SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel



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    1. flame_flower_princess_playz

      I hear yaurel

    2. nya

      I hear.... "my forehead is not that big, guys, guys?"

    3. Yeah Nah

      I hear ‘Yarry.’

    4. cosmaticion

      Green Needle or brainstorm look it up oh wait you can hear both if you think of the one you want but still look it up and hear both

    5. Jacky Pie


    6. Hu Mongous

      I've watched a few because a friend said to and tell me what I thought. LSD perhaps. Gay in closet? Lonely or so sad it's hilarious. I bet he would suck a cock for a klondyke bar.

    7. Edgar Pastor

      The dress doesnt give a shit. Thanks for ruining the Internet you guys are the reason i drink.

    8. Fernie the Bean


    9. Lizard_Pioneer445

      I hear tranny

    10. kohlton louks

      New internet fads are stupid.

    11. Olivia Smith

      you know how it says it twice well i heard laurel first and then yanny

    12. Bangtan Sonyondan


    13. Polandball Comics

      I was thinking that too

    14. 10 000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge

      I hear ‘youre adopted go live somewhere else and get out of my sight’

    15. Kim Culhane

      it's clearly lerurl where u getting yanny

    16. Cas The Gay Angel



      the real answer is *Ali-a's intro plays*

    18. MusicIsLife

      I watched a 15 sec ad for a 39 sec vid

    19. Thank you Kanye, Very cool!

      sundae gets no love

    20. Refrigerator Does Stuff

      I hear Yammy lololololololol

    21. Pokè Queen

      It’s Yangtze biches

    22. Ricardo alves

      I saw someone lowering the pitch in that and it said Laurel, and then I was like, "WTF IS THKS SORCERY!?, Didn't know people were actually serious about it

    23. Ciao Games

      who's yonny

    24. Hitler 420

      A few days ago I heard Laurel, but now I hear Yanny...

    25. Smol Bean

      I hear ”Be a Klondike”

    26. jacobsta811b

      y a r r y

    27. random guy that says hi

      It says kill me

    28. random guy that says hi


    29. Tanvee Priyadarshan

      I SWEAR I HEAR LENNY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    30. Julian The Kid With Autism

      kill me, kill me, please kill me

    31. random account

      Bitch when u turn on the captions it says YANNY

    32. Nathan Taylor


    33. Gabriel Caro

      The Kyle and Jackie O Show said it was both. When you speed it up it says laurel, if you slow it down it 50x it’s speed, it says Yanny.

    34. Juanito

      i hear *shrek 5 coming next month*

    35. Micxx

      I hear “Where is Hamilton 3?”

    36. Lucky RW

      Toby will be pleased he'll be

    37. Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123

      I hear the truth is Black and Blue.

    38. Tyler Ash2626

      It’s yammy

    39. Bob Didlboc

      How dare they give me a 15 second ad for a 0:40 second video

    40. heavenly 17

      I am writing with a fruit snack. My phone thinks it’s a finger.

    41. Praiboon Suntornproh

      I hear the word *LAWNMOWER*

    42. Victoria


    43. Adrian Knappertz

      okay for some reason like half of your videos aren't showing up in my subscription box? idk what to do bc i love your videos but half the time you upload i see it like five days later in my recommendeds instead of in my sub box.

    44. Derpy Merpy

      Oh my.... ;-;

    45. Circuits Animates

      I heard Klondike

    46. IPlay Games

      I hear “WASSUP JACK PAULERS” anyone else?

    47. Casey R

      YANNY, but yesterday Laurel

    48. Gamer Vito

      0:19 turn on the titles

    49. DeilMortal

      kill meh