Redskins vs. Giants Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2018


  1. Zoltan 4 President

    You beat us at home Washington, no problem. We beat you guys at your home, not only near y'all but slaughtered would be a better word

  2. xd onesie

    40-0 this time..

  3. Michael Adewale


  4. Tony Miller

    Alot of simple errors GIANTS could have had this game !

  5. Brian Davis

    Yo you are the best man I ever seen play on the tv to play football on fox sports news

  6. Caleb The Spy

    Coach....... Eli is throwing too hard again!!!!

  7. Henry Gallego

    Giants sucked redskin ballls big time !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chalo Tadeo

    Wow offensive line Giants u guys really effen suck Eli needs a new friend 5

  9. esSquad

    what was it, like 2 interceptions, 3 sacks and another loss. it's frustrating to be a giants fan.

  10. pernell zenquis

    We need a new quarterback back and this game proves it. Yes it wasnt entirely eli's fault but I think it's time for him to go. He is just to slow and when under pressure makes big mistakes that cost the game.

  11. Honor Thyself

    Worst highlight ever. Five penalty calls were in the "highlights"?

  12. REDSKINS FAN 2.01

    Right guys

  13. Nimrod kimutai

    Eli manning is aweful!! i'm not a giants fan but its painful watching this guy play.

  14. Tris Matu

    Norman owned Odell but he was a little too rough on him...and I can’t believe Eli has 2 rings I just can’t

  15. Alfred Howard Jr

    If New York aspect Odell Beckham to do it all all that's going to do is wear him out that's why he got hurt last season Odell need to find another team asap because he's an amazing player all that Talent going to waste playing with the garbage ass New York Giants

  16. toonies father

    well,,, imma tell ya like this.... J.Winston (QB) will be available after this season!!!! and guess what?????? Y'ALL NEED HIM BAD!!!!!

  17. Strutting_strat

    8:50 jeeze why was Eli hesitating so much? There were guys open

  18. The Globalist

    Thumbs up if you watch Giants games just to see Eli Manning lose.

  19. Jesica Martin

  20. Daniel Hutchison

    The Redskins in 2018 are the 2.0 9f George Allen over the hill gang of the 70s lol

  21. Semari Ford

    Always a Giants Fan Since Philly Sims Carl Banks Lawrence Taylor

  22. the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

    They let the trashskins win this

  23. Pietai

    As a huge Giants fan OBJ deserve better and Eli needs to go he's not the 2 time super bowl mvp anymore....

  24. Fake Account

    That roughing the kicker call was some bullshit... man up!

  25. J Gang

    We got ha ha Clinton dix

  26. HuRRiCaNeFLO

    Nice game 😉💪🏼

  27. D Natural


  28. cesa97

    damn the giants are ass

  29. JeMelo _Handz

    Eli manning low-key looked pretty good this game

  30. Hoten Hitonokoe

    9:06 Cool running

  31. wilsonnmak

    Eli does not know how to run

  32. Jonathan  Truncellito

    Eli has no pocket awareness at all and hes a pocket quarterback not mobile at all... they need to bench his ass already lol

  33. IAMForeign

    They're crowd sounds like a sitcom with a live studio audience 😂😂

  34. Ethan Rodriguez

    I love football...i love the game and all the good teams and players in the nfl and other sports.. Yah my brothers... But with that said id destroy any and all uu MEN for trying to ruin me and my life on the feild...u hit me... I will break uu... I CANT HAVE A FAMILY..A GOOD LIFE..CAUSE UU GOT PRIDE ISSUES AND A MONEY GREED... reasons i train hard to defeating human males... With heart...

  35. Retro

    3:04 pass interference?

  36. Elizabeth Domero

    I would rather have Peyton manning than eli

  37. K Osborn

    Eli is far from the giants biggest problem

  38. Andrew Carlotto

    Gaints need an offensive line that many sacks is unforgivable

  39. Power

    Eli has to be one of the stiffest quarter backs I’ve ever seen. If one of the d linemen even sneeze on him he freezes up and stops weak are you that you can’t shrug off someone’s hand tackle

  40. DJ Kevgeez

    Manning should retire now.

  41. DJ Kevgeez

    ODB is ridiculous.

  42. james roberts

    What are the odds that the Giants will take the first QB in the 2019 draft?

  43. Nate River

    7:54 Weak AF

  44. KJ

    5:10 that boy got decked

  45. michael paiva

    And my man ADAP "All Day Adrian Peterson" with the nice TD run at the to seal the deal and stop any chance if a comeback. Adrian is tearing it up this year. If he dont get hurt i could see the Skins (who overpay everybody whether its justified or not " sign him to a 2 year 12 million with 6-8 guranteed next year at the LEAST . hes only making the veteran minimum of 1.2 million this year ( all guaranteed) so no matter where he go next year i say he worth at least 5 guranteed the man is a workhorse and one of the best RBs of all time top 15 all time

  46. Ivan G. Rhone

    I do believe eli is washed up but damn no protection all at ,I give the OL most of the fault

  47. The Last Guy

    Nice tackle at 1:48

  48. Damien DiLucchio

    It looks like Redskins D will have to carry this team. Addition of Ha-Ha should help. We cant keep relying on AP to shoulder the load. Well see what happens when Atlanta comes to town.

  49. EvilGhost 23

    We ,nyg, need a new qb asap

  50. Isaiah Rojas

    Omg the giants will always suck omg