VIKK & ERYC vs HIGHDISTORTION & NOAHJ456 in Fortnite $20,000 Tournament



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    I play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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    に公開 5 ヶ月 前


    1. Shilen Patel

      How has this got such low likes and views

    2. Timmy Xiao

      can you win for once

    3. CoNnOr KeLlY

      Anyone up for doing the dance in loot lake challenge?

    4. Authur Morgan

      yo Noah with the snake kills

    5. Kayne Kohu

      When did he bring back this intro , so dope

    6. Joe Garbutt

      Vik wearing a Nike turban

    7. FaZe_Wacky _

      Outro song brings me back to the old GTA funny moments

    8. RzX Spyder


    9. Mr banana man

      LOL almost 5 million subs an you can’t even get 200k views 😂😂😂😭

      1. Eirik Graves

        Mr banana man how many subs do you have and how many views do u get

    10. Benjy Haber-Fawcett

      nice job vik!

    11. realtoros08

      NoahsAlty456 lol

    12. faZe kay

      Does vik use PC or CONTROLS??

    13. Juicer Alba

      I like how he complains about 100 ping and I get happy when I see a 100 ping 😂😂

    14. Ktrit

      vikk is ass . lol

    15. Ian Hughes

      Thanks for putting these vids in parts as don't have the time to watch the 6 hour+ version 👍

    16. Samuel Mucska

      Vik DO not take a pump ever again...

    17. meatheaaaaaad

      Vikk with beanie is a no no..

    18. aL

      Link to erycs YT?

    19. ya yeet

      try learning to switch between weapons in a fight. for example when you had a pump and a thompson you had a whole squad in front of you, if you used ur pump and then finished the job with the thompson u couldve easily had like 3 of of those kills atleast but u ended up getting no kills and blaming the ping. btw just advice no hate

    20. Hiro

      which is savage.

    21. Arjanator04

      GG VIKK

    22. Oxter

      Please change your monologue after your intro... It is sooo cringe!? Otherwise, great content

    23. Harold McBroom

      This style of gameplay has to get old sometime... All the capabilities that computers offer, and it's the same recipe over and over, prepared by different chefs... Just another bunny hopping game, killing for high score, not much different than why we kill each other in real life, because the Game Master tells us to... Why don't they create a game where we can all be on the same side, instead of in competition to one another. So much wasted potential these days with computers!

      1. DarkRaiden112

        There are games in which we are on the same side, this same game has a different mode called save the world which is co op, but people just enjoy these types of games more because they are more competitive

    24. Stormrunner 14

      You should play next week with Eric, get that Win over Cloakzy/Tfue

    25. Slungel Deluxe

      Why did neither of you take the chug? 17:45

    26. Sergio Rodriguez

      Who else stayed up last night to watch the stream 😂🙋🏻‍♂️


      No offence but when a streamer's ping reaches even 200 they rage alot but in my country we are good with 600 ping and it even reaches 1000

      1. CeNtiC The 38


    28. Tauseef Moghal

      how is vikk not taking the chug jug face palm

    29. Al3x B3ar

      Llama 10:24

    30. Omar Shahaltough

      just came back to check out vikstar after a long while and now all he plays is fortnite. defenitely never going to suscribe again

    31. Omar Najeeb

      u should farm more fucking mats bro

    32. oscar Curry

      u shoud play Darwin project

    33. Justice Dawson

      The banter in this video is so real much love vik

    34. Avin Mathew

      The left a chugjug

    35. Jonathan Servin

      Vikk rocking the hat lowkey

    36. ExSoViDz

      Vik you should have crawled towards Eryc at the end as you could have been ended by them and he could have got your loot, he may not have had much of a chance but would have helped

    37. REEZEY 123

      Using the classic gta 5 outro music

    38. SAS jaff

      So it's basically Hunger games

    39. D2Tron

      We wanna see the epic sabotage of sypher and jaomock pls

      1. D2Tron

        Boss Panda I found it on JP-news, just search vikkstar sabotaged sypher

      2. Boss Panda

        I want to see it on syphers perspective but cant

    40. Jason Zheng

      Press f for the forgotten chug

    41. Trigger Happy

      Love the hat👌

    42. TheRealGibbon G

      You should wear hats more it suits you 😂

    43. TheRealGibbon G

      You should wear hats more it suits you 😂

    44. Vital Games

      Noah has bretrayed you

    45. mart wolf

      Dose vikkstar pin comments??

    46. matthew saweeris

      Your a beast

    47. Zak Greene

      Why you drop bolt for thermal ar


      Sub to me of u think vikk is amazing

    49. Meme Dream

      Hd should have been disqualified for slowing down their revive

      1. Alexis White

        Meme Dream They're allowed to sabotage. But it was legit pissing me off.

    50. Grant Flanigan

      I just want to see the footage of the the impulse grenade sabotage again