Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.22.2018, NBA Season

MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

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    LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.22.2018
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    1. MLG Highlights

      GS Warriors vs Suns Full Game Highlights: jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-_KPP_sOWHIU.html

      1. Bryan Villicans

        Im saying this right now next lebron is harreson barns or rudy gay

      2. Firstname Lastname

        Lakers are good teen regardless still early in the season to decide to start judging

      3. N.N Multimedia

        please. please. please Tell all friends here that you will subscribe to my channel. I will do all of you

      4. Andy Zheng


    2. D Das

      Who was watching Cash the entire time? 😂😂

    3. ya boi

      8:45 notice how they waited for it to go in to call the foul

    4. ya boi

      This is probably the worst choke ive ever seen.

    5. Jaiden Hawkins

      7:54 GOD DAMN

    6. KEI Takashima

      tryna find cash

    7. OrangeJelly 69

      Like if you can see cash nasty

    8. Sergio Molina

      Anyone recognize the song at 6:18?

      1. Sergio Molina

        +Mr Beast Ma dude! it had that All Eyez On Me vibe! Thanks!

      2. Mr Beast

        2 of amerikaz most wanted- 2pac

    9. D-Wattz

      And that, Skip Bayless, is what we do when it's "really, really, really money time." 💰💸

    10. Kyle Brown

      Bron you my favorite player ever but PLEASE ICE GAMES WITH FREE THROWS! YOU GOTTA PUT THE DAGGERS IN EM! 😢

    11. Just Random

      the sound of the net when its swish is so satisfying...

    12. Jazmen Williams

      Derozan has Vietnam flashbacks when Lebron hit that ,three.


      DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Rico Von Moore-Brown

      0:27 CashNasty and Mal, third row


      This is the game we should’ve won but it’s alright to all u spurs fans out there were getting revenge on Wednesday. And we’re going to beat u guys again on Friday.

    16. Joven Domogho

      Klng ka ka sa free throw tol putik🤨

    17. Yanhao He

      Replay the game winner, you'll see... Lonzo learned defence from James Harden.

    18. Allen TV HD

      Lebron really you lost and it was my birthday really don’t worry James I still like you it happens.

    19. dđ đ

      Basketball is for gay

    20. Unfamousboy 24

      Does anyone notice cashnasty behind the lakers bench.


      Is it just me? That Lebron James look like idiot with team LAKERS? HAHAHA

    22. Firstname Lastname

      This is facts if LeBron score a high percentage and and get two championships within the next four years on the Lakers he will be considered as one of the best players one of the best player to ever play the game winning championships is making history

    23. bronny james

      Why lebron don't shot the ball to tree

    24. Alan Wang

      LB cannot take Kobe place, ever

    25. Inad Aicra

      4:29 WTF WAS THAT ? Lebron plays worst defense than Harden , SMH

    26. XX IVQZ

      Good ol' LeChoke at his best...

    27. Jocelyn Geronimo

      Di p lang nagbwabwakaw si lebron

    28. cablateflip

      Spurs still a playoff team Can't say that much bout classic LeCHOKEN James

    29. charlotte barnes

      Lebron your the GREATEST your doing a great job like always

    30. Six10 Visuals

      WAS THAT NOT WALKING @ 7:14 ????

    31. evan jenkins

      wow derozan 14ass. pop gettin in dat ass lol

    32. brendandonohue14

      Great game but lakers blew this and should have won and needed the win all good you can see there potential.

    33. Ernest Mckelvin

      I love the lac vs spurs game


      Just join warriors if you cant beat them join them lebron

    35. Fionn the Extreme meme machine

      0:10 Rudy *gay*

    36. משגב מלמד

      the spurs are the best! sasa

    37. Ashenafi Berhe

      Cash nasty

    38. Ashenafi Berhe

      Who saw coach nasty back of the lakers bench like yes reply no

    39. J R

      WOW THAT WAS BAD … I mean I looks like they needed to bench labron

    40. ZQ Luo

      That 23 in yellow sucks

    41. DeJai Jones

      Did Bron just miss 2 free throws???

    42. Elvis Omar Aquino Tovar

      Maldito lebron le tengo bronc

    43. Itsbestbro

      What a game

    44. Norman Lorenzo

      Lebron just riding out and cashing in his 4 year contract with the Lakers. Let's see if they land Durant next year which I think they will.

    45. Shiau

      I see highlights ,many times LBJ no defensive three point? what are you doing?!

    46. Lamond Davis

      Magic Johnson your work is not done as yet. Only advice I can give is trade trade trade. LeBron needs another 20 point a night player on a consistent basis

    47. Ashtel Gill

      Im so glad that lebron is noticing he is not the center of the universe. Damn, feels fucking good man .

    48. Laberflasche RolePlay

      Kuzma and Stephenson should start.

    49. TheFastright


    50. The Punisher

      Lebrons fault he can drive inside but he is afraid to try a risk.