TROLLING NO SKINS IN FORTNITE (Funny Moments) w/ Wildcat, Nogla & Terroriser



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    I play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    に公開 5 ヶ月 前


    1. Amba Gowland


    2. Squidge & sqodge Club

      Did anyone see the floating C4 4:20 - 4:28?

    3. evolutionx 64

      Please colab with them again

    4. Liquid_Ninja

      Look at vikks face at 5:45

    5. Oliver Deng

      at 4:20 anyone notice the c4 following them in the bottom left corner

    6. Devilz

      'Hold on i have impulses' xDDDD

    7. Fire bird Gaming124

      How did all 3 of them die with one shotgun shell

    8. Zeev Malhotra

      Who's indian

    9. Mr. Baldy

      I watched this whole thing in 2Xspeed

    10. Matthew not Walsh


    11. LR Football

      Noobs are so funny

    12. Wannes Steenhaut

      You guys are the Jackasses of fortnite

    13. Small youtuber

      So much like badman ur intro

    14. Marijn Luijten

      shity intro

    15. Abu Syed


    16. Ethanrobs

      wheres my stabilzier at?

    17. SK8RBOY87

      Why do people hate no skin guys

    18. eh?

      Don't be a bully guys.. Bullying is wrong.

      1. Soillunanti white Tshirt

        eh? Not to defualts it’s fine with defualts

    19. How are you today

      4:20 theres a flying c4

    20. Francisco Huizar

      Wtf is that laugh

    21. Kev Ning

      Pls do more vids with nogla, wildcat

    22. Amir Jackson

      pause at 1:52

    23. Daniel Mongan

      Hands up if you saw this insanity on stream, real OGs

    24. Vincent Öijermark

      Wait so teamkilling exist?

    25. Juan Sandoval

      Not all no skins are noobs... but all noobs are no skins

    26. CMX Plays

      i do alot of fortnite videos please check it out and let me know what you think thanks.

    27. Nozza 1

      You are atrocious people

    28. 10,000 Subs With Only 4 Vids

      I’m a no skin and I have 27 solo win, 10 duo wins, and 23 squad wins


      now you should build a roller coaster with this golf cart

    30. Henry Thomas

      Start fortnite funny moments series like u used to on gta Like so vik will see

    31. what am i doing

      rip no skin

    32. Jordan Washington

      Did anyone else see the C4 floating at 4:25

    33. Maxamoray123

      Where is Jurassic world?!?!?!?!?!?!

    34. Samuel Smith

      Jump off of a bounce pad into a rift. See if That will still kill the cart.

    35. Sylvester Lindekilde


    36. xd Crip2nyt143

      Who would dislike this!!


      vikkstar aka a SAVAGE 😂👌🔥

    38. jon parton

      im happy i did the c4 kill before vikk =)

    39. _Simply.Tazzy_

      I watched some of this on your stream the other day! btw ILYSFM

    40. sarah


    41. MichaelX8

      4:42 float c4!?

    42. Rohan Pauhal

      0:02 he got an elimination for killing his teammate look at the kill counter

    43. joshyboy 802

      Yo I play on ps4 my name is championstone13 add me so we can rank up our xp on the battle pass

    44. Hussein Al Djindil

      It's called default skin

    45. Beau Ficken

      I was one of them that is why i unsubscribed

    46. GabstarPlayz

      I love when you play with the other youtuber group

    47. My Dad eats grapes for a living.

      Vikks outro is so gay

    48. Lebronjamesfanart

      Sub doing a giveaway

    49. Tommy B


    50. Thejus Nair