Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights / Game 2 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

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    🏀Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights
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    1. Darnell Smith

      Shotout to all the raptors fans that called sweep...we appreciate it

    2. Sebas RM

      Vanvleet or rozier????

    3. PsalmMuzik


    4. Larisa Terhune

      This game suck

    5. cooperthechicken YT

      Wtf is going on with the wizards im sad

    6. Chris Chan

      Nahom "Wiz in 5" LMAO

    7. IG : zouniverse

      Where’s Game 3 wtf

    8. Sean San Diego

      @ 0:03 Lavar Ball be starting as F :O

    9. jorge cruz gaming


    10. Da'Vron Sterling


    11. SwordsDance


    12. Keith Witcher

      I don't care that Washington Wizards are behind 2-0. I'm still picking them to win against Toronto. I heard Stephen Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN's First Take talking about John Wall or Bradley Beal needs to be traded. John and Bradley don't need to be traded. They aren't the problem. The Wizards have always had bad defense. That's their biggest problem. They gave up 76 points to Toronto in the first half LOL. They also don't get a lot of scoring from their bench players. Mike Scott, Kelly Oubre and Jodie Meeks are the only scorers on the bench. I see they recently signed Ty Lawson. He did good in the 2nd game against Toronto. Jodie got suspended for 25 games for violating the NBA's anti drug policy. If the Wizards lose this series. I don't care. I like the Wizards. I do think they need to get rid of Marcin Gortat after this season LOL. He sucks on defense because he don't block shots. I saw John and Marcin arguing on the bench LOL. The Wizards need to get a center who will score, rebound and block shots. Marcin is also a weak rebounder. The Wizards should've kept Javale McGee who's with the Warriors.

    13. Mentum Jordan

      Why i hear one girl scream all the time

    14. Junior Zevlag

      7 games fellaz

    15. Aaron Roos

      raptors in final

    16. Joshua Chigumira

      Mike Scott was ballin. Shout out from Atl!

    17. Onni Lehtinen

      Yard destination platform resident lonely desert cope mechanical such

    18. Kiefer Ortuoste

      For y'all that don't know, one of the Raptors commentator, Jack Armstrong was about to cry cause someone spilled four beers during the game. loooool

    19. Anthony Niroshan

      8:24 - 8:30 is hands down the sweet play of the game!!!

    20. SOUNDS09

      Serge Protector haha

    21. Rzutki Kuc

      Like I said before, 4-0. Gortat is overrated sh*t.

    22. Alex l

      Ngl although not a raptors fan. They have shown this season that they r one of the best if not the best in the east. Respect to them and there team w Derozan, Lowry, JV and even player like siquam they have quality, hardworking, talented players but most of all pride so yeh ppl need to start considering raps as top contenders bcos they r a very good side. #raps #respect Also if u don’t like them cos you’re American stfu go follow you’re own team that didn’t even make playoffs

      1. Kill myVibe Jestiet

        Alex l Hold this L

    23. Earl John fabul

      Fuck you doing bradley beal?!?🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. Denis Medic

      Looked like a warm up game for the Raptors.

    25. RAMBO

      Who is that guy with turban that's always at each game. He sits right by the baseline with guys taking photographs. Hope Wizards win this series


        he's a superfan who hasn't missed a single raptors game ever.

    26. Vancouver Business Reviews

      Damn, you know what's sad? That even if the Raptors win the east all the talk going into next season is still going to be about Philly and Boston only lol Raptors will be labeled as the lucky winners who got out of the East because of how "weak" it was. Hell maybe if they win the title (especially if it's against Rockets not Warriors) the off season is still going to sound like that ...

    27. MrBlend

      Raptors put in the usual Game 2 effort which was good to see. They usually lose their first home game and blow out the opponent in Game 2.

    28. Ettore Pelosato

      The wizards are trash and because they think their good they deserve a beat down

    29. Juntahan Ronald

      Whay happen to wall and beal they said before that they are the best duo in the east.

    30. Brian Ernst

      Wizards in 4. Losing is Winning when you have no heart.

    31. ivan d

      Wizards in 6🔜🔜2019 playoffs!!

    32. Brian Ernst

      Raps in 4x4 mode. 14 games to go.

    33. john_blaze39

      Raptors fell asleep for half the game and still dominated

    34. headphonemicrophone

      Ummm 4:18, blatant double dribble

    35. newthrash1221

      Bro, they let the raptors score 46 points in the 1st quarter??? Lol i think we all know how this series is going to end: sweep.

      1. Darnell Smith

        You can throw that broom away lmao

      2. RasenRendan X

        They didnt let we we made em take 46 in one qtr

    36. Jacob Basilio

      Hornets, hawks, blazers, jazz, nuggets and wizards, just some of the teams that will never win a championship during my lifetime

    37. caleb lumpkin

      somebody made that nigga kelly oubre mad trna dunk on everybody lmao

    38. Wedding Cake

      Raptors useless

    39. Daniel Avner

      DeBall DetGozin

    40. edgar garcia-meza

      Do Wizard fans still think they don't need Wall and that this is Beals team?

    41. Manuel Pérez

      thats ma nigga oubre puttin in work right there

    42. ObeyJay13

      Hopefully for the next coming games Mike Scott won’t go off as much as he did in games 1&2

    43. XXL GHOST

      Poor wizards

    44. Uchawi Beatz Official

      Wall is literally killing this team. He is a super ball hog, if you watch Wizards' games you'll know I'm right. The offense is too stagnant with him leading

    45. Keenan Komatsu

      WizaRdS iN FiVE Edit: Apparently 'RAPTORS GOAT' isn't the smartest in the comments section. To clarify for the clearly dumb, I was mocking Wizards fans. Oof


        I think you don't know how to count

    46. LegendofVII

      Biased commentators sucking the raptors all game. I'm no fan of the wizards but wow, I'd be pissed off If I was. Also, why the fuck wasn't this game on national tv (on nba tv it said not available due to contract shit) but I can see other games on nba tv???

      1. Harjot Minhas

        LegendofVII which channel were you watching? This channel was American so they were in favor of the Wizards

    47. Joshua Pâté

      Where’s Delon’s block on wall?!

    48. dark blue


    49. Gabby vergara

      Who shouted in 6:58

    50. James G

      We notorious, ain't nobody can bang with us. Coming at you with the Northern touch. See you all in Toronto during the Finals.