PS4 Pro - Does It Suck?

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

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    Welcome to my PS4 Pro unboxing video. The PS4 Pro features some improvements over the stock PS4 (PlayStation 4). The new PS4 Pro is capable of 4K resolution for many existing titles. The PS4 Pro is also 4K capable for both Netflix anf JP-news playback. So if given the choice PS4 Pro vs PS4 which will you go for?
    Here is a list of current PlayStation 4 titles that will see improvements in resolution / graphics when played with the PS4 Pro.
    Battlefield 1
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    Dishonored 2
    Driveclub VR
    EA Sports FIFA 17
    Hustle Kings
    inFAMOUS First Light
    inFAMOUS Second Son
    Mafia III
    Mantis Burn Racing
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    NBA 2K17
    Neon Chrome
    PlayStation VR Worlds
    Ratchet & Clank
    Rez Infinite
    RIGS Mechanized Combat League
    Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    Robinson: The Journey
    Super Stardust Ultra
    The Elders Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
    The Elders Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition
    The Last Of Us Remastered
    The Last Of Us: Left Behind
    The Playroom VR
    Titanfall 2
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
    Viking Squad
    Wheels of Aurelia
    World Of Tanks
    XCOM 2
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    1. XannY Turner

      Got a pro like around Christmas I’m using the same system with slightly better graphics 🤣🤣

    2. Retro Brain

      Overheating, no true 4k, noisy and no backward compatibility? No thanks.

    3. Valy Vly

      Well glad to see that someone has a better life than me

    4. Rumour Plays

      Can I get that..

    5. Philly Eagles 215

      Once you have gray hair you should not wear a hat backwards.

    6. MYK9

      *person* says ps4 pro sucks *me* *looks at sales charts compared to Xbox* *me* aRe yOu sUrE aBoUt tHaT?

    7. Hendra Wijaya

      Best console

    8. Mit Patel

      I have ps1,2,3,4 pro

    9. Gddjjj Fjjgfc

      Unbox Therapy-Does he suck? Answer=Yes, Yes he does!

    10. Gabriela Palma

      Can youtube by me a ps4pro i live in Julián street 26 26 in the yelo wood brite.

    11. Chad Haley

      This guys a turd

    12. ALiEN

      Where's is the jack yet??

    13. Willy Gamer

      Who is watching in 2020? It sucks come on man ps5 has been released

    14. Randy Marsh

      Isn’t it fake 4K resolution tho😕😕

    15. Muhammad Ahsan

      Does it require 4K tv or not?

    16. Doctor Strange

      i still have a wii

    17. gamer 2018

      Ps4slim is better

    18. Himash Marcar

      Guys I need your advice, I want to get a PS4 but not sure whether it is the SLIM or PRO. If I get the Pro will it be more future proof than the Slim, in the sense that even after the PS5 comes out. The Pro will be able to handle games better because of the processing power and ram. So there will be more support of games for the PRO rather than the Slim. Do you guys think that’s a valid statement to get the Pro

    19. Chief Polanski


    20. Yeab Biruk

      Well to tell the truth at the first I was thinking more about the bubbles if it has one

    21. Mr Buhat

      Woahhh the PS4 pro is now 2yo

    22. Max Tran

      Ali A approves

    23. Nathan Ninja

      It's okay, but not better than PC or Xbox

    24. mobile technical team

      Give me a PS4 please IAM a poor Indian who can only dream about this console

    25. pushpa rani

      I gotta say this, Ya look like Ed. Sheeran Who else think this give a like

    26. Michel Baldeh

      I'm the professional PS4 is mine

    27. Ben Arthur

      Really like the honesty in your show

    28. Paul O A Adeboje

      2019 anyone?????

    29. Marie J

      2 Peter 2: 4-9 (NIV) If God did not save the angels when they committed sins, but let them go to hell and put them in the dark and receive judgment . If he protected the righteous preacher Noah, and the other seven, although he did not spare the ancient world when he brought floods to the unbelievers. If he accused them by making the cities of Sodom and Gomorra ash, and made them an example of what would happen with unhappiness. If he rescued Lot, the righteous man who was suffering from the fallen acts of outlaws (who live within themselves day by day for that justice), by his lawless act he heard and heard, was his righteous man It was tormented by the soul of. If so, the Lord knows how to deliver the pious on trial from the trials, and hold the iniquity for punishment. I know that it is always hard to do the right thing, but I want to warn you like you have time to change. I love you!

    30. XxkashxX

      You forgot the PS4 slim

    31. bobspineable

      All the pro features would probably be wasted on me so not for me.

    32. Animal jam/Roblox

      I have the same PS4 pro

    33. Fred Yeboah

      I bought the ps4 this November 2018 not the pro yet am cool 249euros......yet is beings sold within December...199euros Don't rush if can't afford relax till price discounts bring itself period.....

    34. jethro gonzales

      It does not suck

    35. Pro Player

      i just got a ps4 -.-

    36. JWolf

      Title: Ps4 pro -Does it suck? Answer: Yes

    37. CoolStoryUMAD

      Just got a PS4 Pro from my wifey for XMAS, thanks babe!

      1. Gaurissh Ajoodah

        Ummm thanks

      2. CoolStoryUMAD

        Gaurissh Ajoodah You sir win the internet for today

      3. Gaurissh Ajoodah

        Bro your wife is not here sorry

    38. Subhan Jehangir

      Still have xbox 360

    39. durre plays

      I have it ps 4 pro is worth it i even got my first win like its my first ps first match and first win on FORTNITE

    40. Connor Kingston

      Lmao ps4 pro = Sony attempting 60 fps on console as a prototype for ps5.

    41. Robust Loki

      Ps4 pro really sucks

    42. Galaxy Brake

      Why would it suck at first lol

    43. Z-fame Rapper

      4k cant be seen by human eyes facts

      1. Jack Scettro

        Exactly, the whole idea of 4k is to not see the pixels

    44. Rohitha Saparamadu

      I have a ps4 pro is it cool

    45. George Rabus

      i dont have a console and an old tv (1080p), should i buy ps4 or ps4 pro

    46. Big Gina

      I have an Xbox one s

    47. Donte Williams

      My dude are you Literally just reading the box??? I was on the Fence about the ps4 pro... still am who the f cares what the box says you gotta 4K tv plug it in... omFg. If you don’t wanna review it Don’t.

    48. the heathly cow fan

      I have to normal PlayStation

    49. IceFishyy

      I got one for 299$ in Black Friday and it came with The Last of Us Remastered in it, not bad if you ask me