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    Epic countdown of the 10 hardest P4P punchers in boxing 2019.
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    1. editinking

      WE HIT 400K SUBS OVER THE WEEKEND!! Thanks for watching. Video likes are always appreciated. What do you make of my Top 10? Who would you of included? FYI Anthony Joshua would have been number 11.

      1. Boxing Pills

        Joshua no 11? N owayyyy! How about wilder ?

      2. cedric

        You should do a list of the greatest power punchers who power worked on the other elite fighters who knocked out the most elite fighters then that should be considered the number 1 guy that list would be super interesting.

      3. everardo Morales

        How are you already getting of 2019 when the year just started? And everyone has only seen a handful of KO. And wilder can’t be on the list since fury got up like the undertaker So he didn’t hurt fury that bad Because fury came back and made that wound so close he could’ve take. It

      4. Hans CLAUDE

        Nice list ,you forgot Errol Spence best body puncher but it was interesting watching it

      5. Derek rumenov

        I'm suprised Canelo Alvarez wasn't on the list

    2. alvin anthony salise

      10:38 that death punch. no one can survive. 😲😲👊👊👊

    3. Trev 231

      Tbh although I hate him I think Eubank jr should definitely be an honourable mention

    4. Finley Millien

      I think the number one could be AJ!

      1. The Stanimal

        Aj has no way power

    5. Hector Valencia

      Where is Mikey Garcia,ryan Garcia,Canelo or amner mares or Errol Spence

    6. Juan Castro Appiolaza


    7. Magdalena Arquezdealvarado

      Daniel dubois song?

    8. Sam Mohammed

      That speed by the tank at 1:08 damnnnn

    9. alex fuller

      Wilder should be #1 40 fights 39 KOs in heavyweight and he’s only like 215 lbs

    10. Boxing Pills

      Great videoooo Keep up the good work

    11. Joseph Burton

      I’m trying under stand why the ref was counting at 8:05 obviously dudes not getting up.

    12. El tiny mexican drug lord

      2:48 "it is ape music" 😂 histerical

    13. El tiny mexican drug lord

      4:00 thats Macho jr gettin murked, no where near the talent his father had

    14. raul castro

      The Russian Hammer clearly had his opponents take a dive each and every one. Can you say the Russian Mob?

    15. Rusdayati Idrus

      To Danil Smith. Nonito Donaire has much better defence n offence. He has faced many kinds of opponents. His punches carry monstrous power in both left n right. Be prepared to cry to see yr hero get knock out. Inoue ll surelyn learn a lot in his 1st loss vs Nonito Donaire.

    16. SatanDynastyKiller

      That Inoue liver shot though...

    17. david humphries

      This is 2017-2018 not 2019

    18. Ngannou 016 MI


    19. Nik Gnashers

      Dubois is nothing special for a HW, certainly not a big hitter, don't understand why you put him in there ? Whyte is a much bigger hitter.


      The monster

    21. 明治


    22. Real Know real

      this is bull shit there is nobody i mean no body right now that hit harder than deontay wilder he should be #1 not a Chinese guy banton wieght matter of fact

    23. Jay Tre

      No AJ? No Efe Ajagba? Pfft. I would love to see Inoue vs Loma, god that would be entertaining.

    24. Martin Mcdonagh

      Whers wilder

    25. Terrance Bryant

      Terrible list my guy terrible

    26. Terrance Bryant

      Errol Spence?

    27. Terrance Bryant

      Where’s usak? Eleider? Jamie munguia...? 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Incredible North East

        Munguia is not a power puncher... You saw him in last fight with tenshin inoue. He couldn't ko that guy

    28. Terrance Bryant

      Tank at number 10 tho? Foh

    29. Beverley Zava

      hit the like cause I heard that Eminem and Joyner joint. Them KO's on point though!

    30. shane rock

      i wanna see inoue fight in usa

    31. Toni Cobbs

      Where is Spence Jr??🤨

    32. blunty

      he ant shit bitch that niggar big lips keep getting in the way , how do you drown a niggar , pop his ugly black niggar lips

    33. Musti Mustty

      Who is this small guy? I mean Never seen him b4

      1. Incredible North East

        Monster in his division. Fighting wbss.. Next fight is on may 18.. Against Rodriguez.

    34. P4P KING

      #1 Wilder

    35. David Bell

      Why the hell is Wilder even on this list my grandma could b second as well with the pathetic 3rd and 4th rate boxers he's went against anyone who fought those chumps could knock them out Wilder is nothing compared to all on this list

    36. Diego Marquez

      Why didnt you put mayweather

      1. Joelson Sabado

        +Diego Marquez that's cool good thing people are aware of his lack of power and bad offense

      2. Diego Marquez

        +Joelson Sabado in case you didnt know it was a joke

      3. Joelson Sabado

        Gayweather never has power girls can punch harder than him

    37. Miles Davis

      steroids is getting very popular in this sport..there are so many kinds of enhancement drugs that may go undetected..really..this is the Russian from Rocky era.. I'm not impress

    38. Ringolero

      7:40 that's the closest thing I've seen to a real life special move finisher.

    39. mark marrow

      Yea Europe's steroid injections them crackers can't fight

    40. Artem Borysov

      em, Loma #1 P4P! What a russian retard make this list?)

    41. Harry Angel

      Man, that guy Lemieux , hits hard af

    42. alмır zq

      Anthony Joshua is the hard puncher of all time this video suck

    43. Tribe Judah

      Where is Errol Spence an you got Gervonta Davis 10 😂 list is shitty

    44. 。めろんまいこ


    45. Sugaraylen

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    46. Bad

      10:31 daaaaammmn

    47. Slime Boss Danika El Bhapo

      you left out earrol spence.

    48. Gentleman

      Number 1 is a joke were is Canelo and Anthony Joshua

    49. Chris MN

      inoe just fought a bunch of bum

    50. KkeYgY


    51. Kevin Rangel

      So you are telling me that, the little Chinese guy hits harder than deontay wilder no no NO I don’t believe it NO just NO it can’t be true deontay would kill that poor little guy NO CAP😶 FACTS

    52. Channu Tatum

      wish they fight each other. test of power punch..

    53. Ban Yasharahla

      6:45 when you realize the guy you fighting can hit lmaoo

    54. X.X.X_ TENTACION

      Who wants to see that gassiev guy fight loma

    55. Joe Gamble

      I don't need to watch this video in whole; the hardest punchers in their weight are Lomachenko or Errol Spence. #Boxing

    56. emdy cee


    57. Johnny bravo

      The dumb the deontay Wilder has not number one all of his fights have been won by knockout. Also did Shakur make the list.

    58. Roman Balderas

      Wheres Canelo ._.

    59. RTK GUAPO

      wheres canelo?

    60. Marcus Tomlins

      No AJ, the cheek of it......

    61. John Marco

      Inoue's paquaio style ?!

    62. Tguh Maleeq

      3:40 wtf.. look at his jaw

    63. J'Are Mansa

      10:03 Wilder gave dude a seizure 😂😂😂

    64. Ari Lin

      Where Floyd Mayweather on this list, with his glass fists lol

    65. xpreshun

      You can hear the last guys power shots. Would not want to get hit with that.

    66. Joe Smith

      Wilder should have been number one. Dude is dropping people 50 lbs heavier then him with one punch...

    67. Michael chase

      Why did he say the proof was in the Banana pudding ?

    68. Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos

      Ofc, the top 1 is Asian. What you expect? 😂

    69. loudy loudy

      Indeed, Allah does not.. إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَا يَغۡفِرُ أَن يُشۡرَكَ بِهِۦ وَيَغۡفِرُ مَا دُونَ ذَٰلِكَ لِمَن يَشَآءُۚ وَمَن يُشۡرِكۡ بِٱللَّهِ فَقَدِ ٱفۡتَرَىٰٓ إِثۡمًا عَظِيمًا Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly fabricated a tremendous sin. The holy Quran. -Sourate An-Nisa', Aya 48

    70. EDY B-Lomeli

      Damm no Oscar Valdez No Canelo pssss weak

    71. Ren

      Inoue, for his size, his power is actually just out of this world. Pair it with the way he boxes too. He has the boxing IQ that of Mayweather and the quick counterpunching ability and finishing like Pacman in his younger years.

    72. Antwan Fenton

      AJ unit

    73. Владимир Гасюк

      Loma №1 PVP

    74. Jakob Barrow

      Mikey Garcia should have been on the list

    75. Emma' De JR.

      Wilder is wild

    76. Ed Caluag

      Kamukha ni maka gago ung sa thumbnail

    77. Music lover


    78. PRSTG FMS47

      Efe ajagba much better puncher All fights k.o mostly in round 1

    79. Piolo Dacoycoy

      Triple G the ROBOT toughness and power combined

    80. Dan Nazareno

      Inoue the beast

    81. Eduardo Comabras

      Inoue vs donaire good match

    82. Vai P.

      It's alright

    83. Blk Foreign

      12:15 dude hits hard as hell. He didn't even connect on that shot, it hit his glove and just the power behind it knocked him on his ass

    84. chrissio McKenzo

      A load of bollocks no Spence no crawford no canelo no lomachenko ye tabk the dummy davis is numba 10 gtfoh u don't know a thing about boxing knobhead

    85. Xochipilli Olivera-Vera

      Kidney shots are puss shots, it's so vulnerable and can be damaged and rupture so easily I hate how it's allowed

    86. Luna3 Gaming


    87. farmanali raheemi

      Really the hardest punchers 🥇&🥈👍👏

    88. Leroy Xiong

      Both Inoue right and left hand are very powerful, hard punches and accuracy, if anyone fight Inoue does not have like Inoue have, they will never beat this guy and he will definitely destroy them again and again in the ring

    89. Alejandro Chavez


    90. Bobby Romero

      Number 1 fight pinoy i well believe you are number 1

    91. Vincent Jones

      Wilder sent him into a seizure 10:00



    93. Elvis Tejano

      Wheres king AJ?

    94. Kimberly Pilones

      Inoue is a left handed like pacman😊

    95. Manny pacman Pacquiao

      This list is crap only a few good names on here GGG is 1 dubious aint fought nobody good yet wilder fights bums apart from tyson fury Adonis Stevenson is finished now he had a taste of the other side of the KO i thought joshua lomachenko would be in there and Crawford and mikey garcia inoue is like a young manny pacquiao good talent but shit list

    96. bruceliem

      Sugar ray is p4p hardest puncher. Rocky Marciano is too. Rocky knocks people out by punching them even when they block

    97. Jayliki Montz

      Wheres pacman?

    98. Livan Martinez

      Inoue couldn’t knockout mungia tho,shows that Mexican boxers are tough fighters same with ggg and canelo🇲🇽💪

      1. Incredible North East

        Tenshin inoue is a different guy. This guy is inoue naouye inoue the monster.😂😂😂

      2. fun kya

        No, you got mixed up with different kid. this Naoya Inoue at Bantam.

      3. 俊輔佐藤

        Takeshi inoue is not Naoya inoue.

    99. D.B.

      Wilder must grow some balls and face some real competition.