Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reaction


  1. Eddie Robles

    Why did he say sonic is pretty "gay", you seem pretty "gay" to me

  2. Zentark101

    "Samus isn't thick anymore"

  3. Project GZ

    Meanwhile people are speaking their minds he is telling people to shut up so he can point out the little changes in the game. Twerks like a stripper in a club. Calls Sonic "gay" but screams like a girl for almost every character. Shutting down everyone so he can talk. Screams for the most smallest things like Sakurai saying "stages" BUT HEY Sonic is gay. Literally wearing a pink shirt saying that Sonic is gay. Makes the whole reaction video annoying just because of him. I'm starting a kickstarter to shut up the dude in the pink shirt.

    1. Project GZ

      +Russel Vandevrie Lol

    2. Russel Vandevrie

      I would donate

  4. Gamerboi N64

    19:42 that's how you become a new meme.

  5. Gamerboi N64

    3:38 that scream=gay

  6. Gamerboi N64

    2:58 the dude in pink. His jump

  7. Gamerboi N64

    This boi in the pink needs to get necked. He said sonics gay

  8. Fox King

    Maybe the reason why they have 1.5K Subscribes is because the guy in the pink shirt screams so loud that it break your subscriber count and you scream like a girl who just watch justin biber just bustin jiber on you.

    1. Russel Vandevrie

      That’s what I was thinking 🤔

  9. 9-BIT

    Is it normal for me to say that I wanna assault the retarded kid in pink because he was beyond annoying and criticized a character like Sonic for being gay when he himself was acting the same in the entire video and screaming and acting like an out of control toddler?

  10. THEHI and Stuff

    I dislike just because of what I said about Sonic

  11. Ben Dover

    “Don’t scream like a baby” *screams like a baby Lol

  12. Code Story

    I’ve seen people react to other trailers like ps4 games trailers and such, but this reaction proves Nintendo’s the best

  13. SuperLuigiSixty4

    15:35 “it’s 12:33.”

  14. Alma Flores

    Lol look at the dislikes.......

  15. Michael Serato

    I've seen almost every reaction. And the kid in pink just needs to die. I personally want to put a bullet through his head. Annoying little shit.

  16. Supermario24

    They had to tell the guy in pink to calm down multiple times but he didn’t how old even is he

  17. CutiezooiHeart15 OopsieStarlight & WhoopsieDoodle

    15:44 DAISY YAY🧡:3. 17:44 WALUIGI NOOOO;0;;v;!!!

  18. Oliver Lindsley

    Sorry guys, too much screaming and immaturity for my taste

  19. nuew1e

    yeah yep uh huh yep *i think everybody hates the guy in pink but thats just me*

  20. skxdoosh

    sOnIc iS gAy YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO YO pink guy squeals like if someone was scratching their nails on a chalkboard istg why can’t he be the punching bag while training like i wouldn’t have a problem with it i also feel bad for the people who had to deal with his shit...

  21. HazziKaze

    Kid in pink is challenged. They keep telling him to stop screaming lmfao ADHD much?

  22. Anass Anass

    Sonic fan boy you gay short nigga

  23. John Metax

    This kid with pink needs to be fucking punched in the face so hard.He calls Sonic gay,he screams like a little girl after seeing a horror movie and he jumps like a monkey.WORST REACTION VIDEO EVER

  24. Adrian Bigno

    The dislike button is like a punch to the pink guy.

  25. Ceedubs Entertainment

    Y’all a bunch of whiny bitches. Except Gabe. He’s fine.

  26. JohannesMP

    To the kid in pink: I really hope you get to rediscover this video in 10 years.

    1. Gabe

      JohannesMP me to

  27. butter butter butter joins the bowl

    The angry 14 year old Sonic fans in this comment section are hilarious. Have you ever said a word so much that its lost its meaning entirely? This probably applies to the dude who said Sonic’s gay, I use gay as an insult ironically all the time.

  28. bradpittsego

    This video will solidify that dudes virginity for life

  29. N GUY

    I can't stand that stupid asian kid and i'm asian. kids nowadays are spoil little brat. Hey white kid, why do you hang out with that asian kid?

  30. Daniel Explosion

    am i the only one that got a kick out of that asian kid lmao

  31. junior miranda

    sonic is gay and u r so stupid.

  32. Samuel Garcia

    why is pink/white shirt guy autistic

  33. wonhui

    the kid in the back looks so much like alex turner

  34. Eloy Ovié Obodo Arroyo

    El de detrás está muerto ho vivo?

  35. Preston Bruner

    It’s clear who’s in the closet in this video. Hey dude, it gets better 😊

  36. MashedDonutz

    I am so cringed with the pink shirt guy, I just wanna punch him badly! He’s so...... ugh

    1. Mr. AJ Atomic

      he's just.......the worst

  37. brianna cuva

    Papa Sakurai

  38. The Pyromaniac

    Guy in the pink starting to actually piss me off. Says Sonic is gay proceeds to squeal twerk and freak out. I like the dude in the back tho. Kinda hot 😉

  39. Graffiti_Soul

    Kid in the pink needs some Ritalin. Good Lord......

  40. Necrozma Squad

    So sonic is gay, yet you are screaming like a bitch and is wearing a pink shirt. Shouldn't be one to talk

  41. Necrozma Squad

    The pink guy was screaming so loud. Imagine how he acted when King K Rool appeared

  42. Thingy Thing

    20:33 sounds like Diddy Kong

  43. thedflameman

    that kid in the pink is so fucking annoying in this video. He's just screaming at everything, touching everybody, and getting in the way as much as possible.

  44. Omegaa Mike

    Meme this

  45. fortnite gamer

    Wow shocker

  46. fortnite gamer

    Wow everyone is here (but it's not everyone why there's no waluigi

  47. Hoodie Hoods

    20:40 Gabe is so fucking annoying hell even the other annoying one's told him to shut up

  48. Axel Romero

    Dude , cmon why isn’t waluigi playable, wario is in it why can’t he be in it , my predictions is that waluigi might be a newcomer in dlc , probably the last one since everyone has been wanting him and I know they gunna do it since so many people begged for this , who else thinks that he will make it in the game?


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