Unbelievable Cast Net Fishing Giant Piranha & River Monsters

Emma's Fishing

Emma's Fishing

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    Cast Net Fishing Monster Piranha, Giant Gourami & Huge Catfish.
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    1. john chun

      When his wife sees this ,he is getting pumpum tonight baby!!yea baby yea!

    2. john chun

      So this must be breakfast ,lunch and dinner for one day's feast,think about this the next time you go shopping for fish in the Chinese super market lol!

    3. john chun

      You should call this "SWIMMING WITH THE PIRANHAS"

    4. john chun

      Boy handling Giant Piranha with your bare hands ,they are either brave or just insane or not thinking of their future as a fisherman?As for the guy swimming in the pond with the Piranhas ,is he not worried about his balls?lol!

    5. zoephie zoe

      those are fishpond where you can grow fish for personal consumption. Those fishes are cheap quality and cannot even be sold in public market or exported. Even the water are so dirty which are suited for those kind of fishes like catfish, etc.

    6. vasy bylli

      The boy fish 🐟 very impresionant 🍀🐟🍀👍

    7. Hk Ah

      가둬놓고 키우는곳이네

    8. Almondher Abtahi

      Is not beautiful video its wrong bulok kahit alam niyang malubog yung tubig mag languy siya tanga talaga ano yun dagat wahhahhaa iwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    9. Tohidul Naz

      Very very nice 👍 I love fishing too much!!!🤗🤗🤗

    10. Centeng Budaya

      Ikan Bawal, Bawal fish

    11. Q. Tuan

      Mày đem cái chậu để đựng cá giống con nít chơi quá ! Ngu thế !

    12. Janice Aragon

      I get it we all got to eat but it breaks my heart to watch those fish gasping for air and looks horrible I believe we should respect the food we eat how about putting them in water until you're going to kill them & eat them instead of leaving them to suffer like that I don't know maybe I'm weird"

    13. Laza Hint

      Cool this video is also 😎 cool amzn.to/2DX39MG

    14. Victoria Vergara Castillo

      que rico!!

    15. Joseph Corinthia

      This video is very nice and if I get a 💯 like on this every body will get a PS4

    16. Albina Ortega


    17. Aldo Brusa

      Bei pesci

    18. ahmed iftekhar

      OMG those r shark

    19. Hamdanihamdani Hamdani

      Stupid uplord video lying

      1. Olde Mena


    20. Hamdanihamdani Hamdani

      Not pirana another fish like pirana

    21. Hamdanihamdani Hamdani

      Melayu call this kolam ikan hahaha

    22. Hamdanihamdani Hamdani

      I think this fish from thailand

    23. Hamdanihamdani Hamdani

      This is not pirana but pa cu kaloi n patin this is asian fish

    24. Elias Vieira

      Una mierda

    25. Jawahar Ram

      Good👍 job nice work I love 🐠🐋🐟

      1. Vikram Dhangar


    26. Marlene Torres

      Why would they get in the water with Pirhana? That would be nuts lol.

    27. M.S Chung

      hi who are you?

    28. Deivi Colque

      Eso es un criadero de peces...

    29. hema ahmed

      wow nice

    30. Lobo solitario

      Esa es una pesera así quien no

    31. ly nguyen

      no no ,that not piranha

    32. Ahsan Danishh

      second last will be tasty

    33. Αννα Σταρομιρακη

      χαλιά είναι

    34. Jinda Sukbunma

      Give the fishes some waters,

    35. Jinda Sukbunma

      I am batter eating fishes, no meet for me, more heathery ,

    36. Jinda Sukbunma

      Phill or Thailand,

    37. Maria Lux


    38. Carlos Leonardo


    39. TOM i dzeri Zoranovic

      Ali ih ovaj klepa. Bravo

    40. Cody

      Clearly using hacks

    41. Jimmy C

      Holy fuck... Small lake or pond with huge fishes.... I don't feel sorry for the fishes eaten, but more sorry for that guy jumped in the dirty mud water.

    42. belle love

      Wouahh 😨😨😨

    43. Randy Indrani

      nice vidiyo .i.like fish too much thank

      1. Zo om

        عمرو جمال عاطف كل مل

    44. Randy Indrani


    45. Manuel Silbanuz

      Dirty water but there's big fish in itt.

    46. Look Me


    47. gita levinskiene

      Its not a piranha

    48. Marek Staszewski

      Co za ryby?

    49. Rosmaida Aja

      Menjalankan di kolam tu

    50. Gideon Lourens

      Thumbs down fish dont stand a chance, unless done for relocation of fish.