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    1. Matthew Mickelson

      when i was watching this video there was 399k likes lol

    2. Bred Hair

      Thank you for actually shaving the beard.

    3. Brandon Shively


    4. Zghost

      Lol three ninety nine k likes right now

    5. The Mystic Fez

      Poods before Tseries

    6. Rvatina

      I love how bothe the jacks that he is close with arent actually called jack

    7. Anna Åman

      jag är svensk

    8. JustAnother Channel

      Last week i asked you (LWIAY)a post meme section Srlsly tis is a christian channel

    9. LEV Gaming

      The subtitles at 0:34 are great

    10. almond

      everyone's focused on the video while I'm focused on his beard damn instead of no shave November it's no shave January pewdiepie should get a award for no shave January

    11. Eth3rnetMast3r

      jacksfilms even took pewds orange sweatshirt...... and made it into a fursuit

    12. Raziel Dark

      you're the bhest

    13. Total Gaming Network


    14. ScytheEdge

      Holy shit pewdiepie spits like an alpaca hahahahahaha 😂🤣😂

    15. Fookin Lazer Soights

      8:19 Pewds Which one WTF?? XD

    16. Charr Rarrs

      Wait. So did LWIAY start before YIAY? Or did YIAY start before LWIAY?

    17. CyanLB Wolf444

      or the best king !

    18. DAmina

      Me gusta la cancion Havana.

    19. Dracula

      6:43 Didn't thought Jack would make it into Lwaiy

    20. Soundarya desai

      Guys I just got an *ad* in pewds video

    21. Kages B

      7:59 LEGS

    22. Usayd Shafique

      Any one here when youtuber dubs is now sam dubs

    23. Edward Clark

      What have i accomplished in my life Nothing

    24. Andreas Returns

      Somebody toucha my spagghet

    25. ia plays

      Pewdiepie you and christine (nailogical) has the both way of speaking ummmmm.... i gues ho check her out if im right please leave a like

    26. Kianna James

      I hate handshakes but yours is the best pewds

    27. Im Noi

      7:05 subtitle nya bikin ngakak.. " gak ngerti, tuh bule ngomong apa " 😂😂

    28. hristijan gamer tv


    29. Thecrack. TRB

      jmdsmhgfkhlah ghgl lava :)) 0:59

    30. Potato Lord456

      eno bening

    31. Jovando HK

      Title : WHO COPIED WHO? *lwiay* intro starts

    32. Jv_Del Gaming

      Did u copy YIAY?

    33. RayRexDex


    34. PaddyCaker

      12:28 the *ding* made me look at my phone. When I realized it wasn't a text message I got depressed again. Then thought to myself, "Why are you depressed? You're already watching a Pewdiepie video." Then my spirits shot back up. Thanks Felix!"


      5:35 Bluuuuuuuuuuue chaaaaaaiiiiiiiiir

    36. trigger happy

      What did you say about our King jacksepticeye, swedish jacksepticeye... DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT DYE YOUR HAIR BECAUSE YOU FELT LEFT OUT

    37. Aza TRASH

      Lol the most new YIAY is how to punish Pewdiepie

    38. N3XiST


    39. jojo siwa is kinda cute tbh


    40. Pewdiepie Subscriber

      Random but pewdiepie’s b**ch lasagna is better than every song shown on JP-news I’m from the future

    41. Michael Lemieux

      I've been watching PewDiePie for 5 hours and it's 3:00 in the morning

    42. miss0Sweetheart

      Exactly one year later I am watching this!!! Anyone else ???

    43. YukgiO

      Ice cream pweds is a SNACC

    44. Malachite Alpha

      @Sage...pure fire!!

    45. Leng Liu Chew

      You're lie

    46. OJ gaming

      look at youtube channel lazarbeam he loves your videos

    47. Ezra Mike

      lets make a new show ware pewdiepie gives us fun facts

    48. Cambridge Cullen

      Anyone have the rap at 8:58

      1. Anirudh Sony

        Go to the channel "sage" and listen to pwedepie 60mil song. Thank me later.

    49. Daniyal Kazi

      Roses are red Violets are blue Pewds copied jack Jack copied Pewds

    50. jmcclannen 0421

      Any one here in 2019

    51. Pulsatilla Pusteblume


    52. Toni P

      I Just Plain Don't Like Jackfilms.

    53. Ben Falkner

      I got a PewDiePie ad on a PewDiePie video

    54. William Murdoch RIP

      PewDiePie, the link “to JacksFilms” is Jacksepticeye...Not JacksFilms. ...

    55. Emma Mae23


    56. Kid Ruby

      yes chair memes!

    57. Sawyer Mickelsen

      The subtitles are great

    58. Sawyer Mickelsen

      The subtitles at 5:14

    59. Tahsin Kamal


    60. Antonio Hernandez

      I personally like yiay better than lwiay

    61. king_ tops

      You deserve subz

    62. Cameron Johnson

      i saw the pewdiepie ad and i did not skip it

    63. Gpaderna

      Captions spelled LWIAY wrong🤣


      shout out to me JAY A.TAMONDONG love you pewdiepie

    65. Air After

      He's so cute

    66. Quadra Quentine

      I am from the future....u will get 82 mil sub

    67. Quadra Quentine

      If this u laugh u lose...i be laughing my ass at pewds singing

    68. Diego Olavarrieta

      Felix my friend if you lower the price of your chair to 299 instead of 399 I WILL BUY IT

    69. Niklas Wetuschat

      smiling for 6 seconds to make it 13:05

    70. playit

      3:12 vision for the future

    71. tamara han

      3:12 is how he got his title for his song hahaha

    72. Rylee Stewart


    73. Skelolion

      Leave your entry in the sub Reddit bros and I'll watch submissions in the next episode of LWIAY

    74. Aaron Newitt

      Watch the vid before this, felix was so not making it a joke, he said i wanted to leave it buts its gone to far and got all pissed

    75. Hailey Ann Rosado

      6:36 he smiled then without even trying to I smiled then I realized I smiled at the same time and laughed What a coincidence

    76. Ty Phelps

      There is a lot of ice creams watching this video

    77. Ty Phelps

      If you didn't copy YIAY you definitely copied lazarbeam he did reacting to lazarbeam subreddits first

    78. OFF3NDED01 _

      Heeeyyy.... Don't talk about that-thats, that um, that markiplier doesn't care about his fans, he is a compassionate guy.....

      1. OFF3NDED01 _


    79. Owen gaMes

      I started this video late at night and as soon as the LWIAY intro started it tuned 3am

    80. Double Double

      I still don’t get what’s happening with jackfilms (I’m to lazy to go on his channel)

    81. Void Gaming

      Do felix's fans not get sarcasm? Now this whole back and forth is ruined

    82. Harden my egg

      3:11 Bitch Lasagna

    83. Sütike

      I hate icecream but i like pewdiepie😁

    84. BurstFire BBC

      That was really good

    85. Matthew Enertson

      I still don’t understand if lawiy and squad fam is coined by pewdiepie

    86. LPS Tubers


    87. Animaniac 101

      4:04 You're welcome

    88. Meetim

      YIAY/LWIAY: So now memeing is a euphemism for lying?

    89. Johnrich Talunay

      11:35 Omg this is so sad Alexa can we hit 50k likes

    90. CezrDaPleazr

      Yooooo this fire

    91. Forget me not

      Wait a second- 5:31 IS SHENPAI! I JUST NOTICED!!! ALL HAIL SHENPAI!

    92. Victoria Guerrero de la Vega

      I like how it shows how dead inside he is

    93. TheCraziestBunny :D


    94. LysolPionex

      Dang that rap was hot

    95. FRISK

      When I’m watching this there is 6.9 mil views:)

    96. JCSMAN

      Bitch lasagna..... hmmmm

    97. XxStarGirl xX

      6:44 since when was Jack there?

    98. XxStarGirl xX

      Omg lmao! Did anyone notice that in the description where it says ‘Subscribe To Jacksfilms’ it’s actually Jacksepticeye? 🤣

    99. M a e

      me getting ad at the video:oh not again! ad:thats how mafia works

    100. dead channel

      "Hej Hej Monika is the best song ever made" You sure about that?