LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

Strictly Dumpling

Strictly Dumpling

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    The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!
    Location Price- $60 USD
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    1. Funky Junkie

      Did mike say it was for 50$?????!!!!! I thought you had to give them a kidney for Insurance

    2. Funky Junkie

      This is the best buffet I have ever seen...

    3. Coffee

      The best part of the video is when he denied the broccoli 😂

    4. Ruth Miser

      YUM!! ^.^ ♥

    5. Jian Guo Tan

      Pesto in dimsum is a fkin disgrace. Step up your food game fam

    6. PK films

      Looks like food heaven

    7. Pranav Rathi

      I have gone there and the food is amazing and the service is great 👍

    8. Anant Singh

      Dear Lord...u hv got an awesome metabolism my man. Nice video.

    9. raghav agrawal

      Gordon Ramsay, watch this...😉

    10. Bob David

      buffet sense i like that .

    11. Mystical Tuber

      I have been here

    12. Kristopher Christensen


    13. Kristopher Christensen

      27 K with 1 K thumbs down because he's practicing GLUTTONY for $$$!!!! 2018 kids, soak it up!!!

    14. Kristopher Christensen

      Mickey needs to go on a diet. His heart isn't going to make it after another year of his current diet. People are starving and "no real job" Mickey eats enough food in each video to feed 10 people at least. What a spoiled little kid who never wanted to get a real job. Gluttony isn't cool and never has been.

    15. yor_kum in_mi_mou

      i hear SRK in background ..... dude he is the king of Bollywood go get your pen tf😭👏

    16. yor_kum in_mi_mou

      4:50 background like if u see😱

    17. Aishwary Abhishek

      I think he actually made a profit by eating that much XD

    18. NonsenseTime

      now i am hungry thxxx to this guy btw nice vid

    19. NonsenseTime

      when u go to a 5 star hotel this happens = round 1 OVERRRRR

    20. UNKN0VVN

      Do they ever tell you that you can't film?

    21. Girish H

      The woman behind you was jealous. She was staring at you all the time.

    22. Lynnette Dobbin

      That man can eat!

    23. Varun D'Souza

      Global dumps outgoing

    24. Amit Gangolli

      WOWWWW..That's some CLASSIC buffet...Loved it

    25. Jyotiraditya Satpathy

      Lol this buffet is nothing compared to some others at Sayaji Indore, Taj Lands end, The Peerless Inn, etc.

    26. Arjunlal B

      Man! You eat like me! Keep going until you can't swallow anything more 😅

    27. Barath Barath

      Is that aishwarya rai's daughter in 17:12 ?

    28. mr anil kumar

      How can you eat SOOOO MUCHHHH 🤔

    29. Gabriel Neves

      Ho my gosh! This man can eat!!!!!!!

    30. ST ELL

      Try a vegan buffet

    31. Snigdhya Mondal

      Pure food lover😊

    32. priti jadhav

      what is price of buffet

    33. Sourish Saha

      damn man how much can u eat?!..u ate twice what a normal person can

    34. Sourish Saha

      that's not how you eat a nun

    35. Sourish Saha

      India 🇮🇳

    36. Andy Ladha

      Wow i actually ate there

    37. Rakesh Lather

      Man I think u keep same cloths and filmed it in lunch and dinner. Can't eat that much. Or Ur camara guys are eating from same platter afterwards to help u finish

    38. delhi academics

      very nicely presented. the presenter has a great.....i mean GRRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT appetite. I was flabbergasted at the dishes he could eat and so much can a human eat so much!!!! ????? wow...simply WOW!!!!

    39. Fachry Naufal

      20 mins of drooling

    40. Carl Bonroy

      Food video too fast. Show the food, less commentary

    41. true# INDIAN

      Is this Leslie chow from hangover 2??

    42. Big mama


    43. Big mama

      India is the second largest English speaking country

    44. YOBR

      how are you able to eat all of those?????......

    45. Dehradun Updates

      bro have u ever got checked your cholestrol,thyroid,sugar test

    46. Chaitanya sandeep


    47. warsab1

      dude you make me laugh man. "are those stars?" meh the lamb tho!

    48. The Nothing

      on the edge of crying.

    49. bakes1422

      Legends say "On that day not a single sweat were broken ".

    50. Demi God XV

      How big is your appetite man?