Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)



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    Every fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series' entire history is coming together at last in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake, Mega Man, Cloud, and more -- everyone is here! Check out the first-ever footage from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct!
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    に公開 4 ヶ月 前


    1. Awesomeness Games

      We are nearly a month away!!!!

    2. charizard stanton

      W A L U I G I I S N ' T H E R E

    3. SmashBros Plush1763

      Sonics final smash is the fastest final smash

    4. TukuLee JR

      fuck uj mario i wanna see poop in penis

    5. Kunage 7

      I literally just re-watch this for enjoyment

    6. Cheeseboy2251

      Remember when we saw this for the first time? Less than 60 days away now. Just a little longer. We are almost home.

    7. SmashBros Plush1763

      1:46 EVERYONE IS HERE!!!

    8. SmashBros Plush1763

      I can always count on you GameXplain :)

    9. Waluigi

      3:15 Someone is missing

    10. Sebastián Soto


    11. AZB

      Is it weird that 4 months later, 2 months before release, this trailer still makes me cry?

    12. Doom Demon

      I just came here from Reddit 50/50 oddly enough. They had this as a challenge.

    13. SmashBros Plush1763

      Press on 1:25 to see my favorite characters to play as

    14. marble boi

      not waluigi tho

    15. Andres E. Gomez M.

      This still gives me goosebumps to this day

    16. russian pup

      Yo! Hows it going guys welcome to best trends? Today we are gonna look at SMASH

    17. Telefission

      Everyone's not here ;(

    18. Axell Monter

      Lol anyone here from 50/50?

    19. megacharx 87

      Hey i was planning in use this un some footage like changing ir for smash4 salt ir using the each individual character trailer

    20. Gamer Darkz Ninja


    21. Con Longstaff

      Was just about to comment “where are Luigi and yoshi” until they appeared at the end

    22. roblox gamer123

      If everyone's here where is waluigi

    23. Insert Good name here

      1:45 the hype is real

    24. tinystorm

      lmao I just bought the switch now I can play this game yeet

    25. ZapSnap

      Where’s Fishy Boopkins? He passed!

    26. BB1228

      Is that Super Smash Bros 4? Why the design is the same? Oh... After seeing pichu here , I realise its not Super Smash Bros 4! xD


      This trailer will forever be known in gaming history as the trailer no one could ever predict. Wasn’t too long ago that we were all saying good bye to cloud bayo ryu etc as they were heavily expected to be out cause of being guests but no EVERYONE IS HERE

    28. JS 52

      If this game alone won’t make you buy a switch than I don’t know what will

    29. Edon Turan

      Bayonetta ❤️

    30. DIM Gaming

      I chunked

    31. Daniel Langston

      1:43: My reaction that Snake is back Me: Snake? Snake?! *tears of joy* SNAAAAAKE!!!

    32. JS 52

      This musical score is amazing it makes smash 4 s music lame

    33. Some_Crazy_Dude

      Kinda hope Snake has a alternate costume from MGSV TPP.

    34. Luigi

      One thing they're not gonna do is put smash ultimate on a handheld console that cannot be switch that's guaranteed.

      1. Luigi

        +Lil JB Beats tf means the fuck retard so go check yourself smart one

      2. Lil JB Beats

        no shit nigga

      3. Luigi


      4. Lil JB Beats

        i had a stroke trying to read this

    35. Temmie the Tem

      Everyone is here! Well you forgot Waluigi! Nintendo you smartass!

      1. Gerexo Molarroid

        Everyone is here, Waluigi too, but Everyone is here doesn't mean Everyone is Playable...

    36. Temmie the Tem

      Wait. Everyone is supossed to be from Nintendo. WTF Sonic?!

      1. Garnet

        Ever since smash brawl, nintendo has added third party characters like cloud, sonic, mega-man, and more

    37. Daniel Langston

      Imagine what would happen if SSBU went bad, Ryu would say, "Great! This is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Street Fighter V all over again!", and Sonic would say, "This is Sonic 06 all over again!", and Snake would say, "And this is Metal Gear Survive all over again!"

      1. Daniel Langston

        Yeah, but that game was hated by fans of Street Fighter.

      2. Jrad Heisenkirk

        Street Fighter V wasn’t THAT bad.

    38. Ckloe

      No! Not everyone's here! Where's my boi Waluigi? :'(

      1. Gerexo Molarroid

        He is in smash too

    39. SmashfulSpoon

      wa wa-wa wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, wa wa-wa wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa

      1. SmashfulSpoon

        +Soul Fox32 no

      2. Soul Fox32


    40. BlackFrost

      Wow there adding snake back yes

    41. Zachattack 4625

      Characters I want: 1: Waluigi (of course) 2: Crash Bandicoot 3: Dr Eggman (Sonic) 4: Helix (Arms) 5: King Hippo (Punch out) 6: Toad (Mario) 7: Octavio (Splatoon) 8: Spyro 9: Shadow (Sonic) 10: King Boo (Mario)

      1. Zachattack 4625

        +Gerexo Molarroid I mean as a play able character

      2. Gerexo Molarroid

        +Zachattack 4625 Not, really he is in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

      3. Zachattack 4625

        +Gerexo Molarroid You know what I mean

      4. Gerexo Molarroid

        Waluigi is here:

    42. JamesPlaysGames95

      except waluigi...

      1. Soul Fox32

        Oh he's here, in an assist trophy. Where he belongs

      2. Gerexo Molarroid

        He is in the game, they say everyone is here, not "everyone is playable"

    43. Xelocon


      1. gierer

        ravio? nabbit?

      2. Xelocon


      3. Soul Fox32


      4. Gerexo Molarroid

        Big the cat?

    44. Lauren Wilder


    45. Kybayon

      Sakurai: *Breathes In*

    46. Magik0722

      I wish we had more wario footage besides his taunt to get bodied combo.

    47. professor doge

      i want waluigi and/or doom slayer.

    48. Lazy Gli2


    49. Batabii

      why would you reupload a video that's already there?