Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 - EP08 - Head Games (Gameplay Video)



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    Cleaning up the area, enchanting and head games!
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    1. Connor Erwin

      Finally, you out music in your videos. I love it😀

    2. Kevin Weil

      why does vintagebeefs videos always get stuck and buffer for me. it is only vintagebeefs videos I can watch any other video on youtube in full hd with no problems. When ever I try to watch vintagebeef even if in the lowest resolution it keeps getting stuck and buffering :( anyone else have this problem.

    3. Joseph Kelly

      Build a tower coming from the island on the Lilly pad.

      1. Joseph Kelly

        Or tower that goes underwater instead of above

      2. Joseph Kelly

        Or a statue

    4. alexis miller


    5. Tom Nery

      Hey beef, what do you think of a water bridge over the entrance?

    6. Poly David

      Beef, por que você não faz uma estrutura em forma de flor de lótus no centro ao invés de outra "forte invertida"?

    7. Timmy-Wong

      Ohh remember because he doesn’t have pants !!

    8. Zachary Cates

      I think there needs to be a "Great Barrier Beef" somewhere on the server. Or maybe a "Great Vintage Reef." I can't decide which is better.

      1. Mathew Cobb

        I like vintage reef better

      2. Zoe B

        Zachary Cates Definitely Great Barrier Beef. It's just too ridiculous not to use!

    9. khylar flight

      Where is connas exiles beef ????????????

    10. acrylicnotoilpainting

      Oh my gosh I really love the extra bits of music and editing in your videos lately!! Keep up the great work!!

    11. no video no subscribe challenge

      beef build your storage at the bottom of the sea

    12. Lagnir

      VintageBeef is the Bob Ross of Minecraft.

    13. Majd

      you should have an assassin for hire shop where people pay you to get other people's heads and how they want it done. of course they can only ask you to kill people that have agreed to join the service, but i think it would make a funny couple of videos just sneaking up on people to get their heads. you can do it the same way you did the head games in this episode. you only attempt to murder them once and if they successfully protect themselves and kill you they get to keep your head. if the shop gets popular you can hire an assistant assassin (an assassistant) and have them film their jobs.

    14. Parker winkelman

      You should make the middle a pixel art steak, it already has the shape

    15. TntMooze

      Stop accepting gifts and just do what you are about to do. It's really interupts the viewer experience.

    16. Norseman

      5:00 Pakratt??

    17. Dr. Remy

      the sea pickles beef!!!!!! they are the best

    18. GoldAssasinGamer // GoldNinjaGamer

      Beef, impaling and loyalty are used to enchant tridents, there are also other new enchaments for it such as: riptide and channeling

    19. Garo Aharounian

      love your content, keep up the good work beef!!

    20. Baekhyun

      BBlock, like if you thought of BlockB!

    21. humane monkey303

      Ur able to make glassless fishtanks beef. Water log a upside-down stair block and have it flow down into a normal placed stair block and the water won't over flow but fish will push other fight out some times if u do to much in a small tank

    22. humane monkey303

      Haha he killed him with beef

    23. SILSKY


    24. Faling Dutchman

      Beef, to get your own head, shoot arrows straight into the sky and kill yourself :)

    25. The God Emperor

      Move the viewing tower to the middle platform imo.

    26. ramey mcgraw


    27. Bogdan Albu

      No more No Man`s Sky or Fallout 76? :(

    28. lakeville gaming

      Run you have a bounty on your head.

    29. Cyberra 01

      Impaling and Loyalty are two of the new trident enchants. The other two are Channeling and Riptide. You don't have a trident yet... They come from the Drowned that spawn underwater. They only work on tridents. Might want to make sure all the water blocks in your aquarium are source blocks. XD They gave you a Wither-in-a-box!

    30. Michael F. Walter

      Rename your "first" items. That way they won't stack or get mixed up.

    31. SGT C

      Talk shit get hit

    32. CC Rascal

      Beef has got the best creeper farm on the server 😁

    33. Niko Čače

      Where is all the fun when people just gift him everything and he just builds... :(

      1. - scrub

        Niko Čače I think it saves him a lot of valuable time, but you have a point

    34. megan rickit

      Awesome episode beef

    35. Cormac Ryan

      Wow so fast

    36. Davey Codfish

      Hey Beef! Love how the Lilly Pad is looking!...you can feed your turtles seagrass to breed them, but then you need to protect the eggs. Also, Loyalty, Impaling and Channeling are Trident specific enchants. Cheers!

    37. PuddlePaw

      Hey Beef! Maybe you could make a small platform/island outside the door of your base for people to leave you things so that they don't clutter your base and you can have a designated area to check for new things! Kind of like a big mailbox c:

    38. Hmoobgai

      Beef getting head...

    39. Lithosz

      Beef, If you load in the new default texture pack you can now get clear glass for your fish tank.

    40. Notaro

      8:20 Malcovich , malkovich. Malkovich. Malkovich, malkovich, malkovich, malkovich.

    41. Putera Mahdini

      i think the impailing is only for the new weapon the trident

    42. Nathan Ford

      You should use some soul sand in the entrance and maybe in the fountain to add some bubbles to the builds

    43. Sa Ool

      Since I'm on your server ill gladly fight you for your gead

    44. Kinzie Anthony

      Blow it up! (the middle island)

    45. aWildTotodile

      hey beef, you ever think about playing the new pokemon game? ik u got a lot going on rn, so the answer is prob no, but im just curious if u thought about it?

    46. Taco Salesman

      Beef I have 2 ideas for buildings on your island! The first is a map room so you can see your island and the islands around your. The second idea is a trophy room where you have shelves with all the different players heads that you kill! Hope I helped :D

    47. Caden Burleson

      I’ve deadass been watching him sense 3rd grade now I’m in 9th

      1. Rich Cracker

        Caden Burleson tell me about my dude

    48. Tim G

      I think a viewing tower would look great in the middle, just make it so it isn't straight up and down.

    49. FirstPersonChef

      Beef, I really love the new use of music in the videos. Brings a lot of fun (not that they weren’t already) to the video, especially the smaller things.

    50. CameronJacob00


      1. SILSKY


    51. StrangeWannaBe

      19:21 I'm getting some oxide daisy vibes....

    52. Sneaky 1

      Beef why don’t you go to the mining world for diamonds. Just want to see you be rich!!

    53. BeanzDeanz

      You could make a nether portal and have your storage in the nether. Keep that lilypad clean ;)

    54. BenAwesome

      I wish he got more views so he can get more revenue. it just makes me sad when people have such good content and don't get anywhere near enough views for the quality of there work.

      1. Daniel and G

        that's why I never skip the ads

      2. VintageBeef

        Aww. Thanks Ben. I appreciate the nice comment.

    55. mad hoodlam.OFFICAL

      Did every one else pause their video to read that page of the book

    56. trillibytes

      Nice music choices. :D Enjoying the fights and think the place is coming together!

    57. uapdz1i3bdc4tqxvofjcjxokb

      You should build a great wall around the lilypad to make it look cooler

    58. Emily McLeod

      I think the water might be flowing in that corner of the tank and pushing the fish down. Every block needs to be a source block.

    59. Braxton Murphy

      That fight screen music when he is fighting creepers is from monster hunter

    60. Z1G Z4G

      You should make a shelter on the grand entrance will look nicr

    61. Luke Cho

      Loving the uploads! I’m glad you still enjoy doing what you’re doing! Please don’t stop (unless you need a break.)

    62. Proprofiter GT

      Hey beef why dont u start on the reverse fountains... and make the middle part as well

    63. StrangeWannaBe

      I miss season 3 mindcrack soooooooo much

    64. Gnosis

      Beef Those new enchantments you don't know are for the new weapon, a trident. Loyalty makes it return to you after throwing it at a mob, impaling causes more demage to mobs spawning in the ocean.

    65. ExcalibursZone

      Hey, Beef. Why don't you rename your "First Items" as "First Diamond", "First Tool", etc. then there's not much chance of becoming confused about the stuff. ;)

    66. Tyler Cross

      You should connect the fish tanks

    67. Ribird

      Does Beef know not to spam click in combat anymore? I see that he doesn't do it all the time, but still

      1. Ruji

        I don't think the spam clicking is really the problem when you're using the "turn my back to the enemy" strategy.

      2. Ghostfaced Killa

        Easy thing to forget in the heat of battle

    68. Monkey Man

      Cinamatic part cool!

    69. Jum Alexandre Dacullo

      Hello beef Iloveyou so much and i have been watching u for 4 years i remember me watching u in the middle of the night minecrack season 3. Keep up the good work😃😃

    70. Alyssa Fundal

      11:07 Aw who remembers the Mindcrack days when he would give away games if we guessed the right amount :')

      1. Xen Nexonus

        Man I miss team Canada

      2. Timmy-Wong

        Alyssa Fundal with red stone in the village!

    71. earth godzilla

      Every like I get I will add a beef here I will start Beef.

      1. Notaro

        Where's the beef?

    72. Insane Wanderer

      i didnt know you could just murder each other to get player heads i thought it was a lucky spawn for all of them

    73. Kid Fury

      Today is birthday like plz

    74. GrimXLive Gaming

      Lol uploaded just after I finished episode 7 perfect timing

    75. Bluetiger 2020

      Zoby is senpai

      1. Ancient Bunny

        Blue, hahaha!! Love it! :D

    76. TheMagicKong


    77. Banji3001


      1. SILSKY


    78. Bow Dude

      Please play pixelmon with the poik band please

    79. Michael Pips

      Never clicked on a video so fast😂

      1. Devilsgirl 22


    80. Michael Pips


    81. Doodle

      First Edit: Love the vids man.