My Dinosaur Is a Service Animal (with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard!)



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    Just because it’s a Velociraptor with knives for teeth doesn’t mean it’s not my best friend.

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    Chris Pratt
    Bryce Dallas Howard
    Raphael Chestang
    Blue - Nick Celentano
    Airport Travelers -
    Ellie Panger
    Rorrie Travis
    Antonio Salgado
    Danice Page
    Steven Lee
    Andrea Clemons
    James Karroum
    Laura Johnston
    Ian Sollenberger
    Killian Sobel
    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Raphael Chestang
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Editor - Sam Geer

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    1. Canaan's Photography

      Am I really seeing people complain about this being harmful to service animals? Jesus, shut up and enjoy the video. People have to find faults in EVERYTHING these days, just learn to enjoy things.

    2. Alexander Romanov

      Here we go

    3. Trista Morgan

      I got a lost world commercial before this lol XD

    4. Dalek Sek

      Of course the ad is for Jurassic world. Not even joking about that.

    5. subversiveasset

      Bryce Dallas Howard won't be able to get to 4.5 with this kind of behavior.

    6. Tina Shen

      the kind of service animal that creates so much anxiety around it you forget yours.

    7. alvaro monsegur

      The guy crying at the end cranks me up hahahha

    8. Avid Abstractions

      LOL! Cheers!

    9. Tweek Tweak

      I got a Jurassic world trailer before this lol

    10. Joska Rifinaukr

      That dart isn't in an enclosed chamber. Whether it's supposed to be propelled by compressed air or a chemical reaction, he's not shooting anything with that tranq. Bad velociraptor tamer!

    11. Triple S

      I can't believe that out of all the ads on JP-news a Jurassic World ad played before this video! What Are The Odds!?

    12. Craig Dixon

      I'd like Bryce to dominate me sexually with her feet

    13. Leo Trollstoy

      oh look an ad

    14. Dreidynn Alysse

      isn’t that the girl from nosedive in black mirror???


      I just saw a Jurassic park ad before before this video started

    16. Memphis. Methods

      his head shaped like a stepped on m&m

    17. SetTrender

      If it wasn’t for Starlord, THANOS would be dead-_-

    18. Benjamin Sherman

      LOL! That was awesome...

    19. Santi Tricks

      Icarus airlines 💯

    20. Kate Barney

      I got an ad for Jurassic world before this

    21. Love is Life

      I got an ad for the movie when I clicked on this weird

    22. Bob Buchko

      Wow Deadpool has really opened up the floodgates for goofy movie ads. Love it!

    23. TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content

      I got a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom advertisement before this video..

    24. Nightpony inRface

      :V they actually got Chris Pratt to be in this?!

    25. This guy Is Not being edgy enough

      I got a Fallen kingdom trailer before this video.

    26. Viridian Cosmo

      Jurassic Airport coming 2022

    27. Ian Wade

      How cool is it you guys got to meet Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas?

    28. Jordan wang

      how much did you guys pay them to be on the show, can't believe you got those guys on here

    29. Jordan wang

      how much did you guys pay them to be on the show, can't believe you got those guys on here

    30. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

      Blue is a sweetheart. Lol

    31. JonWashburn

      That's it. I'm going to start taking my ESA Xenomorph with me on trips from now on.

    32. lalanapalala1

      I think i've seen her on Netflix before can't remember

    33. Konrad RandomGuy


    34. Patrick O'Rourke

      She was from black mirror nosedive

    35. CalebMakesVideos

      I can’t take my dinosaur on a plane either so now I can only take road trips with her. : (

    36. SpecialNewb

      Of course shes one of those "supervisor" ladies 😂

    37. The Real Rick

      "What about that park they keep having to close down" park??? Wha park???? Bluuuee eat your pole

    38. Kendra Vang


    39. Bryan Jiang

      The soul world ain’t that bad

    40. CoffeeWithTheCynic

      Alternate ending: both Owen & Claire run off after Blue, Raphael calls, "Next!" His glass of water behind the counter starts to ripple and he looks up at something offscreen in horror. Cut to the other side of the counter, Ian Malcolm is holding a leash that goes up offscreen and says, "Checking in," while the Rex lets out a soft growl.

    41. ItzKnightZ OG

      Lol, Icarus airline.

    42. SpaceKiddo


    43. AwesomeOreo ZX

      Who? Oh crap. You lucky bastards. YOU GOT TO MEET CHRIS PRATT?!

      1. AwesomeOreo ZX

        And the other person... yeah, that one that ran in heels

    44. Pintexx

      Thanks for Infinty War part two star lord!

    45. Clara Green

      Who else saw a commercial for Jurassic world?

    46. Party-Penguin Gaming

      This video made #31 on Trending

    47. Dan Oates

      C A N I S P E A K W I T H Y O U R S U P E R V I S O R

    48. Jason Rasmussen

      This was more entertaining than Jurassic World. Good trigger finger Chris Pratt! One of the few in Hollywood that actually knows how to use a gun.

    49. MrVanillaCaramel

      Can Chris Pratt do comedy?!? It was fun to watch him try.