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Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks vs. Broncos highlights


  1. Mason P

    Still better than Super Bowl 53

  2. circuS .Allstar

    Super bowl 48 was a boring game Super bowl 53: hold my beer

  3. Riveriux Phenom

    Worst superbowl . Soo boring .

  4. Lena Waite

    read more

  5. Elite Scout

    Peyton Manning is a CHOKER!!! Tom Brady is BY FAR SO MUCH BETTER

  6. Kermit khor

    I miss these seahawks

  7. Evan Cichanski

    2019 anyone?

  8. Tony Draco

    Almost look like pats and falcons and this case manning couldn't do what Brady did and he been in the league longer then him

  9. Beast

    The Seahawks had the best defense of the decade and people said they would start a dynasty but the very next Super Bowl the greatest football player of all time Tom Brady ended the legion of boom and started ANOTHER dynasty.

  10. MGB

    Most underrated part of this SB: Cliff Avril and Jermaine Kearse both played on winless teams in 2008. Avril as a rookie with the Lions, Kearse as a freshman at UW. Trash to Treasure

  11. Bruce Rodriguez

    Manning can't never do what Brady did in SB51. Noddle arm. Lol.

  12. Amar Khalif

    I like number 11 he is soo faster than the others player's in this super bowl 49 thx or thank you

  13. Eddy X

    2:20 that's literally all Seattle had to do in order to win 2 back to back Super Bowls.

  14. gOtakutaku

    And for the next 7 years the offense will be taken apart by the coaches! Can’t win Super Bowls without your oline!

  15. Irawan Ade

    Broncos fans be like "mAnniNG iS tHe gOaT!!!1!1!1!!1"

  16. Zio Sam

    Throwback, as Homer says "OOHH...THE DENVER BRONCOS"

  17. Captain Burt

    guess what, the boys looked fresh

  18. zunaki the god

    Tom Brady would never lose like this in a big game

  19. California area

    Seahawks the one hit wonder

  20. 509Syndicate


  21. bfanofurmom

    "Seahawks havent played a record breaking offense like the Broncos, they'll have it coming for them this Sunday" "Seahawks offense and their pedestrian receivers won't be able to score as much as our historical record breaking offense" "The Broncos offense will make the Seahawks defense look stunned and overwhelmed this sunday" "Payton Manning will make the legion of gloom look lost and looking for answers when the Broncos receivers will run past them this sunday" 😂 "The legion of gloom won't be able to keep up with Payton manning and his offense" - Broncos fans before the super bowl 😂

  22. Chicken Nugget

    LMAO and people say that Superbowl 53 was bad lol

  23. Sammy Newell

    This super bowl was better than super bowl 53.

  24. Josh Robichaud

    Anyone here in 2019?

  25. Tom Tom

    Interestingly enough these two were once Division rivals.

  26. Tom Tom

    Even tho this game sucked ass, I like that score board. It looks cool.

    1. Tom Tom

      +kevnyor Jollywood 92502 gaming Yeah but SB 50 erased it for me

    2. kevnyor Jollywood 92502 gaming

      It sucked cause you lost lol

  27. Joe Cool

    We got porked this game

  28. Pig Man

    Payton is getting old

  29. NDH_Ali3n

    Manning made Goff look good

  30. Hani Mackie


    1. MVP Material

      Broncos fan?

  31. Francisco Garcidueñas

    Idk how can people can still saying Manning is the goat with this kind of performances. Also the the one against the ravens.

  32. gor9027

    Still a better SB than SB 53. At least this SB had highlights and we got to see one of the greatest defensive teams of all time.

    1. boxing #1 sport

      +gor9027 stop it. Low scoring is way better than a blowout because you know the outcome already in a blowout. There was nothing special in this Super bowl other than Peyton Manning choking.

    2. gor9027

      There was nothing memorable about SB 53. And being the lowest scoring SB ever is a major reason why that one was worse.

    3. boxing #1 sport

      Bro STFU this game was boring because by the beginning 3rd quarter it was over while the Patriots Rams came down to wire.

  33. AJAM

    Boring for everyone else but this was the greatest super bowl ever to us Seahawks fans.

  34. MrDevour 69

    The boom squad 💣💥💣💥

  35. Keem 2liveTv

    Watching in 2019. Now this is the worst Super Bowl ever!!!!

  36. Gerard Wey

    Worst superbowl ever

  37. amani mango

    And then Butler ended their Dynasty lol

  38. Mr nobody

    Ok speaking as someone who’s not into football at all, this was hilarious to me for some reason.

  39. Brenden Heckman

    And it was actually 11 seconds in the 2nd half

  40. Brenden Heckman

    Seahawks never really proved themselves if this game was close they wouldve choked like they did in 49

  41. Elmo Likes Children

    Oh how I miss this

  42. BuffaloMafia716

    Super Bowl 53 was the most boring hands down

  43. Myat Thike

    I loved this super bowl/game so much #diehardseahawksfan

  44. Cr4zygam3r_Mo

    Was anyone watching super bowl 53

    1. Max H.

      Cr4zygam3r_Mo not as bad as this game.

    2. Daniel Silecchia

      Yea shittest super bowl ever

    3. Cr4zygam3r_Mo

      Rah Upnext right worst game ever

    4. Rah Upnext

      Cr4zygam3r_Mo yea but it was boring

  45. Neem_ YK03

    Percy Harvin should’ve got super bowl MVP

  46. Mylee Metz

    I like the Broncos, my crush likes the Seahawks, we're pretty much enemies now JK, we're really good friends but I'm still upset😤

  47. Westy

    This Bronco team was the greatest offensive team of all time. This Seattle team was the greatest team of all time.

    1. UKosh 10

      Westy not true at all. This Seattle team is definitely not the best. 2012 Ravens, 2014 and 16 Pats are better. And the eagles from 2017 aren’t that bad either.

    2. Westy

      +UKosh 10 are you hard of reading? I specifically said "this" Seattle team. Not the year before team, not the year after but this specific team they put on the field in the SB.

    3. UKosh 10

      Westy lol, how old are you? Seattle is the greatest team of all time lmao, which is why they only won one super bowl

    4. Westy

      +UKosh 10 your mom, it's jiggly

    5. UKosh 10

      Westy what are you on?

  48. StayStrong1990

    Lol a boring blowout SB but I thought this would have been Peyton last game to win his 2nd ring then retire🤷🏻‍♂️? I was surprised Seahawks blow out Broncos but they were a young team & good defense. Wilson was a beast in his prime during this year!

  49. The Legendary One

    This is why Manning will never be better than Brady. I'm not saying Brady would have won this game but he certainly wouldn't get blown out like this.

    1. The Legendary One

      +EternalTrick I'm saying had Brady been playing in superbowl 48 this game would have been close.

    2. EternalTrick

      Brady did win this game it is called super bowl 49.

  50. B Mack

    Denver had horrible tackles blocking for him

  51. John Elway

    I ain't forget

  52. Metallica Land

    Worst Super Bowl of all time

    1. BuffaloMafia716

      Don't look now

  53. SunDaygoMade

    Tom brady would never...

  54. Troy James

    Brady would have won this game 44-43

  55. Isidro Slabs

    Crazy Seahawks only won one superbowl

  56. Soppe Soppe

    Go broncos

  57. Iam0teyy.

    0:47 tf was number 54 was doing

  58. Brunno Fournette

    Worst super bowl ever except for Seahawks fans

  59. reckless

    Most embarrassing super bowl ever

  60. Raul Beltran

    this should be on pornhub

  61. Tiger Playz

    I didn’t really watch the game. I was sick and I lying in bed.I refused to wear face paint because I didn’t know the Seahawks yet.

  62. Tiger Playz

    Lets go seattle let’s go!

  63. Keanu Kea-Kamehameha

    Dude I was really really sick asf this day with the flu! Worst day ever lol. And i lost 20$ for picking the trash ass broncos

  64. Bladimir Carrion

    I dont care what anyone say i just csme back just to realize Brady would of never got blow out in a big game like this the difference between him and Manning

  65. Melissa Angeles

    Go Seahawks

  66. d lum

    5:12 , what was that?? hit em man !

  67. Severo Flores

    They where playing at the Browns level the DNVR Broncos

  68. Savage_ Donkeys

    Seahawks are lucky von Miller didn’t play in that game

    1. Ron Jones

      Wouldn’t have changed the L


    Still can't believe they didn't run it

  70. Oscar Tapia

    This game showed how peyton manning is trash in playoff games

  71. 1terraforce

    My fav sb. Loved seeing manning getting his ass handed to him lol

  72. Danny Phantom

    No reason too watch

  73. AC Babel Gates

    It was All bad when the dam Ball went over his head!

  74. Viridiana Valdes Berriel

    a los 24 años me empezó gustar los halcones marinos de Seattle y los 28 años vi el primer super bowl del los halcones marinos de Seattle y me hice mi primer tatuaje de los halcones marinos de Seattle

  75. Mohammed Allan

    5280gang broncos suck we be crushed you guys 51-17

  76. nathaniel barnhill

    It’s the legion of champs

  77. nathaniel barnhill

    Broncos did not make the Super Bowl with poor defense like that

  78. nathaniel barnhill

    I never seen the best quarterback in NFL play this poorly before I wonder if joe Montana was shocked what about joe Namath???

  79. Camron Browning

    This Super Bowl had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

  80. randy martinez

    Denver Broncos Super Bowl 55 champions

  81. randy martinez

    Super Bowl 54 champions Denver Broncos

  82. Brandon Uwanawich

    Then future came and put his ball sack on Russ face

  83. • Phazon013 •

    Greatest Superbowl of all time. Love coming back to the highlights every now and again 😌

  84. David Moore

    Go Seahawks!!!!

  85. Pisqué Dune

    The Seahawks were good, but how That Broncos defence got to the SB is beyond me.

  86. He need some milk

    Complete dominance. Go Hawks!

  87. Joel The Bitch

    This game reminds me of the 2019 national championship😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Clidevince Collado

    I hate seahawks

  89. Sou obrigado a falar isso aqui ta uma porra

    Chora mais broncalhada.

  90. nikon d3200

    Back then Legion boom

  91. Matthew Fisher

    As a Broncos fan, this game hurt my soul. 😂

  92. Schmdty


  93. Jared Middle

    Wtf happened to Percy harvin

  94. Vincent F

    Rip legion of boom... Rip no fly zone....

  95. Roodadude aka YoungRoo

    😄one of my happiest days of my life

  96. Rossi Bellinghiere

    His experience with USC .

  97. Rossi Bellinghiere

    I think Pete Carol's. Experience with us helped him out wit the Denver Broncos in Superbowl 48.

  98. dro burna

    This was the only time Super Bowl I have ever changed the super bowl because the game was so terrible

    1. I

      dro burna -best Super Bowl Of all time for a Hawks fan

  99. Justin Trost


  100. ForgotPassword Lul

    Worst superbowl ever