*NEW* HIDE & SEEK Custom Gamemode in Fortnite Battle Royale



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    We play Hide & Seek in Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    1. Reece Hulland

      Bio your the best

      1. Reece Hulland

        Vik your the best

    2. king201023

      Lucky’s scream will never not be hilarious😂😂😂💀

    3. itz rileybm

      Psn Rileymarkbay go add me

    4. Aimee Larson

      Lachlan outrage 6:40

    5. Were the BEST

      Vic lachydachy was spetating you when he die so he cheated

    6. Jacob Hemphill

      lachlan spectated you on the final round so i guess he got exposed

    7. Boris Bx

      Your intro is actually scary

    8. Alicia Davidson

      Lachlan was so fucking salty when he ran out of time to hide 😂😂😂

    9. Milos Zderic


    10. Dragon1234 games

      Hees good at the modes not the game lmfao

    11. Delia Briceag

      You missed muselk though, he was on the roof of durrr burger when you landed

    12. Christianover1120 :/

      Love hide and seek

    13. Offical_jk_ 2006

      At 6:32 lachyDachy gets pretty salty

    14. Ivana Marie

      vik got paper and he got rock wtf??

    15. M YL

      Why are people obsessed with Lachlan cheating. Y’all sound like two year olds

    16. Nicolai Fønss

      He spectated u too and didn’t say anything

    17. Nicolai Fønss

      Lachlan cheated

    18. Tyler Barr

      Why was Lachlan cursing

    19. Kyle04 L

      By complete chance lachlan or were u spectating vik when u died. Look at 21:00

    20. Jayden Foth

      At 21:01, Lachlan is such a dirty liar. Look at the bottom left.

    21. Kingpugface

      Junk junction on the top of da crane

    22. TBNRcactus Pleb

      Lachlan spectated you thats how he knew hes a cheater

    23. Charlie Olson

      do fatal fields hide on the winmill under the dock and in the chutes

    24. Genguise

      That jazz at the start makes me nostalgic because muselk used to use it for tf2 mythbusters i think

    25. ZZ x Demon 1

      Who prefers Ghoul Trooper to Skull trooper

    26. QRTshadow Yt

      He should of picked thermal scope

    27. Joshua Rappaport

      6:40 Lachlan cursing

    28. cdog

      u the best

    29. Seamus

      20:59 lachy cheated

    30. addi clegg

      Lochlan started spectating you as well as muselk

    31. Pizza Eatza

      6:35 Ummm

    32. Rory Reynolds

      7:00 is golf

    33. kayla koala06

      I watched this on Lachlan but he bleeps the swearing

    34. Logan Figueiredo

      Mumbo jumbo intro

    35. TheOnlySamuru

      lachlans a freaking cheater

    36. Supercars in Britain

      Lachlan was spectating vikk

    37. Gage Lemmons

      Big ass eyebrows

    38. Trent2099 Unknown

      At 17:23 you can literally see Lachlan jump down like how blind are you 😂

    39. Jake Gleason

      Lachy cheated. If you go to 21:01 he is spectating with Elliot.(Muselk)

    40. YaBoi Edison

      6:36 lachy calm dow

    41. Olivia Lockwood

      Lachy: I’m on to ya Boi, IM ON TO YA BOI Alex: Aye Vikk: starts laughing Lachy: Realises it’s Alex

    42. Luca harry World

      What up yall

    43. Star Warrior

      Omg the prolret can’t stop this

    44. Nuto Nuto

      Lachlan is a cheater he spectated you

    45. SafPlays

      15:59 caveira spotted in fortnite

    46. Joshua Griffin

      did anyone hear the mumbo jumbo theme song at the start 0:13

    47. XenoCutter

      Good choice of music d(‘u’)b

    48. Stef neyt

      lachy is a cheat

    49. Simon Ghijsbrecht

      muesli was lit


      Everyone who says that lachy was the only one who cheated, vikk was sepctating him when he was under the stairs and then said that he didn't see it, just like lachy