The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison

Austin Evans

Austin Evans

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    After over 20 years, how does the PS4 console stack up with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 in the ultimate Sony PlayStation gameplay comparison?

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    1. Austin Evans

      Hope you got your 🍿

      1. Mr Hero

        what About psvr????

      2. blue hazard gaming

        I got my candy bucket

      3. kingmitchellnm

        You forgot a minor speck on the Original PS3 when it released not only was it backwards compatible with PS2 games the very first PS3 systems could also play Original PS games

      4. Safouane Gafsia


      5. Fear Productions

        I hope u got ur money

    2. Tim Worley

      :O i never knew you could have internal memory on a ps2! that is amazing!

    3. Anthony Davis

      Not a giant leap in graphics between PS3 and PS4? Hahahahahaha......Play God Of War or Horizon...... I laughed so hard at how stupid that comment was!

    4. Sebastien Souphankhaisy


    5. ArlusFinch

      Why can't Austin wear his headphones right

    6. Sprits Fal

      PS2. Btw the hell is with that avatar pic now? You look high as a kite lmao

    7. Mr. Squirl

      Three words are what the best PS3 game was, “Little Big Planet” #1 game of all time

    8. Nutsaccmcgee

      I really hope the ps5 has backwards compatibility to at least the ps3, I have been dying to play god of war 1 and 2 for so long. If not backwards compatibility then I hope they keep Ps Now

    9. rhampton1914

      Wow thanks for sharing this. You really did a great job on this Comparison. Really enjoyed watching your Video

    10. popular youtuber

      You forgot psv

    11. Vonchatman Henmy

      Sorry to tell you that was another Fat PS3 everything that was in the front of the PS3 that you have it's not in the PS3 fat the new one then after that they had the slim PS3

    12. Smarchitect Mann

      Wait a minute... my ps3 has extra card slots?!?

    13. promise mary

      Please what's the name of that mission game he played in the PS3 that has a girl in it, and he said it's the best mission game he has played? Please I need a reply,, thanks

    14. FxG Magikarp

      PS1 was my first console as well. My favorite was probably tekken 3.

    15. BigDaddyDizzel

      Even though we have come a long way into consoles that PS startup at 1:00 still gives me the chills.

    16. ItsNathanBruh

      ps1 hagrid

    17. MFAMUSIC

      So grateful being born in 91

    18. za ki

      OFC PS II

    19. My Life as an Elementary Magalang

      **chuckles** **in a serious voice** YOU FORGOT PLAYSTATION CLASSIC

    20. Lingga Prayuda

      wheres the PSX DESR???

    21. Dr Prashant Sagar

      Ps1 boot is iconic ,gets goose bumps nw also ....wowwww

    22. josh.tipTop

      Xbox 1 X is best

    23. Wolf Hound Dog

      Playstation 3 is the greatest

    24. NevEd

      Hey guys, it's the offspring

    25. Samurai Swift

      Hit or miss I guess the never miss huuu yous gots as boys friends I betz hez doesn’tz kizz ya 3:56

    26. ophis gaming

      who remembers the good old memorys of the ps2

    27. mediaman 101

      Do the Xbox and Nintendo comparisons

    28. illxgical X

      I remember I had my ps2 but someone broke in and stole it :(

    29. Meowium99

      Y O U L I K E P S 2 O R Y O U D I E ! ! !

    30. BenletAnd Olie

      I Like the PlayStation classic.... Wait when was this vid made????

    31. Muhammad Rizky

      Ps4 slim

    32. Vinny Bruce

      I find it on that when I use my PS3 on my 4K TV I see a lot of difference then using my HP monitor I never use my PS3 on my monitor because of the audio I have to get an audio are special headphones to use for the PS3

    33. Vinny Bruce

      That's why I stopped playing PS1 because of this it's not as n64 graphics. Pax has missed mix graphics

    34. Benas.

      hit or miss i guess the never miss huh

    35. Sid Pablo

      You play Harry Potter!? You suck!!! Lol

    36. THE MASK MAN

      my ps4 is silm

    37. Adam Galano

      9:43 GTA6

    38. Jovany Mejia

      3:57 " I guess they never miss huh?"

    39. Scott Hall

      The PS3 Slim has backwards compatibility....with Rebug...

    40. Rod Munch

      My XB360 controller I got at launch still works perfect today - meanwhile I have a drawer full of dead PS3 controllers. Anyone who thinks proprietary internal batteries are better than standard AA's is a dope who can't think more than 36 months down the road. In fact one of my PS4 controllers is already at the point where it will only last about 5 mins on batteries.

    41. Troll Onoroll

      6:30 Better to swap rechargeable batteries in a controller & always be playing wireless than be tethered to the console. The Xbox can have around 4000mah & last 20-24hrs meanwhile the PS4 has 1000mah & lasts barely 8hrs. Don't forget Sony reduced the battery from the PS3's 1800mah to make space for the lightbar. Great they reduced the battery life by half to make way for feature that was only useful with their shitty VR goggles.

    42. Rembo channel

      i'm waiting for Ps10, where i can play inside the game

    43. Al Pacino

      Gran Turismo is so ass bro.

    44. Link The Fox

      everytime i hear the ps1 open screen i expect to hear the crash bandicoot theme song and somehow despite knowing its not there get disappointed that its not there xD

    45. alisuhail-amanu2

      last year me and my parents went to ikea to buy a bed while we were looking for a bed there was a room designed with all beds, sofas a computer table and desks etc. There was the og ps2 console in one of the bedroom settings i wanted it soo bad, I wanted my memories back with it so I begged my parents to buy it when my parents asked one of the employees they said it wasn't for sale I nearly teared then last week, when i was digging through some trash in my room i found my ps2 Slim i am so happy now!!

    46. RBLX Gameplays

      I have the ps3 slim but going to get ps4 pro glacier white

    47. AR_15 critical ops

      I have ps3 superslim and had ps2 i dont remember if it was slim or not

    48. Mike2500L

      My PSP is 12 and a half years old ... and still works.

    49. Tireless Guitar

      Awesome video. Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

    50. stefan damjan

      i hate your voice i dont know why i watch these videos