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Seatin Man of Legends

Seatin Man of Legends

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    Today we rank up The Champion, check out his abilities and then take him against Act 4 and the final boss Maestro to test out some of his unique mechanics!
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    1. jebus1985 !

      Hell yes am 23,888 to view !

    2. red raven

      He was hitting for 16 lol

    3. red raven

      I surprised they didn't add in aladin in this update considering the genie and jasmine are in the game

    4. the joker

      Last comment

    5. Jevante Patterson

      More war fights omni and friends you guys have hard hitters ... which nodes work best for placement in wars? Show placements and node abilities that help champions pls and ty

    6. Keith Winnett

      I only want him for his Sentry synergy. I believe that a duped Sentry with Champion and Aegon should be considered God tier.

    7. Ryan Whyte

      Na he‘ s mad lamo me boy, and nothing fantastic about him!

    8. RunByRuss

      He doesn’t seem to good?

    9. Ankit Sharma

      Bait specials when his fury is off, use specials when his fury is up...

    10. Ankit Sharma

      Luke Cage's SP1 clearly states his stun chance can't go higher than 87% i.e. 3 stacks of exhaustion

    11. Roca Play Qc

      Seatin, you stopped playing Marvel Strike force???


      your my idol seatin man of legends

    13. Cameron Perez

      Hmm really good uses, Alliance War Boss Killer with a 4, 5, and 6 Star The Champion? xD

    14. FlipiiStuff

      Apparently sentry has a synergy with aegon as well. Wonder if Synergy with aegon and the champion places sentry at a higher tier.

    15. Aquittal Gaming

      How do people not get bored playing this game everyday?

      1. Dr. Game Hacker

        Everyone Isn't Lazy As U..

    16. Moushin H

      Do the sentry gameplay using champion synergy

    17. Natasha D

      Guss what i got a 6 star the champion promise

    18. Aidan Boyce

      Good. We needed a Champion vs Maestro fight lol.

    19. Matt Scott

      lagacy is getting booted he sold a 4 star

    20. evosteveo 666

      How in the fuk does this guy get so much damn isos

    21. Apple Pi

      the champion could be pretty good for the first chapter 3 ultron boss in ultron's assault variant difficulty since he has no debuts and indestructible to start the fight, which you can use to take a couple of blocked hits instead of parrying.

    22. Micah Phelan

      On cowhale's video I saw crit at 6.2k as a 3/45. I think that is at least high demigod if not god

    23. Derek2k

      Thanks for this bro. I'm excited to try and get this champion soon

    24. Lee Brummet

      He shuts down heal block and petrified wouldn’t he be great on buffet on D

    25. hunterxd


    26. Andrew Chavez

      Sup Seatin,I really need some help who should I rank up to rank 5 4star scarlet witch or magik both awakend?

    27. Vic Canada

      Whats with the hair bud? XD )))))

    28. Rayshawn Duclona

      Even if he isn't that great of a champion, decent at best. We can all agree... The Champion has the best animations and expressions in the entire game

    29. Matthew Phelan

      SW is such a good counter for him. Just use her sp3 when he gets primal

    30. Abby Gerber

      All ways loved your videos you help me alot

    31. Goofybager22

      They make a champion that has an ability against the strongest champions on the tier list. Doesn’t even make it to low Demi God....

      1. Goofybager22

        Well.. that’s was a mistake. Thought he was lower

      2. Valen Tynne

        Goofybager22 He IS Low Demigod...

    32. Code Red

      Everyone ending in either demi-god tier nowadays, even if Seatin isn’t impressed 🤔

    33. Tyy _

      They may expand the list of characters via synergy like danger sense being expanded with GR, Dorm, Mephisto do for blade.

    34. stokilamase

      Play Marvel Battle Lines

    35. Ivann Souza

      soooooo underwhelming....

    36. dsadik666

      Syn is what makes the champion good, especially the 4/5 star.

    37. Aegon the Spartan

      The Champion going to be one of the best AW boss or not?? I guess not...

    38. Даниил Мельников

      Gameplay starts at 12:25 Srry too much talk every video XD

      1. Jorge Barraza

        CYKA BLYAD

      2. Даниил Мельников

        +Jorge Barraza CYKA BLYAD Write correctly

      3. Jorge Barraza

        ZUKA BLYAT

      4. Michaelangelo _18


    39. The boss 51

      I just pulled a 6* Yondu, yay or nay?

      1. the joker


      2. Roy Agnik

        He's decent

    40. Mustafa Chaudheri

      Why didn’t the champion get heal block from Maestro

      1. Mustafa Chaudheri

        Wang Richard Ok thanks

      2. Wang Richard

        If he's awakened and fighting or defending the last node he's immune to anything preventing regen

    41. Sherwin Saei

      If you weren’t watching the screen “Where going to rank up the champion” “Wait what ? Which champion oh” Great video

    42. luis marquez

      Moonknight has a HUGE health pool. he's overlooked. I couldn't believe until I looked at my it

    43. ad

      f i r s t

    44. Dixie Normas

      Would you come back to MSF if The Champion joins? *bats eyelashes suggestively*

    45. Ryan Buck

      2 hours later I'm confident that I am "FIRST". Trust me I dont ever lie, Scouts honor!☝️

    46. JacyGamePlay

      when the champion is blocking it looks like he is about to do his finger nails XD

      1. Cameron Perez

        +JacyGamePlay I didn't say anything against him...

      2. JacyGamePlay

        +Cameron Perez because it takes a while to get alot of primal furies

      3. Cameron Perez

        +JacyGamePlay ?

      4. JacyGamePlay

        +Cameron Perez but i think that the champion is better for like long fights like ROL WS

      5. Cameron Perez

        "Talk to the Hand"

    47. mr nobody

      I like boobs

    48. Hunter Jackman

      He’s trash

    49. King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

      Sorry guys, but my Gender identity is First Comment... so im actually first

    50. Jack Brand

      Is it just me that thinks his win animation is hilarious

      1. hunterxd

        That a ginyu force

      2. Vick Bal96

        Our champ is funny and weak

      3. The Huntsman

        Reminds me of Johnny Bravo.