Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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    1. Adam Sharief

      Watching on the Note9 !

    2. dannyboi

      I'm watching this from a note8, xd

    3. HarvzOfficial

      The phone is top *notch* ........but dont have a notch

    4. Patrick Lyons

      watching from my 512gb note 9

    5. edburg francis

      You got me this phone Marquees. Cheers to you mate. Its because of your review i got this beast.

    6. lone Wolf AB

      Wow bro perfect phone dude!!!!👌

    7. Kenneth Trahan

      I got the note 9 last night :)

    8. Cik Azlan Lan

      Note 9 is the best smartphone in 2018😍😍😍

    9. virgingamer

      І bought уesterday іn a vеrу good prіcе hеrе: *vdigital. info*

    10. Family Friendly64

      I would buy this if i had the money.

    11. Garfield

      I hate to say this but Im preganter

    12. chelsea boy

      The best phone in the World ❤

    13. Aston Bright

      I am getting this phone for Christmas. Haven't had a new phone for coming up to 4 years.

    14. Marga Esperanza

      I draw on mine a lot and DAMN my friends thought my drawings were from my wacom tablet. Imagine their surprise when I tell them its made with my Note 9 phone!

    15. Mario Wario

      I switched from a S8+ and I'm still catching myself putting my finger on the flash sensor to unlock it.

    16. RJ CRIKEY

      Picked up today coming from a note 8.Glad I did.Only other option at the Telco was Huawei (haha)and iPhone.Easy decision.

    17. Hong An

      I sometimes cant wake up Bixby. I literally have to shout. but sometimes i just want to wisper asking for time in the middle of the night... anyone having the same issue. Suggestions?

    18. Hong An

      If the screen goes larger ,e.g. 6.8 ,i would love it more. Now its small. The suprise for me is how it sounds.

    19. Ashray Baral

      If you(yes you reading this) don't appreciate this phone then go die you ungrateful bitch

    20. Edi Wijanarko

      watching dis video on samsung galaxy young

    21. Jake Parker

      What if while your pen is in the phone, the phone would charge it?

    22. Banjoe, Traveler

      Notes have always been my phones, even had to use them as back up for footage.

    23. Reviewer Discounts

      i like your review man thanks a lot

    24. KJ Obnoxious

      I love my Note 9

    25. Ambitious Aleshia

      I bought it and I LOVE IT

    26. eu race

      Lousy phone, not suitable for heavy user

    27. Tyyourshoe1

      Just got my note 9

    28. Habtom Tekle

      You forgot to mention the stereo speakers

    29. Ruben Santiago

      Note 9 update?

    30. powerlinkers

      Just got a note 9(128GB) for USD 660(inclusive 6% tax + extended 2 years warranty + 128gb microSD card). Every single feature is outstanding except Bixby(I will disable it later).

    31. Jujitsu Majors

      I still run with the S5 I would definitely go with the phone with that many features that quality of the crispy clear of vacations and things you can actually have access to hands down I'd go with it

    32. maaz aslam biggest fan

      his hands are just so big

    33. jade cruz

      I'm just asking how much is that samsung galaxy note 9?

    34. wardope

      No-te its not my next phone. it will be the OnePlus 6T

    35. KC Guy 88

      Is that a stock wallpaper?

    36. Koko Lim

      Just give that to me!!!

    37. Michael Ayling

      Yes it is my next phone, if my telco’s warehouse depot ever gets them back in stock. The wait is unbearable.

    38. ठाकुर 86

      samsung is best company

    39. irfan khan

      s9+ is way better, s pen is good but there is nothing much to do with it.

    40. ya472

      I did the Note 9 512 because I needed a new phone (???) and hope it will be durable enough to last five - six years. I can't wait for the latest/greatest, but damn, this is one fine gizmo ! ($1600 Canadian) OMG

      1. Fat Max

        Take care of it and it definitely will last 5 years. The specs are just too good not to. The only downside will be that 5g is coming out and it will be a drawback not to have it in like 2020.

    41. Lloyd Griffiths

      Watching this on a laptop with less RAM 😂

    42. Lazaros Kotsaridis

      well i did get it and it's amazing probably the best of2018❤😍😍

    43. Elsa Woods

      The design is too cool dnt say negative abt the desing.. i love it

    44. zealot316

      Samsung having had the laggiest phones for years really should just include a base 8GB of RAM

    45. User User

      I love my note 9 😀

    46. I LightenStar I

      Samsung note 10: A foldable smartphone.

    47. Samuel Khalifeh

      Lemme get that wallpaper link.

    48. Joachim Werner

      S9 Plus not far behind, if at all. its basically all around perfect phone but less nerdy/feminine

    49. Hamdhoon Mohamed

      Do not buy that phone

      1. วคx


    50. Ram Bow

      What can money do for you that God cannot do for you?