Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

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Marvel Entertainment

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    Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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    1. Denlim Wolf

      I, too, enjoy punching old ladies.

    2. Chris McAuliffe

      Really like soundtrack

    3. NinjaWolfMatt2002

      wow Phil Coulson looks so young

    4. Fade

      Let’s hope this is better then Wonder Woman, kinda looking like a feminist take on captain America

    5. Rianda

      Kaya nya gak seru...

    6. The Castle Of Anime

      Captain MARVEL Oh Shit ...... I can Not Wait Avengers 4

    7. Mohamad Solehim

      Scarlett witch is more powerful than captain marvel😌😌

    8. Jimmy Cerra

      Coulson has hair!

    9. Aik Salad

      1:30 A MEME HAS BORN

    10. Tecno gabriel

      Good video marvel

    11. KDC Studio

      I love marvel and movie by Thailand

      1. theLEGObros. Stopmotion

        KDC Studio I'm American, but I live in Thailand! Would you be interested in a Lego stop motion recreation of this trailer that I made? If so its my most recent video on my channel. :-) Thanks!

    12. WhyNotTruth

      Her acting seems pretty stiff.

    13. Danny Viv

      Women empowered overpowered

    14. Zachary Alexander

      Marvel monetise your videos. You could be making so much extra money

    15. Kingman

      Fat kid: Hey, grandma! How about another grape soda? Grandma: No. Fat kid: 1:30

    16. 50 subs With no videos

      Huh... so that’s how *Blockbuster* died

    17. Darata2

      bullshit super power

    18. Fardin Mridul

      01:44 Why because we think your super saiyan.

    19. L00naticSky

      "What do you think of this trailer?" -"It's hard to explain"

    20. X8 Verdadeiro


      1. theLEGObros. Stopmotion

        X8 Verdadeiro Would you be interested in a Lego stop motion recreation of this trailer that I made? If so its my most recent video on my channel. :-) Thanks!

    21. カカシ ZCxR


    22. Brad Campbell

      Um Capt marvel does not have sweet tits. Or a vaginer.

    23. Eswara Kumar

      Finally.....BGM.. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍😍😍

    24. Dice Strike

      My Birthday just got better

    25. Good Muse


    26. House Tamaty

      DC Trailer

    27. Henry Wang

      For everyone who watches this trailer: look up the word skrull

    28. nusaindah81

      I don't feel the hype vibe. Just surprise with young Sam Jackson

    29. Jerry Kendall

      Can't wait for this to flop

    30. Sunny Julia

      Can't wait to watch it and find out why she punched an old lady LMAO

    31. Reyna Gonzalez

      Ta dura!!!! I'm the only person of Puerto Rico.Perdonen mi inglés.... Jajaja 😂😋😎 No se supone q sea Mrs.Marvel 🤔🤦‍♀️

    32. Datlorz Gothenbergh


    33. nikhil kumar

      Thanos's end

    34. Uuu Uuu

      Well pack ur bags dc at this point marvel is digging ur graves

    35. Wong awam

      buog.. setaon ngkas..

    36. Sophie Maybank


    37. Deltaleader36

      Looks alright, nothing special, but alright

    38. MOF2 C

      Nmmz Captian Marvel ¡LA VIEJITA!

    39. speedy63663

      does her power come from her cooch?

    40. Adriano C

      Captain Lesbo Feminist Marvel

    41. Kaelee Biggs

      how much you wanna bet that 2005+ babies have no clue as to what blockbuster is?

    42. Dr Devesh Verma

      THANOS: You should have aimed at the head CAPTAIN MARVEL hits the old woman hard on her head THANOS : I was talking about my head....but ......THIS DOES PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE........ Best comment till now [I am just copying it though it might not be exactly same ]

    43. Max 777

      Buttless Captain 😲

    44. Cooldoge 67

      Me:Great, another fake trailer let’s just see how bad it- **Mind intensifies**

      1. shankar chaudhary


    45. shankar chaudhary

      This will be worst marvel movie I think.🤔

      1. rameshwar choudhary

        You have brain ?? I think🤔

    46. Kathryn Lroh

      Looks epic, so pumped!!!!

    47. evelyn. gpt


    48. Holzkohlen

      That music is soo annoying. Well at least we finally get a proper female hero!

    49. Tom Hoodie

      My brothers job one day was to escort her around his airbase and teach her air force stuff! So she's basically my wife now

    50. The Legion

      Don’t Let This Distract You, That Eminems “Killshot” Produced over 30 million views in 1 Day And Is Not #1 training.