Playing in the WORLD'S BIGGEST Fortnite Tournament! (w/ Ali-A, Ninja, Lachlan, Myth + MORE)



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    Fortnite Battle: Royale - I'm playing in a $3,000,000 charity Fortnite tournament! :D
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    に公開 8 ヶ月 前


    1. Sir2Tapp

      You probably got 0 kills

    2. Miri Scirankova


    3. Rob Sale

      What goimg on giys back with another voice crack video

    4. Kevin Uzzell

      you will win

    5. Tiger Lily

      Who’s watching this in season 7/8

    6. Ronny Day

      See the way he put them as skins on the thumbnail now marshmello actually is a skin😂

    7. Rali bernes

      Mellow or ninja

    8. Rocco D'Arpino

      Pro players wow

    9. mia mol

      I dont like big comments

    10. Charley Brown12

      Ali you are a pro use code Alia

    11. Funneh 273

      I’m only here because I saw sssniperwolf

    12. Avalynn Owsley

      Sniper wolf and ninja

    13. Hockey Action

      You are going to win all the Way

    14. Hussein Morad

      you are trash

    15. c dogs and tayana

      You will win

    16. Marissa Maynard

      Alo a will won

    17. FuN alex fortnite

      Alia makes me smile but ninja makes me frown ninja stop making fun of Alia let him do his stop

    18. it's me cherry

      Ninja and marshmello

    19. The Omega Brix Motion 301560

      I didn’t see mark !!?!?!

    20. Amelie The Potterhead

      I think Ali-a or ninga are going to win

    21. Jack Wells

      You are a hacker

    22. Gray Mitchell

      You’re going to win!

    23. Daniela Campuzano

      Ugly You don’t now to play

    24. Daniela Campuzano

      You’re Trassh

    25. Ellie Hardy

      I want you sssniperwolf and someone else but I forgot his name 😂

    26. Marwa Reda


    27. Adri Lol

      Bruh I thought Lachland would be fighting Ninja 😂

    28. Dekel Grass


    29. Jordan Piselli

      go lachlan

    30. Toxic Clan

      your building is slow

    31. Melissa Lipovsek

      You should play with lipo254

    32. ABJB Badaoui

      You are more than a pro

    33. Country Boy 77

      Your a pro

    34. Amazing Alicia

      I think ninja will win

    35. Frankie Kent

      Good luck !

    36. Kassi Dierenfield


    37. Daphney Legrand


    38. Sundeep Arora

      You could connect a ps4 o Xbox one controller to a computer.

    39. Colin Murphy

      I think RIP

    40. Anna Subhani

      Your the biggest noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

    41. Amiliano Montes


    42. Amiliano Montes


    43. Lachy67

      Leave a like if you listen to Marshmello!!

    44. Night Wolff662532

      Alia you are gonna win win win

    45. Cassy Slime

      Good luck 😉 but I hope sssniperwolf

    46. Padma Bir Shakya

      Your get the prices

    47. Andrew Boisvert


    48. Gaming Vlogs

      Yo Ali I’ll 1v1 you

    49. TheThemeParkGuy 2019


    50. Fllanxa

      Ali the Lachlan is number 1!✌🏻 Second is you (Ali A)👍🏻 Three is Ninja? Fourth is Tfue👌🏻

    51. Fortniteproman84567 Boy

      You guys are so pro then everyone

    52. Marcos Alvarez

      Go sssniperwolf

    53. Felipe Gomes

      everyone went well

    54. Jenny Russell

      Go ninja!

    55. Jimmy's Awesome Videos!

      If Alia and ninja were on the same team....

    56. Shion Boyd

      Oh well Alia! I have a Disadvantage because I'm on Console! No because U SUCK!

    57. Somthing weird

      Ughhhhh I posted a new vid on my channel if u want to check it out I dont care if u really like it or hate it just plz can I have your veiw have a good day 😊

    58. Bobbi Briggs

      I want marshmello

    59. oh yeah yeah

      Ali a puts him self as a legendary when he trash

    60. Dolls Uk

      Ali its you

    61. Ayanshu Kumar

      marshmallow and ninja

    62. Chris Haber

      6:30 there was a medkittt

    63. Isaiah Blackman

      Ninja and tfue

    64. Rahila Kashif

      U will win

    65. Jake Calva

      I was looking In the back for him in the thumbnail

    66. Manal Azmat

      Ninja and sssniperwolf should be in a team and they should get a win

    67. Branner Rock

      I wish alia the best but I want SSSniperwolf to win I know I'm a little late in commenting a little late but this is what I would have chosen

    68. Daniella Matos

      YESSS MY FAVORITE FRENCH JP-newsR. And Alia!!!!

    69. Harvey Mason

      Ninja will win.

    70. KEVINgamin Padilla

      Can i be your friend

    71. The Miraculous


    72. Egg Asmr

      Lachlan is better than you

      1. Egg Asmr

        Owais Ahmed you mean beat*

      2. Owais Ahmed

        How come in the video where ali a vs Lachlan ali beat him for most rounds

    73. Sajjad Lari

      I think your a pro

    74. Kentrell Foster

      Sssniperwolfffff put everyone else to shame no mercYYYyYYyYyYyY

    75. Johnny Yakutilov

      He literally included sniper wolf in his thumbnail!’

    76. Enrique’s Chanel

      Marshmelo and ninja win

    77. Enrique’s Chanel

      Were is tfue

    78. Michelle Baldino

      New Day rocks

    79. Nikki Maddy


    80. lol

      Ali-A:This tournament has the best pro players Me:Then where the heck is Tfue?

    81. AnnaBelle Mckinnon

      alia is the best it is just he got bad luck

    82. Luke’s lit Life

      I love fall out boy


      Ali A is such a pro player

    84. Jack Green

      It’s pro am not pro a m

    85. Sham Ahmed

      Your a pro

    86. Jayden Sturrock

      Come on Ali a

    87. ninja 2

      I think ninja will wnlin

    88. Asma Hul Husna

      What do you mean by tournament it was a normal video 😾

    89. Fortnite PowerNL

      OMG you Will not believe what I just found in Fortnite battle royale

    90. Tania Islam

      What ya talking about ur such a pro

    91. Dragon Worlds

      Who’s watching in December 2018

    92. KKPV

      Hi ali can ia friend request you in fortnite plz😎🙄

    93. Lauryn Gaming

      Who won ali never posted the tournament video :( never mind yes he did sorry for saying u didnt

    94. 心悠 陳

      Gooooo sssniperwolf

    95. PuRe Sniper

      im doing your creator code and i dont have twitter or social medias


      15:42 Why u Hating on No Skins? Don't you watch Dragod ?

    97. linsay mcainsh

      Go ninja and ail A

    98. TOO SUSHI

      It looks cool!

    99. Matthew Riley

      ali a you are the best at fortnite

    100. huffypuffy wolves

      2 days before my birthday 🎂😄