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    Epic countdown of the 10 hardest P4P punchers in boxing 2019.
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    1. editinking

      WE HIT 400K SUBS OVER THE WEEKEND!! Thanks for watching. Video likes are always appreciated. What do you make of my Top 10? Who would you of included? FYI Anthony Joshua would have been number 11.

      1. kid mid

        +kurtoisse to bad he not tkos buddy

      2. kid mid

        +James Barnhart you sound like a fucking idiot

      3. kid mid

        Fuck AJ you did right left his ass off coward. Most his shit tkos anyway

      4. Jose Perez

        david's great thank you for sharing a slapper with a brotha man 🚫🧢

      5. david's great

        +Jose Perez you're welcome :p

    2. ジョン卍朗


    3. La puissance de Paris

      2:40 the song please?

    4. Paul Day

      Hoe do you gauge a hard puncher as the opponents could take hits differently 🤔

    5. Deaunte McCombs

      Ummm Canelo Alvarez?

    6. タケミッチアタック


    7. Kirby Crosby

      Wake up me-lord.

    8. boxing box

      Joshua ???

    9. Yodie Indrawan

      That body blow from Inoue is lethal

    10. kill

      12:02 yabuki joe moment!!!

    11. Paul McNaught

      Getting a bit carried away about Inoue at the moment because of a few KO's on the bounce. The remaining fights in the WBSS will show us if the hype is worthy, I'd like to see him go 6+ rounds a few more times with some talented fighters before I start labelling him a P4P contender tbh. Shame Burnett went out of the series, that would have been a good fight IMO.

    12. 山田太郎

      他の英語のコメント、 コピペで翻訳できないかw どうするか一晩中考えるかw

    13. Stokrotka Pieszczotka

      Where is Tyson?!?!?!

    14. Shamgod

      floyd should fight Inoue

    15. jiie wakarufu


    16. yin wu

      Do you mean 2018

    17. kid mid

      Wilder #1 but I still like the list

    18. Дмитрий Фролов

      Не плохой рейтинг, но я Кдряшова на Джошуа поменял бы.

    19. Sonic Puercoespin

      naoya inoue is my god

    20. David Overton

      These videos get better and better!

    21. Tom

      Leimeux has always looked great against absolute bums...


      Wha wha where are Usik ?Loma ?

    23. recs7hi

      階級から考えると井上尚弥はスゴいんだろうし、コメント欄でも絶賛の嵐。 ただ、日本人からみると、やっぱりワイルダー強すぎ。あのパワー。同じ人類とは思えない。バイク用のヘルメットでは足りない。エアバッグ内蔵させてようやく少し安心できます。

    24. Carl Bell

      I thought Errol Spence was number 1 😂😂

    25. Conrado Toledo

      Definitely he is a power puncher but did he fought some one with the same power like him? Yes he beated guys with a very good defense like Payano and Narvaez but those guys are not heavy hitters.. So the thing is..How can Inoue handles some one having the same power like him.. His heavy hands was proven but how about his chin and body.. Let's not go along way...this is WBSS and just recently Donaire won his quarter finals match against the number 1 Ryan Burnett.. That's maybe a debatable win but we cannot dis regarded Donaire's power that might hurt Burnett that leads to his injury.. A win is a win anyway.. Hope Donaire vs Inoue in WBSS Finals..let see.

    26. e pj

      Inoue are you eating dog meat? punch so hard.

    27. ARA YAN entertiment


    28. Team RCFACTOR

      Inoue if you ever been to his fight from the back roll of the seat his punches sound like heavy crack like some twig is broken of the tree. Similar like Tysons punch. His punches are unbelievable even though in video his punches look light but it isn't.

    29. Cinder Block

      Anybody notice that he got 6 and 7 mixed up.

    30. Royal Priest

      My goodness that #1 knocking folks out hitting them on their arms. What the world man!!

    31. F Mills

      So, no Spence eh? Interesting.

    32. Happy Madison

      10:28 SHIT

    33. Happy Madison


    34. Backroads and Byways

      I think the picks were pretty well spot on. The music..Crap.

    35. ダニエル・ガルシア

      beast …

    36. Badoorchik


    37. Joseph Muraya

      Why do you have to use AJ image on your banner? You are just a JP-news fraudster

    38. JG 3

      Inoue power is like of chinese Qiqong technique, excellent for close quarter blows.

    39. 臭すぎた髭


    40. K Brooks

      Overall, I like the video. But how in the hell is a bantamweight rated as number one as hardest hitter over Deontay Wilder?? A man that has knocked out 40 200 plus pound, over 6 feet tall grown ass men??

    41. wilson palacio


    42. jaycee caoile

      where's charlie zelenoff? knocks out wilder and mayweather sr. in a sparring haha

    43. Stelios Gerochristodoulou

      in 2019 ????

    44. Half Full

      3:38 That slow-mo KO walkaway ...... smoooth af !

    45. VanMedia

      IDK what these Eastern European eating, but they all built like wild Woodman's with heavy hands

      1. alex.Muru25199

        Eastern Europe is real, they have Usyk, Lomachenko, Golovkin (these 3 P4P), Beterbiev, Murat, Gvozdyk, Bivol, Kovalev, Dimitri, Derevyanchenko, and Klitschko brothers, Povetkin & Tzsyu were the beginners. Golden era for EE! If u look, America is declive, and African original are rising faster tan the light, but nobody realises it. Ajagba, Dogboe, Awal… And Joshua, Buatsi & Yarde too, cos they consider themselves African. AND... JAPAN TOO!

    46. jay71512

      Inoue needs his gloves checking for concrete! If theyre clean then his hands must be made of adamantium or some shit cause they shud break everytime he lands!

    47. Mr. Jayssie

      4:27 & 10:02 They turned, somebody shoot'em in the head!

    48. fredrickkc

      Would you rather get hit by Wilder or Inoue is the question. Stop messing around guys, you know who hits the hardest!

    49. pukeylukey199

      Still 2018...

    50. Syun Takikawa