Ninja and Marshmello Play Fortnite at the YouTube Live at E3 Studio Part 1



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    1. Vanessa Latini

      i heard marshmello talk at the begging when he asked nija a question

    2. Karima Ben sassi

      Go ninj

    3. Wilson SIU

      oh my GOD! Marshmello can talk

    4. Exiistencez

      0:31 awkward

    5. Cristian Angel

      That smile tho lol

    6. aly i gamer


    7. sa13h._.ghaza1i

      Any heard marshmello talking

    8. Zyro IDrxp

      What mouse Is Ninja Using

    9. Jackson Geyer

      Ever seen sandlot? Tyler is the character yeah yeah

    10. Hyperz

      1:01 Marshmellow's Voice :O

    11. MarshMello Paper Head Kid

      It looks like I'm marshmello jr lol

    12. vinSGTvanthelion 26

      How can marshmallows see????

    13. Komoto OG

      It's gonna be a victory royale 😔

    14. Alxy Alfaro

      Marsh mellows talked when he asked for how to change his sencestivity

    15. Aidan Dominic

      1:00 you Can here marshmallow talk

    16. ZipperedSoup 69

      Why doesnt marchmello have a white ps4 controller

    17. Sir HorsesAround

      *W H A T A R E W E P L A Y I N G silence*

    18. Sir HorsesAround

      Did ninja say N word what?

    19. John Carl Y Mempin

      gow didr marsmello see the screen ?

    20. Ahmad Djunaedi

      halo ninja aku suka baget sama vidio ini dan permainan nya serubanget

    21. D H

      0:58 marshmallow talked

    22. Azariah Pena

      Dude is cringe

    23. Cole Crenshaw

      The dude in the background needs to not talk the whole time. Thanks

    24. E and C S

      Why does ninja not his normal account

    25. Redeye Cyclone

      1:00 Marshmello talks

    26. Spencer Kempf

      this has so much energy

    27. Taylor Thormod

      Why isn’t ninja playing on his account? No skin, and his name is IVANTEST why is this?

    28. SSJ4 Gogeta

      I’m depressed

    29. Vinity - Edits

      They have the rog monitors... Are they playing in 4k? 😱

    30. CenTz

      my man marshmello looking handsome today ..i like the new hair style..

      1. Rainoodle

        unknown Russian its a joke oh my gosh

      2. unknown Russian

        CenTz he's wearing a bucket bro

    31. Matiss Mezals

      Look at ninja's serious Face and then Look at marshmelow's

    32. Altra Lord18

      marshmello talking thats cool

    33. Devin Mincey

      Marshmello actually talked

    34. reed spurlock

      The news guy was bothering ninja 💀

    35. rojer_dr plays YouTube Gaming

      i heard marshmelloes voice

    36. Angel Morales


    37. Pause Code

      With a Marshmallow head like that u'd think he would have installed a headset or something 😂😂

    38. Vinayak Gupta

      Marshmello doesn't talk, right? Then how did I hear him talking?

    39. Aaron Rainey

      What does marshmellow look like?

    40. Ben P

      Dude can that guy in the back just shut up

    41. Morgan XII

      is it fair to put really good fortnite player in game were ge win 1milj? hes is streamer,makes videos etc so he got money and now he get 1milj not fair im not hater more fan but this is free money to him because he is so good

      1. Flvcko HD

        It’s being donated to charity

    42. hilariouz

      Marshmello dance to music even when there is any music

    43. can i get 1000 subs plz

      why is ninja using a default skin

    44. RoCk-N-PaRtY

      Legends say that he's still sitting there playing Fortnite at E3

    45. oniix _04


    46. 3hree6ixty

      imagine ninja was your dad comment below what u think

    47. Jackson_S

      Honestly I love how they just like shove the camera in there face

    48. Tristan Heng

      What is the video setting that Marsh and NickMerc use on PS4? It looks like soft color scheme pls help

    49. Andrew talent

      Left on heard😂😂😂

    50. rj

      wHaT ARe wE PLaYing??

    51. Mateo Vasquez

      What are the gaming equipment they are playing with?

    52. JMaxim 34

      Marshmello talked

    53. Abyss Siko Shark

      Who’s here after they won?

    54. Rodrigo Borges

      He looks at marsh then says “how is Noah doing”

    55. Angelo G

      My dude stays in his helmet 😂 we already know how you look tf you doing

    56. Josh A

      This is so painfully awkward with no music or game audio lmao

      1. Señor Mussamusa

        Xdd and who Tf is that guy talkingt to them

      2. Faded Dreams

        Josh A there was some music just letting you know to not embarrass yourself lol

    57. juniorh 400

      Should i get bat sickle

    58. Andrew Jones

      That was cool !!!

    59. CHUNI Perez

      Bro that dude really look like he don’t wanna be there 😂 8:43

    60. MNEESG

      Idk why marshmallow uses a cilinder(srry if I misspelled)it’s Realy cringy

    61. The Panda

      1:00 Marshmello voice❤❤

    62. xxAlbanianHeroxx

      Its so funny when u see just a marshmello head in the face cam and doesn't talk

    63. Akimbo Ninja

      How my night marsh gonna play with a helmet

    64. Kan4k

      Does marshmallow use the normal controller or the scuf one?

    65. The Gaming Bear

      Marshmello talked what 😯

    66. Coded Manticore

      How can marshmello see

    67. XxAb#84 IsBestxX


    68. AlmightyGrubz

      What a shitty setup for them! They didn’t hire an announcer, ninja and mellow can’t communicate. The host knows nothing about fortnite, and looks like he hates his job lol

    69. Nobody Guy

      How does marshmello see

    70. w28 plays

      Lmao the way no one uses a xbox lol

    71. w28 plays

      How tf can marsh stay in tht mask dosn't he get sufocated?

      1. Megacoolgamer11

        Can I mean

      2. Megacoolgamer11

        w28 plays he can't breathe thru

    72. max dojo

      Is this practice?

    73. Mars

      Ninja looks different

    74. Leo Younis

      What dose E3 means?

    75. Sam Martinez


    76. GC 2Fierce

      I’m really curious to know how does marsh see and breathe in that big head of his.. lmfaooo

    77. Dltz

      NinjaMello epic

    78. Pieter

      Can that guy stop talking please?

    79. Rocio ethan roblox

      I love you marshmallow

    80. Nishant Doshi

      i was admiring how fast your fingers are😂😂 okay!😂

    81. Jacob Niccoli

      Yo that was just a lot of chopping wood and brick

    82. Hero Cake

      wow marshmello actually talked !!!!

    83. swordofthelion

      This is awkward lol

    84. Bdub

      Is it possible for E3 to not be cringe?

      1. I know you're Salty

        Bdub53 nope

      2. _M0uf_

        Bdub53 it’s a gaming convention filled with ppl who play all day and don’t interact with other ppl irl (some not all). So no.

    85. super magic kids

      Marhsmallow just spoke😮😮😮

    86. big ass dick

      That dude annoying as shi

    87. Matthew Kropilnicki

      We barely hear marshmello's voice when he's asking how to change his sensitivity before they start playing. He never talks during interviews but he talks during his shows.

    88. Jairo W.

      Dawg you flexing to hard with the ps air forces ..sheesh lol

    89. GaziranaVeverica

      Ninja's PC is HOT AF!

    90. Justin B how that guy next to ninja won't leave him alone

    91. Adam Oldham

      No game audio because they r right next to each other so it would mess up sound for the viewers

    92. Juan Calzada

      guys when is the actual Pro am gonna go live and where do i watch it?

    93. Discrete

      1:00 marshmellow

    94. Macinzon

      Isn't this against Twitch TOS? Ninja streaming on YT?

    95. Discrete

      Yo marshmellow I love your songs Marshmallow:

    96. Hector Delgado

      Wow this music is bad

    97. Liam

      this looks recent

    98. Amro Ansari

      Marshmello talks at 0:59 lol first time hearing his voice for me

    99. WeeF Clan

      little does Marsh know that he is sitting in the exact spot as the legend Ali-A

    100. Call of duty Beast

      Probably ninja was shut up and let me play