The Trump Administration Is Plagued by Professional Leakers | The Daily Show

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    President Trump lashes out at leakers amid reports that White House aide Kelly Sadler made a cruel joke about Senator John McCain's failing health.
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    1. jane dais

      They don't like drumpf. He is horrible

    2. Dutchgala


    3. POKE BOY 18

      I sorry

    4. Rochelle Eskue

      Trump's leakers are his problem and it's quite enjoyable watching him and what few loyal subordinates he has left squirming ugly for damage control from something that was said by someone who we haven't heard from again. Well, even bottom-feeders have to come up for air, sometime

    5. Lego Kgoxy


    6. Iam Negan

      Ok,i get it. Trevor hates trump. Bla bla bla.

    7. CutZy McCall

      She's as clueless as it's possible to be. She's inviting blonde jokes, and most blondes I know are actually smart.

    8. Jane Guarnera

      No smokey eyes?

    9. killeing

      Did she ever apologize yet?

    10. killeing

      We need more heroes like this leaker.

    11. pretty bullet

      It wouldn't surprise me to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders head on the chopping block sometime in the very near future. I can see Trump blaming her for not locating the leaker quickly enough.

    12. LovinLife

      Trump and members of his Administration continue to give America and her people the middle finger while the Republican controlled Congress pass bills that will hurt all Americans, except the 1%ers. I just hope the American voters do something to stop them November 2018 & 2020.

    13. PlumBerryCherries

      OMG quit your job already Sanders, its just not worth it girl. #SMH

    14. Ankita Waghmare

      *IMPRACTICAL JOKERS* reference (the logo) 😄😃

    15. Amanda Escobar

      Sadler looks so German. :-/

    16. F J

      It is amusing that other people are surprised that an apology has not been forthcoming. This administration DOES NOT APOLOGIZE. Kelly Sadler was not making a joke when she made the remark. She meant what she said. How it transformed from a callous remark into an insensitive joke is sad within itself. i do not believe there will be an apology. If there is an apology it will be not be a heartfelt apology. It will be equivalent to : " I am sorry that I spilled your coffee"!!

    17. Danielle Eriksson

      Is viagra really minty..?

    18. headcoLd 7

      That sociopathic cunt is lucky I didn't watch this earlier into my grieving. My dad who died of cancer this month would be disgusted.

    19. Debbie Vernon

      Trevor, you are the best

    20. Debbie Vernon

      Incontinence in the leaks?

    21. The Druid Flame

      Fuck McCain he is the cause of the Forestall fire.

    22. Ilona Baier

      kudos to trumpie. putin played him like a fiddle + trumpie has played amerikans like a fiddle and this will keep him + his ilk in power for a looooonnnnnnggggggg time. get used to it amis!

    23. Daya Autum

      Did anyone else notice Sanders was wearing strips resembling an old prisoner uniform? Maybe they are trying to get used to the idea idk.

    24. Sunshine Overturf

      Omg he is so dumb! I think we need a recount

    25. M. A.

      How will Trump, trump that one?

    26. M. A.

      The leakers have taken their cue from Trump. How many times has he leaked himself.

    27. Samir Saweras

      The leaks happen because people working there feel that the public has a right to know whats going on. Each leaker has their own motivation but at it's core I bet informing the people is why the leaking happens.

    28. // osivot

      She wont comment on the Kelly Sadler leak (because it was a leak) but she will comment on the _Shithole Countries_ leak? Double standard.

    29. One PlusPhi

      Thanks for posting this. By the way, we're providing a platform for activist themes, check it out

    30. Dean Voets

      lol, I only saw "The Trump Administration is Plagued By Professional" I was like: What is professional about the trump administration? Ah the leaks, ok :D.

    31. sjalal

      Reminds me of when Imran Khan made a racist remark off the record and it was leaked. Focus was given to the fact that it was just a casual remark made in an informal setting that wasn't meant for the public. Little was made of the rather important issue that a noted so-called liberal leader with a large youth following was a racist.

    32. sjalal

      Loose lips sink ships.

    33. Jim Battersbee

      Hahahaha, The President of the United States really is a buffoon. What a great country, even a lunatic can become president. What next? A monkey??

    34. eddiequest4

      Ugh. Why don't they just 'leak' an apology?

    35. Lisa Lisa

      Not only in Trump's world does apologizing equate that you admit that it happened but I think more so it equates that you were wrong and in his realm we can't have that

    36. votes- have consequences

      Funny how the WH leaks! Mueller! Crickets!

    37. Ural Morris

      An atmosphere of mistrust and fear permeates the White House, no trust and without Trust America will never be great!

    38. Tony Dinh

      The WH is like a fucking circus

    39. patrick dulue

      The same White House has a problem with Michelle Wolf’s jokes. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    40. Karen Webster

      Let the White House know Kids-R-Us is going out of business. Maybe they can snatch up a good deal on diapers.

    41. Karen Webster

      Will traitors be shot at the steak? oh, stake

    42. Surud Patel

      White House needs A DIAPER their KIDNEY'S are Malfunctioning & the Plumbing has sprung a LEAK.

    43. Gnirol Namlerf

      How much do the people who work in this White House hate each other? Or possibly, how much do the people working for the president, a president who says he appoints "the best people" and demands loyalty, want to hurt him, even indirectly? It's amazing. If Ms Sadler didn't have enemies willing to make, for example, both her and Ms. Sanders' jobs awful for several days, at least, the stupid (because it's not like the people who were in the meeting weren't aware that Sen. McCain was very sick and wouldn't actually be casting a vote on Gina Haspel) and insensitive (because you shouldn't be hating anyone that much -- OK, maybe Hitler -- if you want to be considered a decent human being) comment would never have gone past those twenty people in the room. Someone in the room working with Ms. Sadler and for Pres. Trump, however, disliked Ms. Sadler or Pres. Trump enough to try to hurt them publicly. Sad, as they say, but that's the way the president operates, so it is hardly surprising his underlings would too.

    44. Jeb Walport

      Trevor Noah is a phony. He should go back to his own shithole country and try making his dumbass jokes about ANC monkeys dancing and singing about killing their white countrymen.

    45. CAP198462

      Professional leakers, also what trump paid for in Russia

    46. Dream Seer

      "The Leakers are Leaking Leaks about a meeting about what Leaks"

    47. Shoshanna Nina

      I wonder if Huckabee Sanders will need counseling or end up in a treatment facility sometime during or after Trump administration.

    48. Rick Delgado

      Best way to get rid of this joke a of a prez and Congress, VOTE Repubicans out of office.

    49. Mathew Clark

      Trevor...them saying that "the public wasn't supposed to know about the Russia conspiracy" IS their legal defense. It REALLY is. They ARE that stupid.

    50. Rambling Rapscallion

      Sarah Sanders is much more adept at being an unconscionable liar than Sean Spicer ever was. And that is a compliment at Spicer, at least he looked like he kind of felt guilty whenever he told a blatant lie.