Ninja and Ali-A play DUOS | YouTube LIVE E3 | Fortnite Battle Royale



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    1. Extreme

      Ninja and Marshmellow WIN $1,000,000 -ビデオ-sc5cZGssS8E.html

      1. Kevin hernandez

        Cool bro

      2. iGhost[SK]

        Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

      3. Fortnite Pro

        I know

      4. KarnageX

        This is super misleading okay get it right Ninja and Marshmello won 1,000,000 to give to a charity not for themselves

      5. Veibur

        Extreme z

    2. Dude K40

      Most over powered squad dr lupo ninja Ali itemps

    3. Steve Harvey

      Why do people hate Ali a I fell bad rip x

    4. James Austin Trick Shots

      Ninja missed a llama at 6:57

    5. Ricki DiBernardo

      I'm sure Ali-A knows that people say he clickbaits but atleast he dosen't respond and decline he cliclbaits, btw he clickbaited like 5 times that's it and now he's the "king of clickbait" don't you mean the king of clickbait is jake paul?

    6. therealchancey Films

      Feel bad for Ali-A

    7. G3 Undxrestimated

      Ali a is a clickbait god he’s very annoying

    8. Negative 11

      Ali-a EXPOSED

    9. The Grammar Police

      I feel bad for ninja.

    10. aidenplayZ- toys-games-and more

      No actually not but ninja missed one llama in anarchy

    11. aidenplayZ- toys-games-and more

      Ninja missed the the llama Ali was talking about

    12. Alicia Fernandez

      How can we tell if this is completely true if their names are different on the screen... (edited) nvm they are probably in disguise

    13. KongthePotato

      watching this i think Ali-a is actually a very friendly guy but his videos and intros are too cringey


      Did alia say chug kit for a small Sheils????

    15. that 1 guy

      Looks like ninja waited to long to pick a partner

    16. David Proulx

      I need more ninja+Ali a

    17. Leshun Jones

      Ninja take the med kids

    18. SevereSavage

      why so mean to ali-a actually, I feel bad

    19. CyKa BlYaT

      HI GUYS MY NAMES ALI A!! - Ninja 2018

    20. Samurai Games


    21. Shadowkill2190 Darkiller

      Ninja my favourite streamer

    22. Tomas Hernandez

      A ninja lo Tenjo de amigo

    23. Wildpufferfish

      Good dous

    24. hinesben

      Ninja killed my dad

    25. X X N L

      Ninjas a bitch

    26. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

      Damn, I have mad mad respect for Al. He gets so much hate- let alone from Ninja himself, and still is a very nice guy. I don't care if he's cringe, who isn't?

    27. NKx NiightWolf

      ali aids

    28. The boss998 stop the polices

      Ali-A is clickbait but he Vs bots

      1. ADon

        The boss998 stop the polices no he doesn’t

    29. 𝚉 𝚎 𝙺 𝚔 𝟶


    30. Tyc17 Ok

      Guys stop hating on Ali a he’s not the only JP-news who does this and of course his content is for kids so all you 30 year olds roasting without a job playing fortnite all day need to chill

    31. Amdals


      1. ADon

        Amdals it’s hawt

    32. xXKidSidXx

      ali a isnt big in a good way

    33. Ninjas Hyper


    34. Ylenece Fils

      Ali-a is the best

    35. Caidan Hart-wilson

      There isnt that many console players like ali a he gets at least ten kills a game

    36. Naruto The Weeaboo

      Feel bad for Ninja to have such a horrible teammate

    37. hannes ter linde

      why gat ninja noob skin lol


      0:21 Ali-a And Ninja seems happy together

    39. Rron R

      What a shit game

    40. CringeStick

      Plz end me, Ninja isnt a Clickbaiter he doesnt need it. Ali-a does.

    41. Adam Huxtable

      Legend has it if you rub these 2 twigs together, you can make a fire

    42. Xander Smith

      Biggest fortnite content creators difference is 1 earns there views

    43. A thing

      Their addams apple bothers me for some reason

    44. FireBatHD

      Ali-A got carried

    45. im number one/FrogBoss404 ariaza

      The clickbait god with the fortnite god

    46. Top Kickerz

      I feel bad for alia man he's just like "hey ninja" and ninjas like "WASS GOOD?"

    47. Tnightslasher Gamer


    48. VSkillz

      i thought i was clickbait