This Tweet Trumps All Other Horrible Trump Tweets

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    The president's latest message about his handling of Hurricane Maria is quite possibly the worst string of words he's ever assembled.
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    1. AtomicBlast

      I mean... he’s not wrong about the democrats doing lots to make him look bad, when he’s actually kinda doing a good job at certain things.

    2. 900 Dollarydoos!

      “Reading through groping”..... haha

    3. LEL Bean

      Trump is a master troll. Learn to enjoy fine whiskey, joyless libs

    4. LEL Bean

      So the DNC owns Colbert now, weird.

    5. Franz Pattison

      Trump sounds like Derek Zoolander

    6. Wolfeur

      And to think that this person has access to and authority on the biggest military force on Earth. And nukes.

    7. gplaymaker28

      Well Jeff is gone

    8. Asbestos Fish

      *_when did he grow the beard and how the fuck does it look like it does and does not exist at the same time._*

    9. Youth F7C

      Beard looks good!

    10. Ule Mse

      Lol! The insults on this video 😂

    11. Knut-Hinrichq Walter

      I'am german, but think Stephen Colbert must be a nightmare for Donald Trump together with Meryl Streep, Madonna and Robert de Niro et alii !

    12. PutinWithAnimals

      WTF is that in the beginning xP

    13. Norma Drucker

      They should have installed the braille to say "trump is an a**hole".

    14. mike warner

      Late night is such trash nowdays. None of this is remotely funny.

    15. Denis Nadeau

      Squeeze it Moo Moo !!!! LMAO!!!!!

    16. Arch Linux

      just kick this libtard off the air already.

    17. Christy H

      Too funny love love ur show👍💕🇺🇸✌💜😄👊

    18. T Slap

      I went to Puerto Rico this past august. A few people died in the hurricane and A lot of other people died do to no electricity. I you're an elderly person living in 100 degree weather with no air conditioner and fan you'll drop dead too.

    19. Georg Zug

      In Germany we have a nice joke abaut Trump: Why needs Trump two Viagras? When he only takes one ,it lifts only his right arm.

    20. Terry Buckalew

      I have never loved a president more than trump. May all unsaved people wake up. Remember Noah's ark. Christine r telling u to repent. There is an end to the bible

    21. jaylynn444

      Maybe I’m being naive - but isn’t this PROOF that he is mentally unstable??? There is SO much proof that he’s either got dementia (Apologizing that Melania couldn’t be there, & forgetting that his own wife is standing right behind him?!😳), mental illness or both? I did a narcissistic personality disorder test for him I found online - & he displays every single symptom almost daily - On video for all to see!! WHY is this freak still in the WH???!!

    22. Matthew Green

      The weather channel's graphics make them look like mages summoning floods.

    23. Jade Birk

      Cabbage Patch American Jeff S. 😂😂😂

    24. Tim Alford

      Trump will have to answer to God Almighty one day!!! And so will all his accult!!!!!

    25. Benjamin Matthews

      Why are there people stupid enough to believe everything Trump says?

    26. jay native

      I knew Drump would clash with General Madison. Mad Dog is an idol to Marines and we represent honor courage and commitment. Marines follow a strict code of morals logic and ethics. Not to be concerned with our incompetent president and his divisiveness and hate rhetoric. United we stand tall.

    27. ldylkr

      Hanns is good people.

    28. Ewan McNeill

      He sounds like Dr Evil when he does his trump impression

    29. Matthew Creigh

      Woohoo, Stephen doesn't hold back 😂😂😂

    30. Jordan McCall

      when he went to puerto rico after the hurricane he made a joke about " people are costing me a whole lot of money here!!! like he ever paid a dime in taxes anyway, he gets money back...

    31. elena floren


    32. Tristan Möller

      It’s like you constantly loose respect for this guy

    33. Tristan Möller

      I love how abruptly it ends after the last joke. A real cliffhanger to not a story

    34. EveryThingGirl238

      I'll admit.... him with a beard is just hard to see...

    35. Walter De wit

      Glad he got rid of the beard.

    36. Cairo Time

      And October 25th 2018 says 'hold my beer'.

    37. polite critique

      3000 did not die on 911 it was a false Israeli flag

    38. Sean Ford

      Stephan Colbert has become santa Claus.

    39. Pam Miner

      I hate it when he lies, and his fans eat it all up. He can and does say very outrageous things and his fans believe it. He should be president to ALL Americans but several times in every speech he dies and makes things up about "the Democrats" Who he says has a new position, the "No borders policy"! He is president to only republicans, and wants to get id of Democrats and people who are less white than blue eyed blonds. The proposed GOP budget for the coming year is going to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security by "a whole lot of money " so they can justify giving the richest people another big tax break. I don't know by how many millions or thousands $$. On top of that it is proposed that people who take prescription narcotics to be limited to the equivalent of 20 milligrams a day, not near enough to be of much help, millions of people who suffer from severe chronic pain-including Veterans, so expect to see a steep rise in suicides.

    40. Truth Told

      MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

    41. john

      I love reading these comments. Completely unhinged and utterly detached from reality. You lost. You WILL lose again. No one wants gay black folks running the country. It's just not ever going to happen.

    42. john

      Making jokes about a deadly storm ? Real classy work.

    43. Terry Guerra

      Colbert for President!

    44. Otto Freeman

      worse Trevor Noah lul

    45. fastcore algorithm

      japan denies the number of chinese citizens killed in nanking, trump denies the number of puerto rico citizens killed in the hurricane

    46. Sai Subhash

      Holy shit those graphics were indeed scary.😱

    47. tripjet999

      Send Comrade Trump and his republiCON cronies to JAIL, for the ELECTION FRAUD they committed in November, 2016!

    48. Michael Marquez

      Last joke sucked lol but everything else was good

    49. craig smith

      Trump has really only one person in his life that matters. Himself. Everyone else is expendable.when the heat is turned up he flakes on everyone. I know his family realizes this but there stuck with this putz. Embarrassed but they can’t do anything about it. He is so stupid he has to lie to make up for his ignorance.

    50. CNNPC # 9000135 88

      Orange man bad.

      1. Charle Magne

        joke man: trump bad