Trump Meets Kim Jong-un: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    Seth takes a closer look at the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un.
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    Trump Meets Kim Jong-un: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyersビデオ-Nw-BMNnr1Ko.html

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    1. Partimegamers

      Was anyone else watching that video thinking: This is a joke right?... i mean its gotta be a joke

    2. Frank Bowman

      There's an old Vulcan proverb: Only Trump could go to North Korea.

    3. Ryan Friedman

      While in Singapore, was Trump brainwashed?



    5. Andrés Alvarado

      Seth's face at 11:20!

    6. inoue jerry

      7:30 the north korea did take trump advice and built a resort there lol the place that they normal shot arty to the sea

    7. Waggish Sagacity

      Did you notice how many Trmpistadioes supposedly watch Seth Meyers (so they can vote "dislike" after the program starts)? Isn't it pathetic that such poor brains have to put in their vote to counter the "like" votes, forgetting-ha-ha-ah that what counts on the Internet are "hits!" Why is feeble-mindedness so rampant (=wide spread, for you who don't know the word) in America?

    8. talkisreallycheap

      Racist closet liberals...stay classy Seth.

    9. Thomas Devlin

      Seth Meyers is the best political late night host (Fallon doesn’t count) with A Closer Look because 1) He has great timing and is pretty reasonable yet funny 2) Unlike other political late night talk shows, he was able to make at least one positive comment about Trump in this segment 3) The format of A Closer look is good because it focuses on just 1 or 2 subjects and is good at pointing out what’s wrong with the government and sometimes the media while still being not as mean as Colbert or Kimmel 4) He’s also just really freaking funny and has good writers

    10. Venkata giribabu voonna


    11. Laifgozon

      Trump is real excited about all that untapped real estate he can take advantage of if he ma ages to broker peace with N. Korea

    12. Jim Gemmell

      Love Seth Meyers to death, he's as funny as they come. I just hate how he has to splice clips to make jokes. That is the very definition of "Fake News".

    13. Nock Turnal

      We all get a bunch of Jews write your ongoing jokes about the the most productive president your corrupt country has had in years. But your the one who's pathetic for being paid to read them aloud.

    14. Peters Right but,

      Trump rules, always will, your liberal platform is failing. We are the majority!ビデオ-jymNk_YgcpE.html

    15. Iamgazz

      Kim Jong-un must be laughing his ass off! Donald Trump is going to be out of the white house in a few years. Kim Jong-un is going to be ruler of North Korea until he dies. He's humouring this orange buffoon about de-nuclearizing and then he's going to be like "psych!" Does Trump really think Kim Jong-un is stupid enough to get rid of his nukes while USA keeps all of theirs! Dumbass.

    16. lester peralta

      If you are going to add laugh tracks at least do the audio editing right

    17. Emma Renee

      I live in such weird times.

    18. tipperary links

      Sloth vs. Slug. Joking aside, Kim is a dictator who has murdered 100s of humans. Trump's new great friend ... Kim. Dennis Rodman ... Matchmaker. Insanity abounds.

    19. adam r

      Not interestedly.

    20. Frontal Lobotomy

      Trump sure knows how to suck a dictator, what a brown nosing blow hard

    21. Asim Malik

      Ontario Savings Bonds are on sale now. June 1 to 21..... I 💘🇨🇦🇮🇱

    22. Jodi Thiele

      This is so embarrassing for Singapore 😪

    23. King Ijaz Malik اعجاز کنگ ملک

      Show me the money 💰

    24. April Young

      Definitely do the old Timey news real bit again LOL.

    25. Danny Madison

      Wow, there's a lot of butthurt trump cultists in this comment section...

      1. Bad Omen

        Danny Madison Companies are not moving overseas faster than they've come back. Don't know where you "heard" that. But it's false. It isn't a trade war what he is doing. Unless you are talking about China. Who is fucking us over in trade. Don't know why you would want that to happen. Also, this is about your fake news about the crops rotting "because of Trump" "The post is largely comprised almost entirely of uncredited passages from two legitimate news sources. It then adds anti-Trump sentiment for effect. We emailed the website that created the post,, to ask about the post and why the site did not include its sources but didn’t get a reply. The post was removed shortly after our inquiry."

      2. Danny Madison

        Bad Omen - the economy *was* running off the trajectory that Obama put it on, but growth has already started slowing down a year ago. Lessening trade from most other countries, fields full of crops rotting because there aren't enough workers, trade wars and tariffs, companies shutting down and moving overseas thanks to trump and his policies and behaviour, massive stock market drops in single days. Sure, "great". I guess you're using the maga definition of that word 🙄

      3. Bad Omen

        Danny Madison Also. The economy is far fucking beyond great that you would have to be a fucking autistic to think otherwise. FACTS CANNOT BE DISPUTED.

    26. NTXIH

      SM = DB

    27. jay vee

      He studied in europe, but yea... its the furthest he ever traveled

    28. l g

      Lets send $1.7 billion to N Korea as the former president did to Iran so they can develop a mayor threat to the world. Right? Yeah... lets make our President fail so America will look better. Right? First time in 75 years this approach happens and all thanks to President Trump. But hey... lets hope He fails even if what He is doing brings a little peace to this world. Yeah lets have some fun.

      1. Bad Omen

        l g I know. So many brainwashed ppl in the comments. Sad honestly.

    29. JuzUrGero

      You can just see how biased the media is. Jeezus , the guy just succesfully denuked NK! Give him some credit at least!

    30. Neil Stajkowski


    31. jonnnes falllon

      Even though this was entertaining… It was also scary to come to these realizations

    32. Phyllisha Hart

      ....Dennis looks like his breath STANK

    33. Greg Hammond

      From amusing to surreal to dangerous.

    34. Yiyang BAO

      I can't imagine how many layers of protection is under Kim's suit

    35. Penny Sautereau

      I second the call for Old Timey Newsreel as a regular segment.

    36. Steven Seagull

      My movie tai quan Donald comes out this April! Don't miss it! ...or do cuz it's not good enough for the movie theaters... i really don't care

    37. Luane Aquino

      kin jon un is been treated as a celebrity, thats weird...because he is a dictator

    38. GamingGrizzly

      I hate it when the crowd starts clapping for everything he says interrupting him to the point to where this video could have been 10min

    39. Sean Knutson

      "I know a lot about airplanes." LOL 🤣

    40. Sean Knutson

      The joke about the news feeling like a mad lib was on point. "Dennis Rodman was in Singapore promoting Potcoin where he thanked Eddie Vedder at a summit with North Korea and President Donald Trump." 😂

    41. Sean Knutson

      Can someone make "Honey I Shrunk the Dictators" please?

    42. alice buzit

      this is so funny i am canadain justin is great had a good laugh trump he is a jerk joke lol

    43. se7en

      Saddam didn't get this treatment, dictators have rights.

    44. Dave Rees

      South Korea foots the bill for half the cost of defense preparation exercises.

      1. Dave Rees

        Exactly. That's what allies do. cheers

      2. Bad Omen

        Dave Rees They should. We economically stimulate the country and basically created their military.

    45. Caroline King

      Kim Un isn’t talented. He’s a dictator, who kills and starves his own people. He can’t be trusted. Trump sold us out to North Korea by giving up our military exercises at the North Korea border in exchanges for literally nothing. Kim Un gave up NOTHING. We got punked.

    46. Mr Nobody

      Fake beef for fucking attention

    47. Jesus Jimenez Hernandez

      9:34 Is this a joke????????

    48. Steven David Stoffers

      what a jackass waste of time. these entertainment jerkoffs. we named 9 money launderers with their passports and drivers license numbers in UNSC 2371. 9 is about all Un would need as well as keep under his thumb. each launderer could have used dozens of "street name" accounts for offshore deals. have we ever done that? it is subsumed as 'just the same ol same ol' "economic sanctions". but we are talking about Kim Jung Un's 'A1 car wash' gig..... and that it ain't just Kim Jung Un that does stuff "offshore". and these dingleberries don't bring it any closer to what was really going on than Donald Trump or Fox News does. yet what those 9 guys were doing is routine bank stuff, every US bank and stock broker uses one of their "competitors" as an intermediary whenever a customer does anything "direct" in a foreign country.. offshore. their identity is secret... except for 9 named individuals in UNSC 2371. in all of human history that I know of. yet Bitcoin ledgers today can track thousands of transactions reliably and securely and we could clamp self dealings, insider trading, hidden wealth, tax evasion and white collar crime and corruption on a scale involving billions of dollars...... if you dingelberries would show the man behind the curtain is a banker or CPA type... and not celebrity politicians. but the accounting stuff ain't cute and funny, but it seems to me more lame than funny or cute. Love and kisses from Russia.... the kisses, you dingleberries, not me.