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    As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes in Life Itself. Director and writer Dan Fogelman (“This Is Us”) examines the perils and rewards of everyday life in a multigenerational saga featuring an international ensemble including Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Olivia Cooke, Sergio Peris- Mencheta, Laia Costa, Alex Monner and Mandy Patinkin. Set in New York City and Carmona, Spain, Life Itself celebrates the human condition and all of its complications with humor, poignancy and love.
    Music: “Little Giant” by Roo Panes
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    1. evoXpress fo real forreal

      this movie should have played longer. I watched it wants and it was just so many things.. and seems to be spontaneously. written as a rough draft n used immediately.. awesome movie and unique .. never seen. one like this... but yea great it was.. anyways came back to watch it with a frien but stopped playing. sux.. wish it played longer.. because this one is one of those that u can watch again and again.

    2. Diamondkiller061

      I was at the premiere

    3. MXD95

      ad brought me here and oscar isaac

    4. Andew70

      I was wondering if this move came out yet, then I saw it was yanked from the theaters already. I then saw it 11% rating and massive money loss. Hmmm I guess Oscar and Olivia couldn't save it.

    5. Ivan Jovanovic

      God i cant wait this movie....

    6. miranda

      Welp, I bet that therapist felt pretty bad and quit her job!

    7. Novella Cinephile

      The 1 good line came from Olivia Wilde’s character. But I also walked out of it. Was flat, manipulative and you won’t have any sympathy for the main male who tells his wife’s story in such a 2d way. Wish it had been better but it just comes across as really forced and pretentious.

    8. PhotoGeorge

      Romance stories are just too mushy for me.

    9. Yoo Toob

      Was excited when I saw "THIS IS US," but clearly the writers aren't the same. This dialogue is OVERCOOKED: sounds as if the actors are reading greeting cards, not speaking like actual people.

    10. Jocelin Hermosillo

      You guys need to see this movie. It'll move you more than any movie ever has. I cried so hard. Everyone always needs a good cry about the horror of LIFE ITSELF.

    11. Ryan Gimeson

      I loved this movie

    12. Daniel Gonçalves

      So I came out of the movies after watching this great movie and then I see critics naming it, one of the worst of 2018. I think critics need to do all us a favor; go to a corner and be quiet. This movie was awesome.

    13. Neha Tandon

      This is us feels!

    14. Kodiak Cleveland

      Too bad I heard this is a horrible movie, was really excited for an amazing movie ... But this is an amazingly cut trailer and knowing all the big moments, the scene with the mom is very foreshadowing and very sad ...

    15. Lapinporokoira

      Feels a bit pretentious

    16. Cx WoNDeR

      This looks good oml

    17. dee yourt

      the music the actors don't let it fool you this is a brutally dark movie where everyone kills themselves in the first 20 minutes. no joke i walked out halfway through

      1. Omega6464

        dee yourt again you didn’t finish the movie so how would you know there wasn’t a bigger reason and there was one hell of a journey in the movie

      2. dee yourt

        If the movie had a little class it wouldnt have toyed with our emotions for no bigger reason. we don't go to the movies to see real life we go to the movies for the journey. this journey was cheap

      3. Omega6464

        dee yourt if you had a little class you’d of stayed to see it’s actually a brilliant depiction of life and love. It doesn’t sugar coat the shitty parts of life it’s a real and beautiful movie

    18. F V

      This was such a great fucking movie😭💗

    19. DokkanTuberZ

      This movie is soooo good!!!!! It'll take your soul on a ride

    20. Roni _82

      The movie looks very good and I can hardly wait to see it using that amazing boxxy software!

    21. Bearded Badger

      Do not watch this movie unless you are emotionally prepared

      1. Kal Zone

        Bearded Badger I just saw the movie an hour ago and I’m still a wreck. The trailer was soooo misleading.

    22. MB 0610

      This movie stunk.

    23. Shawnee Elliott

      The movie is complete trash with great actors. Really such a shame. The trailer is completely misleading from what the movie actually is. I highly recommend that nobody see it

    24. Sean Courtney Films

      Great trailer for a terrible movie.

    25. Santo Gagliano

      First Worl Problems: The Movie

    26. l337pwnage

      Can't wait for "Life Itself 2: Child Custody Battle"

    27. Monica Reynolds

      going tonight with 8 girlfriends... cant WAIT!

    28. Lupe Calderon

      Does anyone know the name of the song that’s in the tv comercial?

    29. Don’t Care

      Thy why don’t we sticker

    30. Juanita Ochoa

      This movie absolutely RUINED me

    31. Class A1 Productions

      This movie was amazing! It reminded me of A Place Beyond the Pines, Silver Linings Playbook, and the Tree of Life. Just go see it... It's... awww geez...

    32. Dom Bruskiewicz

      Lol all of these comments are like "I wish a man would say that to me" then u see the actual movie and SPOILER like half the cast dies one from car crash, one from self inflicted gun shot, 2 from sickness, and then a bunch of other sad depressing stuff

    33. MARKRebels

      I just saw this today and I have to say that it was one of the most devastatingly passionate films I've seen in my 22 years. Go watch it.

    34. grAce wAy

      start small grow tall... I may not be equipped to be loved this much.

    35. Anonymous Person

      So, I just saw this movie today. Here's what I think (Don't read if you don't want any spoilers): I didn't like it very much and it is not nearly as good as This Is Us. The first half hour is super explicit as far as language and certain violent scenes. There is so much death and so much unnecessary swearing. It's really dark and sad. I found myself more annoyed than emotionally connected. I certainly agree with Rotten Tomato's rating of 13/100%.

    36. iruagg

      Has anyone seen this movie?? Would they recommend it??

      1. Shawnee Elliott

        It’s terrible. I truly do not recommend

      2. Andreina Alcala

        iruagg yes, but keep an open mind.

    37. bollagurl

      Makes you think you can fall in love at any moment

    38. Ciarra Troke

      Great movie

    39. juntistik

      Meh. This kinda movie ain't for me. People are assholes and shitheads. The end. You know you're in trouble when the trailer includes ukulele music.

    40. Trumpanomics Hobgoblin

      Just saw this in the theatre. It BLEW my mind. Bring tissues!!!! So so so good! Takes you places you never realized you'd go. Beautiful writing!

    41. Jelly Bean

      This movie was incredible. I highly recommend

    42. Picture Perfect Picture Perfect

      I did not see the movie yet but I heard it was a dud can anybody agree or disagree

    43. Terry Alejo

      I swear I have NEVER cried so much in a movie. Very well written with so much emotion. Beautiful movie about life. Me & everyone else left the theater balling our eyes out!!!!

    44. SkItTlLeS333

      Saw this movie in theaters today and it was soooo good. The trailer doesn't give this movie justice. A tear jerker but also a comedy with unexpected twists. Highly recommend everyone watch this movie

    45. Wilbert LaFleur

      I just seen this movie. All I can say is this was the most beautiful movie i have ever seen. All of the things I read people say here, are the most important parts of the story. If you have lived life at all it will touch you. Great work !! A must see.

    46. Musical Geek

      this movie is so ffn messed up but extremely good I would definitely recommend to watch it

    47. bluejellybean

      blech. Olivia wilde is never likeable.

    48. Teresa Schoellkopf

      This movie is so underrated!!! GO SEE IT!!!

    49. Valeria Luna

      I have NEVER cried so much during a movie. Life changing! Everyone go watch it! So many plot twists! Take five boxes of Kleenex with you! Titanic and The Notebook can take several seats...

    50. jmedwick

      'From the makers of 'This is Us'. Now, isn't that phrase being used for every movie and tv show this month?