This Tweet Trumps All Other Horrible Trump Tweets

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    The president's latest message about his handling of Hurricane Maria is quite possibly the worst string of words he's ever assembled.
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      How does Stephen Colbert talk about qualified Senators when he had AOC on his show. And she's nothing but a stupid spoiled rich brat


      I don't know why people was so worried about Trump and hurricane Maria. We needed to be more worried about the corrupt government of Puerto Rico. But stupid people just let the truly evil pass the buck once again

    3. AwkwrdPrtMskrt

      Searching for casualties is apparently a new concept to Trump.

    4. Ola Mo0n

      I love Stephan

    5. miguel panta

      Hans was inspired by Bruno.

    6. Cecilia Moncada

      Trump is saving us from disgraced Socialism.

    7. Gloria Cook

      JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. How much extra tax refund did Don give you ? What he took more off you .

    8. jane simmons

      More than 3000 may have died in the Paradise fire.Why no investigation?

    9. Johnny Pickup

      You know what they call someone who has glib and charm, and uses their smooth words and character to get people to really like and believe them, in order to get their malevolent way? That's called a sociopath. Also known as "Obama".

    10. cretzk sullivan

      Whats the difference between trump and sarna ?

      1. Puppet Prez


    11. Tanya White

      You know its bad when someone posts letters on a website and people get mad

    12. amishrobots

      Why is Colbert entirely monochromatic? Grey tie, grey beard, charcoal suit, black glasses.. etc. I mean he looks classy, no disrespect, I'm just fascinated: If I saw him on a b&w TV right now, he wouldn't look any different!

    13. Patricia Gamber

      Trump is a chump of a punk!

    14. Gloria Cook

      .John Cook Australia 🇦🇺. Out just now February 2019 . Donald Trump is not an American born citizen . He was adopted into the Trump family to be used as a tax scam. . Yes his actual birth place was Chernobyl and this is where he became exposed to radiation poisoning. This is a debilitating disease and causes many strange symptoms. Skin discoloring,small hands bald head patches and for some weird reason not to be able to tell the truth. Illiteracy and very low IQ levels are always prevalent. Some patients have been known to claim that they know everything about everything. Some even declare themselves to be genius. Don’t let them anywhere near cats 🐈 as they are also grabbers of pussies .

    15. Karen Shaub

      In a contest to determine which is a more disgusting human being, Trump or Hitler, Trump wins hands down. He has a lifetime's worth of consistent behavior that gives him the edge.

    16. Katrina Paton

      When Stephen was reading out the tweet at the start I was like, "OMFG, I can't believe how good he looks with a beard."

    17. John Here

      What a crazy immoral thug! He will pay anyway. Soon 🔜

    18. Mark Maben

      Shame on you Stephen for mocking President Trump the best President of United States. Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered!!!!

      1. Mark Maben

        +Kevin Benderman now Hillary Clinton, she did spirit cooking and all other witch craft stuff, and her know it. And now do you want support these people. President Trump prays daily to the lord to give him wisdom and knowledge, he is a good Christian

      2. Mark Maben

        +Kevin Benderman Billy Graham supported president Trump

      3. Mark Maben

        +Kevin Benderman some of your sources are fake

      4. Kevin Benderman

        +Mark Maben "About 220 offenders - among them pastors, ministers, Sunday school teachers, deacons and church volunteers - have been convicted or have taken plea deals, with dozens of cases still pending. Nearly 100 are still in prison, according to state and federal records. Dozens of others made plea deals and served no time. More than 100 are registered sex offenders, and some have returned to the pulpit. At least 35 church pastors, employees and volunteers who exhibited predatory behavior were still able to find jobs at churches"

      5. Kevin Benderman

        +Mark Maben how many more do you want? And don't tell me about that charlatan from Texas, Osteen. Or Creflo Dollar or Franklin Graham or any of those prosperity preachers whose only concern is passing the collection plate.

    19. vchip57

      Good thing General Mattis didn't see this.

    20. South korea took Over my life

      steven has a beard now and he looks like a lumberjack

    21. Jusst Jusst

      What is wrong with America? How can they have a president like Trump? Seriously?

      1. Puppet Prez

        Lots of people like him. I think it's because they're terrified of the scary "other" (aka anyone who isn't a white straight Christian) TBH

    22. Zeus 1455

      I haven't crossed into the USA since he took office and probably won't for a long time to come.

    23. Zeus 1455

      Ate you serious? Please tell me this is a just a joke. I cut off all American media bot long after trump took office and only saw this because my wife sent it to me. America please stop this man before the whole world thinks your all as dumb as him.

      1. Puppet Prez

        I think it might be too late for that...maybe we'll do a better job picking next time

    24. Rachel Dewinata

      I'm so sorry if this offends anyone. But anyone thought that he resembled Robert Downey Jr slightly? Eyes? Nose? Slightly similar face structure?

    25. knight night

      Trump is dumb, Trump is lying, but what can you do about it? The democracy selected him. This is the problem of democracy, popularity wins, not capability.

    26. Martijn Hover

      Either a beard or a suit. Not both.

    27. Allen Klein

      So kids I can't put food on table or roof over your head because we support a useless wall, that you lied about saying mexico will pay for it when I'm forcing American people by keeping them hostage and taking there paycheck

    28. Nerva xD

      Wtf there are more german names than Hans or Müller. Also wirklich ist ja auch egal LoL 😂

    29. Alice Willoughby

      I just can't imagine how he got people to vote for him! It's crazy!

      1. Puppet Prez

        Loads of people want him elected AGAIN. There's some serious mental gymnastics going on out there

    30. isse roble

      I want you to know something little man those things walking around you are glorious designs of mine you treat them like pawns I am the chess master and you can’t out play the Chess master so fix yourself I have so many ways to get around you you’re middle name is a j so I find your temperature very very adorable your picking a match with the game you set the difficulty I am god level you’ll meet the other levels. Secretary level. Butler level. Officer level. Senator level. President level. I am God level. There’s an infinite enumerable levels between us. Pick the one that you can handle because nobody can out handle God. Creation.

    31. isse roble

      Your a less than human moving mass of filth

    32. isse roble

      Your my favorite bunch of lying ungrateful fake dead people

    33. Frøx Frøx

      Orange man bad. Donland Droompf bad. Fake hair. Diversity is our greatest strength. Traps R Gay.

    34. j en

      you should change the name of your "country" to CLOWNLAND

    35. Paul Burns

      One more demonstration by Drumpf, to prove he was was conceived via "Anal Intercourse " !!!

    36. Dee Elo

      Soooooo hysterically funny OMG. How do u do it?

    37. Pia Rossi

      He is a selfish monster cares nothing about Americans just The power he gets being the fake presidents that wants the second term with the stupid wall

    38. Michael Kelligan

      I see you have a cushion for cocksucking on your face Stephen, and its white've been busy! 😂

    39. PAPA Giarnella


    40. ZW XIAO

      Colbert looks better with beard😀

    41. Home Love

      I really love Colbert's new look - he should have kept it. The suit is STYLISH! Love the color palette and how it matches his beard. He should have splurged on a new pair of not-brown specs and that would have made the look perfect. Looking like this, he gives off an 'Iron Man' vibe. And RD rocks as Iron Man 😚

    42. Thought for the Day

      Callous without ambiguity, Trump is a disgrace!

    43. Wajahat Shah

      Like your style when u read Tramp tweets

    44. Phoebus Apollo

      Annnnnnnd he fired Mattis. Oof

    45. Pablo Gonzalez

      Colbert is the best... Can't stopping watching all these clips on Trump HAHA

    46. David Edwards

      Hearing her talking about the water coming up her shins reminds me of the way to tell the difference between Pros and Poetry. It is a simple verse. "There was a little girl, who was really just a Runt. She was standing in the water that reached up to her knees". That is Pros. When the water get's deeper it will become poetry.

      1. Lizzyloohoo12

        Don't you mean Prose, not Pros? No hate, that's just what I've heard, so now i'm confused.

    47. Phương Linh Trần Lê

      I knew about Obama at the same time i knew about social network like Facebook and Twitter (i’m young lol). At the time, i wish the politicians in my country were that cool, or at least cool enough to have social network account. Then there’s Trump, i’m like i’m okay now, they’re cool

    48. glointhedark11323

      Pff. All the likers of this video need a red pill. Fake news is confusing you under a guile.

    49. janning schrotter

      Trump is not wrong Total fatalities: 3,057 not just in Puerto Rico but in over 20 locations some of them not even us territories. Under Bush They Evan Show the US casualties divided. 1,836 total Not including Haiti or the DR unlike the 3,057 which does.

    50. 65wiseman

      Did Trump ever take English in school?

    51. 65wiseman

      Trump has brought so much unintended laughter to the world. The undisputed king of comedy. He probably does most of his tweets while sitting on the can.

    52. Rachel Fleming

      The Mueller Investigation is the reason I can sleep at night. Robert Mueller is probably a hero.

    53. Meganesia Shan

      Colbert 'the chin hawk..

    54. Proxima Centauri

      LOVE YOU STEVE COLBERT....for the first few minutes after the Moses departs the sea part. After that, new writers NEEDED. OR else you MUST BE INSANE.

    55. Mr MEMé

      Grey Beard, Blakk Hair. .. How ¿¿¿¿

    56. daMirko

      Despite the fact, that this is something everybody should be ashamed of, i wanna bring something different up... I'm from germany, but i always like, when there are jokes about germans and when there's somebody trying to speak german or is imitating an accent, to pretend being german 😂 It's funny as hell and i don't feel insulted or offended by that...don't stop that 😄 🤗 We have enough idiots in our country, that still claim this is a german only place and they're extremely proud being german...those morons really need to get rid of thoughts like that and start gettin' easy & funny again...mostly about themselves...😤 If you can't laugh about yourself, you better get lost...and don't start or join any serious conversation, where sarcastic comments may pop up... 🤗 ...thanx...i know, this was out of context...

    57. P Lucas

      Well...there IS a difference between died in/during the hurricane and died from the conditions which resulted from the hurricane. Many people died from THE EFFECTS of the hurricane but not actually DURING the hurricane. This distinction is beyond the miniscule reasoning powers of President Turnip.

    58. Quentin Moon

      Boy he goes out of his way to make himself look like a fool sometimes doesn't he?

    59. Donovan Fölscher

      Democrats should boycott Twitter since it is now a political tool used to spread hate

    60. Lelynn Miller

      I luv how well he imitates him 😄😆😅

    61. Lelynn Miller

      Republicans & Democrats.... Like its the new age *Bloods & Crips* (only WORSE) 🙇 RealityTV/SoapOpera... I don't really follow politics but I do have opinions. 🙅So I did vote. I tried to vote AGAINST him tho 🙅 . Not necessarily cuz I wanted Hilary, I just didn't want HIM❗ (It work when I voted against Romney) Look what happend last time we had a Republican President 🙄 I was worried😟. Republicans always seem to wanna argue if that can't convince every1 to agree wit them. 😕 Maybe next election he'll go away. Or maybe he'll rig that 1 too. 🙄 C how Hilary didn't get all butt hurt when she lost.... 🤔 I bet if roles were reversed he'd b asking for a recount from every state. I think its bullsh!t too that it looked like they didnt even finish counting them in Michigan. 😒

    62. Josue Pina

      This thing is scary.

    63. Josue Pina

      The word for it is reapers.

    64. Petyr Kowalski

      Trump,has this unique knack of grossly offending everyone and bigging himself up at the same time. He truly is a vile excuse for a human being.

    65. Jerome FitzRoy

      Who’s laughing now? I’m the guy with the boat on the driveway!

    66. Nate Free K-9 Help

      I want a magic grey circle :-)

    67. AtomicBlast

      I mean... he’s not wrong about the democrats doing lots to make him look bad, when he’s actually kinda doing a good job at certain things.

    68. Evolutionary Advantage

      “Reading through groping”..... haha

    69. Franz Pattison

      Trump sounds like Derek Zoolander

    70. Wolfeur

      And to think that this person has access to and authority on the biggest military force on Earth. And nukes.

    71. gplaymaker28

      Well Jeff is gone

    72. Asbestos Fish

      *_when did he grow the beard and how the fuck does it look like it does and does not exist at the same time._*

    73. Youth F7C

      Beard looks good!

    74. Ule Mse

      Lol! The insults on this video 😂

    75. Knut-Hinrichq Walter

      I'am german, but think Stephen Colbert must be a nightmare for Donald Trump together with Meryl Streep, Madonna and Robert de Niro et alii !

    76. PutinWithAnimals

      WTF is that in the beginning xP

    77. nightjar

      They should have installed the braille to say "trump is an a**hole".

    78. mike warner

      Late night is such trash nowdays. None of this is remotely funny.

    79. Denis Nadeau

      Squeeze it Moo Moo !!!! LMAO!!!!!

    80. Arch Linux

      just kick this libtard off the air already.

    81. Christy H

      Too funny love love ur show👍💕🇺🇸✌💜😄👊

    82. T Slap

      I went to Puerto Rico this past august. A few people died in the hurricane and A lot of other people died do to no electricity. I you're an elderly person living in 100 degree weather with no air conditioner and fan you'll drop dead too.

    83. Georg Zug

      In Germany we have a nice joke abaut Trump: Why needs Trump two Viagras? When he only takes one ,it lifts only his right arm.

    84. Terry Buckalew

      I have never loved a president more than trump. May all unsaved people wake up. Remember Noah's ark. Christine r telling u to repent. There is an end to the bible

      1. Lelynn Miller

        U can't actually believe that all those animals we're rounded up & put in 1 boat... Dude it woulda been a feeding frenzy. & how would they get all those animals from all over the world? The ark is 1 of the least believed stories ain't it? Did u kno that libraries keep bibles in the fiction section. I'm jus saying, don't b mad just cuz I don't agree wit u & don't call me ne names either. I don't go calling ppl out there name & I'd appreciate if ppl wouldn't do it to me. I'm just saying, cuz this is the comment section & that's what its for. Ppl shouldn't go around telling ppl to repent n sh!t. Ppl r obviously gonna do what they want. I jus look at it as , sum ppl add up all the *facts* & then theres others, who like their willful ignorance. Who is ne1else to b judging others?

    85. jaylynn444

      Maybe I’m being naive - but isn’t this PROOF that he is mentally unstable??? There is SO much proof that he’s either got dementia (Apologizing that Melania couldn’t be there, & forgetting that his own wife is standing right behind him?!😳), mental illness or both? I did a narcissistic personality disorder test for him I found online - & he displays every single symptom almost daily - On video for all to see!! WHY is this freak still in the WH???!!

    86. Matthew Green

      The weather channel's graphics make them look like mages summoning floods.

    87. Jade Birk

      Cabbage Patch American Jeff S. 😂😂😂

    88. Tim Alford

      Trump will have to answer to God Almighty one day!!! And so will all his accult!!!!!

    89. Benjamin Matthews

      Why are there people stupid enough to believe everything Trump says?

    90. jay native

      I knew Drump would clash with General Madison. Mad Dog is an idol to Marines and we represent honor courage and commitment. Marines follow a strict code of morals logic and ethics. Not to be concerned with our incompetent president and his divisiveness and hate rhetoric. United we stand tall.

    91. ldylkr

      Hanns is good people.

    92. Ewan McNeill

      He sounds like Dr Evil when he does his trump impression

    93. Matthew Creigh

      Woohoo, Stephen doesn't hold back 😂😂😂

    94. Jordan McCall

      when he went to puerto rico after the hurricane he made a joke about " people are costing me a whole lot of money here!!! like he ever paid a dime in taxes anyway, he gets money back...

    95. elena floren


    96. Tristan Möller

      It’s like you constantly loose respect for this guy

    97. Tristan Möller

      I love how abruptly it ends after the last joke. A real cliffhanger to not a story

    98. EveryThingGirl238

      I'll admit.... him with a beard is just hard to see...

    99. Walter De wit

      Glad he got rid of the beard.

    100. Cairo Time

      And October 25th 2018 says 'hold my beer'.