Ninja and Ali-A play DUOS | YouTube LIVE E3 | Fortnite Battle Royale



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    1. Extreme

      Ninja and Marshmellow WIN $1,000,000 -ビデオ-sc5cZGssS8E.html

      1. Engraved Alpha

        they won 3 million get it right

      2. Kevin hernandez

        Cool bro

      3. mbchack

        Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

    2. KB13GAMER yt

      Ah he mocked it

    3. Ella Kneedler

      6:15 Ali a did not take the burst...

    4. I’m a Supa star I’m a supa star

      He just let ninja die

    5. Game Those haters

      I never thought this would happen !

    6. Mr Drift

      First to sub

    7. Kenji Leo

      i didnt know that it was hard for ali a and ninja to use the burst to crouch and shoot well the only youtuber i know that can do it is fe4rless

    8. Zayaan Hassan

      What! 😕

    9. Ttw

      Ali as better

    10. Jamy Mohamed

      The greatest duo s no one can beat them btw the ones who hates Ali a, u guys get roasted cause he is better than u haters, I love both of them Ali a is the greatest on PS4 and ninja is the greatest on pc

    11. xd Viatic

      The one time ninja is a default

    12. Fareeha Zahid

      I watch both of them

    13. Evan Rosenthal

      Ninja why do you have a hood skin?

    14. Darky Frosty


    15. Humberto Vargas


    16. Ekin Ari

      Stop hating on Ali a

    17. Stuart McDermott

      Alia is a nnooobnbbb

    18. John Eh

      Iit vids

    19. Eddy Johnson

      Crinja needs his dummy (pacifier) and too calm down.

    20. Josh123 Pro

      Sorry ali your my fave you tuber but NINJA is 1 pasent better sorryyyyyyyyyyy ali

    21. TheBoe-eyes

      Oh ali's on Xbox and ninja's on pc

    22. Pan Duck

      Dun dun dun dun dundundundun dun dun

    23. Chetcuti is a metro

      From 8:19 onwards ninja bullies Ali: “You grab that launch pad” and ninja takes everything Ninja boxes Ali out Ninja throws boogie bomb at Ali and he just doesn’t laugh

    24. H0RRIBLE GAME5

      Ali gay

    25. Fiona Mathieson

      ninja way better than ali A

    26. Jackie Miller

      you to are really good players wish Iyou was my epic friend on it

    27. Dominic Meza

      You are good ninja

    28. young trash

      Ninja is amazing

    29. Amna Zubair

      He always win because he has a ping of 2 to6

    30. Amna Zubair

      Alia sucks

    31. Pacha

      I feel sorry for ninja

    32. Can I get 1000 subs without videos?

      Why do people hate alia. He has no ego and is actually really nice

    33. T-800doctor

      I love how Ali is flexing his skins and then there is Ninja who doesn't care about going default

    34. Lorraine Miller

      I love this team better than myth and ninja

    35. V Kook

      Dream team

    36. IamHam

      You know, as much as Ali-a clickbaits, I can't say that I hate him as much as people say they do. He gets shit for clickbaiting which I understand, but a lot of people make the mistake of treating the content and the content creater as the same person. Ali-a seems like I nice person outside of youtube and is not really hurting anyone with his content. Its like people will go on his channel and comment shit on his videos thinking that it makes them feel cool or something? I really don't understand.

    37. default skin


    38. Romeo Rene Fetalvo


    39. Panda Uzumaki

      Llama are ez to find I find 1 or 2 almost every game I play

    40. T- Series

      Like for ninja if he’s the best

      1. T- Series

        Ninja will destroy us all like my messing if you agree

    41. Baqer Khalid

      Exactions Ninja: 20-50 kills Ali-a: 0 kills Reality Ninja: 0 kills Ali-a: 100 kills

    42. Dark Ninja

      Ali a gets wins by himself every single video, Ninja gets wins every single video as well, now that the 2 best players are playing together they lose🤔

    43. Iron Wolf912

      there both the best

    44. Super gamer pro 88

      Ali is trash

    45. Raja And Zach

      Best duo ever

    46. Jamie.Chapman2

      Why was ninja so nervous

      1. Micah Not bell

        Jamie.Chapman2 Because He didn’t want them to bring up his ali a impression

    47. Manuel Guardado

      Why do peole still hate on ali a his content has imporved although once and a while he gets cringey but there are way worse youtubers

    48. ultra gamer434

      Ali -A is trash

    49. Super_ crazy_kai

      Like for Ali a cringe