

      Brock's "will power" is rock hard. He REALLY loves Pokemon.

    62. Beth K

      How play that game when don't have friends - Like trade and stuff?? Can it still be play without friend help for extra???

    63. Kelly Stephens

      I love Pokémon I’m a big fan of it

    64. Linda Gabrielson

      Pokémon suck

    65. Prone Wun


    66. Half A Mind

      There’s just to many ads. I was watching and then oh man a ad. And it’s back up and I’m watching and then dang another ad. What’s with all the ads ?

    67. Otvori Oko

      Waiting for pokemon vr

    68. Andrew Crammond

      His voice reminds me of Adam West

      1. KlownFaceKillah

        Andrew Crammond THANK YOU!!!!

    69. monicaChrisAhn

      you sure its not a meowth... ive been playing since the 90's (says hasnt played white,black,xyz ) lol

    70. Memes will Never die

      Red was the best version

    71. Galaxy Møøn

      Ok ok The groot says I AM GROOT Now Pikachu says PIKA PIKA PIKACHU! Sooo... now humans can say HUMANS or MY NAME!

    72. Nathaniel F


    73. Eunika Mae Eusebio

      I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR VOICE! i'm gonna start watching your videos.

    74. Pappu Rajak

      Like the gba version just like that

    75. Bobby V


    76. potao beer

      Please tell me they’ll make another version that’s not type matchups in the gyms

    77. cesar sanchez


    78. xorkatoss

      59:30 LMAO THAT THROW! EDIT: 1:39:30 WTF NOOB you don't know that Gust is super effective vs grass types??

    79. redxhair

      Love your voice over!!!!

    80. Jose Villarreal

      Add me need friends 196392698189

    81. Romario H

      Have faith Pikachu, I have a plan. All we need is more rare candy

    82. Cherie Sullivan

      Your voice is killer for voiceover, commercials, or even better... a host, like America’s Got Talent. 😂😂 My husbands name is Gary 😝😄

    83. teisha nikolaou

      you used tail whip then thundershock, that doesnt work. derp

    84. yakn1

      How do u record ur game screen?

    85. World War

      I love your voice it’s like a voice actor you should honestly try voice acting

    86. eskupe _714

      You should of taken off the (r)

    87. Dg Fg

      Yo v.s me hahaha

    88. Billy

      35:50 hahahaha the best part

    89. Tyler Blitzkrieg

      Bought a nintendo switch on black friday. Its pretty neat id have to say. Pokemon go was garbage though i thought. Id give the nintendo switch a 8 out of 10. But i still like the ps vita more.

    90. The UnMessWithAble

      bro if you get Pikachu you should evolve him okay.

    91. Infamously_

      Holy ads

    92. adam Clarke

      Your voice man

    93. Orin Matics

      You’re my boy blue

    94. Ethan B

      You're so effing annoying

    95. Josiah The Doctor

      Get The Let's Go Pikachu Game With Switch www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H9HH4VS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07H9HH4VS&linkCode=as2&tag=josiah0c-20&linkId=acc5db77ea096d0bb484c0a8550600c6

    96. Leon

      when you combine dutch van der lin and buffalo bill from SOTL, you get this dudes voice. first video I've seen and im well entertained :)

    97. BobaStrikesBack

      For a second i thought Massive was just gonna name his trainer "Blu", as in the e-cigs lol. His backstory. Mom didn't care enough to name him and just made something up.

    98. Zermecura

      You got a male Pikachu, I got a female

    99. KingSolarmane #TrashGang

      I called my pikachu - Solar

    100. Edgardo Miranda

      Hahaha your voice doesn’t match with some who plays Pokémon

      1. EcksDee

        Kaizah how tf is that racist you weeb?

      2. Kaizah

        Edgardo Miranda racist ass hoe