Playing in the WORLD'S BIGGEST Fortnite Tournament! (w/ Ali-A, Ninja, Lachlan, Myth + MORE)



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    Fortnite Battle: Royale - I'm playing in a $3,000,000 charity Fortnite tournament! :D
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    1. Goldencat 100

      Honestly I have never liked ninja... Stop being rude to Ali-A you are just jealous! You wish you where as good as him! Dont watch his videos if you're hating him! (Even if i See no reason for Hating him...) keep up the good Work, Ali!

    2. Faiza Makhdoom

      For me he is a pro player

    3. Sebastian Lapuaho

      You missed a medkit 6:39

    4. Mimi Hemchi

      Well I love fob and I like Ali so I hope you came out top :)

    5. Annabel Rose

      I gat 10 kies

    6. YourPinoyGamer Hanz /YPGH/

      Your a common dummo

    7. Gabriel Escobar

      Get no scoped GET NO SCOPED

    8. Ripeka Vern

      good luck alia

    9. Rayan Haidar

      you or lachlan will win

    10. Hugo Aguilera

      Ali a

    11. larin ghazi


    12. Tyler Fuller-Sandys

      Ninja and mashmello

    13. Huey Hernandez

      His strategy is dumb look at the load out in the beginning of the video

    14. Kaitlyn Young

      i want sssniper wolf to win no offence

    15. Ben and Jake

      Wow he is good

      1. Ben and Jake

        Alike my comment

    16. Shamaila Riaz

      Ninja will win

    17. Tiffany Cioffi

      Let’s go Lachlan

    18. Franky Martinez

      It hurts watching you play

    19. JDW2803 20

      Ali_a is epic I subscribed

    20. Jeremiah Bote


    21. Bob Dixon

      U walked past a frickin' med kit and u weren't even full health

    22. Gustavo Cunha

      Msmmjjjikiisikjjksjiiixkkfkooooppphv.khk A toda a cora a pari dos dedos cory eu consigo eu Alves por favor dá-me áudio pra ver bem mas OK +1 + 1 vais uma só que é o +1 + 1 + 1 vai +1 mas (222) 222 222 21 4444444 sábado para lá lá a a a

    23. Veer Vikash

      The ninja will win

    24. Gabriella Healey

      Hey Ali

    25. It's just josh Fam

      The intro never gets old

    26. Jade Cortez

      I'm supporting you

    27. PRINCE 11

      I think that you and ninja

    28. Kristen Hancher Musically


    29. Cooper- PlayZ

      The guy who had a purple scar had a medkitt you missed it

    30. Jada Villanueva

      my name is Ally,im soooooo happy my parents called me Ally

    31. Veena Mirch

      I think you are going to win Ali - E A

    32. Weege220/YTB

      Hey at least ninja is in the legendary

    33. Anna Rees

      Did sssnipirewolf

    34. Pearl :3

      I clicked on this video because I thought snipperwolf was playing

      1. Faith Sampson


    35. Sharon Arduini

      i hate tactical,i love pump though

    36. william hart

      I liked fortnite even when it was trash I’m lying because fortnite was never trash xd😂😂😂😂

    37. Daniel Videos

      I wanted muselk to win

    38. Ben William boon Mulholland

      is going to win

    39. Ben William boon Mulholland


    40. Rojan GamingYT

      Wait xaviar woods the wwe wrestler

    41. Nicholas Cunningham


    42. Juliana Ahles

      Roses are red violets are blue I hate him and you probaly do too.

    43. Bloxyrhys Roblox and more

      Saw sniperwolf *clicks on vid*

    44. Jayce Garn

      Ali a Ali a Ali a Ali a

    45. gymnastics besties

      You suck alia

    46. T Neekzad

      Ali a your better then myth an ninja because they play on pc and u play on ps4

    47. Brodie Hydes

      My man ali

    48. Brodie Hydes

      Ali I have watched all of your videos im a fornite love to and my mate has tones of lendrey skins can we please please play with you you are our dream to play with so please can we play you

    49. Dawson Daugherty

      You win

    50. Ryley Livingston

      can i play fortnite with you