TOY STORY 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD] - No Commentary



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    Toy Story 3 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Toy Story 3 Gameplay on Xbox 360. This Toy Story 3 Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the Xbox 360 and will include the full Campaign.
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    Toy Story 3: The Video Game is a platform game loosely based on the film Toy Story 3. It was published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Avalanche Software. Toy Story 3 is the first game based on a film by Pixar to be published entirely by Disney Interactive Studios. Most of the voice cast from the film series returned to reprise their characters in the game with the exception of Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear) and Kelsey Grammer (Stinky Pete). Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky, Rex, Hamm, the three squeaky toy aliens, Buttercup, the Peas-in-a-Pod, Mr. Pricklepants, Chuckles, Dolly and Trixie are the toys of a young girl named Bonnie Anderson. But among them, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Slinky, Rex, Hamm and the alien toys used to belong to a boy named Andy Davis. Hamm, Rex and Slinky tell the original toys of Bonnie about an adventure they had before they went to Bonnie and how they ended up as Bonnie's.
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    1. MKIceAndFire

      Full Walkthrough of Spider-Man PS4 DLC 2 coming tomorrow!

      1. StuardnX18

        MKIceAndFire can I ask you question Please

      2. polarplays

        This is a good game rifht

    2. aiden7244official

      Just today I beat this game...

    3. Katie Brown

      This game brings back so many memories... man I always died in Bonnie’s house

    4. Robo&Leia

      wow part 1 and the game is already done

    5. JavierLaFox

      Wow I used to play this on the Wii but I never finished it

    6. William Doyle

      Is this on Xbox one?

    7. PenaTheGamer _

      Doctor: you've got 1 hour and 26 minutes to live Me:

    8. xEnderMelon

      I remember this on the Wii. Oh hell yeah, this was true nostalgia!

      1. W1ndStr1p3


    9. Mano Ristic

      I used to always play this game on my xbox 360 with my brother and we had so much fun it’s just a memorable game for me

    10. Fatal Zerkzz


    11. Francês

      N O S T A L G I A ❤️

    12. Jesus Christ

      Damn I was like 6 when I played this game now I’m 12 I would beat it in 21 minutes it used to be hard

    13. Crash's Underwear

      Damn, it's satisfying to finally see the Buzz Lightyear video game from the start of Toy Story 2 fleshed out after all these years. Even though it's just one level among many, they sure went all out with it. Talk about bang for your buck. THIS is a movie tie-in game done right.

    14. Limelight.Gacha

      I remember playing this with my brother and aunt on our old ps3. I would be Jessie, my aunt would be Buzz, my brother would be Woody, and we’d all have a good time and laugh. Now I look back and start to cry because I’m not going to have those kinds of memories again. 😔

    15. Itz_ Merlin

      aha, i remember playing this on my xbox 360. good times. i remember my dog had given birth, and i was playing the zurg level with a puppy on my shoulder :)

    16. Harry indeed

      My uncle actually helped develop this game. He also worked on all 3 Disney Infinities. He worked for Avalanche Studios before he was layed off by Disney since Disney are scum bags when it comes to video games.

    17. TravThaTruth

      This brings back so many childhood memories.

    18. Thomas Bangalter

      I remember I raged at the part where you have to climb something in Andy's garage, or room I forgot

    19. ItsTerrance Yt

      Im playing this game right now cause i havent finished it and im looking at mission junkyard cause i cant complete it

    20. Oh Yeah Yeah

      Is this Red Dead Redemption 3?

    21. Pixel' Cat

      I got this game for Christmas and I already beat the whole game... Thanks for the help on what to do!

    22. Χρηστος Σταμοσ

      I remember playing the first mission with my father Christmas morning

    23. Χρηστος Σταμοσ

      I love this game

    24. Shawn Penrod

      This was my child hood thank you

    25. The Ethanator

      This brings back so many memories Saving orphans from a train that’s about to fly off a bridge..... now I think about that, that’s a bit you know....

    26. FrostRhino234

      This game is a great memory of my child hood, I played this on ps3 and I loved it

    27. JavierLaFox

      Jeez I used to play this game and it was so fucking hard for me because I was young. And I didn’t finish it! But those were good memories 😊

    28. Gokul Rejeev

      this is the the best game ever i remember playing this game

    29. Joseph Evans

      She said in the movie she was not gonna hurt em, in the game she tries to kill em

    30. Hodgey Gamer

      I want them to remaster this game

      1. lord of Ink

        If they do put it on xbox 1 nintendo switch and ps4

    31. Zariff Sazwan

      For some reason I thought this was Kingdom hearts 3

    32. Ethan Armstrong

      I had a whole lot of memories with this classic

    33. Ethan Armstrong

      ich kann beat It easily

    34. Ethan Armstrong

      I have so many of these classic games even shrek toy story and that hulk game for ps2

    35. TommyTG

      Brings back memories

    36. Alice

      how did it go from the buzz lightyear game to sunnyside? games different than the movie I guess. game brings back memories though. I should look for this game. I just loved this movie.

    37. sasy sasy prance

      Omg memories I love this game being it back

    38. Bob Epicness

      Bro, after I played the whole story and more with my brother, we grinded for pictures and unlockable missions in woody's roundup

    39. Ashanti Bester

      I remember playin this wit my brother wen he had his Xbox 360... I was wayyy passed him n this was one of the games I was actually good at 😟😟

    40. Arthur Morgan

      Graphics aren’t half bad tbh

    41. Goldeneye84

      At least Tom Hanks is in Kingdom Hearts

    42. A Cure For Happiness


    43. Levah boi

      I remember playing this game on the wii when I was 5 and now im 13 good memories

      1. W1ndStr1p3

        Exactly same

    44. Plague _

      This game was so much fun on the Wii, been way too long...

    45. luckyboy 421

      Does the pc version have local co-op? And is it possible on one keyboard?

    46. Samuel Beattie

      I personally remember this game

    47. Lieutenant Jäger

      PLAY FALLOUT 76!

    48. mr. nobody

      Woww.more kids game yeaa...

    49. ChildishPotato

      Where is Spyro 3

    50. Nox

      Let's be honest who all thought this was new KH3 footage?

    51. Timothy Drake

      I was playing this on PC, MEMORIES

    52. PURGE-SZN

      They expect kids yo beat this ??

    53. Ömer Yücel

      Please play the saboteur

    54. darrell *14

      This brings back memeries i remember as a kid playing this game and spending hours playing in the toy box mode and dying over and over on the level when you have to shoot those ghosts out the sky

    55. Narutokia 22765

      I thought this was kingdom hearts 3 for a second

    56. SportaRose 10

      I didn't know Woody could grind rail.

    57. SportaRose 10

      Whoa, Bonnie's imagination went nuts.

    58. SportaRose 10

      Love the beginning.

    59. RandomMugen

      Wouldn't be surprised if KH3 Took some inspirations from this game and placed it in the Toy Story world.

    60. William 123

      34:25, I was having a heart attack from how close that was

    61. CATSHD

      i loved this game

    62. Jumbo jack

      Bro this game was a part of my childhood. So much memories came back, thank you!

      1. W1ndStr1p3

        Bro same

      2. Colin Perry

        Jumbo jack same

      3. Thomas Bangalter


    63. Tony Guardado

      I remember playing this with my sister on wii and still have it, been sp long, what fond memories

    64. amr_ 2k

      My man loves his subscribers

    65. Rosey T

      This brings me back

    66. THE UNDERTAKER2024

      what system this for

    67. S.T.F.U

      To fast

    68. Matthew Jordaan

      I beat this game but the very last battle at the end is where i raged cause it was so hard to defend that cake.

      1. Χρηστος Σταμοσ

        Yes it was so annoying

      2. darrell *14

        Matthew Jordaan i swear😂 i remeber that

    69. EpicGamer11

      Omg I used to play this when I was 9.....I'm 15 now

    70. The Gaming Kid

      I used to play this when I was little

    71. Adam

      Never played this when it came out, I remember it being pretty popular

    72. Kielgaming7803

      My old game on psp

    73. Ash kim


    74. RickyQueipo

      3:16 oof

    75. King Kebab

      I'm getting toy story 2 flashbacks from that buzz part

    76. Kotaac

      Damn this game was so fucking fun

    77. rabbitbutt100

      Dannnnnnggg this game is so my type 🤤😭 I want it

    78. JBC Parkward

      Oof you got hit at the last second

    79. Robert Johnson

      This game was so good

    80. The Outsider

      i really enjoyed this game back in the day

    81. Michael Zickafoose

      Actually thought about getting this a while back.. had a lot of good memories with this game with my brothers so much to do if you can look past the kiddie theme it's actually really good

    82. Funky Bray

      Bro love this game

    83. Rulingmoss 55

      This game was actually really fun.

    84. ye haw

      I remember this game from a long long time ago

    85. Dilek Çaglayan

      Bumun türkçesi yokmuyaaaa

    86. Ethan Lawrence

      I've got toy story 3 Nintendo ds edition

    87. LaSTory GRam

      Cek channel ku

    88. MikeKage

      I remember playing this on psp. That’s crazy

    89. Good Lad

      I remember smashing this game out on my PS3. So good.

      1. Glenda López

        Toy story 2 15:35

      2. Good Lad

        NS25 Yeah, i loved the little water reservoir area and clearing that out and building. Also, yes! I have the ultimate edition and i can’t wait for online!

      3. NS25

        Good Lad Yeah same man, I played this game a ton as a kid. It honestly was amazing, my favorite part was customizing the western towns citizens and buildings with my brother. Good times, also did you hear Red Dead online comes out tomorrow?

      4. Good Lad

        NS25 Nah i’m subbed to this guy and i saw it and the memories of the game came flooding back. But i also love rdr2

      5. NS25

        Good Lad you here because rdr2 too? I loved this game a lot too boah.

    90. Shark fan of the sea

      I remember playing this at my cousins house

    91. R3FR33Z3

      Hwy what happen with the rest of hitman 2

      1. MKIceAndFire

        What do you mean? The full walkthrough was uploaded almost 2 weeks ago, here is the playlist link

    92. Master Noire

      Why did i confuse thos for KH3

      1. Umar Khalid

        Master Noire lol same

    93. Shane Dbns

      New RDR2 Dlc looks great

      1. TK 550 [Gameplays]


    94. Rebecca Hardingham

      i didn't know they made this game don't think it was released over here in the uk

      1. Ben Hack

        They did it was great!

      2. charlie chunks

        it is out in the uk you can find them on or cex.

    95. Danger


    96. Shadow

      Here i was thinking this was unreleased KH3 gameplay of Toy Story. Still getting a like regardless

      1. Daniel R


    97. Officer Flat Foot

      Still prefer Toy Story on SNES

    98. ChrisBav55

      This game brings back so many memories.

    99. ms. angelιqυe

      I just watched Toy Story 2 lol

    100. TurtleBurger

      Is this a reupload or have I just watched a full playthrough before on someone elses channel :/