OKC Thunder EPiC 25 Pts COMEBACK in WCR1 Game 5 vs Utah Jazz - 45 For Westbrook! | FreeDawkins



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    OKC Thunder EPiC 25 Pts COMEBACK in WCR1 Game 5 vs Utah Jazz - 45 For Westbrook! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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    1. micheal Knight

      Pg13 has crazy footwork

    2. micheal Knight

      Pg13 has crazy footwork

    3. B.J. 28

      3:45 when we came down and made that shot i was crying

    4. seyahtan24

      OKC is better without Melo. Hurts but it's the truth especially cuz I'm a Melo fan. :(

    5. mike kay

      That is the best comeback in the nba history cant wait tell this year west and geroge goin do some damage this year

    6. Tahsin Mamun

      God I miss the NBA

    7. Q Tip

      Nit just Adams screens but the fact that the defender is so worried about blocking Adams out that he doesn't come out and contest the jumpers.


      Sí señor

    9. Yuri Santangelo

      RussAul GeorgeBrook

    10. King Phil

      6:56 Lmao nobody touched westbrook how is that a foul

    11. Quiet Desperado

      Really like Melo's highlights in this video...

    12. Ummm Hello

      See what happens when melo is on the bench

    13. NoobNightmare

      People don’t realize Adam is young and will become a monster

    14. eu10 mo2

      dont try to fight with aquaman hhaha!! adams

    15. Pacers Nation

      Anyone noticed that melo wasn’t even in the game man okc gonna be Scary next yeat

    16. stewie griffin

      LOL AND NO MELO!! Glad we ditched his bum ass.

    17. YoungButler05

      Westbrook scored 48 not 45 points.

    18. Chris C

      Westbrook is like Batman but my indictment on westbrook is that he never had an Alfred or a guy to tell him how to use his powers wisely which isnt really on russ. He is a dick to the public like Bruce wayne too and they're both trying to take down the joker (Durant) and (Bane) Lebron. Catwoman can be Steph i guess.

    19. TSG_Ryan 03

      I’m so hype for next season

    20. Name Unknown

      Imagine Steven Adams on the Warriors setting screens for Curry, KD and Klay. Bawh gaaahd!

    21. TheOrangePeel

      I went to this game probably the most energetic sports arenas in a while

    22. Cacti X Boss

      Bro melo so trash that i think the big three is pg,russ,and steven adams lol

    23. J D

      They played better with out shit Carmelo on the court.

    24. BlackBadger -

      Adams would have killed Crowder lol

    25. Pricetag Ent

      Those refs ruined this series

    26. sWampY

      Bro, when RUSS gets in his beast-mode he is the best pg in the league...no doubt...He can pull 3's like KLAY, make layups like Kyrie and Curry, defend like Gary Payton and dunk like.....himself

    27. jesus sosa

      This is what I expect from OKC this upcoming season! THUNDER UP!!!

    28. Devin Derrick

      Russ did Melo dirty at the end of the game 😂

    29. Essence of Racing

      Gd when melo is on the bench the thunder are legit

    30. David Milord

      Might be my favorite Russ performance ever

    31. Mike1 Guss

      They'll be a much better team next season 👌 🙏 Russ' needs to play Defense and Donovan should have Russ' play off ball instead of having control it at all cost

    32. Hamze Ahmed

      NBA robbed OKC of the 3-1 comeback PG13 was fouled twice at the 3 point line in the final 30 seconds

      1. sWampY

        LeBron James btw, the Thunder weren't a "great defensive team", they were average defensively....They are Top 10 in defense because Roberson carried their defense for half of the season, being a top 3 defense until Roberson got injured...After he got injured they became the 17th best defense in the league

      2. sWampY

        LeBron James DMitch = 29 PPG 7 RPG Joe Ingles = 14 PPG Rudy Gobert = 14 PPG 11 RPG, 1 SPG, 2 BPG Ricky Rubio = 14 PPG 7 RPG 7 APG 1 SPG Derrick Favors = 12 PPG 7 RPG U call that nothing else? That is not even the whole team and they alone equal to 83 PPG and aprox. 36 RPG..... Westbrook averaged 29 PPG, 12 RPG and 7 APG PG averaged 24 PPG, 6 RPG Melo averaged 12 PPG, 5.7 RPG Steven averaged 10 PPG 7.5 RPG DMitch had more help than Westbrook....Westbrook had star power, but DMitch had roleplayer that literally NEGATED Westbrook's help.

      3. LeBron James

        sWampY ok....? Doesn’t excuse the fact that arguably the best point guard in the league and a top 5 small forward with a great defensive team lose to a rookie and a defensive presence in the paint and nothing else. PG and Russ just don’t have winning dna🤷🏻‍♂️

      4. sWampY

        LeBron James i don't think that the team with the 2nd best, arguably THE BEST defense in the league were "TERRIBLE"...And that *ROOKIE* averaged 28.5 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 1.5 Steals PER GAME and 0.7 Blocks PER GAME....

      5. LeBron James

        Hamze Ahmed except he wasn’t ever fouled he initiated contact. I love PG but he should know that in that situation it’s rare that the refs would call such a controversial foul. Stupid play that resulted in a series loss to a TERRIBLE Utah team lead by a rookie😂

    33. Krum Parvanov

      lol pg funny

    34. Kxng JJ

      Melo kept riding the bench and clapping

      1. slayawde2

        I wonder why lol


      Idc who would win I like the Jazz and the Thunder


        Ik they had Rubio, Ingles, Mitchell but I still didn’t like the Jazz and when Crowder came to the Jazz I started to like them and then I started to like Mitchell and Rubio because I like the Jazz now


        Ik they wear blue shirts too but I still think they should had wear the white jerseys


        Also, idk but they should had wear the white jerseys cause they were wearing white shirts


        I used to not like the Jazz but now I do bc of Crowder

    36. Josh Aldamuy

      The game that made paul george sold on okc .

    37. Yair 'Legend killer' Rodriguez

      The Melo affect

    38. Chun Siu

      without Westbrook would be better

    39. iRated Gaming

      This game gives me hope for next season without Melo and our new additions.

    40. Dimitris Doumos

      This is why OKC is gonna be great without Melo.

    41. KING1Police75

      I remember just sitting in my dorm being so depressing in a state of disbelief. I refused to believe we would go out like that at home. And then we had this comeback. I was freaking out. Thunder up !

    42. Brian Sherwood

      They got smoked. I just got done hanging out with Mitchell at a 3vs3 tournament. Sorry but he’s better at basketball and he’s a way nicer dude than that Westbrook faggot.


        Brian Sherwood Nice joke

    43. av 5061

      I hate how all series Utah was holding down Adams and got away with it and somehow Adams was the one with the foul trouble

    44. Bob McKindle

      This jazz team just got Grayson Allen...they gonna make Warriors' life hell when they play each other

    45. Dallas Smith

      Westbrook the best player in the league

    46. Mc

      come back cos no melo

    47. True Dat

      Refs gave them the comeback both favors and gobert were given 5 fouls a piece going in to the 3rd which is straight garbage but yeah what a great comeback guys 👍 oh and how many fouls did adams get the entire game??? 1 foul which for a guy that plays as hard as steven does is not possible unless your getting help from the refs and that phantom foul on rudy get outta here man

      1. Seralph

        yeah one game where Adams was given a break when all the other games he's fouled with phantom calls. FOH scrub

    48. MrJada239

      Wow.. MAYBE yaa don’t realize they tied the game down 25 in the same quarter!!!!

    49. Explor_Rockyy

      Our first season ass a new team .. and we did this like watch out nba

    50. OKC Celtics

      The thunder magically got better when Melo wasn’t involved

      1. gerald yin

        CelticPride okc ran a pick and roll with melo and adams 5 times in a row before this run, it pulled Goebert from the paint and got him in foul trouble. I swore they would do it the next game to start but Donavan is dumb. Now they want to let a superstar scorer leave to save money.