Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reaction


  1. Avocado Sauce

    I would be the one kid in the back who's totally not screeching or spazzing out

  2. SonicFan2009 Tucker

    (Shoots the guy that said Sonic is gay) NEVER SAY THAT ABOUT SONIC

  3. IREslayer

    It be such s good video if the lad in pink wasn't screeching

  4. sheila luciano

    So lucky I got this for the switch.. No for real My mom Spent 300$ and the game was 60 C

  5. Aaron Darkus

    Your friend with the pink shirt seems to have been consumed by excitement....too much in opinion, to the point he doesn't acts by himself, literally he looks like a chimpanzee. Meanwhile, your both two guys from the right ND the left had a normal behaviour in my opinion, excited, yes, but no so much like your friend from adove. In what concerns to the guy in the back, well: 1. He was not very interested in this. 2. He was talking with others in social networks about the transmission. 3. He was just answering something very important. 4. He was analyzing frame data :v.

  6. Kwol YT

    Lol just got one now

  7. tiny elf

    why is everyone so mean to the guy in pink. He's not bad just funny

  8. NuclearTaco Productions

    These losers are clearly virgins

    1. Russel Vandevrie


  9. DATonepenguin *

    Sonics gay but ok XD

  10. Shawn Lewis

    The game looks good!

  11. TheStikBotPlushReactGaming Yt

    Sonic Is Not Gay That Pink Shirt Guy Is He Screams Like A Freaking Girl And Sonic Can Beat His A$$

  12. Phyconinja123

    5:03 gotteem

  13. Irugsor

    these guys get bullied in school

  14. Hunter Henson

    Dude that complained about Daisy I don’t like you

  15. super gamer casuel

    24:74 every one scream expect the other who have blqck shirt

  16. snowy man dude

    1:53 "I hate freakin sonic Sonic's gay but ok

  17. Classic Metal Sonic

    how is Sonic gay?

  18. Soothers ‘

    24:08 when your friends are hype about something but you have no idea what they’re talking about

  19. swich man_99

    Oh no Daisy is not the only Mario rep praina plant free dlc 5 dlc more characters like Isabelle king k rool Simon Belmont recter Belmont wol story mode incearoar Ken new

  20. JBRジブラ

    Which is the geyest sonic or the pink shirt guy... Absolutely not sonic

  21. Jasper Hope

    Are the guys on the left and right twins, or equally retarted looking?

  22. Jasper Hope

    How i feel like when i watch this video: 2:49

  23. Cristali & Zafiro

    3 days guys

  24. Depressing Rosé

    The guy sitting in the floor is he gay or special.

  25. Ben Greenberg

    Bruh I love how in the end they got pissed and told him to to scream

  26. Ben Greenberg

    Yo fuck the nigga in pink

  27. The Talkative Werewolf

    Yo, that’s looks so good, that looks so GOOOAOAOAOD

  28. Christofer Mijares

    6:12 the face of the guy in the back when the other screams, lmaoooo

  29. Camacho TKD & BJJ

    Lol. these kids weren't even a thought when grown folk now a days were playing Smash 64

  30. Euro - Step


  31. R1pT B0SS

    The dude callen sonic gay but he yelling like a 6 year old

  32. Damian Bonner Jr

    Tell yo fat friend to not say anything about bayonetta

  33. Steven Universe forever :D

    The guy with the pink shirt has an obvious crush for the guy in the Zeldas shirt. He's all the time looking, touching and even RECORDING him.

  34. Smoshy :v

    Anything happens. Dude in pink: _RRHHEEEEEEEEEEEE_

  35. Jeness Torres

    One of was screaming like a girl

  36. King spiderdude

    Gabe is anyoing

  37. ReyPingYu

    Someone call P.E.T.A an orangutan got out of the monkey exhibit

  38. toxic ultramax

    0:36 to 0:45 XD **''Extreme weezing''** wtf is wrong with this kid

  39. skorvein

    idk what u guys think about the guy in the pink but i like that guy. i dont even care that he screams.

  40. Poliop 24

    The guy in the back.... is constantly my soul mate

  41. TrazBurger

    24:09 That guy in the back is... not amused

  42. NT PLAY

    Sonic is gay your gay

  43. Aryan Dey

    Everyone is here. Waluigi: Everyone?

  44. Knight Jack

    @ 24:13 i like how everyone is overreacting while the dude in the back is just so calm

  45. / -FrostSepticGamer- \

    When I reacted to this I din’t scream I was surprised and quite excited But I wasn’t screaming like the pink shirted guy over here screaming like he watched a horror movie as a 8 year old

  46. Diamondd35

    18:25 Ridley will never be playable. Me: *smiles*

  47. SharkShocker

    Funny how when Etika screams like a child everyone loves it, but when a child screams like a child everyone gets pissy

  48. F N C

    19:42 did pause and look at chimpanzee dude’s leg... he got us all

  49. Javier owo

    That gay bitch in pink needs to take a massive ass chill pill. Like sit on one place and stop being so obnoxious The guy in the back is chill af though, hes cool.

  50. Ali Hawi

    15:45 He's upset about Daisy being the new Mario character. I would like to know how he feels about Pirana Plant.

    1. Russel Vandevrie

      You can watch that reaction on my channel!