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    This week we're discussing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Hitman 2, the SEGA Genesis, and more.
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    1. Prakasa Adnan

      the problem is when you level up. your gear is not level up but, your enemy and his gear will level up.

    2. TheAndredal

      Level scaling should be optional

    3. Jam Thief

      Sourcing Zelda as a good example of enemy variety lol. I love BOTW but lets not pretend you're not literally fighting the same 5 enemy types for the entire game.

    4. ryteer

      this is totally ridiculous. I tried to take on a camp of level 20-21 level soldiers, killed captain, polemach, and at one point leveled up to level 22. At one point, pncs killed my character outside of the camp walls. Game reloads the save (right after my levelling up) and ta-da-daaaaa EVERYONE in the camp is 22-23, What the wampa is this?!?!? so the save isn't even a save it's just a dunno what... And aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll that grinding?! so there's a merc that killed my charatcer like 100 times, I level up I think ok now I take him, but hellll no... He's leveled up tooo?! Ok, I get it if you want the challenge you turn this On but..... it should be ,y decision to make. Otherwise this game is absolutely stupidly prolonged NOT BY PLOT but by template-based slashing, stupid quests etc. This is just lazy ( BRING THE OPTION TO TURN THIS OFF @ubisoft

    5. Eric Waugh

      Wait Brandin works at IGN and didn't know if the Vita had exclusives?

    6. Jean Lepage

      dude, SKyrim and every bethesda softwork games have level scaling...

    7. chiefbrody87

      Sean Bean could have played Chester Copperpott, he was definitely killed in it just not on screen, Sean "off screen" Bean

    8. Monolith 64

      I ran into a problem in Octopath where I'm such a high level that everyone's final chapter is unbelievably easy because I have all the secret jobs + every character is over level 60 which is way higher than the recommended level. I wish it had level scaling so it would make the bosses more challenging and I know there might be post game stuff, but I dont have the time to mess around in games after I beat them because I already did everything worth doing so I dont deem it worth it.

    9. Michael Miller

      Oblivion had level scaling. I remember it being weird when a random low life bandit with glass armor and a daedric sword would try to rob me.

    10. Roc Starang

      Aww music from TF3. Have a thumbs up.

    11. Shubham Dwivedi

      Instead of making same enemies stronger games should introduce new enemies and scenarios even near the end. One of the best example of this I can think of is Resident Evil 4, it maintains the challenge throughout the game without making the player feel cheated by introducing new enemies and different situations like the regenerator enemy. I feel many games in the sixth generation did difficulty scaling a lot better than most games today.

    12. Norspark

      Wow, Bayo 2 got snubbed out of the GOTY 2014 conversation FAST

    13. JAYDOGGY

      I don't like continuously level scaling. Let me just say that bosses should be level capped. In single player game offline. On line is ok.

    14. Wesley Tomaz

      Level scaling: make it optional for main quest, and mandatory for open world and side quests. I use side quests mainly for grinding and getting ready for hard missions and bosses. If they level up along with me, I will just rush through the main quest.

    15. Andreas Kleanthous

      Brosnan is my favourite Bond. It was the last time the series had fun.

    16. J. Co.

      I agree completely with Daemon and Sam. I tweeted this out, too, that Spiderman was a perfect recent example of how a game with open-world RPG elements should handle enemies and level scaling: Don't tie it to an arbitrary number system!! Old-school RPGs and even some newer ones simply use that as padding to extend the life of a game when you're really just doing the same thing over and over again. But PS4 Spiderman made enemies harder by giving them shields, different guns (rockets, snipers, etc.), making them physically bigger and tougher, more mobile, etc. There were so many creative ways Insomniac varied their enemies. But most games just level up enemies with higher HP/Damage and think that's smart. It is not. I care more about constantly getting different items and abilities to add to my arsenal. Spiderman absolutely made me feel stronger and better because both the enemies and I were fighting differently/better as the game went on.

    17. Jesús David Hernández Hernández

      Give me the option of turning level scaling on and off. That simple.

    18. Kaizo Audio

      Level scaling kind of feels weird to me. You can’t go here because you’re LV. 32 and the enemy is 40. But if you come back at LV. 44 to be more prepared, then they’re 44 too? But you just said that they’re 40... I just don’t like when rules are broken like that. It’s so hard to express how I feel through text in the comments.

    19. Nintendad816 *

      I don’t think dragon age should’ve won I’d have taken mordor or mk8

    20. Nintendad816 *

      Ok dudes ps classic list was hiney

    21. videogameobsession

      The remaining 15 games I would imagine that would be on the PlayStation Classic: Twisted Metal 2 Metal Gear Solid Spyro the Dragon (Insomniac classic) Crash Bandicoot (Naughty Dog classic) PaRappa the Rapper Resident Evil Tomb Raider WipEout MediEvil Ace Combat Silent Hill Castlevania Symphony of the Night Oddworld Destruction Derby Parasite Eve

      1. Jam Thief

        +videogameobsession As of today the confirmed list of games is a huge disappointment. I would love that list.

      2. videogameobsession

        Umm, OK. Thanks I guess.

      3. Jam Thief

        I'm sad for you.

    22. janajera24

      daemon should be an evil dj on the hitman game

    23. videogameobsession

      ESPN Xtreme Games is awesome. It used the Road Rash engine, and plays in a similar fashion, but has more varied playstyle. There are no sports celebs in it. All it would require is an ESPN license.

    24. videogameobsession

      The first loud console was the Sega Dreamcast. It sounded like a jet air liner taking off.

    25. videogameobsession

      23:00 $30 per game is not worth it when you consider how manybnif those are worthless EA Sports games.

    26. videogameobsession

      24:00 There are 2 Aero the Acrobat games, and 1 Zero game. The first Aero game is actually very good on the SNES.

    27. Cooper

      I thought Horizon Zero Dawn had good leveling. Like Daemon said if you go back to the starting area you can wreck all the machines, but I think the game still feels good doing it just because Horizon's combat was so fun no matter the level of enemy. At the same time there were enemies that you would work up to battling, were difficult, but slowly become easier for you to take down.

    28. jmoneyrax

      snake skeleton? i'm 75 hours and level 48 and haven't encountered anything like that

    29. McSweetalot

      So can anyone tell me how to disable the level scaling in Odyssey? Or change the options surrounding it? I've looked in the options and can't find anything. Thanks!

      1. Game Scoop!

        You can't.

    30. Connor Stace

      Hey got to max level in Skyrim.... half way through. . How

    31. Chris Martin

      Enemy upscaling shouldn’t have anything to do with enemies above your level. I think your ire is misplaced.

    32. DeadlyNeurot0xin

      Is there such thing as a videogame Rental anymore? I'm confused.

      1. Julian Salazar

        DeadlyNeurot0xin Redbox.

    33. HardRocker919

      moonraker is the worst bond movie ever

    34. Scarabridian

      I can't believe Daemon wasn't an Omega Cop in your Hitman scenario! :P

    35. defftony

      Sloth was played by 90s Buffalo Bills Quarter Back Jim Kelly

    36. James Tomlinson

      The level scaling in Oblivion kept me from enjoying it to its fullest. I want to feel like I have progressed and have gotten stronger. I like it when a certain enemy type in a certain area can have a level range between X and Y, where Y is when a particular enemy in a certain region maxes out.

    37. mhayes86

      I first learned of level scaling when Oblivion was released, and I absolutely hated it. In the vanilla version, unless you min/maxed your character, you wouldn't have a chance against many enemies. You couldn't play naturally unless you wanted to have a hell of a time surviving. Even weapons and armor scaled to your level in that game, in which you couldn't find certain equipment until you reached a specific level, but who cares, by then even generic thugs are wearing the best armor in the game. Your best chance at survival was increasing your skills, but not actually leveling up. Something like BotW was much better where it just introduced stronger enemies as you progressed the story. There were still weak enemies mixed in, but with the stronger ones entering the foray, you at least had better equipment by that point and more tools at your disposal.

    38. Lawrence whittemore

      Chunk's name in the Goonies was Lawrence... Lawrence is a good name.

    39. HoodedDude

      Funny how Sam likes pinball so much, I think that's how his mind works. Sean Bean wasn't in GoldenEye! Did you mean Sean Austin? Did you mean Goonies? LOL

    40. zoob m

      So I guess some of us find it frustrating when we can't outlevel an area, while others find it frustrating when you can? In an MMO, devs need to make that decision for the player for balance reasons, but I see zero reason why other games don't make it optional. Some of the most aclaimed action RPGs, such as Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Witcher 3 make it a choice.

    41. GameChangerDan

      I feel like my issue with level scaling is it ruins stealth. I can no longer kill a guy stealth fully just because he is 2 levels ahead of me. Doesn't feel like an assassin as much as a warrior. Perhaps it should be called Warriors Creed now?

    42. Chris LaFace

      If they actually went settings, Origins had the same things, you can turn off enemy scaling.

    43. Effin Casual's

      Items being levels above u,are set up to make u want to get to that level.

    44. Guitarzan

      Benefits of a classical education

    45. Shubhmay Chauhan

      there's something really wrong about Tina's style of barrelling the through story ..i heard her many times say this..chill out..enjoy the world..whats the rush

    46. House Flan We Earn our Stripes

      Witcher 3 had no level scaling and it is arguably one of the best rpgs of all time

      1. Hellastrings

        You can turn it on or off in that game. I found out when my friend came across a glitch where he was in a dungeon with dozens of level 40 rats and getting murdered. They were scaled up to him, but when he turned it off they went back to level 2 like a rat should be 😂

    47. Throwerton

      I think part of the appeal of Souls games is that they don't have level scaling. Starting off terrified of everything and ending up super powerful, swatting aside enemies that gave you real trouble, really adds to the journey, not just of exploring the game world etc, but that feeling of progressing as a player.

    48. Resurrected Cylon

      The flip side to this is The Witcher 3, in which you start out as a low level Witcher and often randomly encounter people and creatures that are 5-10 levels higher which means either running away as quickly as possible, or being killed in seconds. There are arguments for and against doing this, but for me, the unevenness of the experience has stopped me investing any time with it, even if it adds to the sense of being grounded in hard fantasy. A compromise between level scaling and The Witcher's patchwork of npc levels, is to simply have zone-levels, which you find in WoW and GW2 among others.

    49. R Flo

      Diggin' Damon's Godzilla vs. Gamera tee. His tee game is always on point.

    50. kevinno

      As for GOTY 2014, I chose Child of Light, and I still believe that was the best game released in 2014.