OKC Thunder EPiC 25 Pts COMEBACK in WCR1 Game 5 vs Utah Jazz - 45 For Westbrook! | FreeDawkins



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    OKC Thunder EPiC 25 Pts COMEBACK in WCR1 Game 5 vs Utah Jazz - 45 For Westbrook! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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    1. papper Channel

      8:20 grant 😂😂😂

    2. Bo Greene

      Jae Crowder is a big wuss

    3. marvell beckham ll

      Anyone watching in 2018-19 when the thunder are the 2nd seed

    4. The Redstone Duplicator/TRD

      who won this series

    5. B. Ratliff

      notice that melo didn't play that much in this time span.

    6. Keaton

      Watching this puts a big smile on my face and gives me the chills. Imagine what this team couldve done without Melo.

    7. stewie griffin

      This game was the beginning of the end of melo’s career 😂

    8. Cliffin Joseph

      3:49 Goosebumps.

    9. E.X.c4lib3R Gaming

      I hate it when people yell out "DAT COMEBACK" when they were only behind by 4 points

    10. Janemba Jenemba

      Where was rubio at though, what happened to all the rubio fans

    11. get handles

      Flashbacks of 2014 okc vs Grizzlies :(

    12. Keøñ Søsá

      5:37 peep the travel huh

    13. King B

      This was such a disappointing series for the thunder. Don't know how you lose to a team that's led by a rookie

    14. Pablo Escobar

      when you gotta clap for someone you hate 8:20 melo hating that bench role

    15. Qam Yasharahla

      If Russell don't chase stats this season the Thunder could go to the WCF.

    16. Saul Silver

      3:56 melo is so salty lol

    17. Hanoj HD

      the bucket at 6:02 so clean

    18. Khal Drogo23

      All this jus to choke in the next game lol talk about a 3-1 comeback tease

      1. Eagles Fan

        Khal Drogo23 stfu and how was it a choke

    19. Tay win

      Thunder just need a starting level 3 point shooter to become a contender....

      1. Eagles Fan

        Tay win what position

    20. keith azalea

      Westbrook suppose to be the MVP here

    21. Rey Sablan

      Anyone see a melo highlight? Because I sure didn't

    22. Roed Patron

      Melo is not needed

    23. Playboichris

      2019 champs

    24. Shariff Barak

      Man Westbrook has heart man. Love him now, he gave the game everything he had and it payed off. PG was great too. Melo is shit GTFO washed up ass

    25. Tristan Sexton

      Pg13 and Westbrook best duo ever

    26. Jayy Thrash

      OKC Going To The Finals.

    27. Jayy Thrash

      Melo looking stupid...

    28. Isaiah Patterson

      This series was sad

    29. William  Thomas

      All with Carmelo on the bench lol

    30. Daniel Romero


    31. AnimeRoyal25

      watching this never get old for me OKC OKC OKC !!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Joshua MSY

      Thunder can win without Roberson

    33. Is that you R.I.P. KING JACKA

      Westbrook is the Best in The Nba On God

    34. Chi

      The way Paul George splits defenders with that euro is amazing

    35. Prince K

      “Thunder on the high side”

    36. wade wilson

      Pg13 has crazy footwork

    37. wade wilson

      Pg13 has crazy footwork

    38. B.J. 28

      3:45 when we came down and made that shot i was crying

    39. seyahtan24

      OKC is better without Melo. Hurts but it's the truth especially cuz I'm a Melo fan. :(

    40. mike kay

      That is the best comeback in the nba history cant wait tell this year west and geroge goin do some damage this year

    41. Tahsin Mamun

      God I miss the NBA

    42. Q Tip

      Nit just Adams screens but the fact that the defender is so worried about blocking Adams out that he doesn't come out and contest the jumpers.


      Sí señor


      RussAul GeorgeBrook

    45. King Phil

      6:56 Lmao nobody touched westbrook how is that a foul

    46. Quiet Desperado

      Really like Melo's highlights in this video...

    47. A Box

      See what happens when melo is on the bench

    48. Noob Nightmare

      People don’t realize Adam is young and will become a monster

    49. eu10 mo2

      dont try to fight with aquaman hhaha!! adams

    50. Pacers Nation

      Anyone noticed that melo wasn’t even in the game man okc gonna be Scary next yeat