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Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays



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    Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!
    Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend.
    It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 .

    Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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    1. Susymini Cmorais

      Zion gonna dethrone this man im telling you.

    2. lauramz78

      i didn't know a man could fly...and it's like he "feels" the basket and when jumping time slow down...

    3. Davide Ferrara

      2019, still Amazing... Mike is really the GOAT

    4. Jay Nixon

      02:10 RIP Birds ankles

    5. CHAAMPY


    6. Mike

      im a lakers fan, to a fault...but LeBron cannot touch this legend...because he is not human, hes a god.

    7. Elvin kxz

      8:47 when u know it must go in

    8. Alex Trajkovic

      A man playing basketball in a God mode.

    9. The Weird Beard

      13:49 play that in slow mo, pure euphoria right there...

    10. henn sipper

      Is it me or does he look like the black Patrick Stewart?

    11. Gladys Gandarillas

      por favor que jugador sin palabras no lo puedo creer

    12. Derrick

      Jordan> Magic> LBJ> Kobe> BillRussell

    13. Sunflower Productions

      Jordan THe Best AFTER OSCAR

    14. Rich Lummy

      Lebron never played against the greats . MJ goat!!

    15. Fake Thumbnail

      So many white people in the nba

    16. icsu

      A piece of shit this nigga


      9:50 YE YE YE YE YE

    18. Cupyay

      love no. 14. out of nowhere.

    19. The Guy

      Changed the game. Invincible (when it mattered). Undefeated. Best scorer and defender. Best guard at rebounding. Scoring champion and defensive champion in the same year. All accolades in less time than any other player. 10 fucking scoring championships. The best highlights. 3 All Stars MVPs. 5 MVPs. 6 finals with 6 MVPs. No debate, not an opinion. He’s the greatest player to ever touch a basketball.

    20. Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38

      I was lucky enough to watch MJ in his prime. He was a human highlight reel. He was so competitive that he took over games and expected everyone around him to play at a higer level. MJ HATED losing. I watched him hit game winning shot after shot against some of the best competition in the league. And when it counted the most (the playoffs). He is "his airness" He is MJ. He is the G.O.A.T. And just remember these lyrics.... *_Sometimes I dream That he is me You've got to see that's how I dream to be I dream I move, I dream I groove Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike Again I try Just need to fly For just one day if I could Be that way I dream I move I dream I groove Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike I wanna be, I wanna be Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike_*

    21. GARY Gwin

      Couldn't noone beat that dude

    22. steve crawford

      It’s difficult to watch in low resolution now, it’s amazing we watched all this stuff at the time and how grainy it was. I couldn’t get through half of it I’m a spoiled by high resolution

    23. Broad Man

      Zion Williamson wasn't even born yet. And let me tell you what. The greatest players of ALL TIME aren't born yet.

      1. you donky

        Mj is a once every 4th generation player, the complete player defence, offence, leadership, clutch, and jumps out the gym, zion will average more like Charles barkely

    24. Rich H

      Grew up watching this man. Makes me tear up. This is the real NBA. The NBA now is unrecognizable.

    25. Klee33

      I wonder how long it took for LeBron to make 9,500 accounts

    26. Emoney G

      No matter who is better or breaks his records..everyone after him emulates him..even lebron..he may not admit the same age age as lebron...i know he loved mike...we all fucking did..he's doing it now..but wenever saw half this stuff before lebron we were too young for aba...and hardly remember bird johnson ..n thomas hay days...mike ruled the basketball world our whole childhood lol..until kobe n them...n really till lebron....we saw a ruth...jackie robinson..tyle we got to see that shit real time....ty for these types of vids love to re live it...and ty mr jordan..for never ever wanting to lose shit!!? ....ny born..but in the 90's gotta admit my heart was in chi town ever winter......

    27. Ka Mo

      Amazing thing is that Marc Albert still reporting today

    28. THhart

      Seeing him play live or on TV. was like seeing Jesus walk on water!! Even if you never played the game of basketball just watching him made you want to learn... out of this world experience. #foreverthegoat#🐐

    29. Jasmine Smith

      i love you michael jordan ok.

    30. LF AG

      I enjoyed the video....please name of the song?

    31. yo mama


    32. Low Distortion

      It was good while it lasted too bad lebron better than MJ now

    33. Jordan Carlson

      Glad to be named after such a legendary man.

    34. GCH Customs


    35. Miguelito Cebrero


    36. elijah pedroso


    37. Black Jack

      not a lebron

    38. I N C

      This is the actual GOAT

    39. richard crawford

      Im Kobe fan but jordan the goat respect

    40. God

      *mike jordan so good. i wear air jordans every time i got a test to take. i wanna perform like jordan on my test days.*

    41. Emissary35

      Tom Brady and Michael Jordan the best ever.

    42. Jordan Keith

      Kobe for the shots and Mike for the dunks. Both are the real GOATS. #Truth

    43. Spence Redford

      As a kid from Utah, I cried for a week straight because of Michael Jordan.

    44. lurking0death

      He was great, maybe the greatest single pro athlete in any sport. To make any determination we must first decide what "GREATNESS" is, what it consists of. This is a little arbitrary but we might come to agreement on it. Once we agree on what greatness is we may decide if a player has it. Personally, my all time favorite player, not greatest player, is Piston Isiah Thomas. At a mere 6'1" he led the Pistons over Michael and the Bulls 3 straight years. Isiah was that rare thing, a gifted athlete with intelligence, work ethic and a maniacal will to win. 6'1" of pure heart and skill.

    45. Mike Foros

      Te ha faltado su canasta más ‘lunática’. Aquel mate que valió el triunfo en la peli de "Space Jam" XDD

    46. fright night live

      Shaquille o neal is way better than michael jordan

      1. Curlyhead_ Jay

        fright night live nope

    47. Godwin Miles Atillo

      Some anyone sub my youtube channel i need your help

    48. Tio Lúcifer

      54 M!!!!

    49. mdub1303

      Jordan is the goat no one can tell me otherwise

    50. farel kurniawan


    51. SupervisorMartinez

      Does anyone remember Lebron going straight up and put it down on anyone ever ...

    52. Moreno12

      Besides the 85-86 season in which Jordan was injured for most of the season and the 94-95 season which he only played like 17 games, I bet you can do a best 50 plays each year he played and they would all look as spectacular as this

    53. Jm Clear

      unbelievable.. dunks, passes, those buzzer beaters,..Jordan have Magic.. Greatest Of All Time.. still watching.. No one can ever play or atleast close to this GOAT.

    54. Juju N

      Im glad i grew up in the 80s and 90s as a youngster

    55. v

      I'm not going to lie. I was in tears by the the end of that video. I am just great fowl I was around to see him play and there is NO ONE better then him. He will be the best there is the best there was the best there will ever be.

    56. sammy fung

      WOW! Where is my cousin in Chicago NOW?!?!?!

    57. Ugur Tas

      THA GOAT don't give FUCK what anybody else says

    58. Gold_Leader928

      Remember not every game was televised, so there may be plays that we’ve never seen

    59. Deaven Posthuma

      9:32 is that a lane violation? I love Mike by the way so don’t hate on me

    60. Crazyy FishinG

      Nobody Will do it again. A real legend that no one will ever forget

    61. Justin  Rudolf

      The single closest thing in sports today that even comes within the neighborhood of Jordan in the clutch, is probably Tom Brady. People now hate Brady for that very fact. They would have loathed Jordan! I've had the privilege of watching the majority of both guys' careers, so I have the experience to say such a thing. In games where the Bulls were struggling or it was tight, the 4th quarter came along and everybody in the building and watching on TV knew it was "Michael Time" and opponents tried to stifle him and they very RARELY succeeded. He took games over better than anybody in any sport! You had to watch Bulls games live on TV or in person to fully appreciate Michael. Had any of you who claim Lebron is better than Michael seen what I saw growing up, you wouldn't say Lebron over Michael. You had no choice back in the day but to LOVE Michael because his play, itself, DEMANDED your attention. Lebron's never stolen the show the way Michael did, his play doesn't DEMAND your attention. And yes, the competition back then was every bit as good as it is now- if not better!

    62. Delzo

      Marcin Gortat is better

    63. Eric Liu

      Happy 56th Birthday, the GOAT

    64. ray aye

      thers the difference right there in jordans era they took the contact they would body up on D and jordan would dominate the in the air. Today they get out the way of sum1 gutsy enough to attack the rim in the AIR!!!!

    65. Tony Learner

      If God does exist ... if He does ... then Michael Jordan is His masterpiece of creation ... can I say more?

    66. GRIMGAMING 15

      Play 41 was my favorite, fucking elegant, would be dope if someone did the same play in the NBA now, wonder what it would be called

    67. Beast

      He was the Tom Brady of basketball #GOAT

      1. Eric Zhu

        Tom Brady is the Michael Jordan of football

    68. Donald's Music

      Of course the greatest NBA player ever is a BLACK man. He sure wouldn't be some recessive, inferior devil.

    69. Yuri Sacatani

      name of music ??

    70. Armando Morales

      Larry Bird was still better

    71. Lind Boomer

      Jordan never gave up on his team he was playing for himself, the people and the city. He wanted to be the best playerever, everything that came with that was just a extra, a bonus so to speak. #mindset

    72. C-Sicck

      This is our King.

    73. Brayden Baca

      Happy birthday Michael Jordan

    74. Royce Fesco

      Happy birthday to the goat!!

    75. Kanard30 McC

      so kobe not his son shitttt!!!@

    76. Vscape Pro Landscaping

      When Jordan jumped, it looks like he jumps 30" and then somehow jumps again in mid-air to go as high as he needed.. never seen that before or since.

    77. ZenoKoninckx04

      Happy birthday Mike! Absolutely unreal, spinechilling!

    78. jimuel Perez

      Its so amazing and crazy basketball player😂😂😂😂😂😂

    79. in its simplest form

      This is why MICHAEL JORDAN is the GOAT of basketball

    80. Bagman Bigs

      The undeniable, unquestionable 🐐 of 🐐's!

    81. SupervisorMartinez

      #6 gets my vote for #1 @12:15

      1. SupervisorMartinez

        Yes I witness this one as well I’m still waiting on someone to Best it ...

      2. Juju N

        Yup, i remember seeing that at my friend's house, always my #1

    82. Moto Moto


    83. son of mars game 23

      The confidence he have on the game is enough to say he just trolling other player. The only player I can see this confidence is Curry while the ball is in the air after making 3's he just looks away Im not curry Im Drose fans in this era if only he is the biggest if in NBA today no way for Lebron to say he is dominant player I also think Paul George is better to lebron if that leg injury is not happen to him no hate but Lebron is so much overrated. I love to see this new kid Doncic cant wait to dominate NBA next season he will expose Lebron. Yeah my man Jordan is overall player that killer instinct make blow the mind of everyone in 90's that is magical no one in this NBA player can do.

    84. the Driza

      Wow 9.5k dislikes for Jordan? Wow

    85. Howard Berry

      Way better then lebron.

    86. Jesus Efren Carvajal Osuna

      jordan tenia la canasta en el ojo--- mesi tiene la porteria

    87. Jesus Efren Carvajal Osuna

      antes desiamos ...que no la agarre jordan...ahora desimos que no la agarre messi jajaja

    88. Kelp

      i wanted to just celebrate Jordan yet i see all this unnecessary Lebron hate smh!

    89. Tridgit

      Question bout rules, 1:52 he jumps with both feet. I'm no bball guy, but isn't that travelling?

      1. Tridgit

        +James Harden is an Embarrassment to the Game ah fair. cheers for the reply

      2. James Harden is an Embarrassment to the Game

        Tridgit once you take your last dribble you can take 2 steps after you gather the ball, what he did is called a hop step. The problem is that nowadays there are people who gather the ball, take a step, and then take the hop step which should be a travel, but it doesn’t get called

    90. Keyana Machado

      LEGEND!!! (AKA:THE GOAT 🐐)

    91. jin go

      진짜 멋있노 ^^

    92. Caster Clarence

      Gabriel Brown. Flight

    93. KCStewart

      Jordan is not only the GOAT. His style of play is just so graceful like watching someone play an instrument waiting for the hook. The way he moved, on the court , the way he floated through the air , his body language and how he carried himself compared to the players today doesn’t even compare

    94. Sione Oliveti

      This would go great with, Lecrae - Just Like You

    95. Raul Monterrosa

      The best of the history Michael Jordan ever forever

    96. Howyoudodatt305 Suey!

      " It always happens to Craig Elo"

    97. 영상&뮤직저장소

      wow fantastic

    98. Fra No

      MJ is not human

    99. bdrrogers

      Being a great scorer was only a part of his game. He was the greatest defensive player of his era.