Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake



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    Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
    Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca
    Travis Scott online:
    Epic / Cactus Jack
    (c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.

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    1. Tony S

      Who is Travis? Genuinely don't know.

    2. Jesus Roberto Fernando Sanchez

      0:47 Air Drop PUBG players

    3. Im Griezka

      beaucoup trop de flow travis

    4. willmatic 84

      😏 I showed this to my grandma 😕 she said she did a half a xan and had her out like a light .....

    5. Ali Afzal

      Kendrick and Travis needs to make a music video together !!


      Check out the original it's called Asap Forever

    7. Jake Hill Is My Autistic Friend

      Editor: what effects do you want? Travis: Yes

    8. D4RK x LXRD

      I couldnt find swae Lee😂

    9. 0451 Shodan

      Hip hop is so fake now. More effort put into music videos than the actual song smh. All for views. Fuck this shit

    10. Fredy reno

      This video sync with the music very well so🔥hot

    11. Adolf Hitler

      Swae lee: *doitlooklikeibeleftoffsickomode???*

    12. Basia Black

      My town..💪🙌💃🎤🎶🎵🎼H-Town #DemBoyz

    13. Heroseus

      Oh nah

    14. Grey lxrd

      I love u la flame but fuck DRAKE

    15. x Claw x

      It's funny how rappers are always shirtless when they have so much money in their bank accounts

    16. 6

      if awge edited this video it would be unreal

    17. Bianca Eliza

      Brilliantly awesome 👏 ✨♥️

    18. GrimScam

      Showed this to my dog and now he's a weed smoking Dawg Funny and Original Right?

    19. liz davie

      travis: horse? director: horse.

    20. Preston Price

      Out Like a light!!! Drake cold homie!!!

    21. Z Z

      I feel high and I have not smoked

    22. TS711 HD

      This song want me to do do quick maths *2 + 2 = ~ 2

    23. Boyy Man


    24. KiruAckerman

      Ouaaaaaaaaaaahhh ❤️ Exposed themm! EXPOSED THEM!!

    25. Incognita True

      i didn't think they were gonna make a video 4 this likes

    26. Sandeep Singh

      Love you man

    27. BruhFlo

      Soberness has left the chat :

    28. Enjoy The Silence

      4:31 When u are deciding "Yaaa" or "its lit"

    29. Patrik Novák


    30. othman M. Abshir

      1 billion views

    31. Аскар Турсунов

      I'm just a guy, but I'm in #SICKOMODE this year

    32. Stephaniuks

      editor: what do you want to see? traviis: w33d

    33. TS711 HD

      *EDITOR* which effects do u want! *TRAVIS* : don't add the flayers *EDITOR* : ??? *TRAVIS* TAKE OUY HIS GUN *EDITOR* ADD,S ALL OF THEM!

    34. Fatal Parsley

      They got more views on this than most big actors haha

    35. Zdefragmentowany

      How to make that sick video??

    36. Jalon

      This nigga drakes so lucky the shooting stars meme died before this dropped 3:24

    37. $kiillR

      so much meme potential

    38. Le Nounours

      Editors: watchu want fam? Travis: Ye- Editors: aight say nomore fam

    39. DC

      Them Edits fuckin lit boii 🤘🔥

    40. Omid L

      Video of the year

    41. Gustavo Momberg Puschel

      I’m trying to understand what this editor did... I’m so high

    42. NovaThePlug


    43. Felix Allen

      editor was clearly high

    44. Hamza Master


    45. nico2la

      Damn Drake leave them little girls alone

    46. just a tomato

      This shit makes me go high on alcohol and get drunk weed

    47. ProphecyCat505

      Love the intro

    48. Marek Kesler

      Checks over stripes thats what I like !!!!!!!!!!

    49. Marcus Nilsson

      They forgot about this part ”DON’T STOP, GET IT GET IT”