Rockets vs Lakers fight with Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram ejected | NBA Highlights



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    In the fourth quarter between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Ingram gets fouled by James Harden on a drive to the hoop. A scrum ensues, with Ingram being pulled back after shoving Harden. Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo then get into it, as CP3 puts a hand in Rondo’s face. Each point guard throws a punch, then Ingram runs back in and throws a punch. All three players were ejected.
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    1. Stephen Svitko

      Anyone see Mayweather in the back at 1:00

    2. Rylan Richards

      The referee eyes were wide open when Ingram confronted his betting ass

    3. JohnCurtCane GT

      los la

    4. papi keyze

      Chris Paul: who Tory lanes Rondo:

    5. Steven Porto

      Ingram is such a waste. coward

    6. Supah Powah

      Lebron's a nice guy

    7. SaltySake

      Harden like *is this what we become...*

    8. MCRO

      I see Floyd trying to promote a boxing match

    9. Citizenthirteen

      The game should be about being able to shoot the basketball in the basket. There are way too many players who manipulate the refs into thinking a foul was committed . That is a game within a game. it's cheesy and it needs to stop. Guys baiting others into hitting them should get the foul and a technical . Then lose possession. They'll think twice about their cheesy antics and the game will be much better.

      1. Ole Okie Watson

        You're absolutely right. The American sport culture and American public in general are so juvenile and degenerate that faux drama like this is somehow seen as highly entertaining and even encouraged. The NBA is predominated by a lousy style of basketball played by overgrown toddlers who perfectly embody the world of nothingness that is social-media celebrity.

    10. Kevin Escobedo

      I loved this moment reminded me of old school NBA. The only thing that can surpass this is if Draymond Green & Kevin Durant got into a tai kwondo scuffle.

    11. b l

      Throwing punches one thing but getting an arrest face like that the commission don't take kindly to that big fine



    13. John Mike

      lol melo tryna fight Ingram at the end cost him a spot on the lakers😂 good luck finding a team

    14. San Diego

      Rondo AND Paul have BOTH always been little bitches on the court. whenever Lance Stevenson is the calm guy trying to settle down fights.... then you know the other guys fighting are all a bunch of idiots & psychos. - LOL 😂

    15. AOZ


    16. The Batman

      1:46 Rondo with a left hook.

    17. Tyler Barker

      Fuck the Lakers

    18. kanimo24

      Harden didnt even look like he cared lmao

    19. Erbivore

      Nipsey Hussle @ 2:00

    20. cvs miss

      I luv the uppercut though

    21. kingjappyjoe420


    22. Damien Dorr

      Take this 2 piece home for the family...would you like a side of fries and a frosty beverage for .99 cent to complete the combo? thanks for visiting Blackeyes have a nice day.

    23. Abhi Avula

      With Travis Scott on the side lookin like he ready to hop in XD

    24. jaxxcapone

      Lol lebron held cp3 so Ingram could get a cheap shot

    25. Muneebah Khan

      Ingram overreacted. Deserves the ejection.

    26. Lyle's Sports Channel

      That was crazy to see we all saw it live when we were in los angeles

    27. Galactuk hacks

      Ingram is a piece of shit

    28. Patricia Wallach

      That's what happens when ghetto trash dominates a sport. Baby mamas, drugs, illiteracy, domestic violence, drugs, alcoholics, dead beat sperm donors, criminal records, arrests, prison, gangs. No class, dignity, respect. Buffoons, clowns, ugly fools.

    29. PettyChronicles

      Damn i felt that push from Ingram... Sheesh

    30. Theo Scherer

      *BLACK PEOPLE* ...

      1. superfexible dom

        Theo Scherer fuck you

    31. Goku MegaMan

      Fight and get 2-4 game suspension? Please more fights

    32. ChillinW TheTs


      1. ChillinW TheTs


      2. Mychal Taylor

        I kinda felt JR was somewhere in the building.

    33. E Z

      Lebron lowkey holding both of cp3s hands when the fight started so his teamates can land some clean punches.

    34. matthalo89

      Bunch of millionaires babies

    35. Skip 2 My Lou

      Mike breen is an amazing commentator

    36. Red Vanderbilt

      Who's the hot woman 0:56

    37. Randy Reed

      James Harden still walking like its defense

    38. Manuel Becerra

      Black power

    39. phatmonk

      harden not even shook. "Who are you?

    40. Shechose_0 TV

      I thought rondo deserved it

      1. Jellyfish Jock Rider

        Same here bro.

    41. Daniel Barwatt

      O lost it when Ingram just runs into the skirmish and starts throwing hands at whoever 😂

    42. Invictus_trax

      Mayweather enjoyin the shit out of it xD.

    43. In_Serch

      Rondon IS a dirty nasty snake


      Lmaooooo Hardens reaction; like what the fuck u doin kid!!!!?!???? BI was a straight G for that one.

    45. Yusuf Boroni

      Go to ufc clown, this basketball not ufc you coward !!

    46. bhu daring

      continue with ur fight

    47. Abdul Jakul Salsalani

      I love how LeBron handles his bestfriend

    48. Anthony Senpai

      Ksksksksk nossa o Rondo é bom de briga ksksksksksk

    49. Roy Brown

      lets applaud rondo for smackin him

    50. Jesse Silva

      Ingram through his punch from half court with his long ass arms lol