The Ultimate PlayStation Comparison

Austin Evans

Austin Evans

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    After over 20 years, how does the PS4 console stack up with the PS1, PS2 and PS3 in the ultimate Sony PlayStation gameplay comparison?

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    1. Austin Evans

      Hope you got your 🍿

      1. julian gonzalez

        +Mr. KING x vv v 😈😇😣😬😡😠😵😷😭😪😵

      2. Rubeson DatArtist

        What about psp's?

      3. C H I L L C A R L O Z

        My uncle has a ps3 and ps4

      4. Avvrid 999

        Just do one for xbox

      5. Avvrid 999

        Plzz do one for xbox

    2. Hypertron 65

      Who never had a console ☹️

    3. Hiks

      They didn't know how to use the ps3 processor? You sure about it? It has sure nothing to do with the product life cycle... ;)

    4. Ripjaws gaming


    5. dyingplanet13

      I had a PS2 and a PS3 Slim but thanks to my brother, they are my dad's now :(

      1. dyingplanet13

        But we still have a PS4

    6. Jordan Joslin

      You youths cutting edge PS1 game blew even ps3 graphics out the water Kilic not sure if spelt rite but Greatestt Unknown of ALL TIME set the bar its started mech janra and halflife copies bug enemies and no mech bunk version of Kilic & Duke Nukem

    7. Cruse Alexander

      I have an ps 2 slim ! LoL

    8. swaggy gamer

      u didn't play gta 5 on the ps 3 wtf

    9. gaming headquarters

      I have a ps2 slim lol I also have the super slim ps3

    10. ps4 gamer

      Is that a pip boy in the back?!? I am a fallout fan

    11. Franklin Clinton

      Hi this is Austism

    12. Thus Ok

      How did u get all of them

    13. n9nebraker

      D-bag is X-box bias facts don't care for you feel.

    14. jetpackdude _TAS

      Lol he said hit or mis

    15. yunghart_og

      why didn’t you mention the PS3 Move?

    16. yunghart_og

      god i love vice city. my all time favorite.

    17. THE ICON

      Of course the Xbox One X is going to look better Austin it's true 4K not upscaling 4K like the PS4 Pro lazily does obviously if you play 720p games and a 1080i game and a 1080p game you're going to see the difference what people forget is that PlayStation is lazy as long as they make money I have all three consoles but it's the truth

    18. THE ICON

      Grandpa Turismo tanked never survived Forza

    19. THE ICON

      You're an idiot Austin taking a shot at Xbox because let me ask you a question is it better to have the option to charge in the Cradle or before Stu plug-in something or play with a wireless 1990s with the PlayStation 1 at least when you have the option for Batteries you can find batteries from anywhere or even buy them from the dollar store just to get by if you really want it or if you're smart by 15-minute rechargeables and you wouldn't even have to wait long or put them in some stupid cradle and make excuses think first about practicality and Common Sense

    20. Kuro

      I might just add as a fun fact: You can get an official Sony Licenced Linux disc for the PS2, and it was also marketed as a home computer in the UK.

    21. Brenton Andrew

      My first console was a Fountain or Radofin which was made in 1976, then a Sega megadrive 2, then a ps1, ps2, xbox, ps3, psp, ps4, ps4 pro. I still have all of them in working order except for the psp and yup you guessed it the xbox. For the record I lost the psp.

    22. mayen67

      What the hell! Controllers with batteries are better, because u can quickly swap out rechargeables, no need to be wired.

    23. shalin prajith

      Did you also put Antiek things in the background too Umm OK!

    24. Ramin Aliyev

      I finished last of us on ps4

    25. CJ Perez Jr.

      PlayStation 2 is definitely my favorite because of Kingdom Hearts/Sly Cooper/ Ty the Tasmanian Tiger to name a few.

    26. CJ Perez Jr.

      3:05 I remember my PS2 was given to me, and it used to be my grandmothers. She used it as a DVD player as well. Now I know why. A while gaming console was cheaper than a DVD player. That’s crazy 😂

    27. ABK TV

      no. the last ps1 game was 2004

    28. Karuns

      The ps2 slim looks like a book

      1. Wilson Okparaocha


    29. Lord Oil

      Mine and my dads ps2 still works and it has a massive melted dent in it because for some reason someone put a candle on it

    30. VarieZ

      Still waiting for the Ultimate Xbox comparison

    31. Pineaple Girl

      Ps 4 pro

    32. Consumers perspective

      Xbox has a better battery system. You can replace the batteries on xbox when they go bad but on play station the internal battery is inside the casing. Not to mention xbox controllers can still work if the batteries are dead as long as you have it plugged in on ps3 the danm things wont even turn on. Xbox also uses standard micro usb(maybe usb c will be on the new controller) i think ps3 used mini usb.


      i think the PS3 FAT was the best blue ray player media centre your own music without Spotify import music films off DVD or CD all of witch you can't do with the PS4 PRO i have PS3 works really really well with a SSD 1TB HD GAMES are brilliant with no glitches brought mine in 2007 2 usb type and i still use it now shame with the MUSIC there wasn't a EQ take it apart every 4 years airline the dust out never a problem with it ps2 was a good console yes but the ps3 hit the Mark and as a media centre for the home brilliant apart from EQ option ps4 pro I'm not to impressed no blue ray can't import media that shocked me. 1000mah controller another bad idea 2600mah would of been a better option USB charge port WEAK TYPE C would of been better like Samsung S8 S9 are using etc. also they should of made the internal HD enclosure a 12mm think to take the large 2.5 drives so upgrade would be easier. over all ps4 pro i feel restricted to a point ps3 i never did feel a problem anyway hope this helps thanks great video Austin

    34. KozenaDrzka - Retro IT, Mafia a gaming

      5:12 San Andreas shows what PS2 is capable of... Vice City is just warming up.

    35. KozenaDrzka - Retro IT, Mafia a gaming

      3:58 i guess they never miss huh

    36. Travis Trestler

      Great vid...but any chance you could turn up the music? It was too low😜

    37. htb plays 64

      I got the ps3 slim

    38. DriftKingz

      When I was 2 years old my dad was in the uk and my dad bought ps3 and the wii for Christmas and some games and my mom said “ur wasting our family money!!” But a few days later I was playing games better than my dad The ps3 was the launch ps3 and a white wii I was the coolest kid in the block but I was 2-3 (my birthday is on 10 January so I was 3 at that time) and every kid never heard of ps3 and wii and they wanted one but in Romania ps3 and no one sold game consoles at that time 2010 - 2011

    39. St4rTr3v1Ut10n

      This guy hops too much.

    40. Logan

      How tf GT6 look like shit on ps3 but on the Xbox 360 forza 4 looks soooo good

    41. LA Clippers

      If I was stuck somewhere, I'd pick my PS4 slim in a heartbeat. I don't game much anymore. I use it mostly for watching videos on my external hard drive, JP-news, and Netflix. PS3 feels slower for that.

    42. Elite Club

      3:57 I bet they never miss huh

    43. Adrian Garner

      🤔 Hmmm How about Red Dead Redemption 2? HMM that game is the most detailed game you will find for a while!

    44. Ps4 Pro7734


    45. Ps4 Pro7734

      11:59 i got a shoutout

    46. AYX AYo

      Aah when we used to leave the console on for a week

    47. A.J. Animations


    48. Josh Rhodes

      I'm happy with my PS2. I tend to buy older consoles because you can usually buy as many games as you can carry at yard sales for like 30 dollars a box.

    49. Druaku

      Ps vita?

    50. Will Smitth

      What about the fat model with 2 usb?