Ninja and Ali-A play DUOS | YouTube LIVE E3 | Fortnite Battle Royale



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    1. Extreme

      Ninja and Marshmellow WIN $1,000,000 -ビデオ-sc5cZGssS8E.html

      1. Engraved Alpha

        they won 3 million get it right

      2. Kevin hernandez

        Cool bro

      3. mbchack

        Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

      4. Fortnite Pro

        I know

      5. KarnageX

        This is super misleading okay get it right Ninja and Marshmello won 1,000,000 to give to a charity not for themselves

    2. Tsm_kenofamily

      Like for Ali a cringe

    3. Jamie Lummiss

      Halion Ninja Turtle can you make me your friend the wind 30,000

    4. BlackReaper - Roblox and More

      Alia and ninja!

    5. Ciske Meij


    6. Aiden Minderman

      Compare ali a to ninja ninja is like 100 times better

    7. Maky Meninzor


    8. Dereck Lopez

      7:01 lama boi


      heyy great videos!

    10. Sam Stanley

      yo i did it with with a blue AR so you shoot the RPG first and spraywith a blue auto AR

    11. Gameplay Videos

      Ali-A intro

    12. sireesha eesha

      Guys don't hate ali he is a great player

    13. Zasshu

      When 2 memes collab

    14. eaRth SteaLer

      Click read more Read more

    15. Chef boi Are deez

      Ningas head looks funny in that camera lmao

    16. Filip Krofta

      if ninja plays with me I will donate 700pounds

    17. Molly KEYHOE

      My brother is being rude to you

    18. SPART nyan

      Ali-A intro is probably dead by now

    19. Martin Ivanov


    20. Martin Ivanov

      By the barn

    21. Martin Ivanov

      You missed a lama

    22. tueybee7

      Good job you to

    23. Iyad Beirakdar

      The likes are the likes for Ali a and the dislikes is the likes for ninja XD

    24. Cody S

      Ali A is playing with Ninja the guy who make fun of him. He’s actually a really nice guy I feel bad for Ali. :(

    25. Yoshi Airhead

      Love how he insists on playing with a controller

    26. M Ebrahimian

      Ninja is better than ali a

    27. MGZ

      I feel bad for ninja

    28. Katherine Carsley

      Ninjas beter

    29. kerlanduz plays


    30. kerlanduz plays

      Get it

    31. kerlanduz plays

      I love ninjaw

    32. Jennifer Lunsford


    33. David Willford

      I honestly feel bad for my man Ali-A there is way more JP-newsrs that clickbaits wayyyyyy more, like he seems like an ok guy.

    34. Oshri Hayoun

      Idk why but in that video Ali-A seemed like a pretty much nice guy. I actually feel bad for laughing at him, we as a community always laugh at him and we forgetting he is a person :\

    35. Jonathan Black

      And the biggest fortnite clickbater ever

    36. Hyper Edge

      How is ps4 playing With PC?

    37. wet cardboard

      Ali-a is the sidekick

    38. Saasumes Nightcore

      LOL u both die what?

    39. Saasumes Nightcore

      now this is ligma A

    40. Saasumes Nightcore

      People:Bull my Shit Plz

    41. Jhude 19328

      Ali a is playing with 2 pc players, because he’s on pc but connected controller

    42. Xx TENTACIONxX

      If u guys hating ali a then dont roast him anymore For real i hate ninja.for bullying ali a

    43. LACodKing

      Wow Ali a was a good cod player now he is a meme wow I feel people are just jealous that he has so much subs

    44. CurrupX

      Omg wow you are so good in vids what happening in love content?

    45. MLBB Aaron Jomie

      Wer ali-a intro at mah bitches

    46. GamesWithPhoenix

      I like how even alia was sitting forward in his chair while Ninja wasn't

    47. jayden lightsaber

      I can just see Ali a face like fuck ninja and ninja is acting all cool

    48. XD


    49. BRI10

      Clickbait of Ali-a.

    50. Opsman 2008

      Anyone else get the feeling Alia and ninja don’t like playing with each other