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Redskins vs. Giants Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Jace Archer

    NYG 40 wsh 16

  2. Karthick Srinivas S

    No matter what you ain't your brother eli

  3. Saul Nunez

    You beat us at home Washington, no problem. We beat you guys at your home, not only near y'all but slaughtered would be a better word

  4. KEᖇᗰIT

    40-0 this time..

  5. Michael Adewale


  6. Tony Miller

    Alot of simple errors GIANTS could have had this game !

  7. Brian Davis

    Yo you are the best man I ever seen play on the tv to play football on fox sports news

  8. Caleb The Spy

    Coach....... Eli is throwing too hard again!!!!

  9. Henry Gallego

    Giants sucked redskin ballls big time !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Chalo Tadeo

    Wow offensive line Giants u guys really effen suck Eli needs a new friend 5

  11. esSquad

    what was it, like 2 interceptions, 3 sacks and another loss. it's frustrating to be a giants fan.

  12. pernell zenquis

    We need a new quarterback back and this game proves it. Yes it wasnt entirely eli's fault but I think it's time for him to go. He is just to slow and when under pressure makes big mistakes that cost the game.

  13. Rpreggie

    Worst highlight ever. Five penalty calls were in the "highlights"?

  14. REDSKINS FAN 2.01

    Right guys

  15. Nimrod kimutai

    Eli manning is aweful!! i'm not a giants fan but its painful watching this guy play.

  16. Tris Matu

    Norman owned Odell but he was a little too rough on him...and I can’t believe Eli has 2 rings I just can’t

  17. Alfred Howard Jr

    If New York aspect Odell Beckham to do it all all that's going to do is wear him out that's why he got hurt last season Odell need to find another team asap because he's an amazing player all that Talent going to waste playing with the garbage ass New York Giants

  18. toonies father

    well,,, imma tell ya like this.... J.Winston (QB) will be available after this season!!!! and guess what?????? Y'ALL NEED HIM BAD!!!!!

  19. Strutting_strat

    8:50 jeeze why was Eli hesitating so much? There were guys open

  20. The Globalist

    Thumbs up if you watch Giants games just to see Eli Manning lose.

  21. Daniel Hutchison

    The Redskins in 2018 are the 2.0 9f George Allen over the hill gang of the 70s lol

  22. Semari Ford

    Always a Giants Fan Since Philly Sims Carl Banks Lawrence Taylor

  23. the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

    They let the trashskins win this

  24. Tyler Allen

    As a huge Giants fan OBJ deserve better and Eli needs to go he's not the 2 time super bowl mvp anymore....

  25. Fake Account

    That roughing the kicker call was some bullshit... man up!

  26. J Gang

    We got ha ha Clinton dix

  27. HuRRiCaNeFLO

    Nice game 😉💪🏼

  28. D Natural


  29. cesa97

    damn the giants are ass

  30. JeMelo _Handz

    Eli manning low-key looked pretty good this game

  31. Hoten Hitonokoe

    9:06 Cool running

  32. wilsonnmak

    Eli does not know how to run

  33. Jonathan Truncellito

    Eli has no pocket awareness at all and hes a pocket quarterback not mobile at all... they need to bench his ass already lol

  34. IAMForeign

    They're crowd sounds like a sitcom with a live studio audience 😂😂

  35. Ethan Rodriguez

    I love football...i love the game and all the good teams and players in the nfl and other sports.. Yah my brothers... But with that said id destroy any and all uu MEN for trying to ruin me and my life on the feild...u hit me... I will break uu... I CANT HAVE A FAMILY..A GOOD LIFE..CAUSE UU GOT PRIDE ISSUES AND A MONEY GREED... reasons i train hard to defeating human males... With heart...

  36. Retro

    3:04 pass interference?

  37. Elizabeth Domero

    I would rather have Peyton manning than eli

  38. K Osborn

    Eli is far from the giants biggest problem

  39. Gottalotta Gaming

    Gaints need an offensive line that many sacks is unforgivable

  40. Power

    Eli has to be one of the stiffest quarter backs I’ve ever seen. If one of the d linemen even sneeze on him he freezes up and stops weak are you that you can’t shrug off someone’s hand tackle

  41. DJ Kevgeez

    Manning should retire now.

  42. DJ Kevgeez

    ODB is ridiculous.

  43. james roberts

    What are the odds that the Giants will take the first QB in the 2019 draft?

  44. Nate River

    7:54 Weak AF

  45. KJ

    5:10 that boy got decked

  46. michael paiva

    And my man ADAP "All Day Adrian Peterson" with the nice TD run at the to seal the deal and stop any chance if a comeback. Adrian is tearing it up this year. If he dont get hurt i could see the Skins (who overpay everybody whether its justified or not " sign him to a 2 year 12 million with 6-8 guranteed next year at the LEAST . hes only making the veteran minimum of 1.2 million this year ( all guaranteed) so no matter where he go next year i say he worth at least 5 guranteed the man is a workhorse and one of the best RBs of all time top 15 all time

  47. Ivan G. Rhone

    I do believe eli is washed up but damn no protection all at ,I give the OL most of the fault

  48. The Last Guy

    Nice tackle at 1:48

  49. Damien DiLucchio

    It looks like Redskins D will have to carry this team. Addition of Ha-Ha should help. We cant keep relying on AP to shoulder the load. Well see what happens when Atlanta comes to town.

  50. EvilGhost 23

    We ,nyg, need a new qb asap

  51. Isaiah Rojas

    Omg the giants will always suck omg

  52. Kysaun Jones

    7:16 dammmmmm

  53. Love and Peace

    Redskins mostly beat team with horrible records

  54. mack sullivan

    Relax redskins fans! Win all you want , at best case scenario redskins gonna lose in the playoffs anyway . Sorry to burst y’alls bubble.

    1. mack sullivan

      Stop trying to win. Trust me there’s heartache in the end. Lol

  55. Anders Nesjan

    i can't believe it took so long for someone to pick up AP, he is not human.

  56. Kreep Crumbus

    It’s crazy it took AP this long to come back after that suspension

  57. Kid 16

    Can the Giants trade Eli Manning for Lamar Jackson cuz the Ravens OBVIOUSLY don’t want him

  58. Otis Driftwood

    Eli and special teams are a waste of space....OBJ, what are u doing there?...

  59. Bryce Rollins

    Eli is 🗑

  60. Mark Ivie

    The giants need to get rid of Eli he doesn’t move from the pocket and just get sacked multiple times per games

  61. Jon Davis

    Vance McDonald’s is better then Engram

  62. Jon Davis

    6:43 Engram is a fukin joke

  63. Jon Davis

    Of course Eli is not the same but the giants have the worst pass blocking Oline in the league and horrible play calling. If I put on a fukin headset I can call plays better then thus

  64. Jon Davis

    4:03 is that Eli fault too? Shepherd the great

  65. Jon Davis

    3:57 I hate college kickers so much that kick looked like one of those lol

  66. Jon Davis

    2:08 that ain’t just one play that’s a good example of the giants garbage Oline this year and people wanna blame Eli

  67. Rags 2 Riches

    Eli is a damn bum and right when the giants was about to start their rookie Leuletta. He gets arrested bwahahaha!!!! 😂😂😂

  68. -Dachschaden-

    I heard Adrien Peterson got some gas left in the tank... Oh yes...

  69. Noah Wilson

    Call up Kap god dammit.

  70. Ricky Mendoza

    The Giants should of took line men in the draft 🤦‍♂️

  71. chipskind7

    I feel horrible for OBJ and Saquan. Wasted talent rn.

  72. Zachary cruz

    Eli Manning is washed up trash. Get rid of him already. Giants o-line is also garbage. It’s hard for the wide receivers and running backs to make plays when the ball cant ever leave the QB or the line can’t create that space. I’d put Odell in the browns

  73. ATLfalcons RiseUp

    Predictable Giants. Beckham to Beckham to Beckham lol no wonder yall suck

  74. Lord Ronan

    If the redskins got better receivers and maybe a new QB they’d be gold

  75. Saumya Patel

    I like the giants but there wack

  76. Saumya Patel

    Manning is trash

  77. Duo Maxwell Deathscythe

    time to clean house and axe peeps.

  78. Kaisar

    You can say what you want about the Gianst, but when they lose its never a "high lose", always short like 7 : 3 or 12 : 9.

  79. Jack Daniels

    I am so happy for Peterson. I like that guy cause he believed into himself and is a hard worker. Worked his ass off all the time and haters said hes too old and won´t bring anything to the game anymoer. Damn haters are quiet now Peterson being top 5 RB in the league

  80. Datsun Crown

    Impressive loss

  81. Juan E.

    Can't blame Eli manning he can't do nothing if the Offensive line don't block their assignment in front off them Gattelman to blame for thinking he can plug the whole. That's a no no Jerry Reisee did that he was with Ernie Accorsi. His approach should of been Offensive line. Point blank Collins is a REAL Giant.Juan bx n.y.

  82. fly 3xperts

    I feel it for OBJ... Talent is being wasted

  83. ngoma

    I hope John Mara is liking the game...this is what he can expect the rest of the season.

  84. Krocodockle

    Smith forcing defender out of bounds was awesome haha

  85. Mike Duckwall

    I am a die hard skins fan but I am witnessing the demise of a great quarterback in Eli. He is going to be badly hurt if the O- line does not improve. This has been going on for way too long and I would retire. He is in no way allowed to do his thing and that is sad.

  86. Donavynn Tyson

    The giants defense is terrible

  87. SchoolBoy_

    Manning ain’t big time

  88. Hi My Name is Biggie Cheese boom

    How come AP didn't do this for us -Salty Cards fan

  89. novato tornero

    Eli Manning should have been benched after he threw a second pick, the Giants should have kept Eli Apple he would have put more pressure on Alex Smith. Pat Shurmur should bench Manning and make the rookie QB the starter for the rest of the season if he is serious about winning.

  90. bmbeast221

    bro wtf y is eli manning not throwing the ball to beckham like usuall before he broke his ankle?

  91. TheJsayers1


  92. TheJsayers1

    Got Damn With that defense the redskins will go places

  93. steve365

    The NFL has become so unmanly. Wearing pink, wimpy penalties, men cheerleaders, men kissing men ( M. Sam ). Like Rush Limbaugh said: "the thrill is gone."

  94. TPG

    Eli needs to learn to get the hell out of the pocket !!! He knows they are coming so just move!!


    4:02 coach be like, "well that happened"

  96. stellar drawing of drake

    it’s sad that Giants fans have to turn the HIGHLIGHT off. this piss poor product is unbearable.

  97. NickDaGeek

    Damn AP I see you! Have fun with him Redskin fans, he did wonders for us back here in Minnesota!

  98. Whole lotta juice

    Manning’s performance this season is the worst I’ve ever seen... I’m starting to think he is throwing the game

  99. consolegaming

    How much you wanna bet the kicker can be a better quarter back than eli

  100. Michael Hyman