PS5: 10 Things We DON'T WANT



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    With a new console generation looming, we have a list of grievances and things we don't want in the next Sony PlayStation console. Hear us out.
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    1. Der Maxikaner

      i also want a second HDMI port cause my sound system needs one extra

    2. Christian Vargas

      I hope playstaion watches this vid

    3. thatguyisawesome ¿

      Sure.....a playstation as a switch for a thumbnail.....

    4. Angel Suarez

      Ran into this video too darn late, but I would like to express I’m with you 100%. Sadly will mean (if we get this bucket list) the PS5 will start at 599$ for the base model

    5. Fedor Djogani

      1:05 oh look, it's Fredrick Playstation!

    6. Justin Parish

      Make sure that the UI is not laggy. the ps4 takes a while to look up friends list or trophies while games a re running. the whole menu feels slow. fix this please.

    7. Zenik Torres

      Sony to advance the current conservative controller design, take a risk with inputs designs and controls. Don't want backward compatiblilty to stiffle the future, so I'll be happy to pay for a separate H/W addon or expansion to obtain it. 60 fps 1080p absolute min. 4K capable also must be 60fps min. Advance the PSVR. Better cooling and for it to be quieter even at 35C room temp and design removable fan filters. Release it no earlier than end of 2020. And of course many other major technical improvements.

    8. Jose Rodriguez

      Number 3 is funny

    9. Faiz Jitno

      Bring back ps1 ps2 ps3 games

    10. C Hexagon

      1) VR & Media Molecule exist soooo....touch screen is important. 2) Do one of these for the new Switch

    11. TheTruGamer732

      No Subscription For Online and make the PS5 Remote play for every device rather making it olny for Xperias and Sony mobiles olny

    12. Ziolek2000

      If the ps5 has seriously powerful hardware Im prepared to pay £499

    13. justtrolin

      Best bit in this video; touch screen - touch pad on the controller. So same set up, but with a touch screen that doubles as the touch pad.

    14. justtrolin

      Rumors are bad...

    15. T.M.P

      I have one thing and one thing only I don’t want and that’s to have to pay for ps plus to play online

    16. Go kul

      No.1 it should be portable

    17. nitramsk8

      Yo never mind any system newer than PS3 and i’m using PC

    18. nitramsk8

      Lose the light bar on the controller. I have no use for it.

    19. botun musume

      I agree with no.1

    20. ZaZ2oo9 Club

      Xbox is useless

    21. liole perti

      look up the math on 4k and why it is bullshit for gaming

    22. DavidH373

      This is why I cringe at this channel."We don't want another console that doesn't have Backward compatibility", "We don't want an expensive console" "We need a large SSD and hopefully Sont won't stick with HDDs", "We want 60fps at 4K". Does this guy even realize the miracle he's asking for? Half of the content in this belongs in the "Things we do want" category... The hell are 4.7 million people subscribed to this channel for?!

    23. TSM Veto

      Ohhhhhhhhh wait what

    24. Derpy Wall

      thinking on number big should the next hard drive be?

    25. bighulk 586

      Warframe uses the touchpad

    26. WorkDinosaur 765

      I don't want ps5

    27. GriffyPlayz

      10/10 thumbnail Definitely took a lot of Effort

    28. Scott Lindenberg

      I would like backwards compatibility to be able to play from ps1 all the way up to the ps5

    29. Lee Majorz

      I would really like to see all playstations and their users and the Sony CEO all shot off to mars for good. I think that would really make up for them buying out all the dev's and causing Sega's console building days to finish prematurely. I liked my Dreamcast and didn't appreciate it's early demise. That would be really 'Console' ing to me.

    30. MaxOutlet

      Make it compatible with PSVR

    31. Dongrema M

      They should not digitalize the ps5. We Africans have very poor internet. Downloading games online is so stressful. Thanks for this video.

    32. Wild Lyfe

      what about people who don't even have internet

    33. EquestrianAngel:Curt

      Extra thing: DONT CHANGE THE CONTROLLER OR ALLOW PS4 CONTROLLERS TO WORK ON PS5. Seriously ps4 controllers are the best controllers ever made-so comfy-so smooth-fits right into your hand with no cramping issues-kept the style of the old controller-made some tweaks-and even learned some things from the badass 360 controller and made what i believe is best controller ever made so far...2nd goes to ths SNES controller and 3rd is taken by the 360 controller (fuck microsoft and them messing it up with the one controller....). And before somebody says it yes that battery needs improvement...but if that is the only issue we are in good shape...hell just get a long ass least playstation since the ps3 realized people are sick of buying batteries so lets just give them the option to charge it right off the bat...which i praise them for-fuck microsoft for making me pay separately STILL for that feature-do they have a deal with the battery company to sell ypu more batteries? Da fuck?!

    34. 005 AGIMA

      What we dont want...... a PS5 "Pro" release 12 months later.

    35. TheForbidden Samuri

      don't wanna see a ps5

    36. Phill Furnett

      I use the touchpad all the time ???

    37. N A

      I hope their new playstation portable turns out good

    38. David Fernandez

      Gotta love PC 😁

    39. J. Medina

      Don't throttle down the ISP download speeds. I go on steam (PC) and even see xbox consoles both hitting 13MB per second. While the PS4 always annoyed me with its 2-3MB per second. Very pointless to not upgrade their servers this time around...

    40. ChastBlind


    41. killerdude35

      Again what is this obsession with SSD? I get that SSD is faster but cost is ridiculously high in comparison to storage space. Most gamers would MUCH rather have more storage space as opposed to faster access speeds. Not once have I had an issue with games taking too long to load on PS4.

    42. Ra D.

      Put SHDD or Optane could be a good option. Also instant on and off like the switch.

    43. Eri Maldote

      Sony sony sony jajajaja get an xbox ;-)

    44. Mahmud Adnan

      Ur voice sounds like the dentist from the hangover movie

    45. Scott McKenzie

      Do more state of decay

    46. Giant taco god

      Lol downloading just cause 3 on my Xbox takes a week and a half.

    47. Deth6741 Gaming

      The internet isn't big as it was years ago make playing online free again

    48. finnish boi

      I want to see xbox controller support


      instead of touch pad add in 2 extra buttons’ i hate running with L3 so

    50. TapkeMindÄra Plz

      Plz not more than 450$