Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses



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    I got my colour blind glasses so let's see if my test results are different
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    Colour Blind Tests:
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    1. jacksepticeye

      I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before. They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone. All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.

      1. Rebecca Solesto

        I took both test. The first one you did i got 100% the second test i couldn't see 4 or 5 but when i saw it on the tv i couldn't see alot of em

      2. Phoenix Franks

        BUUUUUUUUUU Spoilerrrrrrrr

      3. Noah s Friends

        You is amazing jerkserpterke

      4. SeanCena334

        i took the test! i have normal color vision! :D ...but i already knew i wasnt colorblind :/

    2. garrettarthur901

      yup....still have "STRONG PROTAN" over here..... imma need some of those glasses soon... i gotta know

    3. Pleasantarianism Official Channel

      I yelled at my screen THAT'S A 2 That's a 1

    4. come at me

      im strong colour blind

    5. SoftPark

      Mild protan and you have these glasses

    6. Brennan Blarek

      Ur dumb

    7. Yousif Muhaned

      i cant see any number

    8. Jakob MewsCooL

      these glasses cured my color blindnes............................(logan paul)

    9. Ironic Retard

      I got inconclusive/unknown

    10. Ayiana Ramirez

      I'm colorblind to yellows and blue

    11. Multi Games

      2 boi

    12. jmere36

      I have a mild protanas well, it’s a pain, I can see partial colours sometime but no full number

    13. Starmadien2019

      I took the test and only failed two of them which where the shades of grey ones. I should have my brother take this test

    14. deshy1 _

      I have normal colour vision but I couldn't tell between the Gray and darker Gray which was only 2

    15. iiPastel Ghostii

      I can't! CAN'T DECIPHER GREY >:(

    16. 5alt

      So all that time... you thought you’re hair was red?

    17. Judy Jannal

      All the ones you couldn’t see I could see, except 2 of them.

    18. Rachel Paul

      I was like, "Jack! How can you not see that??" the whole time

    19. marlyn ramos

      I just took it and I have tritanomaly/tritanopia where I have a loss of color discrimination for shades of blue and yellow :(

    20. Isabell Esparza-Greengrass

      My eyes are good. but you do look cool. Jack a cool

    21. pauster varela

      Normal Color Vision

    22. Mosaab Aljarih

      Can you say white one more time :P

    23. Koko Gaming

      I am colorblind to red and green too ^^

    24. Alex Moriarty

      Well fuck, just took the test and I’m have Tritanomaly / Tritanopia colour blindness.

    25. OLDSKOOL978

      its a resonating lens, it works by using a property of refraction to saturate whats already there, its notch filtering for glasses. This doesn't cure color blindness and is closer to a scam than anything else, because science...

    26. I liek memes

      How did you see the traffic lights? *_Hmmmmmmmmmmmm_*

    27. LOLAISYOU Plays

      I saw all of them :D

    28. Rognik

      The stereoscopic images you're talking about are usually called "Magic Eye" images, and I can't get them to work. Sadly, I'm a bit stereo-blind. While 3D glasses do work on me, I don't think they're as effective on me as for most people, and I can't free fuse images like the magic eye, or those that are just slightly offset to see a 3D image. It was actually taking a psychology test that prompted me to go to a doctor and actually have that tested. Sadly, there is no cure for stereo-blindness. It's from a combination of my eyes being just slightly too close together/far apart, and my brain just shuts off information from one of the eyes unless the other is closed. It's not that I can't see depths at all, though, because humans use dozens of methods of seeing in depth, but I have trouble judging differences in size or trying to catch a moving object heading towards me.

    29. Aaliyah Sarfudin

      Play sims

    30. Enkhtuya Batmunkh

      You said hwat not what

    31. The Dman

      I'm a tritanomaly I have a loss of discrimination between yellows and blues

    32. Cerealboii

      jacksepticeye? more like logan paul

    33. Kool Katness

      are those Ray Bands?

    34. CrystalGlitter888 Yu

      Squinting your eye helps

    35. CrystalGlitter888 Yu

      I couldn't get the grey 5

    36. Michael Liebelt

      there was a 2 there Jack

    37. Michael Liebelt

      apparrently im inbetween mild deutan and normal cause I took it like 5 times and it gave me deutan 1-2 and normal color 3-4

    38. Masta Mass

      I saw everyone in it except for 2

    39. Fandom Fucker

      That grey one did nothing. I saw no 5

    40. Jessica Pikachu

      I took the test and got Tritanomaly / Tritanopia. It says that can be related to age or mercury exposure but im young and have been exposed to mercury once that i know of. So whoot whoot i was born with it through GENES!

    41. Fortnite funny clips And moments

      I thought it was cool that I have a little worse color vision then jack, knew since I was a child but still fun to find something I have in common with jack 🙂

    42. Jacob Eckert

      Am I really the only person that saw he spelled color “colour”?

    43. Saiko asashin

      top 10 signs of early autism

    44. amelia hathaway

      When people with normal color vision wear EnChroma® glasses, they see a “color boost” effect: colors appear to “pop” with a superordinary vibrance. This effect, called chromatic contrast enhancement, is how our glasses also help people with color blindness. the real explanation by enchroma

    45. DMSG1981

      Your result was bad because your cheating backfired. Had you just kept the glasses on and went with "nothing" for those pictures, where you actually didn't see anything, took the glasses off, complained that the 7 is much clearer w/o the glasses, then you would have had approx. 5 wrong answers less and 5 right answers more.

    46. jill Tracey



      so I took the Enchroma test and I freaked the hell out, because 4 times in a row I got nothing and I was like "no... this... I'm not colour blind... this doesn't make any sense am I being trolled?" and throughout the test like at least half of them were nothing and I was freaking out thinking I was colour blind, and then it comes to the end and it's like "normal color vision" got hardcore trolled by the test. XD

    48. Kami Rowe

      jack you have to wait like 15 min to see the effect

    49. devdevil789

      Yes done this