New Legend and new Weapon "Dusk" Orb • Spear | Brawlhalla Gameplay



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    Watch the official dev streams Monday at 5pm ET, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday at 1pm ET:
    Brawlhalla announced new legend and new wepon "Dusk" Orb + Spear
    Orb - New Weapon Reveal

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    1. Spice

      It’s the 28th

    2. midnightcarnivalxxR

      awe some moves. ugly skin... is this how they get you with IAP!!!???

    3. Jj Hh

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    4. HelloKitty TBB

      EVERYONE: "damn that's a broken combo at 0:25" ME: *whispers* its a bot

    5. Lucas Saturno

      ORB IS OP

    6. la abeja zukulenta

      Orb is the new broken weapon x2

    7. Pinhead Larry

      Dusk is honestly so over powered

    8. Angel Cerrato

      Do we have a confirmed realese date for this fuck up

    9. Erfan Ml

      brawlhalla going to be trash

    10. Ploppy GT

      Wow orb looks harder to do than scythe ;-;

    11. Inferno Plays

      They need to make a balloon skin for the orb

    12. zanotforsn


    13. quality droid

      "I give up thats it"

    14. Ep!csans ,

      Rip (gloves)

    15. Synchronized Sins

      Imagine getting dominated by an evil Zariel but with a ball. Life's cra cra

    16. Mix on

      I’m going to main dusk...

    17. Ink Dude

      When is he coming out

    18. Clerency

      Top 10 anime fights

    19. raven


    20. Piero Joestar

      Where is my scythe bow legend?

      1. Piero Joestar


    21. Daniel Gtc

      How soon?

    22. Undertaker 5969

      When does it comeout

    23. The Santo Gas

      I need money to this charaacter Now work so get money

    24. ToddyGamer01

      Quando vai chegar?

    25. Flapat


    26. Chriflufz


    27. Legendary Craft

      Guys. We are soooooooooo much fucked

    28. orion cabral cabral

      Dusk is the Last Champion?,because have just one slot

    29. Sunday

      lol is a fuking rock

    30. Blake Rose

      Its...ori from rivals of aether xD

    31. HePoLie CS:GO

      New koji :D

    32. - Daigher -

      Everybody sayin' NEW MAIN!!! Remember guys, we said that with isaiah too, that could end up very bad

    33. Kotz

      Looks like that axe is balanced now

    34. Seta Bas

      Zariel's twin from the underworld or something

    35. Олег Туурнгайт

      It's very nice!

    36. Una mota de polvo

      Yay! Zariel but with diferent weapons!

    37. Black Marshmello

      Mic il si hype

    38. Ryan Stillwell

      No one expected this, it’s looks like it borrows things from other weapons, is a cool concept, I LOVE THIS. We need a scythe orb legend and my life will be complete

    39. Shalf3007 ツ

      N E W M A I N

    40. Chiken Warrior

      But when?

    41. Kidd Gm

      When does he come out

    42. 1up_99

      Just make a yoyo


      We better get a Zenyatta skin.

    44. It’s ya boi EZ!

      Can’t wait to farm more gold in rank again for him!!!!

    45. bernardinho

      add me on ps4 if u want to play some 2v2 or spar (btw im plat) : dinho-tony

    46. Legendary Craft

      Ok... Everyone know what is the shit... This must be nerfed........

    47. Isaiah rooks

      You guys wanna see me break some ankles?? Check this out😂

    48. Kenny


    49. EsteZGamer YT


    50. No u Hmm U no U no? Uno

      Why Is Everyone So Hyped? Your Literally Using Psychic Power To Move A Fucking Rock Around. Good Weapon Tho.