*NEW* DUAL MP5 Strategy - Fortnite Battle Royale



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    I play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    1. Nirav Popat

      is it just me or is the other guys voice annoying

    2. R'y_49

      This is nonsense people r overexagerating about the surpressed pistol the Tactical Submachine Gun was the best gun in the game but no1 focused on it and now there's a new gun every1 has completely forgot about the Tactical Submachine Gun And also taking a green supressed submachine gun over a purple scar is a stretch

    3. Avia Festive


    4. Rajendra Singh

      How is his ping 2???? I’d love to get that sort of ping

    5. TurtleGamer247

      Ur playing with nogla he is so funny

    6. unknown person

      The best set up now is drum gun blue smg gold hand cannon or blue revolver whos watching 21st july 2018

    7. Ahsan Hussain

      I disliked because he is a fortnite youtuber

    8. Adrian Co

      Dont want to watch ut 2 scar did he miss

    9. JayAAO-

      been enjoying your videos but wow brother there was like 10 ads every 30 seconds ......

    10. anurag madhavan

      Watching this I just realised the Irish and Indian flags have same colour scheme... What a pointless comment... What's wrong with my life...

    11. itsjust-chris 5

      Vik got 666 ammo and 666 brick

    12. Yung Tamz

      Bol there is a chest in the ship

    13. Zishan Naufel

      A,axing vickstar I I aka lsomfrom India but staying in us

    14. joseph salazar

      The gun is a monster

    15. Samuel Toomey

      I thought ppl on PC were good....

    16. Isa Alsubeaei

      THAT PING !!!!

    17. The FusionBros

      The new semi buff changes the damage from 63-75 purple 65-78 legendary

    18. Waffle8000

      “Whoopsie his head fell off” lol Vik 2018

    19. Violet Linnell


    20. Jyoti Verma

      What a legend you are vikkstar....you need 6 grenades but not a grenade launcher...wowo

    21. Chris martin

      In what part of the vid does he use dual mp5 one in each hand ??? Like the thumbnail suggest

    22. Ethan S

      Anyone on IOS want to play?

    23. Legend Matter

      Nah boi quad mp5

    24. Curry Range

      Vikkstar has more subs than SIDEMEN

    25. Sunny Kapoor

      ,sunny Sunny

    26. Alex Roldan

      Vik Today when I tried the smg it was so cool I killed 2 people and I'm a default #Sidemen

    27. Bisquik123 HD

      The outro was fuckin amazin

    28. Akhyar Ahmed

      Wtf is with graphic quality

    29. ull p


    30. Samuray4121

      What is actually the “dual mp5” part of the video if you reload after every clip.

    31. Calle 15

      Xbox game anyone?

    32. Oliver Waddingham

      Nogla sounds like Winnie the pooh

    33. Classy Games

      NYC game

    34. cody keane

      I'd like to know who are the people that test/balance these new guns, they must be terrible at the game.

    35. Itz DavAlC

      Is there ping 9 in India?????

    36. Toby Gray

      such dead chat from vikstar

    37. Haider Mirza

      Ash Jha

    38. Erin Wells


    39. Wilbur Walks

      U knocked drift 538 in other videos to

    40. CookieBreaker123

      Why does Vikk always start with 1 ramp at the bottom and then, he switches to double? Wouldn't it be better to just start with 2 so someone can't just easily knock out the bottom?

    41. Luke Fielding

      silenced is better imo

    42. chipped Gaming

      13:23 did he not get the guy he downed with the 720 no-scope?

    43. Enzo Beast

      You didn't even switch

    44. Patrick Barton

      The guy he is playing with sounds like Seth Rogen ahah

    45. E Noxin

      This gun is like a Lazar Beam it's gun a get nerfed Like for cringed puns👍🏾🙏🏾

    46. Hayel Serflisher

      The submachine gun sounds like and electric toothbrush.

    47. Alex Dinh

      You missed a scar lol

      1. Alex Dinh

        But he gave it to friend

    48. Leo Hill

      Upm 45 that’s what the smg is really called the silenced is an mp5

    49. XGN JS

      When is gifting coming out

    50. sonswave

      This is clearly a sg53 not a mp5