Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat

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      when they get old...karma will have its way with them

    2. Akstylez _ak

      Shut all social Media down. Make it a payable app

    3. Akstylez _ak


    4. tina kletter

      The girls are rotten and should stay in jail for life What if it was their family how would they If it happens to them shame on them Jesus is watching you girls Change your evil ways or you won’t go to heaven . SHAME

    5. kitteh cool

      I wanna cry people

    6. Matthew Coolness

      This is disgusting. So many of the women who wind up working in these places have the lowest nursing certification that you can possibly get. They can't find good people, because nobody wants the nasty job. You have to change thier diapers, insert catheters, wipe butts, deal with dead bodies, & Even put your fingers up thier butt sometimes to break up the poop if they are impacted (I'm not kidding), it's Sad. Some of these nurses are absolute Hero's, but most are irresponsible idiots (having babies they can't afford, gossiping, starting shit, constantly calling out, you know the type...😕).

    7. Tammy Kay

      I so agree people are all about entertainment until it's a sickness or rather addiction. Evil times with evil actions. I want no part of that.

    8. Kitty Kandy

      3:20 TRUE

    9. jmek08

      Lol dumb bitches

    10. Fortnite Moments

      Add me on Snapchat: rayshonm6666

    11. schoomzer

      Those 3 cockroaches don't realize that one day, possibly sooner than they think, they or theirs will one day be in one of those beds.

    12. sactown916

      Hang them all and put it on social media

    13. Isabella C

      Speaking the TRUTH; Sad state of affairs!

    14. dankwrasslin

      these are women not girls

    15. The Realest Idealist

      3:56 There will come a time when you'll want to feel something, but you won't know how to. Well damn, I felt that! #CutDeep

    16. Nita HoneyBee

      Wow. They're just representing ALL the races with pride. Smh

    17. alittlestrength

      You are insulting donkeys by comparing them to those three evil women. It is sickening to see what comes out of the human heart. Thank God they have been removed and charged. May justice be served and may they never be able to repeat this vicious act in some other care facility.

    18. Dejahzvu

      Generation numb! Perfect name.... so sad

    19. SexMyShh

      Says the guy who gave a 15 year old liquor and allowed her to get raped by your homies ugh black men disgust me

    20. Sharrieff Vincent

      Let the elderly stay at home and just take care of them...This is not surprising its sad sick fucks..GET THE STRAP !...CTG speaking the truth

    21. ResidentEvil rican

      They should be charged wit something do some type of time...I hope they go 2 hell for that shit that's some1s family member wtf is up wit them trash

    22. Patriot of Justice

      Disgusting. First there was the four teens who recorded and laughed at an old man drowning, then there was the nurse who laughed and watched a patient die in front of her, and now this.

    23. ResidentEvil rican

      Jus thinking about my gmom she was jus in the ICU Thank God she got out but if they did that 2 my gmom or family I would kill them that's fuckd up real fucked up dumb whore bitches..thank God my gmoms nurses where very good n we got them each 100 gift cards and edible arrangements

    24. Saitima Ichiban

      I always see bum ass cnas on fb talking shit and putting out the business of the seniors they take care of mad unprofessional.

    25. jaylove5555

      Generation dumb

    26. India Love

      the trash that walk the medical hallways these days are preposterous

    27. Hikari horatio

      these people make the good CNAs look bad...

    28. Jazzmine

      The funny thing this is my first time hearing this story but when the news reporter said their names I knew which name belonged to who😂😂😂😂

    29. Kevin Miles

      Women these days are cutthroat... Stay single because these women have no respect for nothing...

    30. brigitte cuntie

      Ctg r*ped me

      1. bo william

        Were you at least good In the sack

    31. Londa Bates

      This is disgraceful! 3 young women that could with every possibility become mothers in the future!! Horrifying thought!! Sickens me that people are so callous but even more so that those same people posted that wretched video and knew people would watch!! 😢😢😢💔💔💔 Not how I grew up at all!!

    32. MTB Win

      Shut up about the social media thing it’s not social media who did that they did that social media didn’t influence it

    33. Phzeek V

      Charlamagne should make himself donkey of the day for being a rapist

    34. COX GRYL

      Now the family can sue the hell out of the nursing home. Disrespectful pieces of shit.

    35. S P

      Always report nursing home abuse to the state!!!!!!!!

    36. sean satana


    37. 90fif


    38. sean satana

      # 3 young dumb bitches

    39. sean satana

      # young dumb bitches

    40. ProtoMeNTL

      Charlemagne speaking the truth.

    41. fresh31freddie

      This Generation Hell..#WhoRaisedYou

    42. The Eyes Of Ire

      death penalty doesn't sound like much of a passing sentence.

    43. Kanon Adamek

      Neapolitan donkey sunday

    44. CameronPbeats

      There was once an elderly women my mom cared for at her house who was sent to a nursing home. Within weeks the nursing home said she was dying because kidney failure so they just hooked her up to morphine for a week or so without food or water until she died. Then after the fact we heard that they never even conducted the proper tests to see if her kidneys were failing. They got tired of her because she would wake up screaming. Basically murdered her but there's nothing the family can do because they signed off on the "hospice" treatment "acknowledging" she was dying,

    45. JoBirdie

      For any person that hasn’t learned or know what respect is let me enlighten you with this lost knowledge. Respect is a unwritten law passed down by parents or is learned first hand. It is not something that can be easily defined by words alone. It is a mutual feeling between two people. Through action, choice of words and your tone. Common examples that have been lost: Thanking the people that provide you food and shelter Politely asking or responding to another stranger To not interrupt or over talk the other speaker you are conversing with especially if you are having a debate To not look down on what other people do for a living or what racial background they come from. (Racial profiling) To not disturb the peace of those around you. Ex. Loud music at night To not verbally abuse someone with insults without reason Ex. Calling the obese classmate fatty Now let’s look at a scenario: Bob is lazy Bob doesn’t do homework Bob disrupts the class Bob likes to provoke the teacher Teacher dislikes bob Ann is lazy Ann doesn’t do homework Ann sits silently in class Ann slowly does her class work Teacher ask if Ann needs help Both Ann and bob dislike school work the difference here is Ann keeps her dislike for school work to herself but bob makes his problem everyone’s problem, disrupting the educations for those who came to learn. What you give is what you get, give a snarky response in a rude tone expect the same treatment given back.

    46. Shanay Keyes

      Cant even die with diginity


      Thats someones mother grandmother......nigga #rapethesebitches

    48. Brice Korinek

      Charlemagne the devil😈... You fuking rapist!!!😤😠

    49. e p h

      Sad,&SICK..yet I couldn't get a job as a med asst at the nursing home I applied to after graduating Bauder College.smfh

    50. UnKnown Truth

      I dont think a Donkey should do donkey of the day. Dumb recognize dumb! Really!