Mike Pence Tries To Make Space Force Sound Less Dumb

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    Vice President Mike Pence successfully gave a serious speech about Space Force while keeping a straight face.
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    1. Kalepsis

      How many times must we tell him that it's illegal, internationally, to put weapons in space?

    2. M.B O

      You ppl still support this guy???? Why? Because it makes you feel less self conscious about not being as educated as some? What? This is your world! ***** I don't understand why some refuse to slow down, take a breathe, calm down and just try to answer a question, and then think about their country going down in flames. Does that make you a patriot? NO! The ppl who smear the american flag across their chest & butt in flag bikinis, underwear, and too small t's stretched across a fat white belly, while tearing down the road in a rickety truck w/ a confederate flag (in the north, of all places, btw), do not love their country, they are not patriots! They are the ones actually smearing that flag with filth, disgrace, and disrespect!!!!! I, btw, am a white american, and I know this is NOT a left/or right issue. This is wrong! These things are wrong, and you all need to take a breathe, take a deep long look in the mirror, and inside yourselves because you're not supporting your country! You are contributing to it's regression, embarrassment, and possible demise. You shit on every american soldier when you hold up a nazi flag in this country! You shit on even more soldiers, and your own ancestry when you fly a confederate flag on this soil, especially in the north! Why is it not ok in the South, then? Because they succeeded from their own nation, what in the hell is less patriotic than that? You cannot fly an American flag, and claim to be a flag waving American At All if you don't even know that Robert E. Lee himself found it wrong to create public display to acts that end in the bloodshed of our people! You don't love this country, you want to separate it entirely. Your signs lately, "I'd rather be russian than a democrat" proves that! So stop the false advertisement! Since when has this country, and Russia ever been best buddys! You ask your veteran grandfathers what they would think of selling out their hard earned blood shed work to Vladimir Putin! And, then tell me w/ a straight face that you love America! You don't! You're energy would be much better spent if you focused and concentrated it ON YOURSELVES! The only anger you should have right now should be directed at Trump for making a fool, and a sucker out of you! (This is obviously directed at Trump supporters who actually think there is a difference between just two sides in a single government! As, I said----this is not a left or right issue!)***************

    3. destroyer806

      Uh creating the space force is preparing for the future. It doesnt have to do anything now. Just like how highways were built for military movement in the future.

    4. Cinerdella

      Space prayer

    5. Maniac Rebooted

      Trump: Space is a war fighting domain. Audience: *Complete silence*

    6. Joe Neumeister

      I am soooooo embarrassed!! I was trying to think of something else to add to my comment, and nothing more can be said other than we are a BIGLEY embarrassment !!

    7. Rune Drejer

      Does Trump think it up, as he goes! ?!? 😂😂😂

    8. mickey mike

      The U.S. is hitching rides to space from other counties and now a space force that will hitch rides too. We have an ( IT ) in the white house.

    9. Wailwulf

      Space Operational Force = SOF SOF = Soldier Of Fortune

    10. NumptyDumpty

      Yeah it's a fundamentally dumb idea, but can someone explain to me why 'space force' is a name any dumber than 'air force'?

    11. 123 456

      Low key it dosent seem like that bad of an idea.

    12. polite critique

      Another fake agency so more billions can be stolen from taxpayers

    13. J3d

      Someone here said "Space force is not stupid. If we rule above the atmosphere, we rule the world!" The history of spaceflight has been characterized by two words. Difficult and expensive. In the 1960s and early 70s, it was thought we would be much further in space than we actually are. The only prediction about the future more wildly inaccurate was power too cheap to meter. Even the most pessimistic of projections were wildly optimistic compared to what's actually been achieved. The USA was once a proud nation with its faults to be sure. But we ruled the world peacefully. McDonalds could be found in many countries including Russia. English became the more or less official language of the world. So until we somehow get a handle on difficult and expensive, the idea is stupid except to big defense contractors looking for lucrative ways to make money. BTW, NASA is not the agency that would be tasked with operating a space force. NASA was founded as a civilian exploration agency. But then, were so out of touch with what we once were, it's easy to see how ppl make the assumption NASA already does the job of a space force or is already in place to do such a job.

    14. Mama Mia

      "Space is a war-fighting domain: just like the air, land, and sea". I thought the air was for breathing, the land for growing crops, and the sea for harvesting food. Guess I'm not part of the "great vision".

    15. Ramón Sánchez

      Excuse me sir but that orange peed in my rug that tight the room together inside the WH

    16. Ahmed Barakat

      I don't know why everyone thinks the space force is a bad idea. We need men to protect earth from extraterrestrial invaders. We have been living in peace for so long that we seemed to have forgotten all that we have suffered at the hands of non-earthers. We need to remember when the humans were enslaved and forced to serve illegal aliens in the Great Egyptian Pyramids. They are thought to be myths nowadays. Stories that parents tell their children to have them behave. But they exist. The space-walkers are real. I have seen them. We drove them out once before but we cannot do the same unless we are united. The Seven Continents must band together to fight off these invaders, and Donald of house Trump must lead them. We must build a wall to keep the space-walkers out and we must have men of the space force to man that wall. It is the only way. It is a noble effort and I choose to stand by it. It is the only way. For humans. For life. For Trump. King of the West! The Martians are coming.

      1. Greendayphantom

        Ahmed Barakat lol

    17. Shadowcub69

      I keep hearing SPACE GHOST in my head. Who let this idiot name anything?

    18. bernie b

      Please go away

    19. not fooled

      does trump know about our non proliferation of space treaty or is he gonna trump all over that treaty too

    20. skyson b pei

      The only upside to this space force is that they take their bs wars away from everyone us

    21. David DeLaney

      ... Stephen's been PRACTICING with those invisible space thrusters! --Dave, oh my god, his show's full of stars

    22. android263

      If aliens come America will be obliterated first.

    23. Korota

      Fun fact, when the Nazi Party came to power, Germany didn't have an air force. So Hitler established the Luftwaffe and created a fully-armed wing of the military staffed by people loyal to him and the party above the nation itself! Anyways, ha ha Space Force pew pew so dumb

    24. BeastNation2009

      Let the Star Wars references commence....(if they haven't already) lol

    25. Jake Law

      How bout, free healthcare...free college, improved infrastructure...wth, throw in a border wall....then a space army.....

    26. Maureen Wagg

      Well that about puts it in a nutshell. Look at me look at me people!!!! Don't look at the Mueller investigation...look over here...loook! Space Force!! I give you Space Force! omg what a twitter twit.

    27. Maureen Wagg

      NASA....where space force is already doing the job Trump thinks he invented. Hellllooooo Monsieur President??? Nope...crickets.

    28. Delilah Weeks

      Trump is sure eager to start a war in Space... It's always about war and how these people can profit on it.

    29. DrFlippin

      Pence has already started his bid for the Presidency by trying to project an image that is more Presidential than his Boss'... not so difficult to do, actually.

    30. Melora Foy

      You should have Randy Rainbow on your show! Check out "Russia Ties" and "Sweet Indictment."

    31. Melora Foy

      I would love to see George Takei's take on this is.

    32. Aaron Shorts

      (Amos 9:2) “...Though they climb up to the heavens above, from there I will bring them down.” Not sure if that’s the verse Pence was referring to but just a thought...

    33. Ryan lex

      Lmao a talk show think they are smarter lmafo😂😂😂

    34. Red Gladius

      Space force is not stupid. If we rule above the atmosphere, we rule the world!

    35. zen babaloo

      The fun part is how clearly brilliant they think they are as they throw this nonsense out there. THIS is as comically stupid as they've ever been and they've been very, very comically stupid from day 1.

    36. John Dotter

      It is not uncommon the USAF has a Air Force Space Command already, sometimes referred to informally as U.S. Space Command, is a major command of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado.

    37. Pete M

      Space force is stupid. I thought they all made a treaty to keep war out of space. Last thing you need is nukes in space, that may come to earth either on purpose or accidently.

    38. Johnny Bryant

      #lostinspace. #dangerwillrobinson

    39. Johnny Bryant

      Mike pence is sickening. He thinks if he sounds like he's giving a sermon, everything is just peachy. He's just a mouthpiece for Rancid Velveeta. No better than the cheese himself. To ridiculousness and beyond. #traitortrump. #impeachpence #tinyhands

    40. Jarod O'Hara

      Hey, I just wanted to say... * Crowd Erupts in applause *

    41. Awoo Awoo

      They laughed when the Air Force was announced too.

    42. Jose Vega

      It's not dumb, we need protection from imminent threats such as asteroids or invasion. I thought Christian Trump supporters didn't believe in aliens but instead liberals who believe there is other life on other planets seem to all of a sudden think this is stupid just because Trump said it? Granted he did say it in a stupid way but we still need this. And no, I'm not a Trump supporter.

    43. Michael Butler

      It should be called, "spacey McSpace force"! Only because it sounds a bit more stupid and very stupid idea, should have a very stupid name!🤔🌞

    44. Doug Hanson

      How about SPACE COWBOYS ?

    45. PhD. Life Apologist

      Right so.... Let's just explore space on a cheap'o, Obama-demonetized NASA, and if we do find actual aliens, with actual guns (or lasers, whatever)who want to eat us like chicken nuggets, let's just... What? Not have protection? Colbert, you're a peace-loving hippie. And while I believe peace is obtainable, it's not PEACEFUL yet. Never trust a comedian. They joke too much. Never serious.

      1. PhD. Life Apologist

        & Yes, by all means.. Watch where the money goes, so 'we' don't get ripped off by creatures grown from our own pile of dirt.

    46. Mat Bird

      Maybe they know something? Maybe there’s aliens out there.

    47. Layne Inouye

      What's next, a death star just for Trump. Is he part of episode 30....The Sith Trumps the jedi....

    48. Waya525

      Maybe Trump wants to be Admiral James Kirk.

    49. Waya525

      Only if Michael Biehn and Sigourney Weaver can serve as the heads of the Colonial Marines Division.

    50. George Flores

      Trump is thinking like Cobra from GI Joe. have the world on their knees by his hand & setting up manned space stations ready to drop nukes. while the country is laughing... the rest of the world is looking of ways to stop him or beat him to it. Be Smart America! Paren de hacerce los Pendejos! "ESP"