The Trump Administration Is Plagued by Professional Leakers | The Daily Show

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    President Trump lashes out at leakers amid reports that White House aide Kelly Sadler made a cruel joke about Senator John McCain's failing health.
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    1. Nour Harb

      Regarding the court reference at the end, knowing something happened can be fruit of a poisonous tree if obtained illegally

    2. Darlene

      Minty? how did y- nevermind. tmi.

    3. Rashed Elamin


    4. deadfishbrohoof

      Trumps insulting a man for being captured and suffered horrible treatment while serving his country? I say we throw him onto a ISIS battleground and see how fast he eats those words and raises a white flag.

    5. Steel Savior

      the government is the only context in which the pervasiveness of knowing everything people do and how shitty they are in private is a good thing. Shouldn't we know all this shit anyway, with anyone elected?

    6. Taffytuff Killer

      Because Donald Trump is disgusting

    7. Taffytuff Killer

      Can't even watch news anymore

    8. Jack Denial

      I believe the real leakers are from Trump himself and his Admin. He always have a history of creating leaks about himself to boost he's agenda. It's been more than a year and the leaking still on going. I believe leaking is a purpose for his agenda to distract or control the News outlets, and he can used it as a reason why his policies are failing, or that he actually don't know his job, just like a CEO. Pretty much creating your own escape reason.

    9. Achmed Seldomsinsobar

      This guy and his show sucks ! TRUMP 2020 !

    10. Floxxoror

      Haha, he knows how viagra tastes like. Well....fuck

    11. JageshemashFTW

      Maybe if Congress wasn't filled to the brim with fucking supervillains, no one would feel any need to leak.

    12. Belinda Dragonstaye Gagelman

      90,000 dollar bean bag but no money for Social Security, Public Schools, etc. etc. Deceitful thieves.

    13. Pat Ward

      TrumPee Pee is the Stinky Leaker, he loves Chaos & Upheaval, True Russian IVAN ILYAN philosophy, Trump, Ras-Putin Guru.

    14. Nada Sai

      anyone else having a "The Thick of It" flashback?

    15. Roland Syyles

      Well, they've been married about 13 years and Melania is still waiting to hear him say those three little words... *_"i .... cant .... breathe!"_*

    16. mmldmm

      this is not a leak, its a blow out

    17. jane dais

      They don't like drumpf. He is horrible

    18. Dutchgala


    19. POKE BOY 18

      I sorry

    20. Rochelle Eskue

      Trump's leakers are his problem and it's quite enjoyable watching him and what few loyal subordinates he has left squirming ugly for damage control from something that was said by someone who we haven't heard from again. Well, even bottom-feeders have to come up for air, sometime

    21. Lego Kgoxy


    22. Iam Negan

      Ok,i get it. Trevor hates trump. Bla bla bla.

    23. CutZy McCall

      She's as clueless as it's possible to be. She's inviting blonde jokes, and most blondes I know are actually smart.

    24. Jane Guarnera

      No smokey eyes?

    25. killeing

      Did she ever apologize yet?

    26. killeing

      We need more heroes like this leaker.

    27. pretty bullet

      It wouldn't surprise me to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders head on the chopping block sometime in the very near future. I can see Trump blaming her for not locating the leaker quickly enough.

    28. LovinLife

      Trump and members of his Administration continue to give America and her people the middle finger while the Republican controlled Congress pass bills that will hurt all Americans, except the 1%ers. I just hope the American voters do something to stop them November 2018 & 2020.

    29. PlumBerryCherries

      OMG quit your job already Sanders, its just not worth it girl. #SMH

    30. Yo Yo

      *IMPRACTICAL JOKERS* reference (the logo) 😄😃

    31. Amanda Escobar

      Sadler looks so German. :-/

    32. F J

      It is amusing that other people are surprised that an apology has not been forthcoming. This administration DOES NOT APOLOGIZE. Kelly Sadler was not making a joke when she made the remark. She meant what she said. How it transformed from a callous remark into an insensitive joke is sad within itself. i do not believe there will be an apology. If there is an apology it will be not be a heartfelt apology. It will be equivalent to : " I am sorry that I spilled your coffee"!!

    33. Danielle Eriksson

      Is viagra really minty..?

    34. headcoLd 7

      That sociopathic cunt is lucky I didn't watch this earlier into my grieving. My dad who died of cancer this month would be disgusted.

    35. Debbie Vernon

      Trevor, you are the best

    36. Debbie Vernon

      Incontinence in the leaks?

    37. Walk Away

      Fuck McCain he is the cause of the Forestall fire.

    38. Ilona Baier

      kudos to trumpie. putin played him like a fiddle + trumpie has played amerikans like a fiddle and this will keep him + his ilk in power for a looooonnnnnnggggggg time. get used to it amis!

    39. Daya Autum

      Did anyone else notice Sanders was wearing strips resembling an old prisoner uniform? Maybe they are trying to get used to the idea idk.

    40. Sunshine Overturf

      Omg he is so dumb! I think we need a recount

    41. M. A.

      How will Trump, trump that one?

    42. M. A.

      The leakers have taken their cue from Trump. How many times has he leaked himself.

    43. Samir Saweras

      The leaks happen because people working there feel that the public has a right to know whats going on. Each leaker has their own motivation but at it's core I bet informing the people is why the leaking happens.

    44. // osivot

      She wont comment on the Kelly Sadler leak (because it was a leak) but she will comment on the _Shithole Countries_ leak? Double standard.

    45. One PlusPhi

      Thanks for posting this. By the way, we're providing a platform for activist themes, check it out

    46. Dean Voets

      lol, I only saw "The Trump Administration is Plagued By Professional" I was like: What is professional about the trump administration? Ah the leaks, ok :D.

    47. sjalal

      Reminds me of when Imran Khan made a racist remark off the record and it was leaked. Focus was given to the fact that it was just a casual remark made in an informal setting that wasn't meant for the public. Little was made of the rather important issue that a noted so-called liberal leader with a large youth following was a racist.

    48. sjalal

      Loose lips sink ships.

    49. Jim Battersbee

      Hahahaha, The President of the United States really is a buffoon. What a great country, even a lunatic can become president. What next? A monkey??

    50. eddiequest4

      Ugh. Why don't they just 'leak' an apology?