Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator

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    From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
    DIR: Wolf Haley
    DP: Luis Panch Perez
    PRO:Happy Place

    に公開 8 日 前


    1. Kurt Brendel

      That’s an epic verse. One of the best ever

    2. dfwsuave

      Why does the trombone player look like Cheech Marin?

    3. SUB TO ME

      *One Like = One L for Russ*

    4. Empathy Uprising

      Definitely influenced by Andre 3000.

    5. WuT4ng Won

      00:03 horrible posture. No full range of motion😂Get you push-up game up homie😁

      1. Hubba Bubba

        It’s a music video

    6. Vegan Matt

      Tyler got that Ishod Wair hair. *few will understand this*

    7. Satire Stephen


    8. Vegan Matt

      He's so underrated

    9. Lanard Mckeown

      Crazy !

    10. Jaloattel ™

      2018 has been nice to music so far.

    11. Phoenix A

      yes zaddy

    12. Matthew d Hayes

      Unique in the best way

    13. jearss

      The Google hive mind heard my phone playing this on my second JP-news account and suggested this to me on this account.

    14. MILLIE OnYoutube

      Love u 🖤

    15. Nik Marie

      my dumbass thought it was señor benjamin playing that instrument behind tyler 💀

    16. Matheus de Azevdo Santos

      Sensacional !❤

    17. Nightquan Loco

      That hair tho

    18. daniel kolpin

      Best music video I've seen in years

    19. KirimonYT

      I C O N I C

    20. Golly Pon

      The shot composition / imagery in this vid is fantastic, holy shit

    21. er libanese

      i'm flying

    22. ItzInfezo


    23. Carl Elamin

      No one notice ASAP rocky

    24. bruh

      weird motherfucker but talented

    25. Properly Prissy

      ugh ily tyler wtf why are you so dope 😤🖤

    26. The Lurker

      Ballads by rappers are the best.

    27. Snapple82

      Thought we were about to have a Fallout 76 theme considering how the ship looked

    28. cloudy saapy

      Ghost got bars tbh

    29. cloudy saapy

      When the beat dropped on the aircraft carrier...

    30. Frank Osei


    31. Pizza Time

      My boy on the right at 1:37 saluting with the wrong arm

    32. mr.AjAx.

      Kept forgetting to watch this

    33. Jan

      Damn the details, when he says "I" he does someting with his eye: 0:33 and 1:46

    34. Ryvan Tinggee

      This is beutiful.

    35. Loudman Quiet

      I played this song thru a terrible break up

    36. Young Gotty

      This looks so mad

    37. Cameron William Boyle

      Visually this is the greatest Tyler music video.

    38. eduardo ca

      Alaba 🔥🔥

    39. MrBackhouse36

      I love how after Flowerboy all the new fans think Tyler’s super cute and don’t know about the “raped a pregnant bitch and told my friends I had a threesome” days 😂

    40. Toast Malone

      Tyler got a thing for bees

    41. Cell Perfect

      This gives me Sega Marine fishing Vibes....

    42. 吉野 慎弥(Gromit)


    43. BDTHESM4

      Cheech Marin on the trumpet lmao

    44. omarstopnow

      Tyler and Kali should release an album together!

    45. Alaric

      wtf is this music video lmao

    46. MrMcausome

      The real question is why is an f 15 on that carrier. 0/10 no military realism.

    47. Ryan Kelly

      i just noticed his hair looks like a bee

    48. Ryan Kelly

      his hairs kinda rediculous

    49. jocko smocko

      An old song but this goes hard asf and I really fuck wit the music video

    50. King georgen