Ninja and Ali-A play DUOS | YouTube LIVE E3 | Fortnite Battle Royale



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    1. Extreme

      Ninja and Marshmellow WIN $1,000,000 -ビデオ-sc5cZGssS8E.html

      1. ViaRosie :3

        Extreme g

      2. XD Fortnite Pro


      3. Engraved Alpha

        they won 3 million get it right

      4. Kevin hernandez

        Cool bro

    2. Marcus Vinicius Meurer Gomes


    3. RPD_Jordan

      If you pause it and look at the gamer tags its not them



    5. Tri State Railfan

      Best and the worst lol

    6. Brevasive

      Why u guys make fun Alia (by the way I'm a fan of him) he's better than u so u better shut up Ali-a haters

    7. Cory Dudley

      Can you gift me some skins

    8. Akrt Es

      Stop feeling sorry for ali a he's rich af an living his best life

    9. January Scheidlmeier

      Ninja is my fav

    10. Victor Berry

      I love you videos if I said yroy

    11. Luigi Zampino

      Hi mens

    12. CreeperKFK

      Dont hate on ali a and saying that he sucks have you seen his stats

      1. CreeperKFK

        Its CreeperKillforKill its a weird name

      2. CreeperKFK

        My fortnite name is CreeperKFK (not from Minecraft i hate that game)

    13. Supreme Duck

      Bruh i don't know why people be hating on ali-a, you can knee him in the dick spit in his mouth poor salt in his eye and shit on his ps4 and he'll say it's all good bro don't worry about it

    14. Neoson Chou

      3:42 they destroy something at the same time.

    15. Josiah Harris

      Who notices Ali a shells then ninjas

    16. Maouno le très beau

      the ultimate cancer duos

    17. Tarantula Gary

      Alia A isn’t a big fortnite player, he might be one of the worst though he’s big for COD.

    18. Zach Heather


    19. Cray z Gaming

      Ali a: take the launch pad Ninja:(takes entire llama)

    20. mruegge1

      Ninja best fortnite player ever Ali-A best clickbaiter ever.

    21. Crazy Cantu’s


    22. SubToPewdiepie

      But ninja bullied alia

    23. SIME JAVIO SAM SE instagram mi je _.kifla._

      I love this duo and why yoj hate Ali a he is just a youtuber that wants to make happy faces

    24. ShrekPlayzz

      Ali-A’s a BOT compared to ninja

    25. Oisin Ronan

      Anyone watching in season 7

    26. Ferlite Idk

      fake btw ali a and ninja are not the real name

      1. PowNzL

        It’s real, they were at e3 and they were on e3’s prepared accounts

    27. Pina Hoque

      It looks like Ali a is nervous

    28. NICHOLAS_J_O_F

      *WHO* *GIVES* *A* *SHIT*

    29. Marisa Kupchik

      Ali-A es un manco pero ninja es un pro

    30. Charlie Rydberg Wright

      Ninja and Ali A teaming upp what a random duo

    31. Ibraheem Butt

      It's not Ninja or Ali a because look at the names

    32. Buckshotcannon Gaming

      At 5:59 pause and look at ali-A’s posture he needs to see a chiropractor.

    33. Farren Linklater

      2:35 bruh 🤣

    34. Shad0w Dragon Gaming

      Ninja when Ali a is still alive but he is dead:Stream ... Clickbaiting... Ali a:dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun... Edit: btw guys this is just a joke just making sure people know

    35. LegendaryHunter

      Ali a isnt a terrible player, but an awful clickbaiting youtuber. He's a good guy tho

    36. Ian Hastie

      Ali sucks go ninja you are better

    37. Bro CHARBO

      Ninja is trash. And suck my d##k


      Alia is nervous

    39. Scorpzian YT

      0:19 one of fortnites biggest youtubers and one of fortnites biggest memes

    40. Jorge Cardona

      Ali a is sucks

    41. abood tashta

      ninja you are super so so so good and big fan of you

    42. sara beatriz molina

      Oh shit brothers

    43. Delad Ang

      It's just funny that they both have wife's

    44. poppie-leigh Ramsden

      omg ko

    45. K360 Gaming


    46. Declan Brown

      And all the s**t Ninja talks about him

    47. Fortnite squad


    48. 199popify

      Alia clickbait so much but I love him

    49. KanavaHD

      today was my birthday and i wished for 500 subscribers i hope it becomes true😁

    50. Mauricio Molina


    51. Matthew Taranto

      ali a is not one of the best fortnite players. Its Ninga and Tfue

    52. Matthew Basar

      Ali a and ninja playing fortnite..... DA..DA DA DA..DA DA DA..DA DA DA..DA DA..DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA!!!(suppose to be Ali a intro)

    53. Blue Spartan Playz

      Ninja 4 life

    54. María Cruz

      Ninja: llamas, traps,mats,got him! Etc Ali:yea yea yea yea...

    55. Style PlayzYT


    56. Random Productions

      Wait I thought ninja roasted Ali a and he is playing with him

    57. Ro Ras

      Hro dare

    58. Ronny Rivero

      Soy tu único sub

    59. Klimakso Kieingcâ

      But now Ninja is getting backlash and more hate it's probably a karma or either reporting a false accusation XD.

    60. Mikel Koci

      Both Fortnite Legends are here

    61. Stephen Constantine


    62. Tyler Green

      Does Ninja sware thumbs up if yes thumbs down if no

    63. Feyyaz Kaya

      who else hates ninja.... he is the kind of person that talks nice in your face but laughs behind your back. always salty when he dies and just a bad personality. ok he may have gone thrue a lot but havent we all?? he claims to be the best but hes not. millions of people are as good or better then him. hes just lucky he was one of the first to be good and big on twitch. ali a does what every youtuber does.

    64. Bindu Joe

      It's a fucking lie

    65. Bindu Joe

      This is not ninja and Ali as a duo, check the names up at the top

    66. Cassie Christy

      ninja will win alia will die

    67. Aaron Velez

      That guy is a hacker because he took down the fortnite superstar, ninja and fortnite pro gamer Ali a!

    68. Prescro and Lucas tubing

      HI NINJA

    69. Akila Devaraju

      Best duos

    70. Stuart Miskelly


    71. padmijah

      How ninja and ali a lose because a stupid player

    72. KB13GAMER yt

      Ah he mocked it

    73. Ella Kneedler

      6:15 Ali a did not take the burst...

    74. The Doge Gamer

      He just let ninja die

    75. Game Those fruits

      I never thought this would happen !

    76. Mr Drift

      First to sub

    77. Kenji Leo

      i didnt know that it was hard for ali a and ninja to use the burst to crouch and shoot well the only youtuber i know that can do it is fe4rless

    78. pro gamer ha

      What! 😕

    79. Jamy Mohamed

      The greatest duo s no one can beat them btw the ones who hates Ali a, u guys get roasted cause he is better than u haters, I love both of them Ali a is the greatest on PS4 and ninja is the greatest on pc

    80. xd Viatic

      The one time ninja is a default

    81. Fareeha Zahid

      I watch both of them

    82. DJ Yonder

      Ninja why do you have a hood skin?

    83. Darky Frosty


    84. Humberto Vargas


    85. Ekin Ari

      Stop hating on Ali a

    86. ELLIBOB 09

      Alia is a nnooobnbbb

    87. John Eh

      Iit vids

    88. Eddy Johnson

      Crinja needs his dummy (pacifier) and too calm down.

    89. Josh123 Cool guy

      Sorry ali your my fave you tuber but NINJA is 1 pasent better sorryyyyyyyyyyy ali

    90. TheBoe-Eyes

      Oh ali's on Xbox and ninja's on pc

    91. Pan Duck

      Dun dun dun dun dundundundun dun dun

    92. Chetcuti is a metro

      From 8:19 onwards ninja bullies Ali: “You grab that launch pad” and ninja takes everything Ninja boxes Ali out Ninja throws boogie bomb at Ali and he just doesn’t laugh

    93. Barrett Man

      Ali gay

    94. Fiona Mathieson

      ninja way better than ali A

    95. Jackie Miller

      you to are really good players wish Iyou was my epic friend on it

    96. Dominic Meza

      You are good ninja

    97. young trash

      Ninja is amazing

    98. Amna Zubair

      He always win because he has a ping of 2 to6

    99. Amna Zubair

      Alia sucks