SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller Unboxing | PlayStation Live From E3 2018



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    SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller Unboxing | PlayStation Live From E3 2018

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    1. Fortnite Awesome

      You copied Xbox

    2. Riotmakr

      Need a ps4 controller for xbox. Easier to move thumb up to d-pad on ps4 controller than down on the xbox d-pad. Ps4 controller is better and so is its console.

    3. Faze SpYRoPYRo

      Noooooo they turned to xboxes side

    4. Courier Six

      Totally didn't steal the design from xbox

    5. Jeffrey Williams

      Third anniversary of Jurassic World. Look at the publication date in the video's description and you'll see.

    6. Barry

      Tuw mush moniey!

    7. rusty travels

      I can’t find it on scuf at all

    8. Ronald Ibarguen

      Is Xbox .l.

    9. TheJoemaica

      199$ for a Xbox controller? XD

    10. Bugs Bunny

      Launches new controller months before the PS5 is supposed to come out.

    11. November Moore

      pair the voices

    12. N N

      broken controller. do your research before deciding to buy this. or else you will feel tremendous buyers remorse.

    13. STAIND12300

      Bruh $200?? It looks cheap and more plasticky than the regular dual shock...

    14. Random Drannn99

      Won’t u be confused with all the buttons on there? Comment the opinion I wanna know...

    15. Ekta Rani

      When is this coming out in the UK

    16. JayZoop

      I bought the Vantage. The paddle buttons are way too stiff. The paddle buttons are up too high, so it's unnatural for my larger hands to press. I sent it back, but there's a 15% reboxing fee.

    17. Tony Taylor

      More like STUFFED ADVANTAGE!

    18. Norman Milano

      I have an elite I bought a year ago and I don’t like the material they use on the raised thumb stick convex style. Deforms and shreds away just from holding it down with force

    19. Lil Bubba

      Knockoff Xbox controller

    20. John Ray Ng

      its so ugly, just buy the xbox controller, its obvious they just copied the xbox design anyway

    21. davethebigdealcamara

      The only problem I have with this thing is that the PS home button sits too close to the D pad. My fingers slip off the D pad and hit it every time. It doesn’t have a lock out switch to avoid it from happening.

    22. John

      Sony trying so hard to not say they copied the xbox instead saying professional gaming community

    23. r1skyy

      Exactly the same options as the impact have...

    24. xX_Kjcomputer_Xx

      $200??? Xbox one elite is more cheaper

    25. This Awesome Channel

      Looks like an Xbox Controller

    26. World coin Stock

      More precise and wise to buy an xbox

    27. World coin Stock

      Look how copied Xbox again 🖕

    28. Swiss 24z_

      Pretty dumb that it’s only being released in the us and Canada for now 🤨 what about the uk 🇬🇧

    29. shadow_of_ Origin

      They need to do a clear faceplate

    30. Boss of this gym

      They copied xbox controller

    31. Michael N29

      Audio ahead of footage

    32. GoodiesBR

      drop it and you will have a controller parts all over your room

    33. tuur hendrickx

      Releas date europ?

    34. AnTi SepTiCEye

      This controller is doing to much I’d rather buy a infinity 4ps pro

    35. Kraskel the Gamecat

      I like the buttons on the back, but I baught $5 analog caps and my fps game improved noticeably. Dont know if $200 is worth it. Splitfish's newer ps4 mouse/nunchuck is only $110 and would imagine that to be more of a game changer.

    36. muzna imtiaz

      So awesome guys I want it look how there are in this controller

    37. Xander8 Gaming

      Hello new x-what da!

    38. Martell Tha Cool

      Why does it cost so much?

    39. Hero

      Tf? As an Xbox player I’m offended

    40. Zenioxy

      bought a ps4 a month ago. just heard of this controller and just ordered it

    41. flashy pers

      Never pay 200

    42. Genji IsWithYu

      I’m scared it’s gonna break over time... and I wanna see the customisation but I can’t for some reason ? Is it cause I’m not living in usa or Canada I’m gonna buy it once I do go to usa but I wanna see the customisation but can’t

    43. Nano Pharaoh

      When does it come out

    44. leaf boi

      i i h i ha i hat i hate i hate e i hate ed i hate edi i hate edit i hate edite i hate edited i hate edited c i hate edited co i hate edited com i hate edited comm i hate edited comme i hate edited comments i hate edited comment never mind this takes way to long

    45. K. M.

      Dear Playstation, You need to make the next generation controllers come like this stock.

    46. Petter Olsson

      Has anyone actually gotten this controller yet?

    47. Joe Chip

      Can’t get it in the U.K. Obviously don’t want my money.

    48. Creeper Takeover

      Try to sub

    49. Bill fred

      Or you can modify an xbox1 controller if your hands get sore using the official ps4 controller. Which is my problem since the ps4 is made for people with baby hands

    50. Tubby FireXD

      i wanna buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!