PS5: 10 Things We DON'T WANT



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    With a new console generation looming, we have a list of grievances and things we don't want in the next Sony PlayStation console. Hear us out.
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    1. Brealyn Peterson

      Sony workin on the PS5...meanwhile I can’t even use my Bluetooth headphones on the PS4😭

    2. Vighneshvara

      you speak about 60fps but you don't really know what you're talking about... It will always be the balance between graphics/resolution and frame-rate. target for movies is 24, console gaming 30, PC 60+

    3. ryan Lost_broken_arro

      What I want in a system, is like my TV shows, more of the same. I want bigger hdd. I want less loading time. I want decent graphics. I want couch co op. I want wireless controllers. I want you to stop trying to mesh "new" technology in a controller. IE: motion controls, touch pad, screens. The less crap I have to play attention to and physically do, the better, the more I can ignore the world and use your product. Physical motion controls litteraly make people tired of your product. To be honest, the controllers that are here now are fine. I still have my original, and one extra controller that I switch between. Not a big deal. They can both charge with a standard phone charger that I have next to my chair anyway. Still plug and play. Concentrate on more power and developer ease. The games will sell your system. Don't pull an xbox one mistake and push developers away. Get your good exclusives. That will win you the console war. Every time.

    4. 1XxTBNRJakebluegamerxX1 YT

      I still can’t decide I want og but I feel like that’s to old so slim cause my parents won’t get me pro can you help decide

    5. mark scotcher

      Lower power consumption

    6. Smealm v1

      the thumbnail is just a blue Nintendo switch with a printed paper on it....

    7. EmptyNone

      Destiny 3 on ps4 and ps5 but 30fps. Wanna bet?

    8. ☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢

      I dont want it being a tablet-like system like the Switch (no disrespect to the switch but you know what i mean)

    9. Ag64

      ur intro is inthe diss track of mia khalifa

    10. J M

      Don't want a new console until quantum computers. Implement that technology. And create a console that can compete with gaming pc's.

    11. John Plunkett


    12. MrCrayonBoy 911

      I still can’t believe that the ps4 pro and xbox one X are not as expensive than the iPhone 7.

    13. enrique palomino


    14. LinkToo

      I'd rather have the USB C ports in the back because it's easier to plug them in without looking.

    15. the one you dont see

      steam has offline mode so once you put in the purchase or game key and downloaded the game you can play in offline mode.

    16. Kyuubi Hiro

      We want a 4 Terabyte SSD

    17. Stephen Hugh Cook

      That last bit seemed like sex advice for Sony. "Take your time, Sony. Do it right, make it last."

    18. Luke Whitsell ツ

      I don’t want Next gen until Minimum 2020

    19. Gandalfur is Otherworldly

      How about a non narritive driven third person action adventure game?

    20. William Harrison

      Why don’t the just make an add on, a new system is premature, same for Xbox

    21. Wh0_Am_ 1

      ....dude you want an SSD, Even now a 1TB SDD is valued at ~$150, and a year ago it was ~$300 due to shortages, an SSD would eat up a major part of the budget, unless you want PS3 prices.

    22. TheHoot7

      I'll pay $1000 bucks if I could play my games on my laptop without remote play or streaming so basically PS-LAPTOP LOL

    23. FarryEntertainment

      We don't want a PS5.

    24. Bryan Strathman

      Something i dont want is a data cap, i have 300mb download speed and i can only use like 50mg of it (if that). i have all but completely switched to PC because i dont have to worry about that.

    25. DEMON KING

      backwards compadability COMPLETELY PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVITA 4k 60fps 1080p would be great portability would be sick put everything on disc even free games and movies and shows and apps and everything on digital too 1 or 2 tb automatically and EVERYTHING ELSE WE WANT

    26. Lonely Traveller

      Rush it out and there'll be a games drought like with the PS4. But I'm over with modern gaming. It sucks.

    27. Munquis DeSade

      Even if it comes out It will still be like 3 years after its release before the purchase is worth it. Honestly I think the whole thing is pointless and only serves Sony shareholders, honestly the new consoles crap should take a break for a while at least until the tech makes a substantial leap forward.

    28. Rainboder 21

      Because PS5 is definitely not just a photoshopped switch

    29. Thomas Kar

      Very True talk even having only a psp 2 gen, a ps5 should be a good futur generation, compatible game internationally without code area like american nord, south europe asia, made in Japan not china or country in development. Should come out like in 2025. Having fans for cooling down your console. Each consoles or any game series should come out more than each years between series. Better waiting an eternity for something super, rather than having on the spot with "bullshitism"

    30. Zackery Newell

      Did Ed Helms narrate this video?

    31. GnomeDazzle

      Enough with the "we need 60fps!" shit. Without side by side comparisons, you almost certainly couldn't tell the difference.

    32. LasJohn Griffin

      Most importantly PlayStation 5 should play Playstation 4 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 games like Xbox does with the Xbox 360 and you should play online for free like Playstation 3 Did

    33. Bladimir Pujols

      what is the name of that game with the girl with red hair and a bow on her back. and on the compass bar it showed morning watch on the house icon

    34. Marquel Dewitt

      Preach preach✊😂

    35. Bladimir Pujols

      idk why I'm watching this. I'm a PC person

      1. Lonely Traveller

        Remember when PC used to be good? Now it's just average ported console games.

    36. Jacob Cromer

      Ok I really really disagree with the USB-C part. We need USB-C because soon everything will be using that instead of whatever they were previously using because it’s better in every way.

    37. Armindo Ribeiro

      What was the CPU architecture used before x86 on the PS4? Also, the change in the architecture could in part be what made the PS4 unable of backwards compatibility, right?

    38. Oran Pulas

      Meanwhile im still on PS3 playing Cod Bo2 lol ☺

    39. Dorian Arcia

      The only 2 things I want for the PS5 are backwords compatibility and not having to pay to play online just like back in the PS3 days. The decision to make PS Plus the only way to play online with your friends and having to pay for it was the worst decision Sony has made.

    40. S

      Gta v uses the touch pad really good. Swiping for radio stations and in vehicle weapons

    41. momo

      Only decent point i heard you say was that they should give us 60 fps. The fact it hasnt happened yet is because it would most likely cost them too much money which would result in a higher price tagg for us consumers. I mean how the F are consoles not supporting 60 fps at 1080p yet..... its a fucking disgrace.l

    42. Point Less

      Sony is sure to do the opposite of every suggestion here.


      Eh I'll stick with the ps4

    44. Darth Bane

      I'm gonna wait for a price drop and games I want to play over and over again. I still feel burned by the xbone with kinect. There are no current gens I play regularly I play last gen way way more. Oh and less walking simulators.

    45. Sai_the_dweeb Gaming

      They should make the console $199 when it first comes out so people actually have a chance to get it and then after the first week bring it to like $250 and then leave it there because I had to wait a full year just to get my ps4 it was crazy $400 for something that you’re gonna have to get rid of just to get a ps5 which makes no sense at all, even if u tried to trade in your ps4 they only give u $100 like what? No we spent over $400 on a console we deserve at least $300 back the ps4 is still good and they should give everyone a chance to get the ps5 if they wanna make it fair to all players

    46. Matthew Cramer

      I would like yo see a PSTV but a really nice Sony TV with a PS5 built into it.

    47. Deadpool339YT_PUBG Mobile

      I hope there’s is no thing where you have to pay to play online it’s a bite dumb

    48. Truth Hurts

      "Plowin the fields and ho'in" Immediately shows a planet of the apes pic. I love it! ;)

    49. Tom Brady

      Things I want: High frame rates. I don't give a crap about 4k, games already look good enough for me I just want to be able to play in 60-120 fps. Backwards compatibility, I have a shit load of PS4 games and I'll be pissed if I can't play them on the PS5. That alone would be enough for me not to buy it can't support a company that would do that to its consumers.

    50. Lucas K

      The thing i want sony not to do is mindlessly copy nintendo again like they always and instead come up with cool and usefuk ideas on their own.