Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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    Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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    1. A R A Y A


    2. Maximus Decimus

      First thing, the movie looks great Marvel team, can’t wait! Second thing I want to address here is some disappointing comments I’ve seen. Mostly saying “Meh looks boring.” Or “Maybe I’ll see it.” Let’s as a fan base collectively rewatch the trailers for each of the first character introduction films from the MCU and agree that perhaps even the first films themselves were not the most entertaining but alas necessary. Especially if they are appealing to perhaps new fans! Even Hemsworth said himself recently that he kinda felt the first 2 Thor films weren’t as good as Ragnarok. I just think it’s all great and have a little patience, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re getting everything we want but seems like we’re really just a little spoiled now that we have seen Infinity War. I’m loving it...👍👍😁

    3. TZ-GAMING

      Before it hit #1 trending

    4. Steve D

      This Captain Marvel sucks , the actress sucks !!!!!

    5. オートバイ' 2 0 0 1

      My favorite part was the Blockbuster memories.

    6. StaceyQ

      I'm a speechless. i am without speech.

    7. TheOnly 0506

      Watch as her smacking the old lady becomes a meme or maybe it already is.

    8. dark king

      La llamo el negro xD

    9. t c

      Wonder woman looks dope

    10. Jack Crow

      I will go see it, but Brie Larson.......sorry, but im hoping her acting gets better than this trailer would indicate.

    11. Gare

      Good job for hiring a sexist, racist lead actor, Marvel. This looks terrible. Even the de-aging on Sam Jackson looks bad. He looks like he should be back in Pulp Fiction or something.

    12. Frir10

      Also, that shot at 1:38 :D:D:D:D

    13. March on The beat


    14. Its Silent

      Thanos car?

    15. koisw kokis

      Captain Marvel acting skils as good as Pornhub actress.

    16. Jamal Habibi

      It looks good but I still think they could have had a better casting than Larson. She is giving me doubts. Still will watch

    17. Виктор Мурзаев

      Очередная черная пантера ((

    18. Litupmeboio

      If the backstreet boys isn't being played in this movie I will be very disappointed.

    19. Walter Kelly

      Worst marvel movie yet

    20. ElatedSpace YT

      In all honesty I'm not very impressed with this trailer

    21. Jadish Chandra Joshi

      Its nt bad trailer, its jst d main character is a woman as a *hero* so ppl r likely to complain. Half of d ppl watched infinity war nt bcuz dey love marvel jst bcuz it had so many stars in it, hypocrisy 😂😂. Fr me dis trailer ain't that bad.

    22. This hoe needs help

      Thanos gonna be ded

    23. Riza Delarosa


    24. Gottfried Alexander

      So excited for this movie

    25. Francisco_538


    26. Padosan Ka Ghar

      *I Thought she can Fly* 🤔😂

      1. Padosan Ka Ghar


    27. Aaron M

      Maybe it’s super hero fatigue setting in but eh I dunno I can wait

    28. Andrew Mitchell

      That was obviously Thanos’s grandma.

    29. Hasiu

      Green Lantern and The Young Pope crossover made by Marvel. My life is complete.

    30. Buckfutter _12

      Ma boys coulson and fury got dat fresh azz hair tho

    31. Paul

      Rip dc

    32. Pisces Babe


    33. komodo naga

      1:20 dafuq what is that ?

    34. Adhyatma Primananda

      whoa is that coulson at 1:33?

    35. WisnuAjieETM

      1:57 Captain Marvel Meet Thanos

    36. Vimunchin

      Old lady got recked lol

    37. Mark Donato

      Hey!!!!!! LOOKS LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. -:King:-

      If anyone is wondering why the grandma got punched. It's because she is an alien.

    39. Gimberg Preval

      Captain granny slaper

    40. Estefani Zerpa

      MUERO!!!!!!!! QUE EMOCIÓN

    41. BrayOfTheDonkey

      I marvel this!

    42. PsyKOoz


    43. Pradhumn Chaubey

      I'm waiting for this movie and avengers 4


      Anjay #1 di yt indo 👍👍👍👍👍

    45. Prayas PPD

      I watched this trailer yesterday with only 200k views now, 17 million and more WOW... At first, I must admit I don’t like the idea of having Brie Larson as the Captain Marvel but now looking at her in that costume reminds me how good Marvel is at casting a lead to take the role in their movies. She looks so good kinda gives me the feeling when I see Gal as a wonder woman the feeling of 'Yeah, She's the one'

    46. Jtg 16

      I'm sorry but Brie justs looks to bland.

    47. King Tide

      Marvel is running out of prestigious actors to hire

    48. kondra VENKATESH

      Not a good actress no xpressions ..

    49. moon9overmontana


    50. Opus

      I hope they got the casting right.