Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder - Full Game Highlights | Game 1 | April 15, 2018 | NBA Playoffs

Rapid Highlights

Rapid Highlights

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    Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Full Game Highlights | April 15 2018, 4/15

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    1. Rapid Highlights

      Enjoy & welcome 👇

      1. Marina Ulybysheva

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      2. Dont Lie to yourself '

        Wasn't a basketball fan but the Okc is nice. This game got me hype and I usually don't even watch basketball. My friend just say watch Okc and dam the highlights are fire.

    2. Duane Knick

      Donovan Mitchell is a ball hog

    3. MinistryMuzik


    4. sergio garcia lozano


    5. Kill myVibe Jestiet

      Now that's a true rookie not freaking Ben Simmons

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    7. Mc Fapasikatt

      Go to the FINALs IDOL #0 Russel Westbrook

    8. Passive Bot


    9. crazyfortekken

      i hope for the end 4-3 for utah

    10. Jacob Rgeorge

      The real threat for OKC is giving up 18 points lead even after Jazz pulled key players. OKC coach has no clue about NBA games.

    11. Ashton Smith


    12. moe

      I dont know guys i dont think OKC could beat GSW without curry at this point

    13. Tahunuiarangi Ayers

      6:40 ankle breaker

    14. Remond Nathaniel Dizon


    15. Hona

      lmao Alec Burks was in for two minutes and got ten points, O'Neale was in for 20 minutes and got one point...

    16. Noah Martens

      genuine rocket obviously inform welcome external village step official magazine force.

    17. brian green

      Mitchell is new dwade Ben is new LeBron ... literally.... Mitchell is better but Ben gets more media hype..... lmao

    18. José Serrano Gonzalez

      Viva Córdoba

    19. Mark Galang

      3:21 vanishing drive

    20. Michael L

      @ 6:38 George with the cross up guy falls, then the 3pt jumper💨💨💨✨🏀. He's not a human lol #EpicFromTheCommentator

    21. Michael L

      What a game,Go!✨⛈hunder ⚡️💢😖💢⚡️ #1Down4ToGoOr...


      Man, this team will win the FINAL!

    23. Trell

      Okc can down the Rockets I called it here

      1. mccali

        Trell they cant even down the jazz they down 3 to 1 losers chokelahoma westbrick

    24. king of basketball reese

      Okc for life nigga fuck the jazz

    25. Rated P For Paul

      "Finals P"?

    26. LMAO REANO

      Houston may have a problem if Okc knocks out Utah

    27. KevinSosaaa

      George wasn’t playing no games with Utah 💯☄️☄️☄️☄️

    28. Jeffrey

      When Goerge had to break records but the game was still close. Still this series is going to be brutal, a blood bath for both teams.

    29. HelgeStrichen

      let's just take a moment and appreciate what an incredible Rookie Mitchell is.

    30. adrian thagod

      Pacers fan still mad paul left but they didn't treat him right when he came back from his injury If I was him i woulda left too😂

      1. franklin bluth

        how did they not treat him right? pacers gave the cavs there most competitive series and with a couple moves woulda been right back the ecf the next season

    31. Frank Lotion

      This game , this game just proves to u why Kevin Durant left. I watched Westbrook take 25 shot about 18-20 of those shots contested. He drove when the lane wasn’t clear enough looking for fouls. Paul George is not happy and I don’t think Melo is either. But he’s not on the bench so gives no fucks.Statistically it might look like Westbrook is the greatest player of all time but he’s really just a play making finisher. I know I’m just a mere okc fan but I’ve seen Russ do this before when he turned over the ball a couple times in the playoffs. We obviously wouldn’t have won this game if it wasn’t Paul George playing like a basketball Demon.

    32. Chordstruck Pony

      3:55 It's so loud that the sound techs had to lower the sound of the arena. Huh, no wonder why it seemed like the games have been quieter than in previous years.

    33. Thriiffty

      PG would have to go back to number 24 if James Harden was still there

    34. Drew Grinbergs

      As a Thunder fan, Mitchell is clearly better than Simmons. He is the heart of the Jazz now, and is a constant threat anywhere on the floor. Simmons is neither of those.

    35. Johnathan Williams

      Good game. But okc had players standing around and need to score without the ball more

    36. Albert Will

      Playoff P 👀

    37. Roshea Grays

      OKC bench weak, and y’all calling them champions off 1 game and the Jazz aren’t even contenders so chill.

      1. 1205shinky

        Jazz aren't even contenders? Up 3-1 bitch.

    38. Wes Cooper

      just keep kickin it to PG and we'll be fine

    39. Earl John fabul

      good game by Donovan,but he needs fucki** help.

    40. Code Dreams

      Mitchell is a beast

    41. II H2G II

      Grant defensive player of the year 🤔

    42. _ Kenpachi

      4:25 Rubio wtffff ? Did he walked in the air ??

    43. Julian Randolph

      OKC vs Warriors conference finals!!!


      okc has defense after all

    45. Cheik njgghgh


    46. chris mechanix

      Pg13 on playoffs mode!!

    47. Ralph Hibionada


    48. Lena Ferro

      Lets go okc I knew u guys were sleeping in the season. But in the playoffs u guys got 2 go all the way

    49. Hector Robles

      Adams was feeding boards game 1 Westbrook should not be taking a lot of shots, he should give it to PG more.

    50. we can strip - tile removal John Doo

      Lol Westbrook should come out second Lead the bench. Make it more interesting Okc in the finals 2018

    51. BuckandChuck24


    52. Hi Hi

      No one talks about the biggest flop ever by Ricky Rubio. I don’t know if they showed the replay on TV, but they showed it many times at the game lol

    53. Joe Suede

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    54. Dean Bergin

      Knicks fan. Picked OKC to win it all months ago. Brewer and Grants play will be huge through the playoffs. Adams is a star - deserves more respect. PG is an unbelievable TWO WAY player - shot is now falling so look out. Melo is cruising, he will get you some big, big buckets as the postseason wears on. Big fan of Schneider's Jazz also... I'm an Aussie, and I love Ben Simmons. Have watched Mitchell literally all year and let me tell you this - he is a bonafied killer. Reminds me of a young Kobe, but more level headed. Take him out of the Jazz and they're a 40 win team, maybe less. Keep grinding young man, you will go far. OKC all the way, big bodies, experience, talent, and a point to prove.

    55. zyxwut321

      Rubio shows his limitations against the best and most athletic guards like Westbrook.

    56. Kawhigh Leonard

      How do you pick O'fuckin Neale over Buuuurks????

    57. Guap baybeh

      I want to see more of donovan dominating okc

    58. Stealth


    59. kyle dolan

      Adams D at the end 👌🏽

    60. joe chuang

      thunder chose the worst player among three

    61. RiChard Ma

      Remember when everyone was going crazy of rubio? man he barely has any playoff wins

    62. Chino Melendez


    63. Mlm Gaming

      I might be a okc fan but they dumb.. they had to win they're last game vs grizzly now they can't sweep the warriors at the first round and they gonna gas themselves out by beating Houston XD

    64. Mlm Gaming

      Gobert is better than Adams headass

    65. Ivan Oliva

      Utah jazz a tenido muchos errores tontos,y paul george con perons se a sacado la chorra. Aunque de todo se saca algo bueno,ricky no para de evolucionar.

    66. matains88

      I really hoped the big 3 were just moonwalking the whole regular season. Not a fan of OKC but it hurts to see superstars vanish like this. I'm glad they're back.

    67. Ball is Life

      0:42 DM slaming it down just like D Rose used to slam

    68. Kwentong Barbero

      This is the type of PG13 that I want to see ✔ OKC in 4 ✔😂 OKC win ✔ Boston win ✔ Cagayliers L ✔💩 What a good day 😂😂😂

    69. руха черный

      Обе команды охуенные !!!!

    70. mulholland

      Je sus Français et je trouve que les playoffs NBA est le plus grand événement sportif du monde..!C'est vraiment du grand spectacle!!

    71. Closed Channel

      Sad that my 2 favorite teams will meet up, Houston Rockes and OKC ;/ GLHF

    72. sapnu puas

      Playoff p is on 🔥🔥

    73. wata socute

      Paulgeorge playoffs mode is back

    74. Manu Bee

      PG 13

    75. Frankie Hallare

      Rockets/Thunder vs Cavs and Lebum will get another L

    76. G LA

      OKC in 5.

      1. Lord Swoledemort

        G LA you mean Utah in five.

      2. G LA

        mccali It was a realistic prediction based on the way they were playing. You don't have to take it so personal my man lol

      3. mccali

        G LA okc in 5 my ass u dumb fuck they down 3 to 1 its over losers chokelahoma westbrick

    77. Connie B

      Yes. George stepped up.

    78. Camilla Joyce

      Mitchell has heart whoa

    79. damarion embry

      Okc didn’t win the tipoff finally

    80. Klow 14

      Playoffs Russ, PG13 and melo is unstoppable

    81. Kallmean

      OKC in 6

      1. Lord Swoledemort

        Kallmean jazz in five 😉

    82. David Gindis

      Okc has such amazing fans, the stands are entirely blue

    83. m.A.A.d

      aight so the people saying okc gonna win the championship are delusional. sorry, but it's fax. if u make it out of the first round, ur gonna have to go against houston which is already a tough matchup, and *assuming* you make it out of that round, ur gonna have to go past gsw, who by the way, has a less difficult road to the conference finals. then, _if_ you beat gsw, then ur gonna have to beat the cavs or toronto. so, no. you guys aren't the 2018 champs.

      1. Mlm Gaming

        m.A.A.d great part is we beat each team twice and at least one of them are blowouts.

    84. Jet delos Santos

      6:43 "OHH HE'S NOT HUMAN!!"

    85. Dennis Menace

      OKC gotta step up and play some good defense the way they played who knows how far they can go

    86. Robbie Blue

      Mitchell going to be a problem

    87. Robbie Blue

      What if LeBron went to okc

    88. T Rex

      Fool's Gold

    89. Frank White

      Utah doesn't have enough to beat OKC but Mitchell is the truth.

      1. Lord Swoledemort

        Frank White jazz in five 😉

    90. Dub Theater

      OKC fans act like they're going to the finals. HAHA. Funniest thing I've heard all day.

    91. Agnatic Duke

      Mitchell rookie of the year

    92. Sa mous

      Utah in 6

      1. Lord Swoledemort

        Sa mous Utah in five.

      2. 1205shinky

        Wrong actually, Jazz in 5 now. HAHAHAHA. OKC sucks so bad.

      3. Sa mous

        To much u think? 🤔

      4. Mlm Gaming

        Sa mous you had to much beer.

    93. Christopher allen

      did goodwill have a sell on blue shirts...them no name west bricks can't beat the jazz no 3 games much less 4...alright mayby they gona get lucky an win this one but i bet they don't make it thru this series without a major injury .....

      1. Josh Hobson

        Christopher allen ur just a hater.

    94. Curtis  Sims

      Thx 4 da highlights

    95. Igotdatbakingsoda313

      Thunder playoff p bih

    96. jerico lupanggo

      We have one now Hahaha! WE NEED MORE!!! 🏆🏆🏆 Go OKC!!! Go OKC!!! Go OKC!!!

    97. richard george

      awesome george,he got it

    98. panopticonartist

      4:21 travel

      1. Mlm Gaming

        panopticonartist what will a small travel do anyways... Theyd still lose..