This Man CAN'T Be Stopped! - NBA 2K19 Playground Gameplay



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    NBA 2K19 Gameplay by @DionDoes
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    1. Trxpz Beamliverr

      The first the guy was standing in back the whole time because they wanted to waste more time so you can’t win.

    2. brad palmer

      That's me for real

    3. Cameron Mahaffey

      Great video love this series

    4. Sheila Smith

      Mav you stax juice and Trent are cool

    5. G.I Joe

      Went from 200-50 to 203-66...yikes

    6. Demetrius Camper

      What yall experienced the second game is what most of the guys who win do.

    7. Antbeast23

      2k flaw lol c'mon get the 3 point cheese out of the game.

    8. Will Croston

      This game is so dumb. Dion can't hit a 3 unless it's a catch and shoot. He can literally get a screen get wide open and still miss the shot. That's not real life.

    9. SomberShadowYT

      Are Juice’s Badges maxed out

    10. Christian Brown

      imav you are my farvorite youtuber i seen all your vidoes and can i geta shut out god bless may the lord be with you G1GB

    11. ismael feeds

      Gg bro had to do my thing Gg tho!!!!

    12. Tylin Fields

      Yo iMav need to hit 1 mill already they have been at 900k for a long time everybody subscribe #roadto1mill

    13. BrentTheWave 18

      Keep doing these videos. Great vid. These videos make my day. Keep up the good work Dion

    14. The One Who Is Better Than You

      Yall really put your enemy on your channel in your thumbnail? Basically saying he son’n you? Yikes.

    15. Armando Munoz

      You know if you press pause in game, you can see what arch they are by their name, that little icon.

    16. Christopher Henry

      Ring chasers mav please????????

    17. Dalton Floyd

      Juice is booty cheeks

      1. Dre UpNext

        Dalton Floyd just subbed ... sub back ?

    18. Dominique Ballou

      Dion go ahead and talk to us...... WTH Trent talking about 🤔 he say the most random, meaningless things

      1. Dre UpNext

        Dominique Ballou just Subbed ... sub Back ?

    19. Loading Name

      More pls 🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀

      1. Dre UpNext

        Loading Name just subbed ... sub back ?

    20. Chrysdontmiss 7

      I like stax in the videos he helps y’all with y’all game and keeps y’all from rippin each other’s head off😂

    21. Simeon Blair

      Great video Mav fam

      1. Dre UpNext

        Simeon Blair i just Subbed to you ... sub back ?

    22. King Isaiah

      Do whose better series

    23. jake spence

      “That was swift” 😂

      1. Dre UpNext

        jake spence i just Subbed to you ... sub back ?

    24. Comments Killer

      Like for more 2k

    25. Comments Killer

      Upload more

    26. Paul Pew


    27. Elijah Bryce

      Trent needs to upgrade his player He still has an 85

    28. Trey Wasington

      Why Dion keep slapping Trent tho

    29. little jhon

      wasup mav fam hope y’all had a nice day #G1GB

    30. Jaleel Wills

      If you ever stop JP-news I wouldn't know what to watch keep up the good work

    31. PhantomFlash2002

      Keep doing the consistent uploads!

    32. PhantomFlash2002


    33. Jhaydon Elliott

      That guy is a shooter

    34. K2SHIFTY

      Stax: That dimer helps with your deep 3s Mav: What level is it Stax: silver Mav: ok Now let’s think about if you change ‘stax’ to ‘trent’ or ‘juice’... 😂😂

      1. Mr. Swish

        K2SHIFTY if that’s Trent he’s getting yelled at and beat up, if it’s Juice he just gets called dumb

    35. brandon lewis

      1:49 Juice clone is acting up or he having a Malfunction lol

    36. Zoom Clan


    37. Marius Jackson


    38. DimeBag Darrell

      It’s unwatchable with stax I only like you 3

      1. N/ A


    39. Zak fischer

      Can u bring back Deion’s mut series

    40. Mike Tay

      11:26 that was nastyyy!💪

    41. Ballout Baby

      Stax a real one bc I for sure wouldn’t be messing up my record running with y’all lol. Still my favorite channel #G1GB

      1. O D

        Big fax

    42. Brian Collins

      Y’all low key might be getting better.......Somehow #G1GB

    43. Kings.!?god. !

      Ok buddy

    44. Cheryl mckenney

      I was first

    45. Cheryl mckenney

      Trent is crazy 🤣 @imav3riq

    46. Hazy Slasher

      Love the vids man btw First

      1. EpicCoolKid 900

        (^_^) hahaha same 🥳😅😂🤣 AAAAAAHHHHHHH NOOBIE