Taking A Colour Blind Test With Colour Blind Glasses



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    I got my colour blind glasses so let's see if my test results are different
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    Colour Blind Tests:
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    1. jacksepticeye

      I have been emailing back and forth with Enchroma about all of this, they saw the videos and reached out and loved them. They told me that while these are outdoor glasses, they won't work on the test anyway because that's not how they work and aren't designed to cheat the system like that, hence why I got the same result as before. They also take about 15 minutes to work properly and for some people can even take hours or a day to fully change anything, it's different for everyone. All in all I'm mentioning this because this video was more for fun than to give conclusive proof of anything.


        Please give me one for this. 😥

      2. leeroy Church

        I cant see num of them

      3. Denise_is_trashy

        jacksepticeye oH

      4. Nyx Marie

        inconclusive they dont know what kind of color blindness i have

      5. Kieran Trench

        I'm a mild deutan a form of red green colour blindness

    2. Olivia Bruck

      I am not color blind but I couldn't see 3 or 4 of those numbers

    3. Thanujan15

      hes theme colour is green and hes fav colour is red or blue (or green i cant remember) lol

    4. Stojke 61

      6:52 lol that's a 2 jack, it's really weird how some people see so much different.

    5. Infinitely Hacked

      My results are INCONCLUSIVE / UNKNOWN TYPE

    6. Infinitely Hacked

      6:32 7!

    7. thatweirdchickdaisia

      This video made me realize I am a mild Durant 😂 I couldn’t see some of the images and when I took the test myself it gave me that result

    8. Infinitely Hacked

      I only got the 74 one wrong and wrote 79.


      I'm color blind just not on the extreme scale I'm just blind to mixtures of some colors

    10. RuleEmpire

      You can't see the green ones?! I thought you had a Septic Eye!!!

    11. EdwardAnimations

      I'm also mildly red green colorblind, those tests give me a headache.

    12. SKY DEM0N

      does anyone see stuff at 5:30 ? or could i possibly be color blind?

    13. SKY DEM0N

      your red-green color blind hmmmmm you totally dont have green as your profile pic hmmmm nore is it your favorite color HMMMMMMMMMM.

    14. Potato

      I am colorblind and I find it funny when people find out they start asking me can I see this and that color..... yes I can see red as a red and green as a green but if they are together it becomes hard for me to see the red

    15. Dnish05

      To bee honest ... I just see grey colour on 4:49 is that okay ??

    16. RayzPlayzEX - Minecraft PE

      Some How If I Move My Eyes Up and Down I can See Hard Blending Colours I don't Know if It's Just Me

    17. A chicken called Shadow

      I cant see none of the stuff

    18. A chicken called Shadow

      Hi i have a really bad case of colour blindness i feel you

    19. RAINS Kids


    20. Amazing Assasin

      8:09 legit couldn’t see anything

    21. TFME

      i got mild deutan

    22. pandazz 14

      wait. i couldnt see any number. 4:36 and 5:46 😣

    23. Constantine McDonald-Cardona

      I took the test without glasses and the result I got is “Normal Color Vision” :D

    24. NikitaS PlayZ

      i know i am not colorblind but when i tried it it said unknown XD

    25. Sasie Fox

      The gray ones don't show up in the video which is interesting. Because I took this test before watching the video and got all of them right.

    26. NOMASAN

      I feel bad for you. For that you can‘t completely see all the numbers. Tho... the nothing pictures is kinda mean... it makes anyone see numbers that aren‘t there

    27. Kiza0018

      Come on Jack you could have said: "Not only do they make me see better, but they also make me look better."

    28. Oliver Laking

      At 6:51 the number is two lol

    29. Matii20

      anyone else cant see the number on this? 8:00

    30. Liam Nixon

      Strong protan i actually knew this as when i went to get my eyes tested they told me i had a red green syndrome

    31. Hezza SLH

      Wow that fascinating, because I saw all the ones where you didn't see anything completely clearly, but on others where it stuck out to you I was stumped.

    32. ChrisjeBeer 2005

      At the gray and pinkyish thingy (the first 1) was definitely a 7

    33. Master Roshi

      4:29 there isn’t anime right there 4:26 he clicked 4 I see six 4:49 I don’t see anything Am I color blind?

    34. Outsideboy 14

      I could not see any of them

    35. Outsideboy 14

      I’m colorblind

    36. Kakoda

      4:45: Okay, this is the test that only colour blind can see right? because i can't see it and i'm 99.99% sure i'm not colour blind

      1. Jonathan Ramirez

        yeah there's nothing there for me either you might be ok

      2. 게이

        It's a 5.

    37. Kakoda

      Like Colour blindness really effects people badly right but when you watch this your like, tf??!! xD Because we can see it or at least most of us can see it easily.

    38. Sam Han

      at 4:33 I couldn't even see the number but everything else was clear as day

    39. Aidan DeLeon

      Actual video starts at 3:22

    40. Mr.derpyturtle

      I didn't see anything in the one at 4:38 or 5:21 or 9:58 or 10:08 was anything actually there?

    41. Tokm Asap

      4:29 and 4:41 I see absolutely nothing at all is that bad??

    42. Andrew Clarke

      Um not how I expected to find out I was colour blind

    43. Andrew Clarke

      Wait JACK is red and GREEN colour blind...

    44. Le3g3ndary Gam3r

      I took the test and got regular color vision but in the video I couldn't see some

    45. Hudson Smith

      Why do most JP-newsrs happen to be color blind? Hmm...... COUGH COUGH Clickbait COUGH COUGH

    46. oMonsTaa

      Jack 6:35 that's a seven

    47. Michael Wilhite

      that was a 2 come on jack

    48. Mudkip Mafia

      I took the test separately and saw them all perfectly but I'm the video couldn't see anyting

    49. GMD SUNIX

      at 6:56 i see 2

    50. Sami R.

      I took a test somewhere (forgot where) and i got a perfect score (lower the score the better, I got a 0) which means I see color perfectly so that's cool