Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat

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    1. Danny Holder

      This is fuckin horrid!

    2. Matt Simms

      You are SO right. !!

    3. Nitty Andrade

      This made my blood boil

    4. ZeddVines

      Low life scummy bitchs.

    5. dorklo ermen

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    6. Kamel


    7. ameko amekomusoyo

      When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world. 5895

    8. youngflyjuly

      Ok so what about the dudes that recorded the dude drowning in the river...while they laughed at him

    9. whitney e

      Smh hopefully they lost their licenses.

    10. Wyatt Russell

      Type 2 twats

    11. Garvin Benjamin -G LION

      three dumb ass for real

    12. DeAundré AldermanChristian

      Generation Dumbass!!

    13. barbara wright

      Wow! Disturbing! That's neglect and murder. Their duty was to immediately aid the patient.

    14. eclecticaspie

      There's a reason why cell phones aren't allowed to be carried by staff in facilities that care for the elderly or people with special needs.

    15. Patrick King

      It's called Mob Mentality. It's why under normal circumstances people don't start riots or tip over football goals. People do stuff they wouldn't normally do when part of a collective.

    16. Carlos Marte

      At least my city made it on to The Breakfast Club lol

    17. Eleidy Breton

      Charlemagne ain't never tell a lie. Generation Numb and Dumb

    18. WhiteNoiseEnt

      Give them the death penalty

    19. Dion Afeworki

      These whores now days Just care about their phone Their boyfriends, their ,facebook😃😂

    20. Dion Afeworki

      New Generation is stupid

    21. eiula

      add me on Snapchat, I add everyone back : bbymaia 💗

    22. MRS G

      21, 21 And 19? These hoes look like they are borderline 40

    23. MissMelaninated

      I just can’t ........

    24. ashes ly

      Look up Derrick Jaxn on youtube...he has the whole interview shown.

    25. fucking president bush

      That donkey song gets me every time lol

    26. MO JOE

      He did what he wanted to do?

    27. J. Cooper

      Stand up for our young, disabled and our elderly.........this could happen to any of us if we live long enough!

    28. maya 0100

      Remy Ma should have sang to them the donkey of the day. Yeehaw yeehaw you stupid mutherfucker are ya dumb. 😤😤😡

    29. flyguy 216

      I would have charge them wit more serious charges they would at least get 2 or 3 years in jail

    30. Ego def

      I don't like Charlamagne only because he promotes black vs white and BLM who is owned by a thousand year old Nazi sympathizer. But he is right. Generation numb. The devil thinks he's slick but guess what? He's powerless over some of us.

    31. Ego def

      I hate this culture.

    32. maryyjanee247

      This is why I have no social media

    33. Matt Kinsman

      Black at it...

    34. Pamela Murphy

      They're horriable

    35. Rýán Túçk

      Test post

    36. Champagne davy

      Ahh the age of social media never ceases to amaze me

    37. Partisan Black

      Sorry Charla, but my moral compass doesn't work right around mayonnaise. Plus I grew up around nursing homes. Many of these residents are abusive and are the same racists from 60-70 years ago running around saying the n-word attacking and lynching Black folks for fun, so leaving this world while seeing them laugh and berate the white supremacists dying in pain is the least they could do to kick the person's ass down the steps of hell.

    38. True DON

      Three evil slags



    40. MISTER TWISTER1037


    41. Khaled Qaraghuli

      Instagram wut

    42. MimiJae

      Nah Uncle Charla this isn't any millennial crap, this is disturbing. It's not normal.

    43. Juanita Arroyo


    44. Scott Pratt

      Ironic coming from people who perpetuate the social media lifestyle and profit from it.

    45. #1 Negans Girl - the original

      Exactly Donkey Of The Day! Haha LOL

    46. Jae KiDd

      I've been saying this ... That's why I love charlagmne *pause* he's the only 1 who tells it how it is 24/7 no filter ... People living there lies on social media we live in the matrix... Everything is so temporary & we beyond desensitized like we demonetized & scared this social media is anti social it makes people do dumb things & have a false sense of reality facts

    47. Yag Toggaf

      Comment section in 1 word r/LeWRONGGENERATION

    48. pale horse

      And these or 21st century dumbass kids and our future dumbass kids God help us all with the dumbass kids

    49. Nikki Hopkins

      Makes you wonder if they did this before. Maybe this is the first time they recorded it.

    50. Sevenstarz1216

      Teleprompter: Ramirez News anchor: Ram-uh-rez