Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Juan Velasquez

    I need the full episode

  2. Daniel Diamond

    Nino wouldn't apporve.

  3. McGrath 79


  4. Eli Story

    that look at 2:09

  5. jay thomas

    We of the black delegation revoke all their black cards effective immediately

  6. Raging Wampa

    Finally, some good fokin food

  7. kidbodak

    like it for fun lol

  8. MisterLunario

    'Before I do taste them, i would like to pray to, NINO' Oh god that got me, or rather I should say oh NINO

  9. sebastian sanchez

    4:11Did that lady just say “You’re the spirit of the devil”

  10. X Z

    hahahahaha funny af


    All that weave in the food!

  12. Nobodies Favorite Gamer

    Nino would’ve cleaned the bathroom

  13. God of none

    That one dude’s hairline is literally just a circle around his face.

  14. Hail Satan

    Why the fuck does this channel upload old content.....this clip like 4 years old wtf

  15. ThatGameKing

    “Chiplets” “Shitlets”



  17. Rose Gold

    Do they really have 2 Doritos Stuck in the collard greens?! 😂😂😂💀 wtf is that supposed to be 😩

  18. CobaltBlueVision

    At first glance that restaraunt looked planet fitness 😂

  19. Marvin Lin

    Wow good job on trending.

  20. Bryce Brown

    "put it in the microwave 😕"

  21. King Lazo

    Nastiest thumbnail I’ve seen

  22. Sean Ferree


  23. TechMonster68

    "Before I taste it, I'd like to pray to N I N O"

  24. hj lp

    Does anyone else just watch these videos to here the nino joke at the end?

  25. fatq

    every episode of kitchen nightmares: Owner or Chef: "He's gonna love it" Gordon: "It's hideous"

  26. Brogers Gaming

    I love it when a chef is in denial and can't understand their food is absolute trash. Always trust grandma

  27. Kermit of Rivia

    Microwave food on a restuarant? Diagusting.

  28. GeneralMailMan

    the kind of videos i like to see on trending.

  29. IIAvion

    I like how every episode, there are cameras in the kitchen and they just do everything possibly wrong while the camera is there..

  30. Kevlar Moneyclips

    If someone can't even make macaroni and cheese, don't try their fucking chitlins.

  31. flow


  32. The Ultimate Show

    What the hell is wrong with you lady

  33. ItsTheBullSix

    Oh no she needs to be humble 🤢

  34. βυгƝ

    I remeber this episode. He liked the desert and he had found a mouse

  35. Bejea' Washington


  36. Lightstrike31

    Pray to nino that chef is okay 😔😫🙏🙏🙏😩😫😤😳🤥😔😟😖😣😇😅😇😇

  37. How Electric

    Looks like a piece of turd haha

  38. JosephBrockhurst2005

    “Before I do taste them i’d like to pray to NINOOO!”

  39. Alyviah Preston

    Jesus would be ashamed

  40. Justin *E*.

    _#3 trending_

  41. Will Da beast 13

    Why is Shelly laughing when Gordon Ramsay is throwing up in the bathroom

  42. Bird Boy

    Came here right after watching the trending piemations video

  43. Caleb Monge

    but whers da lamb sauce

  44. mainlyirene

    *-finally some good fucking food-*

  45. 100%THADDEUS

    I'd like to pray to NINO!

  46. Jacob Dickinson

    super old

  47. MemestealerFlow


  48. jev gamer

    "chitlets...shitlets" 😂

  49. I'm A Potato

    Ooh boi

  50. Inhumane Relationz

    The thumbnail looks like someone shit on top of some vomit