Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li (Music Video)

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

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    1. Everlasting Gemini

      Pharrell vibes. ❣️

    2. Nelly Nellz

      Fk y'all Nicki is Queen!!!!!!

    3. Lady Mamalade


    4. Tms Tystar


    5. Allae Khaznaji

      haha bitsh

    6. I Don't Know About You But

      She molested by her brother... . poor thing.

    7. Nina Nanou

      We need a music video bitch

    8. sha jones

      Im looking for fucking bars period .this is it(they need rappers like me so they can get on there fucking keyboards) lets be realistic here yall this is the rap game you have your good times and your bad times some times your the good guy and the bad guy at necessary moments . freedom of fucking speech yall forget these are women not men were fucking emitional,want it all including being that bitch but getting there takes u to either a good place in your life our bad place . let the best woman keep winining.

    9. marcus hall

      Fuck this shit. I think I will finish J Cole new album.

    10. ebru ışıklı

      Türkler nerdee

    11. Tarryn Johnson

      Got damnit nicki..will you marry me..

    12. chaza ss

      Yaaaasss queeeennnnn

    13. THE *CLASSiC HeeL* L.j.MiLEZ

      Oh! Lara been Croft..... My life has changed

    14. Himeryo Enomoto

      Queen Nicki for life 🙌

    15. lildrekie

      We Luv u Nicki. This -ish fire. F**k what they say.

    16. Bap Pedro


    17. Adja Fall

      The queen of rap is back 😏

    18. Play star

      Disliked for vertical recording

    19. Ruthless MF

      Imagine nicki in a tournament like street fighter dressed up like chul li real sexy thick and rica bebe... beating up all these wack male and females rappers... I want credits for my idea! Very nice track nicki

    20. Mr Jordan

      Gönn dir #Mois #Kellerarmy

    21. My Angelシ

      My friends say my name chunli..

    22. supertime 1

      Call me 2 Chainz, name go dingdong

    23. Carl Johnson

      this video is wack she needs another ass shaking video

    24. Work Ayat

      Welcome queen ✌❤👑

    25. IK BEN QUEEN

      You tha shit bitch Fuck a cardi b she stupid fake Love ya bitch

    26. Jess Rodriguez

      Yaasss Nicki love itt!

    27. lindsey marie

      This bangs in the car, slayyyy babyyy.

    28. Ku Elizabeth

      Nicki still the coldest

    29. Jones Kent

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      i dislike this video but the music rap is adorable

    31. Cory Palmer

      That's what I like to see a rapper come back from adversity

    32. Larry McIntosh

      LOVE you Trini Gyul💞💞💞

    33. Alma Gonzalez

      This is Dope!!!

    34. Alma Gonzalez


    35. sihle Mtanga

      Me seconds after crying about being ugly

    36. numeral uno

      she makes my dick happy fr lol

    37. Jessica Desir


    38. carlos ramires

      666 girl Satan

    39. Jacqueline Montes

      Cardi still winning . In 1 year she hit number #1, went platinum got engaged and expecting a baby and many more ❤💋

      1. Jacqueline Montes


      2. Trinavara

        You won't see me there ,I have a life ,I'm just here acknowledging great work by Nicki,Nicki interests me because sh'e s much more than the typical whore rapper,sh'es multi talented ,intelligent very personable ,very funny and a very astute businesswoman with a plan..$100 million soon come....she's not the typical stoic tunnel visioned female rapper with a chip on her shoulder....BRRRRRRTTT...

      3. Tremell Robinson

        yall females do the most g lmfao just agree to disagree 💀😂

      4. Jacqueline Montes

        I love how you hoes all up on my comments and saying my name knowing damn well you be in my girl cardi b page stalking away lolllllll

      5. Trinavara

        Tremell and laughing all the way to the bank while plebs continue to criticize on thier 'fucking keyboards' Nicki knows what she's talking up to both my Trini girls...and shutout to the original Trini bad bitch Foxy!!

    40. JDM GAMING

      She over here making a music video on snap chat😂 it’s still fuego🔥🔥

    41. BO

      This old news supposed to rival cardi B 😂😂😂

      1. BO

        Random Black Stranger gotta come to see trash once in awhile ☺️

      2. Random Black Stranger

        BO She's old news, but you still gave her the view 😘. Thanks hun.

    42. Lexi Rivera

      She comin for cardi hard😂

    43. Sama Sama


    44. Nicholas Guider

      When I first heard the beat it automatically took me back to being a kid. Reminds me of the goosebumps song lol. Love it!

    45. vanya ivanova

      catchyyy 💥

    46. Antoinette Hill

      😍😍😍😍😍😍. MS. KING KONG BBIITTCHHHH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    47. Tahira Sadiq


    48. J Switch

      She looking like a whole meal

    49. vlad abramov

      подрочить можно

    50. JayPeedey 21

      I learned this song faster than I thought I would. Lol, now I have to try to master Barbie Tingz.

    51. Canal Animes, Desenhos, Séries e Filmes


    52. Juan Carlos Maseta

      let's trend to Chun li

    53. Mary Green

      E eu achando que ia ser o clipe do século grr mas ficou bonito


      I put two sticks in my bun so they recognize me when I come I'm DMC like run listen baby I'm the mothafuking 1 #Nicki Back

    55. rose xo

      Nicki is my number 1❤

    56. happobappo1

      The hottest records at the moment❤️ 🥇 *NICKI MINAJ - CHUN LI* 🥈 *MC SMOOK - EGAL* 🥉 *J.COLE - ATM*

      1. lettemgosda


      2. Marina Jansen


    57. Irianto Rizaldi Faturrahman

      omg my eyes

    58. Na Haze


    59. Ravi Parekh

      Take a great beat, put some shit and meaningless lyrics over it, release, rinse and repeat.

    60. D'Niya Crenshaw

      Give me the password to the fuckin Wifi

    61. Jasmine Clerk

      Nicki i love u

    62. slindile langa

      well Its gonna be first time you see a bad guy do the rap game like me

    63. ALGERIEDZ 2.0


    64. Anthony Stone

      Pure same ole same ole trash!!!!

      1. Trinavara

        And same success same paper..Go Nicki! and she says thanks for the views..Start cussin now lol..

    65. Jay R

      One syllable rhymes 😴😴😴 listen to how simple her words are. Gone, on, con, off, Croft..... I’m convinced she didn’t write her own monster verse. How hard is it to go back to her old shit and learn from her old complex lyrics that USED to make her versatile and dope???? Anyway her time is up I’m bored with her. Songs about ME ME ME ME ME ME.

    66. Taurus Reddick

      this is trash. i used to be some what of a fan, but she's hasn't grown in music

    67. ㅤ

      Once again it’s only the beat that makes the song good. Absolute shit.

    68. Isaiah Bates

      So, this music just..her taking selfie videos showing off her body?...Street fighter fans are disgraced

    69. SaudOnMars

      Is she that broke?

    70. Anthony Amaral

      You the shit Nicki!! I personally, can't get past how that grimey cardi is your son ?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    71. Mido Sabri

      25K dislikes from Cardi B fans, hahahahaha chill guys, I'm kiddin' there is no beef!


      Not impressed she has had way better verses then this, loved the old nicki from 9yrs ago when she had Safari in her corner but now she just repeat the same words and singing, again not impressed

    73. Peter Petterssen

      I don't find prostitutes attractive. The track is still good.

    74. Samo

      Y'all ever noticed that nicki needs to be half naked to be relevant? ever since anoconda and whatever came before

    75. MsHennyWhite

      Bun goals!

    76. shormishtha mukherjee

      She's crazy af...... Dats hot n cool all together💓 bbbbrrrrrrrr

    77. kaylee brady

      Babymuvva 😍😍😍

    78. Cute Cactus

      Ca fait TRÈS mal aux yeux et en plus c'est moche...non mais où va le monde sérieux ???putain je vous jure ça fait peut comprends pas bien les gens qui likes mais bon je respecte ...

    79. CreampieGeneral

      so beautiful

    80. CreampieGeneral

      now this how you save money shoot your own vid

    81. hital nayek


    82. Maya

      my last brain cell when i’m in the middle of revising

    83. Google User

      Seriously why dont people realise that this is fake

    84. Manuel Ramirez

      Nicki has told there will be another video of Chun Li

    85. Jesus Delgado

      Spanish accent or islander accent? 💣💣

    86. Suprem Squiddy

      I beat my meat to this

    87. Francine Wilkerson

      Subs like a mothwrfucker.....Cardi B

    88. missuniverse DMITRIYVOLYNSKIY

      my favorite song now from russia with love

    89. Francine Wilkerson

      Beat sick as hell!!!!!!

    90. Antonella Terrones Mendiz

      Nicki siempre arrasando 💯💯💯💯 🔥🔥🔥🔥 greetings from Peru 😊

    91. Batista Silva

      I really like your songs

    92. Miss Pinkkush

      She just keeps getting better ☺

    93. Eduardo Crowley

      Wow, this is serious! Is it a regular video clip or video?😕

    94. やまもと98

      isnt chun li the vietnamese hooker eric cartman tried to impersonate suckie suckie 2.50

    95. Agung Pl

      This song about butt

    96. Sharisa Overman

      Fucking DOPE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Σταύρος Τσάτσης

      Slaying again like a true queen 👑🔝

    98. Ananda Riva

      shot on iPhone

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    100. yourdream

      That sounds like a mosquito farting