Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder - Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | April 15, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

Rapid Highlights

Rapid Highlights

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    Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Full Game Highlights | April 15 2018, 4/15

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    1. Rapid Highlights

      Enjoy & welcome 👇

      1. Dont Lie to yourself '

        Wasn't a basketball fan but the Okc is nice. This game got me hype and I usually don't even watch basketball. My friend just say watch Okc and dam the highlights are fire.

      2. Caden Cheng

        rapid highlights smd

    2. Axel Donielson


    3. adrian francis

      Donovan mitchell is westbrook 2.0 just watch

    4. Khalid Holmes

      Bro Donovan Mitchell proved that a rookie can come into the nba and teach a vets a thing or two about basketball

    5. sabaruddin hussein

      I am so happy. OKC Super Ego Team were beaten by an underdog led by rookie?? C'mon PG13 go elsewhere. Let those two arrogant and ignorant so called Super Stars get their asses kick nest season...

    6. Lindsey W.

      Why is Utah soooooooooo trashy

    7. wandelaquinoflow2x

      OKC😎😎 This😗

    8. Ryan Cabanas

      your okc was lost 😂😂😂😂

    9. Ashton Smith

      WE WON!!!!!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️

      1. Ashton Smith

        pre22 Jazz wanted it more but we’ll be back⚡️⚡️

      2. pre22

        Ashton Smith how about now? lol

    10. Luzvi Opena


    11. Duane Knick

      Donovan Mitchell is a ball hog

    12. PsalmMuzik


    13. sergio garcia lozano


    14. Kill myVibe Jestiet

      Now that's a true rookie not freaking Ben Simmons

    15. Mc Fapasikatt

      Go to the FINALs IDOL #0 Russel Westbrook

    16. Passive Bot


    17. crazyfortekken

      i hope for the end 4-3 for utah

    18. Thunder Buddy

      The real threat for OKC is giving up 18 points lead even after Jazz pulled key players. OKC coach has no clue about NBA games.

    19. Ashton Smith


      1. Ashton Smith

        TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please WE WONNN!!!!!!!!⚡️⚡️

      2. Ashton Smith

        WE WON!!!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️

      3. TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please

        Ashton Smith *ThunderDown*

    20. moe

      I dont know guys i dont think OKC could beat GSW without curry at this point

    21. Tahu Ayers

      6:40 ankle breaker

    22. Remond Nathaniel Dizon


    23. Hona

      lmao Alec Burks was in for two minutes and got ten points, O'Neale was in for 20 minutes and got one point...

    24. brian green

      Mitchell is new dwade Ben is new LeBron ... literally.... Mitchell is better but Ben gets more media hype..... lmao

    25. José Serrano Gonzalez

      Viva Córdoba

    26. Mark Galang

      3:21 vanishing drive

    27. Heriberto Sanchez

      Russ was trying to get them assist up at the end 😂😂 he is stat padding I knew he was gonna be more on the passing side in the 4th come on jazz!

    28. Michael L

      @ 6:38 George with the cross up guy falls, then the 3pt jumper💨💨💨✨🏀. He's not a human lol #EpicFromTheCommentator

    29. Michael L

      What a game,Go!✨⛈hunder ⚡️💢😖💢⚡️ #1Down4ToGoOr...

    30. Trell

      Okc can down the Rockets I called it here

      1. mccali

        Trell they cant even down the jazz they down 3 to 1 losers chokelahoma westbrick

    31. pretty boy reese

      Okc for life nigga fuck the jazz

    32. Soviet Royale

      Playoff P baby

    33. Rated P For Paul

      "Finals P"?

    34. SOLO REANO

      Houston may have a problem if Okc knocks out Utah

    35. KevinSosaaa

      George wasn’t playing no games with Utah 💯☄️☄️☄️☄️

    36. Jeffrey

      When Goerge had to break records but the game was still close. Still this series is going to be brutal, a blood bath for both teams.

    37. HelgeStrichen

      let's just take a moment and appreciate what an incredible Rookie Mitchell is.

    38. adrian thagod

      Pacers fan still mad paul left but they didn't treat him right when he came back from his injury If I was him i woulda left too😂

      1. franklin bluth

        how did they not treat him right? pacers gave the cavs there most competitive series and with a couple moves woulda been right back the ecf the next season

    39. Frank Lotion

      This game , this game just proves to u why Kevin Durant left. I watched Westbrook take 25 shot about 18-20 of those shots contested. He drove when the lane wasn’t clear enough looking for fouls. Paul George is not happy and I don’t think Melo is either. But he’s not on the bench so gives no fucks.Statistically it might look like Westbrook is the greatest player of all time but he’s really just a play making finisher. I know I’m just a mere okc fan but I’ve seen Russ do this before when he turned over the ball a couple times in the playoffs. We obviously wouldn’t have won this game if it wasn’t Paul George playing like a basketball Demon.

    40. Chordstruck Pony

      3:55 It's so loud that the sound techs had to lower the sound of the arena. Huh, no wonder why it seemed like the games have been quieter than in previous years.

    41. Thriiffty

      PG would have to go back to number 24 if James Harden was still there

    42. Drew Grinbergs

      As a Thunder fan, Mitchell is clearly better than Simmons. He is the heart of the Jazz now, and is a constant threat anywhere on the floor. Simmons is neither of those.

    43. Johnathan Williams

      Good game. But okc had players standing around and need to score without the ball more

    44. Albert Will

      Playoff P 👀

    45. Wes Cooper

      just keep kickin it to PG and we'll be fine

    46. Earl John fabul

      good game by Donovan,but he needs fucki** help.

    47. Code Dreams

      Mitchell is a beast

    48. II H2G II

      Grant defensive player of the year 🤔

    49. Joadg

      4:25 Rubio wtffff ? Did he walked in the air ??

    50. Julian Randolph

      OKC vs Warriors conference finals!!!