Rockets vs Lakers fight with Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram ejected | NBA Highlights



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    In the fourth quarter between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Ingram gets fouled by James Harden on a drive to the hoop. A scrum ensues, with Ingram being pulled back after shoving Harden. Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo then get into it, as CP3 puts a hand in Rondo’s face. Each point guard throws a punch, then Ingram runs back in and throws a punch. All three players were ejected.
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    1. Z e r o

      Damn out all of them only bron harden tucker and lance were calm enough to not get involved into the fighting and start punching ppl

    2. Joaquin A

      Rocket lakers AKWAYS FIGHTING. Good rivalry

    3. Treston Smith

      0:55 verdine white from Earth wind & fire

    4. Frogdog Necktie

      I noticed Brandon was to soft at Duke He needs to get hard

    5. Athamas

      0:57 and Floyd is everywhere 😂😂😂

    6. Septo

      Ingram nips it in the butt where he can when he's not even involved just for that extra attention and tough guy points lmao

    7. Myster Noventas

      Ingram a bitch

    8. Sucker Punch

      Good for Rondo..

    9. Steven Valdez

      Is that nipsy

    10. Jay T-9000

      Paul deserved that left straight to the face. Anyone Who pushes someone in the eye deserves a check move

    11. Ewalk Gonza

      Its official Maywheather wants to fight the winner of Rondo verse Chris Paul. He will probably get 20 million for it too!!! My money is Rondo. I think Rondo would kill Chris Paul...

    12. Ewalk Gonza

      Rondo nailed Chris Paul... I don't think Chris was expecting that... Rondo is know for having a quick temper, but in this case he was justified. If you put your finger in someones face, and you push their face back you have every right to defend yourself. Ingram on the other hand was out of line.

    13. kRizm

      0:54 girlfriend has to get boyfriend who thinks can just walk on the court

    14. Milenko Smiljanic

      Good video!!

    15. Ayyy Reese

      Ingram is a fuckin dawg

    16. hannah maria

      Spitting on people is the most disgraceful disgusting shit on earth. I don’t blame CP!

    17. zantos o2t3a

      Rockets really got pauls back lol 😂😂😂😂

    18. Kovacs Kovacs

      This wasn't nearly as bad as the Ron Artest brawl with the fans at Detroit though.

    19. Kovacs Kovacs

      Multi-millionaires brawling, to entertain other multi-millionaires in the audience (i.e. Floyd Mayweather and co.).

    20. A1 Ant

      This is the only real fight of this generation

    21. Baboy Drilon

      I love boxing and UFC

    22. Mista _Mask

      0:29 look at Harden

    23. puzzlepiratesspain

      Hostia lebron en los lakers wtf

    24. Mary Sexton

      Chris Paul had it coming

    25. Mark Velasco

      Harden was a exposed cheater

    26. Ice King

      I like how LeBron just rag dolls Chris Paul around like a little kid

    27. Green Bay Duke

      Harden looking at Ingram like "who are you" lmao

    28. Daniel Collins

      That was a good left hook he should be a boxer

    29. want food

      Chris Paul got rocked by that punch by rondo

    30. s 23

      Mayweather loving it

    31. sad banana

      Fuck the lakers

    32. Don Yuhenyo

      ingram are worse james harden is older than you have to respect him men

    33. Coin Baker

      0:58 Kendall Jenner,what you doing?

    34. Nate Smith

      3 punches is not a fight......

    35. blondyon112

      Where's Lonzo?

    36. Sotero Mares

      Lakers fans, y’all can hate CP3 and Harden all y’all want, but y’all can’t tell me that spitting in someone’s face and trying to sucker punch someone from behind aren’t pussy ass moves.

    37. yall lame as hell

      2:00 That boy Hu$$le was about to get off in somebody ass 😂😂

    38. Vince yang

      Lmao this is still hilarious. When Rondo and CP3 started swinging, Melo and Bron was just watching like they wanted to see the 1on1 happen. Eric Gordon was the only one trying to break it up.

    39. Eddie Figueroa

      Stand down!

    40. CrazykyrieIrvingfan !!!!!!!!

      When did rondo punch

    41. Goli Hoops

      Chris should NEVER be bald agian🤣🤣

    42. i Manqo

      Dude y’all need to watch MJ2KAllDay video. He makes some very good points

    43. Duck Bread

      Harden seems mad chill.

    44. Edward

      I’m surprised Melo didn’t sucker punch and run again..

    45. James Etyn

      Dang For a second there Paul head was moving like them bubble head dolls,oh my bad bubble head NBA action figures..

    46. Golden Jokster27

      Paul: *while he's poking at Rondo* YO A$$ IS GETTING FUQIN' CARRIED BY LEBRON! Rondo: *starts punching throws*

    47. Nate Roblox Minecraft and more

      1:59 James and Paul such good friends that reminds me on the Lego batman movie where that cop says a monkey and dog are friends

    48. Nate Roblox Minecraft and more

      1:10 James hudon started the fight by pointing

    49. Nate Roblox Minecraft and more

      I'm surprised that lebron didn't drop James hudon

    50. Skittles S

      I hate lebron, but I appreciate him melo and lance stepping up