TETRIS EFFECT, Part 2: The Classic Tetris Expert's Final Thoughts

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

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    A few of you were asking for more insight into what Trey Harrison thought of Tetris Effect. Here's that, plus answers to a few more questions I've seen about last week's video. Enjoy!
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    KevinDDRShirase 1300 Orange Line: jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-_7Y_bzeLpkg.html
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    Blink - I don't cheat: jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-AHTO5PxCr98.html
    ClassicTetris - Tetris Grandmaster 4-player Race jp-news.net/online/ビデオ-a0xTEkejOtI.html

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    1. Angultra

      Trey is such a legend.

    2. Borkin' cat

      That scrubsibe in the corner though

    3. Tom G

      Bottom right “scubsibe” 😂👏

    4. Michael Atorn

      I have always done the "keep one column free" method and i began playing tetris on gba

    5. flyingmobias

      Other vid did realllly well cause you enthralled viewers with hyping up the guy as a legend, him learning a fresh new game, and it being magical and extraordinary.

    6. Haunter gaming


    7. gachibass

      2:36 whatta specimen

    8. KingThrillgore

      I would like to know how the RNG functions between regular Tetris and modern Tetris, especially since PRNG seeding is an order of magnitude better compared to the NES.

      1. Nick Robinson

        good question! i'm 99% sure Tetris Effect uses a Bag Randomizer. like most modern Tetris games do

    9. 2013 Chevy Volt

      "Theres a question i got over and over" "u sound like cr1tikal"

      1. Nick Robinson

        finally someone noticed

    10. dacypher22

      I think it is really sad that you had to stick-up for his abilities. He competes for world championships. If he wasn't any good, he wouldn't be competitive and if there was this army of people that were 1000x better, they would come into the NES championship and destroy him just to own that title as well. To me this is like people used to Marvel vs. Capcom questioning why a Street Fighter 1 champion isn't doing 10-hit combos.

    11. GoodOldIsha :7

      15:15 that O spin though

    12. asahala

      That effect overload ruins most modern games.

    13. Playnyx Gaming

      Im thinking of buying a ps4 just so i can play tetris effect

    14. TheEntrosphere

      the How to beat up a Walmart security tag guy

    15. Otaku Boi Bucky

      I love tetris

    16. Marioboy

      What about a perfectris?

    17. AnimeDude892

      2:05 Ghost Orb

    18. angelo paje

      The auto caption captioned "Decahexatris" into *DECA Heck Citrus*

    19. Goldy_303

      Thereis not only decaheatris there is more its called ultimatics

    20. RandomVidUploader Robin

      So all in all, modern Tetris is for noobs.

    21. Blupotato Gaming

      Can someone buy me Terri's effect please

    22. LonelyZeno

      I'm surprised an old Tetris lover enjoyed a new Tetris game...

    23. Freezorg

      What's the droney music in the background while you speak for most of the video?

      1. Nick Robinson

        It's the ambient title screen music from Tetris Effect!

    24. DaveSKI

      Lol what if Trey just throws out his nes for a PS4/VR just play Tetris

    25. Tago Mago

      Is there a verdict for this game?

    26. Steven Slone

      Thank you for this

    27. KoreanKebab

      I find old tetris on gameboy easier

    28. Jordan King

      Whoever made this game did a FANTASTIC job and built on the legacy that was the NES/GameBoy classic of Tetris. Tetris Effect to me is the exact same as the classic version. But on steroids, for lack of a better term. This game is so much fun

    29. lastcake ever

      i play tetris facebook


      wait are you the same babylonian from ycs? wild.


        +Nick Robinson Last I saw Spambot he was mostly railing against left-wing politics and Russia.

      2. Nick Robinson

        i wonder what Spambot and sir9000 are up to these days

    31. Robin

      The video of the guy playing modern tetris on the arcade (tetris the grandmaster 3) was playing with the classic ruleset btw, so very impressive indeed.

    32. LaFart Ball

      Sony needs to cut you and that guy a check, cause y'all just convinced me to buy this game even though my vr's been collecting dust. Thanks for the great videos

    33. Joseph Lee

      Is it just me or does anyone see that “subscribe” actually says scrubsibe..

    34. z i z z u

      Che faccia da campione del mondo di Tetris.

    35. Julius Mendoza

      I’m so happy with this game. I don’t know what the reviews say but the soundtrack alone is great, I don’t have VR so I can imagine it must be awesome

      1. T. O.

        Not that much better actually. Gets a bit tiring. Prefer playing it in pancake mode.

    36. Kyle Bovet

      tfw someone just got a ultimatris

    37. Johnathon Turner

      He is like the opposite of Melee fans!

    38. Tone

      Luke Harper?

    39. Sam Williams

      I've played tetris effect and what I've noticed is that there's a lot of cool stuff going on in the background like whales and stingrays but you don't notice it because your focused on stacking blocks which I think is sad because I wish those came out more without being too distracting.

    40. Anonymous1c4

      i think it’d be nice if they have like sound mods/add ons so you can have different songs and sound effects to go with it. i keep imagining the synths from Joji’s Slow Dancing in the Dark and then maybe the chorus kicking in when you go into Zone mode. just hearing “in the DAAAAARRRRRRKKK” as you clear a bunch of lines sounds dope.

    41. Hugo Stiglitz

      Personally I respect him way more than modern Tetris players. What he's doing is far more difficult than these fast players that get away with so much.

    42. cybust

      I doubt the low-latency has anything to do with his performance. While playing in VR I remember noticing that the pieces seemed to come down in a stop-motion, sub-20-fps style like the old NES version and wondered if that had anything to do with respecting the Tetris IP guidelines.

    43. mohammad farooq

      Look at his left hand it is Casio calculator watch 10:25

    44. Vinh Trinh

      Tetris effect= RIP classic tetris song

    45. chinqalicious


    46. En-Tseh Wang

      what he does is amazing, but playing the old tetris game, i noticed a huge hint that tertris effect gives is the trace out of the block before it hits the bottom, so for me i am not surprised he was so good.

    47. sunsword25

      He seems like a good man and I enjoy his openness. He definitely has a God given talent for Tetris.

    48. ItzTheReaLizHereNow 000

      I noticed u went to the hotel I went to in Las Vegas X

    49. sonic555ify

      I love classic tetris, but this is amazing, modern is fun classic is skill testing, THIS is just appealing and has love in every piece and I want it more and more as the minutes pass

    50. Raphiel

      Rikka is best girl