Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses



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    I got my colour blind glasses so let's see if my test results are different
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    Colour Blind Tests:
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    1. jacksepticeye

      I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before. They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone. All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.

      1. Crystal Wolff


      2. Todd Carter

        Hi Jack!! I love your vids but can you stop saying bad words like the F word ant the bad poo word etc. I hope I can meet you in person!!! :D

      3. BATCATRUNNER 976845

        Awesome work! I looked at the photo and said the answer and waited for YOUR answer. Keep up the good work!! 👍👍👍💕💕💕

      4. Rossetta Miller

        You want to get hypnotized we’ll watch this

      5. RYAN MYERS

        I took the test and it said I had normal color vision


      6:49 That's a 2

    3. Beau Short

      if u couldn't see that 7 then your color blind...

    4. A Little Too Lexi

      I did NOT see that 5. Maybe I need to take that test 😂

    5. Paula Raupach

      I meant to say cus

    6. Paula Raupach

      Sean just ask Logan paul cys he is color blind and he has the same glasses

    7. Sean Sweeney

      Jack your awesome and you inspired me to create a JP-news channel! It's a small channel but thanks jack hopefully I'll become as awesome as you!...... Actually...it's impossible to be as awesome as you. Once again thank you jack!

    8. Hugo Isaksson

      I have a mild deutan it says, it is also a type of red green colorblindness

    9. Sheldon Plankton

      * youtube color is green* *cant even see green correctly*

    10. saurabh kunwar

      When you dyed your hair green what did you see?

    11. Peechaboo

      i could see in there 2 colour together but after seeing 3 type of colour in there, i cant see nothing

    12. Peechaboo

      tf i cant see nothing. what a life

    13. Evalani Locke

      with stereoscopic images, I see a 3D image even when I don't do the lazy eye thing

    14. Scott Prian

      I think the test changes depending on your answers. It took me significantly longer when using both laser glasses and not laser glasses, it couldn't figure me out. Also, stereograms!

    15. Duncan ten Kate

      Hey I took the enchroma test and I saw every number. (probably also because I have expensive screen with 100% sRGB colors) But in your video I can't figure out some images. I think because of youtube or screen recording compression some colors are gone.

    16. Taj Sorrensen

      i have blue color blindness

    17. Mike Sales

      YOUR(my) RESULT IS NORMAL COLOR VISION People with normal color vision can see up to one million distinct shades of color.

    18. Jack Hale

      I saw every one

    19. MagicalMuffin

      5:18 nobody needs to worry about these ones, I couldn't see it on the video but I could on the test, so it is just the video making it weird. There is no need to worry

    20. The Magical Birb-Tato

      8:47 answer: 1 10:14 answer: 3

    21. mohamed islam

      7:58 i see nothing i am 99.99999999999% sure i am NOT color blind

    22. foxxi

      i could see all of them... ????

    23. Wohlf

      So 80% of Jacks fans are "red-green" colorblind

    24. Fidooop

      So for 4:33 and 5:23 the reason nobody can see these without having to focus SUPER hard. I believe the issue is actually to do with either Jack's recording software or Robin's editing software OR it could be JP-news's compression. (Or maybe even just a combination of the 3) Literally anything formatting the file can mess with colors especially and in this case result in a much much more difficult colorblind test. If any of you took the test yourself (and I did several times to make sure) none of the tests that come up are ANYWHERE near as difficult.

    25. Sss Capone

      How the fuck dis he got that one at 4:28

    26. Lancer Spade

      Jack should of gotten a degree in visual sciences

    27. Mhammad Alhamid

      9:40 Jack that cyan not not green

    28. BluSpring Studios

      7:00 Oh my god, Robin, thank you for that awesome edit XD

    29. MR.HELLO1Z12

      Jack I’m sorry but your colorblind

    30. LittleSunshineGaming

      I feel like males would probably have more color blindness to red, only because males cannot see as many red shades as females do. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not sure but it would make sense ???

    31. Waluigi GoesWah

      Its 2

    32. Officer Sour Skittels

      ima strong deutan

    33. EazyMix

      Holy s### im color blind

    34. Sharkowa

      "Stof" "Moch" "Fon" I love your O in place of U

    35. Fast And Furious Random Club

      5:22 I'm not colourblind and there is definitely NOTHING there.....

    36. Cursed Channel

      I see Sean had a problem on the green numbers but wait what is his main color again...

    37. Greentornadofx

      I could see all the numbers

    38. Aleaha Frigon YMM's Realtor!

      When he said to do the lazy eye thing I seen the 4 but I had to do the lazy eye

    39. Rory Edmonds

      I wear blue lensed glasses 24 7 dude

    40. Aiden Jones

      the enchroma colorblind glasses are for every type of colorblind glasses but the strong protans work the best with the glasses (im a strong protan I knew that I was colorblind before this but I did not know what type this site showed me that im a strong protan)

    41. Katie Lupton

      When jack doesn't see a number I do how weird this is so strange but those grey ones I see nothing

    42. Caden Shane

      6:54 = 2

    43. Caden Shane

      6:32 its a 7 jack

    44. memes on swings

      not white it’s hhwite

    45. ????? Tommy

      I have extreme proton color blindness

    46. Reinis Miķelsons

      Your colour blind

    47. Franek Formella

      I did enchroma test and it have seen every one so it sais ,,normal" but at some of these numbers u are doing i can't see anything

    48. Jennifer Sanders

      Wtf 4:29 is not 4 am I blind? I can’t see anything

    49. Mikee 1234444

      We all know there’s no such thing as sunlight in Ireland

    50. Dectera Stevenson

      0:30 Me:lol Jack🤣🤣❤